asiago fresh herb meatballs

asiago fresh herb meatballs

Meatballs are such a comfort food for me. I mean who doesn’t love a good meatball. It’s like a ball filled with so much flavor, and my asiago fresh herb meatballs have even more flavor than you’d typically expect in a meatball! That’s probably because of the abundance of fresh […]

curried chicken & dumpling casserole

curried chicken & dumpling casserole

I love trying new recipes on dinner party guests. And, that’s what I did with this curried chicken and dumpling casserole. But, the casserole I served at the dinner party wasn’t exactly like this. Yes, the curried chicken part was, but for the dinner party, I used a puff pastry […]

orange pineapple fajita chicken & veggies

orange pineapple fajita chicken & veggies

Simplicity. Easy. One pan. Stunningly beautiful. Exceptionally flavorful. That’s what defines this orange pineapple fajita chicken & veggies recipe. The toughest part of this recipe is slicing the vegetables.That’s about the extent of it. When I create a dish, my mind is always in its artistic mode. I think about […]

three layer meaty lasagna

three layer meaty lasagna

2016 is a momentous year in American history. I’m talking about the presidential election. For months and months and months leading up to November 8th, there was a growing awareness of the importance, and in some ways the divisiveness, of this election. Now, I’m not trying to get political here. […]

pot roast lasagna

pot roast lasagna

Usually when you make a pot roast, you make a big one. You probably have leftovers. The meat is tender tasty and perfect for so many other dishes. Once you taste this pot roast lasagna, the next time you make a pot roast, you’ll probably buy a much bigger one […]

chicken puttanesca stew

chicken puttanesca stew

Think Adele. Yes, this chicken puttanesca stew is the kind of recipe that you fix for your family and friends and they think you’re a rock star. Get ready to walk the red carpet. Have people ask you what you’re wearing. Hey, even hang out with Blake and the gang […]

Chorizo Beef Meatloaf with Spicy Oriental Sweet Chili Sauce

chorizo beef meatloaf with spicy sweet chili sauce

Food does so much more than fill your stomach.  Food is a trigger for memories.  Food is a spark for emotions. Food is explosive in starting and continuing conversation about food and other topics.  And, food takes us back to our childhoods.  Meatloaf is on of those foods that many […]

~jamaican jerk mac n’ cheese~

jamaican Jerk mac n’ cheese

At the 2013 World Food Championships, I competed in the ‘Recipe Category’ and our ‘themed’ ingredient was pasta! We had to do two builds to make it to the Top 10~~the first a ‘signature’ recipe of our choice.  The second build, which put all contestants on the same playing field, […]

Tagine of Pork and Greens

tagine of pork and greens

There are 3 steps to doing this ‘Tagine of Pork and Greens’~~greens, pork, tagine.  I’m laying out the recipe instructions a tad bit different giving you the ‘what to do’ right after each of the three~~so, here’s what you’ll see ‘greens’ with ingredients then instructions, then pork then tagine.  Make […]

Cast Iron Skillet Mexican Pie

cast iron skillet mexican pie

Best thing about this cast iron skillet mexican pie recipe is that it’s EZ and you can use a bunch of leftovers and less than ‘pretty’ picture-perfect ingredients~~like chicken and shriveling bruised tomatoes, maybe some drying out or dried out tortillas. Plus, some canned beans, or leftover beans if you’d […]

bohemian lasagna

Bohemian Lasagna

Making this lasagna is easy…all you need to make it ‘boho’ is to have made the ‘Bohoemian Bolognese’!  And, since when you make this fabulous sauce you have enough for a battalion, you’ll see that not only can you do lasagna but other things~~pizza, sandwiches, topppings for roasted veggies, even […]

Bohemian Lasagna with Veggies

According to the Urban Dictionary, someone who’s Bohemian is ‘somebody who leads an alternative lifestyle, they are not hippies because they can have an extremely wide range of different tastes in music, fashion, art, literature, etc.  They are usually very creative people.  They are above all optimists  even if they can […]

Spicy Roasted Eggplant & Quinoa Platter

I’m thinking this can be a meal in and of itself, but would it satisfy you…would it fill you…would it make you finish and know you’ve eaten a hearty meal…for some folks, yes…for others, no way!  It’s packed full of great flavors. It’s loaded with nutrition.  It’s easy to fix. […]

Cannellini Beans & Ham with Mustard Greens

If you search my recipes, you’ll find quite a few recipes for beans~~yes, I’m a ‘bean queen’~~reckon it’s them thar West Virginia hills I grew up in where beans were a part of our eats several times a week.  Why wouldn’t they be?  They’re healthy, nutritious, great roughage, protein, low fat, […]

ras el hanout beef stew

Dine around the world without ever leaving your home!  That’s what cooking and experimenting and a spirit of adventure lets you do in the kitchen.  I’ve done several recipes with Ras el hanout thanks to my precious and treasured friend, Nanou, who’s from Algeria introduced me to it.  When I […]

Key Lime Za’htar Roasted Chicken

You just know that ‘Bohemian Bold’ cooking (and living) means traveling the world going global and finding things that spice up your life, literally and figuratively speaking!  It’s a global approach to food that means you don’t even have to leave your kitchen to experience the world.  With the Internet […]

Garden Vegetable Vodka Cream Pasta Sauce

I want to win a week in one of your Tuscany villas!  Fresh vegetables, farm to table…the eternal youth elixir! You’ll think you’re in Tuscany, eating this luscious garden vegetable vodka cream sauce over your favorite pasta…imagine you’re at a worn peasant table with beautiful linens, heirloom dishes, and wine flowing,  as you […]

Poblano Stuffed Peppers

Growing up one of the favorite things my Croatian Mom would make was stuffed peppers or punjene paprike.  In the ‘old country’ cooking was mainly fresh and light, especially in the summer, when the vegetables were being harvested from gardens or farmers were selling at local stands. These poblano stuffed […]

Hot Dog Spicy Chili & Fresh Veggie Lasagna

hot dog chili & veggie lasagna

Don’t wig out…I didn’t use hot dogs in the chili sauce!  Only the freshest and most natural ground pork and ground beef! Then there’s layers of fresh vegetable goodness and only a couple of layers of lasagna.  Just tell the kids it’s hot diggity doggedy good lasagna!And, go ahead, fill your adult plate. […]

lamb tuscan kale rolls

Your tastebuds will travel to the Middle East as you take your first bite of this succulent ‘Lamb Tuscan Kale Roll.’  The myriad of textures and flavors that combine with fresh tarragon, grated asiago, and ground lamb simply create new flavor profiles that let your palate journey. Nestled in a bath […]