meaty pizza bolognese sauce

meaty pizza bolognese sauce

Meaty meat sauce is important to me. Why? Because I raised three boys and this is what they preferred in their pasta sauce. Lots of meat and make that thick. And, this meaty meat sauce had to also have certain flavors, some ingredients had to be masked (like onions) and […]

creamy vodka marinara sauce

creamy vodka marinara sauce

Sometimes my eyes get bigger than my stomach! In other words, sometimes when I’m grocery shopping, especially at Costco, I sometimes am motivated to load up on perishables because they’re such a great buy and the quantity is at least double that of the same price at a regular grocer. […]

hottie chili tomato sauce

hottie chili tomato sauce

What’s a bottle of good hot sauce cost? Probably not that much. But, with just a few minutes and some high-powered wicked hot fresh peppers, you can make your own. I guarantee it’ll be much fresher and tastier. Plus it’ll have tasty tiny chunks of goodliness that will make just […]

spicy peach salsa

spicy peach salsa

The peaches you get in the jar from Dole Packaged Foods are just perfect for creating new and fun recipes. Now don’t get me wrong, just opening the jar and eating the peaches naked or with cottage cheese or yogurt is divine, but when you push the boundaries out a […]

Amaretto Fresh Blueberry Sauce

Amaretto Fresh Blueberry Sauce

Having company for breakfast just makes my heart sing!  Since I’m full of vim, vigor and energy first thing in the morning, my kitchen usually rocks.  And, having hungry food-seekers to chow down means that all this good stuff gets eaten!  This morning we had two couples, great friends, staying […]

buttermilk mint bleu cheese dressing

One of my favorite cheeses is bleu~~and it’s first-cousin gorgonzola~~and, well, I adore white cheddar and Gruyere, and, oh oh, brie and gouda and raclette and more~~you get the idea, I’m a cheese lover! I love to add herbs and twists to my dressings, which are just so very easy […]

boho seasoning cubes

boho carrot ginger seasoning cubes

Sometimes in cooking a seasoning combination is called the ‘holy trinity’. Sometimes cooks call it a ‘mirepoix'(pronounced meer-pwah) which is a French word. And, there are different trinities or mirepoixs~~like a Cajun mirepoix uses onions, celery and green bell peppers, instead of carrots in the French version. Italians call this […]

~blueberry & rhubarb compote & crumbles~

~blueberry & rhubarb compote & crumbles~

Sometimes you just must cross over to the ‘prissy’ side of serving your desserts after a fabulously boholicious meal~~and, it doesn’t matter with me if it’s just me or just hubby and me~~as in this dessert. Because these flavors and textures are beautifully varied~~a slight tartness in the compote, a […]

dark red cherry boneless beef country-style ribs

dark red cherry boneless beef country-style ribs

This recipe is brought to you by DOLE Packaged Foods, however, all of the recipe development and creative food artistry, including the photography, is solely the work of Ally in her Kitchen.  For more information CLICK~ Cherries are packed with nuitrition~~so, how do you get all that goodness into your diet […]

dill pepper jelly sauce

dill pepper jelly sauce

Making your own sauces for dishes~~whether it’s means, veggies, salads, fruits or whatever~~is just so so easy!  By combining a few ingredients, yes, you must get creative and adventurous, the essence of Boho cooking, you oftentimes wind up with something amazing!  Such is the case with this ‘dill pepper jelly […]

~dark red cherry boneless beef country-style ribs~

dark red cherry bbq sauce

This recipe is brought to you by DOLE Packaged Foods, however, all of the recipe development and creative food artistry, including the photography, is solely the work of Ally in her Kitchen.  For more information CLICK~ A great sauce is to food like a great LBD~~littl’ black dress~~is to a girl! […]

Orange Marmalade Spicy Soy Sauce

Orange Marmalade Spicy Mahogany Sauce

Making sauces is a great way to get rid of little bits of this and that!  And, that’s just what I did with this sauce~~rather than throwing out a dab of ketchup  or just a tad of rice vinegar, I decided these small amounts would be perfection in a sauce! […]

Ginger Teriyaki Onion Medley

Ginger Teriyaki Onion Medley

Onions are a cool veggie!  And, I simply adore most all varieties of onions including wild ones like ‘ramps’~~growing up in West Virginia, we had ramps sprout in our yards during their short growing season, and we’d pull them, so Mom could cook with them.  Now, of course, ramps are […]

Sweet & Spicy Saigon Spread

Sweet & Spicy Saigon Spread

It’s just so easy to make your own  ‘designer’ inspired spreads, and you can control everything about it~~the flavors, the textures, the colors, the ingredients!  So starting with my main ingredient, ‘Sweet & Spicy Saigon’ spice from Simply Asia…thanks to them for sending me a box of products…I decided that […]

Rhubarb Raspberry Lemon Mint Sauce

Rhubarb Raspberry Lemon Mint Sauce

My cool husband is SO SO SO supportive of all of my cooking, competing and culinary shenanigans~~in this world of food, it’s important to have the spouse on board!  He loves to try things, always gives his brutally honest opinion, has joined me in a cooking class (in Italy, and […]

Amalfi Coffee Chocolate Raspberry Sauce

Amalfi Coffee Chocolate Raspberry Sauce

If you’ve never visited ‘Coffee on the Porch-Camden, Maine‘ then you don’t have to go any further than Facebook!  Here you’ll find a down-home entrepreneur, Dan, who started his business with a passion for a really good cuppah coffee.  Now, if you’re a java lover and somewhat of a coffee […]

Pineapple Fig Drizzle Sauce

Pineapple Fig Drizzle Sauce

Nothing finishes off a dish like a glaze or sauce, and this sauce is just so dang simple and easy that you’ll want to keep it on hand to use on everything from grilled pork chops and chicken to ice cream!  If you want to give it a kick, add […]

Harissa Spice

~harissa spice~

Bohemian Bold cooking is all about living globally without even leaving your kitchen!  Thanks to the cyber world in which we live, we have access to fabulous spices and spice blends from around the world~~we can decide to give our meats, vegetables and grains any type of flavor spin we […]

Fresh Crab & Campari Tomatoes

Fresh Crab & Campari Tomatoes

We have more crabs than Carter’s got pills in our inlet!  Ben will just bait the crab traps, toss ’em out from the floating dock, leave them for about 48 hours or more, and when we pull them in, they’re usually loaded with big fat crabs!  Throw ’em in a […]

Fried Green Tomato Southern Salsa

Unless you’re Southern, you may not realize what a fried green tomato is or why a fried green tomato is so revered.  First of all, it’s fried~~think crunch.  Second of all, it’s dipped in buttermilk~~think luscious tartness.  Third of all, it’s got an al detente-ness that lets you know it’s […]

Fresh Mint Jalapeno Orange Marmalade Jelly

Fresh Mint Jalapeno Orange Marmalade Jelly

This jelly is not only stunningly green and beautiful, but it’s got a kick that bites back when you bite into it!  I made it to use with a leg of lamb roast, but I know it’d be equally as delicious with chicken or pork.  All you need is just […]

Bohemian Lasagna with Veggies

According to the Urban Dictionary, someone who’s Bohemian is ‘somebody who leads an alternative lifestyle, they are not hippies because they can have an extremely wide range of different tastes in music, fashion, art, literature, etc.  They are usually very creative people.  They are above all optimists  even if they can […]

Apricot Asian Spicy Everything Sauce

apricot asian spicy everything sauce

At first this was dubbed a ‘BBQ’ sauce, then I thought about it, perrrzackley 5 seconds, and said, ‘Nah, this would be an everything sauce!’  Why not dollop it on a baked potato, slather it on a chicken wing, dip a cracker into it, or mix some slow cooked pork, […]

Roasted Baby Bella Mushroom & Cherry Tomato Dip/Spread

roasted baby bella dip

Roasting about any veggie does something magical to the flavors~~when I say roasting, I’m talking about oven roasting.  The veggies, or fruits for that matter, caramelize and get a little charring on them, which gives a burst of flavor.  I decided to try my mushrooms roasted…tomatoes were a no brainer. […]

Fresh Red Grape Brandy Reduction Sauce

Fresh Red Grape Brandy Reduction Sauce

Nothing bothers me more than to have to throw out food that is still good, but maybe not in its prime in terms of freshness.  Quite frankly, I think some of the ‘expiration’ date or ‘good until’ dates are marketing ploys…trust me, my kids give me a hard time about […]

Sechuan Button & Spicy Blueberry Oven Roasted Wings

Wings are the rage, right?  Well, I’ve decided wings need a make-over like something that moves them from the traditional kinds we typically see on menus–spicy, hot, BBQ, teriyaki, buffalo, sweet and sour, Korean, crispy, etc.  Here’s the Top 10 Chicken Wings according to…go check it out and see […]

cognac cranberries & tangerines

Tart, sweet with a hint of heat!  Just imagine how you can use this cognac cranberries & tangerines’ sauce. I mean it’s not just for Thanksgiving! You can use this sauce year round on so many things. Think sandwiches, pound cake, pancakes, crepes, on meats like pork and chicken. The […]

Apple Blue Cheese Pepper Jelly Dressing

Makes:  About 1+ cups What you need: 1 tbl lemon zest 4 tbl lemon juice 1/3 cup olive oil 3 tbl mayonnaise 1 tbl Dijon mustard 3 tbl pepper jelly (Uncle Gary’s preferred) ¼ cup chopped gourmet peppers (Uncle Gary’s preferred) ½ tsp sea salt ½ tsp coarse ground pepper […]

Spicy Chocolate Ganache

Nothing better than chocolate.  Nothing even better than better than spicy chocolate.  This ‘Spicy Chocolate Ganache’ is good on lots of things including Cream of Wheat!  You can keep it stored in your refrigerator for a couple of weeks.  When you want some, just microwave it a few seconds.  Try […]

Harissa Beef Brisket

I travel the world without leaving my kitchen!  This dish takes me and my family to North Africa~~Harissa Beef Brisket.  If you haven’t tried harissa, you must add it to your spice drawer, cabinet or rack.  What is it? Ol’ Wikopedia says, Harissa (Arabic: هريسة‎) is a Tunisian hot chili sauce whose main ingredients are piri piri (type of […]

Spicy Hot Olive & Almond Romesco

If there’s ever something that I could bottle and sell and make so many people happy, it’s this ‘Spicy Hot Olive & Almond Romesco’!  This is the second in a series (hummmm, that sounds important, huh?) of Romesco sauce-making for me…who knows what might be next. My first was an […]

Green Goddess Veggie & Herb Cream Soup

Couture:   The design and manufacture of fashionable clothes to a client’s specific requirements and measurements.  That’s the definition for the word in the clothing and jewelry line.  My couture is in the food line!  This is what I call one of my ‘couture’ soups…I made it especially for my […]

Guavaberry Blueberry Lemon Spicy Sauce~~Anthropologie Nibbles

You never know the reaction you’ll get from total strangers when they taste your food.  Ally’s Kitchen & my Boho princesses teamed up with our local Anthropologie store one Fall Saturday for an Ally’s Kitchen & Anthropologie Nibbles.  Essentially, I put my spin on recipes I’d chosen from some of their cookbooks. […]

Fresh Strawberry & Coffee Patron Sauce

Fresh Strawberry & Coffee Patron Sauce ~~this creation was conceived to go along with the ‘Chocolate Espresso & Coffee Mini-Bundt Cakes‘…we all know chocolate and strawberries are like peas and carrots!  They go together!  Now this sauce is not only strawberry, but it’s got hints of coffee with the Patron, […]

Artisan Lettuce Romesco Anthropologie Nibbles

Artisan Lettuce Romesco~~Anthropologie Nibbles

I was introduced to Romesco by Chef Anthony Sasso of Casa Mono Bar Jamon in NYC.  Now I’ve made ‘Artisan Lettuce Romesco’!   Chef Anthony came to cook in my Colorado kitchen preparing a spectacular meal for Ben and me and ten of our most favorite guests!  That entire soiree was an […]

Campari Yogurt Marinara Sauce

Since I had been to Costco and bought a big container of Campari tomatoes…since I had gotten lucky and bought a large container of Fage Greek yogurt for half price (love marked down stuff!)…and since my fresh basil was on the verge of looking really sick and pitiful, I decided […]

The Squirrel Life: Drying Herbs for the Winter

I have a prolific herb garden both in Colorado and South Carolina.  I use these herbs literally daily, and I know that’s why they just grow even more rapidly becoming lush and bushy.  I do fertilize them weekly, and that certainly helps.  When we leave one location to go to […]

Garden Vegetable Vodka Cream Pasta Sauce

I want to win a week in one of your Tuscany villas!  Fresh vegetables, farm to table…the eternal youth elixir! You’ll think you’re in Tuscany, eating this luscious garden vegetable vodka cream sauce over your favorite pasta…imagine you’re at a worn peasant table with beautiful linens, heirloom dishes, and wine flowing,  as you […]

Homemade Peasant Bleu Cheese Dressing

Before I get started–don’t go thinkin’ this ‘dressing’ is just for stinkin’ salads!  O. M. G. if I didn’t know better I’d be lathering it on me for lotion or dippin’ my toothbrush in it!  There are so many ways you can use this with your recipes and dishes.  So, […]

Buttermilk Goat Cheese Herb Dressing

This is one of those go to everything dressings that you can use in an insane number of creative ways!  So, don’t just stay in your ‘salad’ mode with this dressing/sauce. Get creative…’boho’ it and make it something that knocks your socks off like how ’bout as a marinade for […]

Fresh Basil Walnut Pesto

There’s not much to write about this post.  I mean it’s not real ‘glamourous.’  It’s nothing that takes a high level of culinary skill.  Here’s what I can tell you about it: 1.  I have an herb garden with a lot of fresh basil. 2.  I harvested this basil, put […]

The Cowboy’s City Slicker Spicy Dippin’ & Marinade Oil

This marinade was created as an entry for ‘The Pioneer Woman’s’ as in Ree Drummond grilling contest. The Cowboy’s City Slicker Spicy Dippin’ & Marinade Oil.   Nope, it wasn’t selected as a winner, but, by golly, I’m so glad I did it because it’s a keeper…why? …Well, it’s just so […]

Sour Cream Lemon Scones

Whitney, my yogini and webmaster, is coming over this morning, and I’m fixing her something special because she loves to eat, and she’s one of my regular taste testers!  So I’ve decided to fix……scones!  Here’s a quick history lesson on scones from The Nibble …cut and pasted for accuracy! “Scones are […]

‘Raspberry and Blackberry Communion ZING Sauce’

What are my ZING sauces?  Well, they’re fruity goodness that’s good on sooooooooooooooo many things from pancakes, pound cake, pudding and pork chops to cheesecake, cookies, and chicken! Actually, the applications are endless both in creating and making with different wines, liquor, and liquers, which is you’re a teeetotaler are […]

Eggplant and Italian Tomato Wine Sauce

This dish was made for a ‘girfriend dinner’. T, as I call her, had just lost her sweet kitty, Patches, and since Ben was gone, I thought we’d just have a special dinner at the coffee table for the two of us. It was poignant and special, and if you want […]

Chipotle Raspberry Kiwi Banana Zing Sauce!

In my refrig crisper I found these several day-old fresh berries and knew that I had to use them or they’d be ready for the garbage disposal.  I was creating a ‘Cottage Cheese Coconut Cake’ and thought, wow, wouldn’t it be a tangy and ooozzie topping to use all these […]

Coffee Frangelico Reduction Sauce

For me, cooking is like coloring ‘outside’ the lines–it’s an expression of what’s in my soul, spirit, and liquor cabinet, refrigerator or pantry at the momen! It’s certainly more of a challenge, and it makes for some interesting cuinary adventures, just like my lifestyle, as well.  This recipe was created because: […]

Wilkes County NASCAR BBQ Sauce

Wilkes County NASCAR BBQ Sauce

Over Easter break, my son-in-law, Alex, and his family, Amy, our daughter, Sydney and Salem, our granddaughters, visited us in Colorado.  In addition to a full week of skiing, watching movies, laughing, cocktails, and having friends over, probably the biggest part of any of our family gatherings is FOOD!  Alex […]

champagne honey beet hummus

champagne honey beet hummus

Pretty exotic recipe name, huh–well, at least the first two words!  And, that’s because of Saucy Mama…so what is Saucy Mama? Well, the short explanation is that they have a contest using their mustard products…it’s called ‘Skinny Mama Mustard Contest’ ‘cuz the recipes that I had to create have to be low-calorie […]

Eggplant Pasta Sauce

Eggplant Pasta Sauce

Pasta sauce is one of the most favorite things I like to make for an elegant and luxurious dinner.  Just plating and serving it with a nice glass of wine makes Ben and me feel like we’re on holiday or dining somewhere in Tuscany! One of the really great things […]