the cookbook

~the cookbook~Yes, that’s right…I wrote a cookbook. I worked day and night, night and day, in my dreams, on this cookbook. And well, I LOVE IT! And all the taste testers loved it to!

This food adventure is in true boho Ally style and is titled Ally’s Kitchen~A Passport for Adventurous Palates.  

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This is one of the best cook books I have ever purchased! Don’t look at this on an empty stomach! Ally combines her life experience and travels to create her own recipes. Each one is easy to follow and Ally offers tips on servings with each dish.

I knew this was going to be a favorite! Not only will you get some great ideas for entertaining, but you’ll learn a lot as you peruse each page! My first dish is the ‘spiced grilled beef, shrimp & veggie kabobs with fig balsamic glaze’…sounds pretty impressive huh?

If you set out to buy any cook book this year, make sure its ‘Ally’s Kitchen’!
This book is stunning!!! The photography is fabulous and there is a lot of it. Most of all the recipes are so fantastic and global. The flavor profiles are amazing, and there are so many things I am gearing up to make !!
I read this cookbook like a novel. The travel stories and ethnic history and description of each recipe are so colorful and interesting.
This book is a winner. It will be among my favorites on the shelf. I have always been a cookbook collector, especially while traveling, making this book near and dear to my heart.

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