16 Weeks to 70


16 Weeks to 70: Week 6 Challenge

Of all the challenges thusfar in my ’16 Weeks to 70′, this was hands down the MOST DIFFICULT. If you want to check out some of my other previous challenges, click here! It Just Happened Spontaneously Our granddaughter, Salem, came to spend a few days with us in our Colorado […]


16 Weeks to 70: Week 5 Challenge

Let me give you a heads up as to why this week five experience was a real challenge for me. Hope this helps with understanding where my brain was… Setting the Stage for the Challenge Growing up in Southern West Virginia, the mountains of Appalachia, in a coal mining small […]


16 Weeks to 70: Week 4 Challenge

What makes this week four a challenge in my 16 weeks to 70 series? Well, for me, (and these are my challenges I’m creating for me!) several things. But, if you don’t want to read on, just scroll down to the bottom of this page and watch our video! The […]

challenge 3

16 Weeks to 70: Week 3 Challenge

OK, to some of you reading this post about my challenge, you might be thinking, ‘So, what’s so challenging about this?’ Hey, as I said starting out with the 16 weeks to 70 challenges, a ‘challenge’ is specific to the person. What may be a  piece o’ cake for one […]

16 Weeks to 70: Week 2 Challenge

If you know me, you know that I don’t slow down. I mean even my boys have said many times, ‘Mom, do you ever sit and just chill?’ I don’t know. It’s in my DNA. I’m just always an ‘Energizer Bunny’ as my brother has always called me. Since birth. […]


16 weeks to 70: Week 1 Challenge

If you know anything about living in the mountains of Colorado, then you appreciate the strain on breathing at high altitudes. I mean some stores even sell oxygen to go. Just in case you get super winded hiking, biking, skiing and sometimes just climbing steps. After living in the Rocky […]

70th birthday

counting down sixteen weeks to seventy

Sitting here at my computer, my little fingers are really having a hard time getting started with this post. It’s not my usual post. I mean when I talk about food, post a new recipe and write something about it, my fingers fly on the keyboard. Not hard to get […]