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Nectar of the Gods Peach Popovers

I’ve had so much fun with the popover pan I bought! Like a new clothing accessory, like earrings, I look at this unique baking implement and think about the many ways I can use it with cooking—it’s not just for popovers. I mean if that were the case, then it would not be used often! So, I’ve ‘boho’d’ the popover pan finding many applications for it from pasta to meat to pastries. These peachy popovers are subtly sweet, the cake is dense and moist. The roasting and baking of the peach and blueberries with the cardamom sugar intensifies into a nectar of the Gods. I think you'll love as much as I do! And, since it's just so great, I'm sharing with 'Weekend Potluck' and Everyday Mom's Meals Church Suppers--you'll find more great recipes here!