pork sloppy joes

pork sloppy joes

Kids give sometimes give funny names to stuffed animals, objects and even people. Sometimes these people are their parents. When my oldest son was younger, like around ten, he started calling me ‘Sloppy Joes’. It wasn’t because I was a slob or slouch in the way I dressed or kept […]

Crispy Spicy Chicken Sliders with Apricot Mustard Sauce

chicken sliders & apricot mustard sauce

Sometimes you just gotta cut corners when cooking, especially when you’re in a hurry or just don’t want to make everything from scratch.  That’s perfectly o.k! Not a cardinal sin of cooking. If you read labels and examine the ingredients list of some of today’s pre-packaged items, you can sometimes find […]

slow & easy pork bbq

slow & easy pork bbq

This pork bbq is cooked slow. In the oven. Or a slow cooker if you want. Just a peek every now and then to check for liquid. After several hours, you’ll discover pureT love! You’ll  taste just subtle hints of sweetness, a wisp of tang and then a linger of […]

brown bag lunches

brown bag lunches

Brown bag lunches can really be creative and different. Just kind of think outside the bag when you’re pulling together healthy and versatile eats for work or school. Besides being better for you, it’s usually much less money. Just think of what you might save simply brown bagging it a […]

berbere lamb sliders

berbere lamb sliders

I want to challenge you to do something. Each week or even once a month, buy and try at least one ingredient that you’ve never used before. Life is so full of culinary abundance, and it’s yours for the taking. So what am I suggesting now that you try~ Berbere. […]

soft boiled egg sandwich

soft boiled egg sandwich

One of the hardest things I had to master in cooking has been making the perfect soft boiled egg. I mean it’s the kind of egg that’s cooked in the shell an once peeled and sliced into you have a tender creamy yolk that sometimes has a slight ooze or […]

Spicy Italian Genoa Salami Red Onion & Veggie Sauce Sandwich Folds

spicy salami & red onion folds

Creating tasty food should be un-complicated, and sometimes it helps to use convenience items that simplify the process, save time, and don’t compromise on flavor.  It’s even more fun to take pre-packaged ingredients and re-fashion them into something that’s totally different.  Such is the case here with the flatbread used […]

french onion beef sliders

french onion beef sliders

When I make a beef roast, like what we call ‘stringy beef’ because it’s a less expensive cut of beef, usually chuck, that’s full of flavor, but must cook really slowly, we usually always have leftover meat. In fact, sometimes I get a large roast just to have these leftovers […]

The Mountain Hippie Grilled Cheese

the mountain hippie grilled cheese

How my mind works with creating recipes~~take me back to my love-child days of the 1960s and early 1970s, and you’ll find Ally, the hippie!  These memories are fuel for this creation.   My mind’s been churning, for days unconsciously and even during my RPM sleeping,  with ideas for a […]

avocado pimento cheese spread

avocado pimento cheese fruit spread

You probably know some of the virtues, health that is, of avocados.I’ll be sharing some with you! And, you might just think Mexican or South American when you see an avocado. Did you know that an avocado is a fruit? And, it’s sometimes known as the ‘alligator pear’!  So, my avocado pimento […]

~ottoman empire burger with roasted red pepper sauce & grilled onions~

ottoman empire burger

The ‘ottoman empire burger’. Hummmm, sounds pretty amazing and fancy schmanzee, huh?  Now just how did I get that name. Well, if you explore the ingredients, you’ll understand more!  Some of these ingredients, including the spices, date back to long ago, and, yes, maybe even to the Ottoman Empire! When […]

caprese open face sandwich

caprese open face sandwich

Remember Cracker Jacks? The best part was finding the prize inside the box. Well, that’s what buffalo burrata cheese is like for me! If you’ve never tasted burrata mozzarella then you must! It’s just a decadent version of mozzarella, only fresh, creamy and oozing with goodness because of the cream […]

waffle chicken ciambella

waffle chicken ciambella

So how did this cutie get born?  A contest!  Yes, it’s the EGGO contest, and the stakes are well worth getting my brain cells swirling with ideas!   From sweet to savory, breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts sweets~~there are so many things you can do with EGGOS! This EGGO Chicken Ciambella […]

~the louvre grilled cheese~

~the louvre grilled cheese~

There is simply nothing better than a grilled cheese sandwich. Now sometimes I like the straight forward old fashioned kind with simply cheese, and sometimes it’s got to be Velvetta or just American cheese slices. However, on occasion, my creative tendencies get the best of me, and I become the […]

br’er rabbit burger

Contests are like hurricanes—with hurricanes, you can predict and prepare, but you don’t know until it strikes what really’s going to happen.  Contests take preparation galore, and you can predict what you ‘think’ your chances are, your food tasters can throw some light on what they think about what you’re […]

ham & baby swiss on rye

ham & baby swiss on rye

Sometimes you just need a no brainer for a sandwich~~I really don’t even know why I’m making this a ‘recipe’ because it seems so simple and obvious.  So, rather than call it a recipe, let’s just say it’s an ‘eats idea’!  Total time in from start to finish might be […]

~asian burgers with spicy savoy cabbage slaw~

‘Hi, I’m Ally & I’m a burger addict.’   Just something about the layers of flavor from the charred and grilled meat to all the toppings you can layer on from cheeses to veggies to even fruit, for me a burger is a meal in my hands!  Now, sometimes, I […]

Hamburger Bun Baby Pizza

Hamburger Bun Baby Pizza

Hamburger buns are not just for hamburgers!  I reckon you could call this a pizza burger or a yummmeeee salad on a bun.  One of the things I love about this kind of idea is that it’s dang quick, it’s beautiful, it’s delicious, and it’s healthy!  The additional broiling of […]

Pizza Grilled Cheese with Pepperoni and Shredded Cheeses

Uncle!  Admittedly, this is not a complicated nor insanely creative recipe, but give me a break because it’s fabulously delicious! The saltiness of the cheeses, the creaminess of the butter and then the pizzazz taste of the pepperoni~~you will not disappoint he or she who dives into it.   I […]

The Senior PROMegranate Grilled Cheese

pomegranate grilled cheese

Recipe creation is a major form of creativity~~brain power~~a combination of right and left brain and then the emotions and feelings that are settled somewhere in the mind.  It’s no different than song writers, artists, dancers, sculptors and other forms of beautiful creation! When I go into my recipe artistry, […]

Sweet & Smoky Hibachi Peach Pork BBQ

Sweet & Smoky Hibachi Peach Pork BBQ

Pork…Southern.  Peaches…Southern.  BBQ…Southern.  Sweet & Smoky Hibachi seasoning…welcome to being Southern!  Take a bone-in pork loin roast, let it just bathe in some really nice seasoning and juices in a low temperature oven for several hours, and what you have is the beginnings of a fabulous chopped pork BBQ! I […]

Barney Rubble Burger

Barney Rubble Burger

When Ben and I lived in Boston until about 2011, my dear girlfriend, Reagan, and I had an affinity for finding the best burgers in Boston~~so, we started the ‘Traveling Food Tribe’~~looking for the best burgers in Boston!  Tough job, huh?  Oh, what fun we had critiquing the burgers and […]

Salmon Salad with Mint Pepper Jelly Peas

Salmon Salad with Mint Pepper Jelly Peas

For busy families, cooking is all about having time, enough time, to prepare a great meal.  The key to making that easier is cooking more of something when you’re first preparing it, and then have leftovers (or set the extra aside) to re-invent the ‘whatever’ into something else!  You know […]

Moroccan Grilled Chicken Breast

~moroccan grilled chicken breast~

The aromatics of the spices in this Moroccan Grilled Chicken are intoxicating!  I just love Harissa and Ras el Hanout~~and, if you follow my Bohemian Bold cooking, thinking and living, you know that the way I spice up food lets your palate travel the globe finding unique and titillating flavors […]

Herb Fruit & Lime Chicken Salad

Herb Fruit & Lime Chicken Salad

I just can’t say enough about the value of a rotisserie chicken from a grocery store deli, Costco, Sam’s Club or any other place you might pick one up!  For a small family of four, it can sometimes be two maybe three meals, however, for a couple of folks, like […]

Sweet & Spicy Saigon Spread

Sweet & Spicy Saigon Spread

It’s just so easy to make your own  ‘designer’ inspired spreads, and you can control everything about it~~the flavors, the textures, the colors, the ingredients!  So starting with my main ingredient, ‘Sweet & Spicy Saigon’ spice from Simply Asia…thanks to them for sending me a box of products…I decided that […]

Rhubarb Raspberry Lemon Mint Sauce

Rhubarb Raspberry Lemon Mint Sauce

My cool husband is SO SO SO supportive of all of my cooking, competing and culinary shenanigans~~in this world of food, it’s important to have the spouse on board!  He loves to try things, always gives his brutally honest opinion, has joined me in a cooking class (in Italy, and […]

boho summer picnics

boho picnic sandwiches

Spring and Summer seems just the perfect time to grab a big blanket or beach towel, even a table cloth, pack up some sandwiches, chips, pickles and drinks and have a picnic! Whether you’re doing this on the balcony deck of your high-rise condo, while camping in the backcountry, stopping […]

Bacon Dripping Dandelions with Roasted Chicken Pomegranate & Asiago

roasted chicken pomegranate & asiago sandwich

Who doesn’t like free!  I got free dandelion greens, nice succulent fresh tender green ones, while walking with my girlfriend alongside the road a couple of days ago.  Brought those critters home~~we both had a mess full we carried and passing cars must have thought we were strange looking with […]

Sassy Southern Belle Burger

sassy southern belle burger

Summers in the South are known for fresh fish, shrimp, frogmore stew, outdoor and porch living, and always grilled burgers.  Nothing is more intoxicating living on the inlet coastal area of South Carolina than the smell of the briny waters and a smokin’ grill with burgers.  The evenings, while sometimes […]

Mozzarella Italian Meatballs

These meatballs get better and better on days 2 and 3~~that is, IF there are any left to ‘age’ that long!  I usually make these meatballs when I’m making my ‘Bohemian Bolognese’, a ‘Signature Recipe’, because most all the stuff is there and ready to go.   It’s just a […]

Whole Wheat Dark Amber Pepper Jelly Peasant Bread

Baking  ‘close-to-the-earth’ as in rustic and primitive breads is a specialty, of sorts, of mine.  And, baking at high altitude levels when I’m at our Colorado home makes it a tad more challenging, but that’s alright because you might not have the bread that raises beautifully, but I always seem […]

Smoked Chipotle Red Wine Beef Short Ribs

When I find something really interesting on sale, as in marked down 50% or more, like these beef short ribs, I snatch ’em up…good thing there wasn’t anyone around eyeing them, too, because I might have gotten really snitty, horned in, and grabbed ’em!  There were just four, perfect for […]

Roasted & Charred Tomatoes & Garlic

Charred & Roasted Garlic & Tomatoes

I detest wasting food.  So, whenever I’m heading somewhere for a while, like more than a few weeks, I usually do a clean sweep of the refrigerator crisper, the fruit, and other perishable things like sour cream, milk, etc. and format them into something that I can freeze for later […]

Scallion & Watercress Rustic Peasant Bread

Scallion & Watercress Rustic Peasant Bread

What do you do when you have a hankerin’ for homemade bread, but you don’t want to wait hours for it…you don’t want to have to knead and knead…you don’t want to pull out a bread making machine…but, you WANT fresh hot yummmy bread?  Well, you simply follow this recipe […]

Pomegranate Tangerine Rustic Peasant Bread

I’ve been on a pomegranate rage!  These things require some work to get to the seeds…well, there are techniques for cleaning them out that are easy, involved water, and the videos can be found on You Tube, but I decided that I wanted the full experience~~the squirting, the tearing, the […]

White Rustic Peasant Bread

White Rustic Peasant Bread~~three ingredients plus water…how much easier can it get!  Sometimes it’s just really good to have hot white bread come out of the oven, tear it off with your hands, and slather it with butter, dip in olive oil, heap jam, jelly or honey on it, sop […]

Peasant Sourdough French Bread

Want an adventure?  Then head to your kitchen and create something without a recipe…wing it, fly by the seat of your pants…with a smidgen of knowledge about food, you can enter the world of risk and adventure by coming up with your own dish!  This ‘Peasant Sourdough French Bread’ was […]

Almond Spice Crusted French Toast

Making your own bread is not hard and what you can do with it the next day and the next is just endless.  Plus, each time I make bread there’s something just a tad bit different about the same bread made with the same recipe…I like that.   When I […]

Artisan Lettuce Romesco Anthropologie Nibbles

Artisan Lettuce Romesco~~Anthropologie Nibbles

I was introduced to Romesco by Chef Anthony Sasso of Casa Mono Bar Jamon in NYC.  Now I’ve made ‘Artisan Lettuce Romesco’!   Chef Anthony came to cook in my Colorado kitchen preparing a spectacular meal for Ben and me and ten of our most favorite guests!  That entire soiree was an […]

gobbler bbq sandwich

Leftover turkey breast meat.  Mezzetta products in my pantry.  What do you do?  You create a sandwich for the 2012 Mezzetta ‘Make That Sandwich’ Contest!  ‘The Gobbler BBQ Sandwich’ is a huge combination of flavors and textures.  Healthy and robust, it can definitely qualify as a meal on a plate.   Spicy […]

The DaVinci Grilled Cheese

This is one of those recipes that’s born from a contest.  Yep, I’m getting really crazy with grilled cheeses, and this one’s for the St. Francis Winery contest.  Now, here’s the funny thing.  I’m photographing this beauty on my front porch when my oldest son drives up.  He asks what […]

Poppy Seed Lemon Cheesecake Waffles

Poppy Seed Lemon Cheesecake Waffles

Cooking is like fashion for me. And, like food, I adore clothes, accessories, shoes, scarves–you get it!   Food has to be stylish.  Food has to be presented uniquely.  I’m always searching for cool ways to transform the presentation of foods.  With this recipe I was thinking waffles, but not […]

Brown Sugar Cranberry Whole Wheat Peasant Bread

I am a bread goddess.  My kingdom of different kinds of breads grows.  Though my breads maybe be somewhat deformed, misshapen, or odd looking, once you tear off a hunk or slice a piece that no longer matters.  What intoxicates you is the taste! As a Bohemian bread goddess, my […]

Pistachio Fig Peasant Bread

Pistachio Fig Peasant Bread

Dense, moist, rustic. Don’t expect this to raise and be big bread!   This Pistachio Fig Peasant Bread isn’t your typical light airy bread.  When you bite into it, preferably warm from the oven or toasted later, you’ll immediately taste the pistachio and fig flavors.  The whole wheat flour creates […]

Flat Bread Ancho Chili Sausage & Summer Veggie Pizza

Everyone’s got to have a ‘boho’d’ pizza (To ‘boho’ a recipe means you let your creativity surge, think of something new to do, and you make sure it’s memorable and different!)…something that they can pinch hit and make in a skinny minute! ‘ Flat Bread Ancho Chili Sausage & Summer […]

Fig Balsamic Oven Grilled Bacon

I’ve boho’d bacon.  And, I’m sorry but  turkey bacon just isn’t bacon.  I mean I know it’s , yes, better for you, and I do substitute at times turkey bacon, but there’s nothing on this earth as good as crispy bacon, and, in this case, ‘Fig Balsamic Oven Grilled Bacon’! […]

the bewitching grilled cheese

The ‘Wisconsin Cheese ‘Grilled Cheese Academy‘ describes my award-winning sammich this way:  This magical concoction features fresh blackberries, peppery greens, crispy fried bacon, and lusciously molten Wisconsin Provolone and Gouda.  ‘The Bewitching’ grilled cheese was selected by Chef Tory Miller, the James Beard Midwest Chef of the Year 2012, as the Gold winner […]

Bison Cowboy Meatloaf (Gluten Free)

Home home on the range…where the deer and the antelope play!  You may be seasoned enough to remember that song…if not, just Google!  Bison…those majestic beautiful  creatures that roamed the West in bygone days.  Buffalo…the magic creature for the American Native Indians who used every stinkin’ morsel of these animals […]

Garam Masala & Ancho Chili Pan Fried Chicken Filet Breasts

Move over Colonel Sanders!  There’s a new chick in town!  There’s nothing better than fried chicken, but how do you create a crispy crunchy fried chicken without all the thick crust, the heavy breading, the deep frying?  How do you create a delicately light and tasty ‘fried chicken’ that’s full […]

Cowboy Crusty White Bread

My Grandma Cook…yes, my maiden name was Cook, so I was destined to be a cook, made THE most amazing white  yeast bread, white yeast rolls, and cinnamon rolls!  Every Thursday, you’d know Grandma, not standing taller than 5 feet and full of ‘piss n’ vinegar’ was making bread, rolls […]

The Gatsby Grilled Cheese

Healthy and delightfully light and refreshing, the ‘Gatsby Grilled Cheese’ is the essence of decadence! Fresh raspberries & blueberries, aged cheddar cheese, buttery & crispy grilled oatnut bread, and peppery arugula & zesty fresh spinach–let the dancing of the tastebuds begin!  I entered this into the Biltmore Hotel’s contest ‘A […]

Soppressata & Baby Sunflower Greens Boho Sammich

Ben and I are training for a big 150-mile bike ride, as in bicycling, to raise money for MS.  The ride will take place in Colorado, and since we’re flat-landers, we seriously need a lot of training to deal with the altitude.  Riding requires energy.  And, our energy comes from […]