16 Weeks to 70

challenge 3

16 Weeks to 70: Week 3 Challenge

OK, to some of you reading this post about my challenge, you might be thinking, ‘So, what’s so challenging about this?’ Hey, as I said starting out with the 16 weeks to 70 challenges, a ‘challenge’ is specific to the person. What may be a  piece o’ cake for one […]

16 Weeks to 70: Week 2 Challenge

If you know me, you know that I don’t slow down. I mean even my boys have said many times, ‘Mom, do you ever sit and just chill?’ I don’t know. It’s in my DNA. I’m just always an ‘Energizer Bunny’ as my brother has always called me. Since birth. […]


16 weeks to 70: Week 1 Challenge

If you know anything about living in the mountains of Colorado, then you appreciate the strain on breathing at high altitudes. I mean some stores even sell oxygen to go. Just in case you get super winded hiking, biking, skiing and sometimes just climbing steps. After living in the Rocky […]

70th birthday

counting down sixteen weeks to seventy

Sitting here at my computer, my little fingers are really having a hard time getting started with this post. It’s not my usual post. I mean when I talk about food, post a new recipe and write something about it, my fingers fly on the keyboard. Not hard to get […]