best healthy soup recipes

healthy soups

Best healthy soup recipes are award winning fall soup recipes, perfect for winter or anytime, including vegetarian, creamy, chicken and more!

Festive Halloween

Who says Halloween is just for kids! Wrong! We big kids in adult sized bodies absolutely LOVE Halloween. And, what better way to celebrate than to gather a few friends. Yep, we’re going to dress up get scary but eat healthy soups! 

Best Healthy Fall Soup Recipes

These best healthy fall and winter soup recipes, well, for that matter, any time of the year are full of nutritional value. They’re belly fillers and warmers and with a salad or maybe a nice loaf of warm baguette, you’re in full comfort food mode. 


Halloween Dinner Ideas for Adults

I spent so much of my life creating dinner ideas for kids as a working Mom. And, best soup recipes were high on the list of dishes my boys ate! Now with all our kids raised, and, yes, with children of their own, we focus on Halloween dinner ideas for adults! Gosh, it’s such a great shift. And, bringing together a few folks around the table, that’s all decked out in Halloween decor, means we can do it our way!

healthy soups
Snake soup dinner in Hong Kong!

You know the good thing about it? I’m here to tell about it. Yes, I’m still living! And, you see these “Tombs of the Lost Raider” mahogany boxes? Well, guess what they’re housing?? Read more about this crazy adventure! 

healthy soups
Guess what’s in these ‘Jewel of the Nile’ boxes?

And, if you’re wondering about this picture. Weeeeelllll, when I was in China, I went to an off-the-beaten-path locals place. The favor dish. Poisonous Snake Soup! Yes! And, hey, I traveled nearly ten thousand miles and I wasn’t going to get to scared to taste it! So take a look at this picture. Yep, that’s my snake soup with five different poisonous snake types in it. Now before you go and get all icky about it, just remember that this is one big world with lots of different people, customs and cultures. This soup is revered by many who frequent this small cafe.

Snake soup from Hong Kong visit!

Guess what’s in these “Jewel of the Nile” boxes!

healthy soups
Yikes! Yes, this is what the soup has in it. Hey, I said it was ‘snake’ soup!

Ideas Halloween Party

Ideas for a Halloween party shouldn’t be complicated. Really here are a few things I’ve done over the years!

  • Just grab a few earthy twigs and limbs from outdoors, tie them together with a twin and you have witches’ brooms. 
  • Buy a few pumpkins, the small ones, and put them on the dinner table along with some fallen colorful real leaves that you’ve flattened for several days under the weight of books. So simple!
  • Tissue paper and small gift bags are so festive. Buy some cheap tissue paper and gift bags (big box stores have this in their gift wrapping area) in orange, white and black. Then create small favors for your guests. Maybe it’s a homemade jam. Make some delicious granola and put in small paper lunch bags. Tie with a ribbon! If you haven’t tried my Dead Sea Granola, page 90 of my cookbook, then believe me, the ghosts and goblins will love! Honestly, this is THE BEST granola ever! 
  • Buy cute inexpensive Halloween flair at the local dollar store. Believe me for five to ten bucks your place will the outfitted! 

Witches Brew Soup

When you’re making any of these witches’ brew soups, be sure to wear your witch hat. And, stir with a large stick, well, really a large wooden spoon. Double double toil and trouble. It adds to the festiveness of the dinner party. 

Recipes for Halloween Food

Now if you’re looking for other great recipes for Halloween food, I’m totally recommending these recipes that I’ve created! Tried and true, and approved by my legend of ‘food seekers’! 

Orange Almond Wedding Cookies

Persian Walnut Cookies

Vintage Pie Crust Cookies

GF Ice Cream Scoop Cookies

GF Coconut Cookies

Halloween Food Ideas

Halloween is the perfect time for healthy soups for Fall dinner. Your food ideas really can run the gamut of your imagination. And, Halloween is the beginning of winter soup time!

When you’re planning you festivities, be sure to give each dish and drink that you serve a clever name that’s got that scary flair to it! Write the names of the menu on individual cards and place on the table beside the dish if you’re serving more than just soup. 

How about these ideas for starters! Then try to make the dish kind of go with the name. Uhhhhh, somehow! LOL! 

  • Bloody Fingers
  • Mashed Brains
  • Mummified Bread
  • Puke Pumpkin Cake
  • Kitty Litter Cake
  • Zombie Hearts
  • Skull Salad
  • Dead Bat Beans

Easy Soup Recipes

Easy soup recipes are the best for a Halloween relaxing dinner. Sit around the table with good wine. A salad. Some nibbles of sweets. Maybe make it a gathering room dinner with individual food trays and everyone sitting on floor pillows. Have a few games ready to play. Make sure the soup’s on the stove for seconds and thirds. You might even have two or three kinds of soups. And, the best part, you can make these soups ahead of time, say two to three days, refrigerate and just warm for your soiree! 

best healthy soup recipes

Best healthy soup recipes are award winning fall soup recipes, the perfect dinner for winter including vegetarian, creamy, chicken and more!

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