three layer meaty lasagna

three layer meaty lasagna

Lasagna Three layer meaty lasagna is like tasting Tuscany in every bite! Each layer gives your palate Italian flavors that sparkle and delight!  As a consummate entertainer, I love any reason to celebrate and invite friends over for dinner. So, what better than election returns! This recipe regardless of your […]

curried chicken & dumpling casserole

curried chicken dumplings casserole

Chicken and Dumplings Easy Curried chicken dumplings casserole is probably going to be the BEST chicken dumplings you’ve ever tasted. Spiced with curry powder, it’s adventure eating! Yes, we all love to find delicious easy recipes. And, having a chicken and dumplings easy recipe is tops on my list. That’s […]

tagine of pork and greens

Tagines This tagine of pork and greens lets you escape to Morocco with every bite! Cooked in the biblical slow cooker, you’ll devour the flavors and aromas! When you hear the word tagines, you might think of MOroccan cuisine, and you’d be right. Tagine is the name for a ‘Maghrebi’ […]

pot roast lasagna

pot roast lasagna

Lasagna Leftover pot roast is transformed into THE BEST lasagna that you’ve ever tasted! Thick rich and meaty, pot roast lasagna is sure to be a dinner hit! Lasagna styles. So many options. How many layers. What to put between the layers. Should I use ricotta cheese or cottage cheese. […]

eggplant parmesan

eggplant parmesan quick version

This eggplant parmesan, my quick version, will be a hit for your family’s dinner! When you make bolognese, it’s usually a big pot. There’s plenty leftover for freezing. And, why not transform it into this quick version of eggplant parmesan. During the Summer when Farmers’ Markets are buzzing, you can […]

asiago fresh herb meatballs

asiago fresh herb meatballs

Meatballs are such a comfort food for me. I mean who doesn’t love a good meatball. It’s like a ball filled with so much flavor, and my asiago fresh herb meatballs have even more flavor than you’d typically expect in a meatball! That’s probably because of the abundance of fresh […]

orange pineapple fajita chicken & veggies

orange pineapple fajita chicken & veggies

Simplicity. Easy. One pan. Stunningly beautiful. Exceptionally flavorful. That’s what defines this orange pineapple fajita chicken & veggies recipe. The toughest part of this recipe is slicing the vegetables.That’s about the extent of it. When I create a dish, my mind is always in its artistic mode. I think about […]

chicken puttanesca stew

chicken puttanesca stew

Think Adele. Yes, this chicken puttanesca stew is the kind of recipe that you fix for your family and friends and they think you’re a rock star. Get ready to walk the red carpet. Have people ask you what you’re wearing. Hey, even hang out with Blake and the gang […]

Chorizo Beef Meatloaf with Spicy Oriental Sweet Chili Sauce

chorizo beef meatloaf with spicy sweet chili sauce

Food does so much more than fill your stomach.  Food is a trigger for memories.  Food is a spark for emotions. Food is explosive in starting and continuing conversation about food and other topics.  And, food takes us back to our childhoods.  Meatloaf is on of those foods that many […]

mac and cheese

jamaican jerk mac and cheese

 Mac and Cheese The BEST creamy mac and cheese you’ll ever taste! Put a Jamaican jerk spicy twist on it for explosive flavors! Make it a weeknight favorite! Of course, it’s easy to pick up the boxed versions of mac and cheese, but you’re not getting the real taste of […]

Cast Iron Skillet Mexican Pie

cast iron skillet mexican pie

Mexican Casserole Using leftovers to make this one skillet Mexican pie is going to win you votes as best home cook! Make it a day ahead of serving, the flavors will burst! The best thing about this cast iron skillet Mexican pie recipe is that it’s easy and you can […]

bohemian lasagna

Bohemian Lasagna

Making this lasagna is easy…all you need to make it ‘boho’ is to have made the ‘Bohoemian Bolognese’!  And, since when you make this fabulous sauce you have enough for a battalion, you’ll see that not only can you do lasagna but other things~~pizza, sandwiches, topppings for roasted veggies, even […]

Bohemian Lasagna with Veggies

According to the Urban Dictionary, someone who’s Bohemian is ‘somebody who leads an alternative lifestyle, they are not hippies because they can have an extremely wide range of different tastes in music, fashion, art, literature, etc.  They are usually very creative people.  They are above all optimists  even if they can […]