Easy Pork Recipes

grits andouille sausage shrimp

southern grits andouille sausage and shrimp

You’re officially a Southerner when you make this soulfood! Southern grits andouille sausage and shrimp! It’s a meal in a bowl! So EZ! Traditional Shrimp and Grits Recipe I’m not quite sure there’s one absolute ‘traditional’ shrimp and grits recipe! Like so many food things indigenous to an area, there’re […]

creole shredded pork

dill pickle creole shredded pork

Ready to taste nirvana in this dill pickle creole shredded pork> You’ll be amazed at what the dill pickle juice does for flavor! Nachos, yes! Pickle Juice is Good for You It’s a fact. Pickle juice is good for you! It helps with muscle cramps. Studies show that pickle juice […]

red lentil soup

chorizo red lentil soup

A meal in a bowl! That’s what you have wil this chorizo red lentil soup! Healthy and nutritious, you’ll be serving in under an hour! Yummmy! Soups with Red Lentils There’s nothing more filling and healthy than soups with red lentils. Or any lentil for that matter.  Red Lentil Soup […]

almond parmesan bolognese

almond parmesan bolognese sauce

This delicious rich almond parmesan bolognese sauce in about an hour. No way! Yes, come see how simple it is to make & even better to eat! Bolognese Sauce Others will think that you’ve been in the kitchen all day making this easy lamb bolognese. Thick, rich, meaty and full […]

mexican meatballs

mexican style meatballs albondigas

Get ready for eating THE BEST Mexican style meatball, or albondigas, that you’ve ever tasted! Moist tender and perfect for a party or weeknight dinners! Mexican Style Meatballs According to our trusty friends at Wikipedia, “Albóndigas are thought to have originated as a Berber or Arab dish imported to Spain […]

cajun meatloaf

grandma’s cajun meatloaf

Comfort Foods Grandma’s cajun meatloaf will be the only meatloaf recipe you need! It will be your go to comfort food. Grandma’s Cajun meatloaf is juicy, simple, easy and guaranteed to be the best meatloaf recipe out there! Comfort foods. When you think of them you’ll probably mention mac n’ […]

apricot ginger glazed ham

Apricot and Ginger Glazed Ham

Just the name of this recipe, apricot and ginger glazed ham, makes my mouth water! And, once you slice this ham and take that first bite, well, you’ll be sold! Apricot And Ginger Glazed Ham Just the name of this recipe, apricot and ginger glazed ham, makes my mouth water! […]

kung pao pork

skinny girl easy kung pao pork

All right, now don’t leave me a snarky comment or flog me for this skinny girl kung pao pork and using a prepackaged kung pao sauce! I hear from a lot of you about cooking and recipes, and what I’m hearing is that you want home cooked. Buuuuuut, you want […]

coconut ginger orange pork

Coconut Ginger Orange Pork

This coconut ginger orange pork is perfect for a dinner entree with some sides. Or if you want to make it easy, serve on rice or pasta or with Asian noodles! Coconut Ginger Orange Pork You might find it different to have the orange rinds cooked in the pork, but […]

no bean chili

easy no bean chili

Easy Chili Recipe If you’re looking for the most versatile amazingly delicious no bean chili that’s so good for just about every and anything, then this recipe’s for you! An easy chili recipe is worth its weight in gold. And, you’re going to love the carne asada seasoning mixture. A […]

lentil soup

spiced lentil sausage soup

Lentils Lentils are amazingly delicious and healthy! Some think they’re complicated, but I assure you that this lentil soup recipe will make you a rock star! No denying it, lentils are the healthiest.  The colors of lentils can be hues of green, brown, black, gold, reddish, orange and even coral. […]

general tso's pork

general tso’s tender pork

General Tso Move over General Tso’s Chicken. A new dish is in town. General Tso’s Pork! It’s guaranteed to make you a believer in the other white meat! But, first let me ask… Who is or was General Tso? He or she is mighty popular! Yes, according to history, folklore […]

smoked pork

paradise pineapple smoked pork

Thanks to Dole Packaged Foods for partnering with me for this paradise pineapple smoked pork recipe! I am the creator of this recipe and for the description and information that follows. For a full disclosure, click here! Honestly, sometimes I really surprise myself with the challenge of creating delicious recipes with […]

mexican street pork fajita bowl

mexican street pork fajita bowl

Packaged Foods for partnering with me for this post! I am the creator of this recipe and for the description and information that follows. For a full disclosure, click here! Honestly, I ask you, would you ever think of using a frozen smoothie fruit and greens mixture in your pork fajita bowl? […]

Smothered Creole Pork Chops Tomatoes & Mushrooms

smothered creole pork chops tomatoes & mushrooms

Smothered creole pork chops tomatoes & mushrooms! I mean that just sounds so amazing! And, pork chop recipes can be super easy! If you think cooking is laborious, time-consuming and keeps you chained to the stove and kitchen, well, think again. I’m on a roll to show you and let […]

skinny girl stuffed pork chops

skinny girl stuffed pork chops

Recipes for Pork Chops You’ll not find recipes for pork chops out there in cyberspace any better than these skinny girl stuffed pork chops. Perfect for a small dinner party or on a weeknight when you want to eat ‘gourmet’, this recipe for pork chops elevates to five-star.  Rather than […]

healthy soups

hot italian sausage kale bean paesan soup

Sometimes, out of the blue with no expectations at all, you hit a homerun with a recipe creation. And, that’s what this hot italian sausage kale bean paesan soup is. A home run! And, I had no idea when I started fashioning this soup. This assessment is not just from […]

pork sloppy joes

pork sloppy joes

Kids give sometimes give funny names to stuffed animals, objects and even people. Sometimes these people are their parents. When my oldest son was younger, like around ten, he started calling me ‘Sloppy Joes’. It wasn’t because I was a slob or slouch in the way I dressed or kept […]

big daddy pork chops

Pork has always been a big part of my life. My Mom used to talk about how her father would celebrate Christmas with roasting a whole pig. Of course, this was a huge luxury back in the 1930s for her immigrant family. Money was tight. There was a lot of […]

pork chop & mustard greens

Grilled Pork Chop & Mustard Green Bites

This would be a ‘Southern’ appetizer created for a girlfriend party!  Now why grilled pork chop and mustard green bites? Well, most of my ideas come from ingredients I find the day I’m shopping for them.  I like to shop and buy local, seasonal and on sale, so both of […]

bone in pork chop

bone-in pork chop & beurre blanc sauce

Easy Pork Chop Skillet Dinner Recipes This bone-in pork chop, big daddy type, is perfect with this beurre blanc sauce. Now don’t let the French sauce scare you off! So easy to make! Really this is one of those super easy pork chop skillet dinner recipes that you’ll make repeatedly. […]