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reasons spice food

healthy reasons to spice food

There are some sound reasons to spice your food. Besides taste, you’ve got great health benefits that are delivered by these glorious spices! All About Spices Those who know me know full well that I cook with a lot of spices—all kinds of spices, spice blends, and not just your […]

berbere spiced ribs

berbere spiced ribs

Ribs Cuisines of the world are as close as your BBQ grill and back yard with these berbere spiced ribs. Taste the intoxicating flavors of berbere spiced ribs! When Summer rolls around and grilling outdoors becomes a great way to cook, there are smokin’ hot grills all over America with […]

berbere lamb sliders

berbere lamb sliders

Lamb Sliders Berbere lamb sliders, an easy weeknight dinner or lunch recipe, can be made ahead of time with the lamb shank seasoned with Ethiopian spice mixture! I want to challenge you to do something. Each week or even once a month, buy and try at least one ingredient that […]

buttermilk pork chops & sweet apricot glaze

The other white meat, pork chops, has so many ways to be ‘fancied’ up!  This recipe is a take off, a ‘boho’ing’ so to speak, of my good friend from Rock Recipe.. He does a mean ‘Double Crunch Honey Garlic Chicken’  that I’ve made, boho’d some, and can honestly say, […]

moroccan beef ragu sauce

moroccan beef ragu sauce

Here’s the salad I served this Moroccan beef ragu sauce and pasta with. Mediterranean Celery and Olives. It was the perfect match, at least in my palate option, with the warm spicy ragu. This salad offered a crunchy crisp juicy salty and sweet contrast. My small dinner party guests agreed, so […]

healthy eating tips

harissa homemade

Homemade harissa and Ally’s Kitchen go hand in hand. Because here in my kitchen, I want to take you around the world to taste new flavors without even having to go through TSA security! And, with this simple and easy recipe for harissa, I think you’ll be using it, like […]

almond cinnamon tea cookies

Spices. Yes, they spice up your life. But, spices do more than make life more fun, so to speak or make food tastier. Spices, I’m talking about the real spices that you use with seasoning and flavoring your foods, actually have huge medicinal value. So, anytime you can work in […]

pearl sugar tea cake

pearl sugar cardamom tea cake

Cardamom. I can’t remember when or how I fell in love with this spice. But, I’m glad I did. Maybe I was wondering through Jerusalem’s Old City Souk. Maybe I was wondering through the spice aisle at World Market or Trader Joe’s. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that I […]

za’atar spice mixture

za’atar spice mixture

Za’atar a passionately aromatic spice Middle Eastern spice mixture that has so many wonderful applications in your cooking. Generally, the mixture is made with dried herbs like marjoram and/or thyme, but to get a vibrant color with intense fragrance you can use fresh herbs. And, there’s no ‘rule’ that you […]

jamaican jerk oven fried chicken

jamaican jerk oven fried chicken

Fried Chicken in the Oven Oven fried chicken with jamaican jerk seasoning that’s crunchy, and moist! Spiced with Jamaican Jerk and jalapeno sauce, your family will love every bite! Fried chicken in the oven can be crispy and delicious using this technique of first ‘flash frying’ to get the crisp. […]

~za’tar grilled sausage apple potato & onion skewers & a sunnyside egg~

za’atar sausage skewers & a sunnyside egg

For me being a foodie means discovering new and exciting ways to gussy up the flavors and ingredients we love~~those things that have been around for eons, those things we grew up with, and those things that probably our mamas made for us~~yep, those childhood eats that probably seared huge […]

israeli beef roast

israeli beef roast

Israeli Food Recipes Yes, this beef roast takes some time, but trust me, it’s worth every minute you put into it!  It’s the antithesis of ‘fast’ food.  This Israeli inspired food recipe is slow food to perfection! One of the most ethereal things about Middle Eastern cooking is the combination […]


moroccan veal kefta

This moroccan veal kefta is a sponsored post~Cedar Springs Veal. #ReVEALingExcellence All of the content and opinions is strictly my own. Growing up, I never really had the chance to eat veal. Just wasn’t available in the hollers of West Virginia where I was raised. Sometimes I think being ‘deprived’ of […]

eggplant with buttermilk sauce

eggplant with buttermilk sauce

Found this cookbook, “Plenty’ by Yotam Ottolenghi, in Anthropologie…what drew me to it was the cover picture…a picture of this eggplant dish!  I loved it for so many reasons~~it’s rustic and organic look, the vibrant colors, the caramelized browning on the eggplant, the creaminess of the sauce on it, and […]

harissa eggplant & roasted red peppers

harissa eggplant & roasted red peppers

Aubergine is a beautiful word. And, you might thing it’s a vegetable, but au contraire. It’s a fruit. Yep, it’s got a long history, too, dating back to the ancient Chinese times. You’ll find this fruit that we in America call eggplant popular in the Middle East.  They have so […]

jamaican jerk london broil

jamaican jerk london broil

This grilled jamaican jerk london broil has an array of flavors that pop on your palate as you chew each bite. You’ll not notice the slight ‘chewiness’ of this cut of beef as you taste the wafting hints of warm spices like cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg. Then there are the […]

Harissa Buttermilk Baby Back Ribs

harissa buttermilk baby back ribs

Buttermilk Uses Baby back ribs. Yep, simply delicious. Buttermilk, yep, gonna make these baby back ribs even more fabulous. Ok, I love buttermilk. And, I use buttermilk in so many cooking recipes. And, you’re gonna love buttermilk as a marinade in these harissa buttermilk baby back ribs.  I’m not big […]

fresh herb cannellini beans

fresh herb cannellini beans

Cannellini beans~an Italian white kidney bean. So creamy and tasty. I love them best when I cook from scratch. Oh, yes, you can buy them canned, but they’re scrumptuously easy to prepare and just perfect as a side or as the main dish. With the fresh herbs, the flavors just […]

black quinoa beans & green chiles

black quinoa beans & green chiles

One thing I love about ‘salads’ is knowing that they can be cold, room temperature, warm or hot~yes, this ‘black quinoa, beans and green chiles’ salad is one that you can serve however you like! Now I want you to use your imagination in how you dress this ‘salad’~you might […]

tagine of beef and vegetables

Tagine of Beef and Vegetables

Tagine of Beef and Vegetables is my favorite dish. This recipe packs a protein punch with lean beef mince as the base, Plus, it’s VERY tasty! Tagine of Beef and Vegetables Tagines are vessels of beauty and history, And, you know, there’s no better way to explore ancient history than […]

farmers blue pot chicken

farmers blue pot chicken

You may wonder why I call this farmers blue pot chicken–well, a few reasons…first, I love using my LeCreuset blue cast iron pot for cooking–it just make everything more beautiful, and #prettyeating counts. And, it’s a ‘farmers’ style because you just put it all in the pot, pop on the […]

eastern european red potato dill yogurt salad

eastern european red potato salad

Healthy Potato Salad Taste this Eastern European red potato salad with fresh dill and cucumbers in a creamy Greek yogurt sauce and you’ll make it your picnic favorite! Salads. Usually really healthy because we’re talking greens. But what do you do when you want a healthy potato salad. Well, you […]

latin picadillo

picante chicken tinga

When deciding what to call this dish, which was inspired from a recipe that a dear foodie friend, Mary, from Cooking with Mary and Friends, had made with salsa and pork, I decided to research some Mexican food terms. Up popped tinga, which is a shredded, often spicy, meat. I […]

slow cooked spiced leg of lamb

slow cooked spiced leg of lamb

Names. Yep, they’re important in life.  Your name follows you wherever you go. I mean if you become President, you’d want a regal strong name, right?  Parents usually give their kids a first and middle name like, Alva Grace, Bo James, Shelby Lynn, Mary Taylor. Most of the time, one […]

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seasoning super stars

Yes, fat’s gotten a bad wrap over the years. My thinking is that in moderation (and healthy lifestyle habits like regular exercising and getting that heart rate pumping) there’s nothing wrong with fat and using it as a fabulous seasoning ingredient is a way to elevate your foods to another level […]

Chorizo Beef Meatloaf with Spicy Oriental Sweet Chili Sauce

chorizo beef meatloaf with spicy sweet chili sauce

Food does so much more than fill your stomach.  Food is a trigger for memories.  Food is a spark for emotions. Food is explosive in starting and continuing conversation about food and other topics.  And, food takes us back to our childhoods.  Meatloaf is on of those foods that many […]

country style beef meatballs with gravy

country style beef meatballs with gravy

Comforting Food Comforting food is what we turn to in times of stress, turmoil and other emotional things that just make our hearts heavy. Comforting food is healing, I think. Food is healing in general. But, sometimes we need to feed the spirt and soup as well as the body. […]

Seems in our house if I buy more than 5 bananas at least two or three turn black and are ready to go 'bad' within just a couple of days. Maybe I should just buy one or two bananas at a time, but that just doesn't seem quite right because part of having bananas is having a cluster sitting on the kitchen counter! Of course when this happens, some kind of banana something will be made with the aging blackened 'nanners, so they don't go to waste. Rather than banana bread, I decided to do cakes. Now I used three different size pans~~two tart pans making the cake not more than about 2 inches thick and a small casserole (5x7) glass baking dish. You choose how you want to bake these and in what...just remember to adjust your baking time depending upon the size and thickness of the batter~~do the toothpick test as an extra precaution! This 'Brown Sugar Almond Banana Cake' is great for morning coffee or tea or a midnight snack!

brown sugar almond banana cake

Seems in our house if I buy more than 5 bananas at least two or three turn black and are ready to go ‘bad’ within just a couple of days.  Maybe I should just buy one or two bananas at a time, but that just doesn’t seem quite right because […]

beef ribeye wraps

north african spiced beef ribeye wraps

North African Foods North African spiced beef ribeye wraps are perfect for a gathering where you want to showcase your cooking talents. So simple and easy and full of flavors! Disclosure: I was asked to be part of this beef challenge and was compensated for costs involved in creating my […]

crispy spicy chicken with orange ginger honey maple sauce

crispy spicy orange chicken

Chicken with Orange Sauce Bite into this crispy spicy orange chicken and you’ve found THE BEST oven fried chicken recipe ever! Perfect for Sunday dinner and family! OK, there’s nothing quite like chicken with orange sauce.  Crispy Buttermilk Chicken Now here in the South we make crispy buttermilk chicken by […]

lady jane's spiced whiskey banana pudding

Lady Jane’s Spiced Whiskey Banana Pudding

Learn how to make the best lady jane’s spiced whiskey banana pudding! This is my FAVORITE recipe of all time. It’s easy to make and even easier to eat! Lady Jane’s Spiced Whiskey Banana Pudding Friends in the foodie universe are just the coolest! When you’re connected by the passion […]



Sometimes you just don’t hit it on the first try of something. That’s exactly what happened with this recipe from the cookbook, Jerusalem, which, by the way, I love! What happened was that the basmati rice with the lentils was just too gummy, so I knew exactly what I was going […]

mexican-inspired southwestern chuck roast

mexican-inspired southwestern chuck roast

I know when you read how long I cooked this roast you’re gonna say, a 2 pound roast and that much time! But, believe me, I did. Maybe it was because it was an organic grass-fed piece of beef, but letting this roast cook until it was shredding apart was […]

lamb loin chops

north african lamb loin chops

Lamb Chops I consider lamb chops a delicacy. And, when I season them with ras el hanout and fresh herbs I call them a north african lamb loin chop delicacy! The flavors of North Africa have sensual spice blends that can be warm and toasty, firey and spicy, and those […]

slow cooked cuban skirt steak

Skirt steak~~prized more for it’s flavor than it’s tenderness. To get that tenderness, it takes some low slow cooking, and what’s better than a slow cooker. Now don’t confuse skirt steak with flank steak~~while they have similarities, an adjacent cut, they are different. This slow cooked Cuban (koooo~bun) skirt steak […]

New York Strip Pomegranate Beef Stew

When you cook this put on the Frank Sinatra music ‘New York New York’!  I say even beef stew sometimes should be made with the finest cuts of beef, and, in this case, I went with a grass fed New York strip!  Now some may say I’ve compromised its flavor, […]

boho seasoning cubes

boho carrot ginger seasoning cubes

Sometimes in cooking a seasoning combination is called the ‘holy trinity’. Sometimes cooks call it a ‘mirepoix'(pronounced meer-pwah) which is a French word. And, there are different trinities or mirepoixs~~like a Cajun mirepoix uses onions, celery and green bell peppers, instead of carrots in the French version. Italians call this […]

coconut jasmine rice

tandoori coconut jasmine rice

When I created this recipe for coconut jasmine rice, I thought it would serve eight plus. After four of us had it for dinner and there was just about 2 cups remaining, I revised to say six! If you love rice, then this tandoori coconut jasmine rice can be an entire […]

chunky fresh salmon scallion olive salad

chunky fresh salmon scallion olive salad

Whenever I buy salmon, I always try to buy an extra couple of pounds because if I’m going to pan sear it for one meal, I can use the leftover salmon the next day for salads, sandwiches and more. That’s how this chunky fresh salmon scallion olive salad was born! […]

Mediterranean Slow Roasted Pot Roast

There’s just so much about this ‘pot roast’ that’s not a ‘pot roast’…what I mean by that is that while this is a cheap, relatively speaking, cut of meat~~I mean it is a lowly chuck roast~~the way it’s cooked, the herbs, the wine and the infusion of all the flavors […]

~grilled salmon & couscous~

grilled salmon & couscous

There’s nothing not to love about this dish!  It’s healthy. It’s easy. It’s eatable for a couple of days. It’s beautiful to look at.  It’s full of flavor. It’s easy~~did I already say that? Oh, heck, we all know the virtues of salmon, and couscous, well, those teeeennnnyyyy pearls of […]

Cajun Pork Chops with Brown Sugar Buttered Apple Grapes & Fresh Mint

Cajun Pork Chops with Brown Sugar Buttered Apple Grapes & Fresh Mint

Pork never tasted so good! Like a spectacular explosion of enchanting flavors~~spicy Cajun seasoning, sweet juice grapes, caramelized apple slices and hints of mint~~you’ll licking your chops with this dish! Pork, the other white meat, juicy tender and perfect for breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner~~truly, this plate will make you […]

Ras el Hanout Roasted Baby Gold Potatoes with Labneh Sauce

middle eastern roasted baby gold potatoes

Spices of the World Taste Middle Eastern flavors with these roasted baby gold potatoes. The ras el hanout spice mixture is alluring. Serve with labneh sauce for flair! Spices of the world add so much more interest and flavor to your traditional recipes. Simply swap out what you normally use […]

pulled pork green chile chili

pulled pork green chile chili

My foodie friend, Nancy, who’s host of Empower Radio’s ‘The Dish’ has a motto~~’cook once, eat twice’~~that’s how this recipe came about. I’d done a pork shoulder roast and had plenty of it to go from dinner to sandwiches and now to this chili. That’s the great thing about roasts~~buy one a good size then after you cook it, if it’s all not eaten then you have endless possibilities for other dishes~~yes, total reinvention. So just put the leftover roasted meat in freezer bags, label them, and then when you’re ready to re-invent, your meat awaits you!

~the louvre grilled cheese~

~the louvre grilled cheese~

There is simply nothing better than a grilled cheese sandwich. Now sometimes I like the straight forward old fashioned kind with simply cheese, and sometimes it’s got to be Velvetta or just American cheese slices. However, on occasion, my creative tendencies get the best of me, and I become the […]

south african salmon

south african spiced salmon eggs

Salmon South African spiced salmon and eggs are the weekend perfect breakfast or brunch. You’ll feel like you’re at a chic cafe eating something simply divine! Salmon and eggs are a fun way to create a gourmet breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner.  This south african spiced salmon has a slight […]

~sweet pepper ginger panko crusted chicken with greek tzatziki sauce~

sweet pepper ginger panko chicken

You’re gonna be so glad you gathered all these mouth-watering ingredients to marinade your chicken because, it’s worth all the effort! After the chicken breast filets float in this goodness, then it’s a simple matter of setting up your assembly line to dunk and dredge them in more tastiness. A […]

Chinese Five-Spice Cookies

~chinese five-spice cookies~

The mind is a beautiful thing.  And, the way a mind or brain works especially in creative adventures in the kitchen intrigues me, especially my mind.  So, I wake up and have a hankerin’ for oatmeal cookies, but not just a plain ol’ grandma oatmeal cookie, not that there’s anything […]

My new cookbook 'ally's kitchen~a passport for adventurous palates' debuts MAY 2015! It has an entire section dedicated to some of my most boholicious spice mixtures and sauces that I'll teach you to make. And, there's a huge difference between homemade and store bought! Take a peek here at the cookbook website~~just click~

spice mixtures~adventurous palates

My new cookbook ‘ally’s kitchen~a passport for adventurous palates’ debuts MAY 2015! It has an entire section dedicated to some of my most boholicious spice mixtures and sauces that I’ll teach you to make. And, there’s a huge difference between homemade and store bought! Take a peek here at the cookbook website~~just click~

Preserved Lemons with Fresh Mint & Lemon Thyme

preserved lemons fresh mint thyme

Rather than re-inventing the preserved lemon history wheel, I’m crediting Epicurious with this information that follows on the topic! I decided to create my own version of preserved lemons using the fresh mint and lemon thyme~~only a month or so, and I’ll find out how they taste!

Editor’s note: The recipe and introductory text below are excerpted from Paula Wolfert’s book Couscous and Other Good Food From Morocco. Wolfert also shared some helpful cooking tips exclusively with Epicurious, which we’ve added at the bottom of the page.

Preserved lemons, sold loose in the souks, are one of the indispensable ingredients of Moroccan cooking, used in fragrant lamb and vegetable tagines, recipes for chicken with lemons and olives , and salads. Their unique pickled taste and special silken texture cannot be duplicated with fresh lemon or lime juice, despite what some food writers have said. In Morocco they are made with a mixture of fragrant-skinned doqq and tart boussera lemons, but I have had excellent luck with American lemons from Florida and California.

~emerald green dipping olive oil~

emerald green dipping olive oil

Things to Dip Bread In There’s nothing more glorious than a dipping olive oil! Take your warm crusty baguette or artisan bread slices and make a meal with dipping oil! Basil Oil Nothing goes better with olive oil than basil, fresh basil. I think I could just eat basil leaves […]

br’er rabbit burger

Contests are like hurricanes—with hurricanes, you can predict and prepare, but you don’t know until it strikes what really’s going to happen.  Contests take preparation galore, and you can predict what you ‘think’ your chances are, your food tasters can throw some light on what they think about what you’re […]

~new zealand chicken & roasted root vegetables~

new zealand chicken & roasted root vegetables

I’m convinced that food is the great connector in life. Seems that any place I go and it doesn’t matter what the occasion or reason, the topic of food comes up! For instance, hubby and I were riding the Harley on the remote back roads of Colorado. We stopped at […]

~blueberry & rhubarb compote & crumbles~

Blueberry Rhubarb Crumbles

Blueberry rhubarb crumbles is the kind of fancy dessert that seems like it take time to make and it’s really super simple! Serve warm! Blueberry Rhubarb Crumbles Sometimes you just must cross over to the ‘prissy’ side of serving your desserts after a fabulously boholicious meal. and, it doesn’t matter […]

~foodie mistress warm spiced skillet bread~

foodie mistress warm spiced skillet bread

I know it’s a strange name for this bread. But, there’s a story behind it. See I have these wonderful friends on Facebook who follow my cooking adventures—Bob and Laura—well, early on, Bob, who has a wicked sense of humor, deemed me his ‘foodie mistress’!  Now, Bob and Laura share […]

~tomato pesto spinach stuffed grilled chicken with chunky sauce & crumbled lemon herb feta~

tomato pesto spinach stuffed grilled chicken

Quick. Easy. Healthy. There’s always enough time to come home from work and prepare this boholiciously bohoriffic dish~~you’ve got layers of flavors with just a few products.  All you need to add is some pita or flat bread~~well, that’s what I’d serve with it!  Then for dessert try this~~  ~caramelized […]

New York Strip Hot Smoked Paprika Red Wine Stew

You know what happens when you go to Costco, you buy, and not just a little bit, a lot!  So, this is what happened with these New York strip steaks, I’d bought them, froze four of them, and several months later found them stuffed in the back of the freezer. […]

~jamaican jerk whole grilled chicken~

jamaican jerk whole grilled chicken

Yeah, this chicken might not be the purrrrdeeeest on the block~~kinda like ‘Ugly Betty’~~but, she sure is one of the tastiest!  What makes this bird rock is the charring, some blackening and crispiness of the skin~~yep, folks will be fighting over it!  And, another thing I like about it is, […]

cardamom & cloves grilled peaches~

cardamom & cloves grilled peaches

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to create an elegant dish…and, this is one of them!  These peaches from Dole are just perfect for grilling because they thaw nicely, don’t fall apart, and are perfectly shaped.  Plus, they taste so fresh you’ll think it’s summer all year long! Now use your […]

za'atar garbanzo beans & heirloom tomatoes

za’atar garbanzo beans & heirloom tomatoes

Sometimes I create things, and I just know they’re gonna taste good.  But, SOMETIMES I create things and don’t realize they’re gonna taste WICKED good!  That’s the case with this recipe, za’atar garbanzo beans & heirloom tomatoes~I think it’s the simple fresh ingredients and also the sauteing of the garbanzo […]

greek veal

greek veal kleftiko ‘stolen meat’

This Greek veal keftiko, an easy one skillet meal, will give you those extraordinary flavors that come from exquisite Mediterranean foods! Veal Recipes Sometimes folks shy away from veal recipes because they might think it’s a more complicated protein to prepare. But, veal, like lamb is rather simple and easy […]

~creole seasoned pan seared salmon~

~creole seasoned pan seared salmon~

This is one of those carving dishes that I just had to make for me~~I was home alone (well, I did have a ‘friend’ whose photo I also took) didn’t want to spend much time cooking, wanted to enjoy it during the twilight evening hours with a chilled glass of chardonnay on […]

~fresh herb arugula penne pasta & Parmesan~

fresh herb arugula penne pasta & parmesan

This is one of those easy quick recipes that you can serve for breakfast, lunch or dinner~~it can be a side or add the sunnyside up egg and you have an full meal. Grill a piece of chicken or salmon and it’s yet another meal. The pasta is laden with […]

dill pepper jelly sauce

dill pepper jelly sauce

Making your own sauces for dishes~~whether it’s means, veggies, salads, fruits or whatever~~is just so so easy!  By combining a few ingredients, yes, you must get creative and adventurous, the essence of Boho cooking, you oftentimes wind up with something amazing!  Such is the case with this ‘dill pepper jelly […]

Chana Masala Pork & Corn Confit with Pea Sp

Chana Masala Pork & Corn Medley with Pea Sprouts

My Boho nature invades all parts of my life, not just my food~~it’s in my thinking, my living and my cooking!  What exactly is a ‘boho’ nature…well, this is my take on it~~I love adventure.  I love changing things up.  I love trying new things.  I love putting together unlikely […]

Tangine of Fresh Vegetables

~tagine of fresh vegetables~

It’s no secret that I love Middle Eastern foods~~Moroccan, Algerian, Turkish and more~~the spices, cooking ideas and cooking techniques.   Soon I will have the fabulous opportunity to learn more about Israeli foods because I’ll be one of 7 international bloggers to travel to Israel as part of Taste of […]

~butter herb garlic grilled chicken~

butter herb garlic grilled chicken

This butter her garlic grilled chicken makes for a couple of fine meals~~remember, the carcass is full of nutrition once you’ve pretty much picked the bird clean, so simmer it a while in some water, onions, carrots, celery & spices, and you’ll have an outrageously delicious broth for soups and […]

turkey & zucchini burgers with green onion & cumin

turkey & zucchini burgers with green onion & cumin

I had no idea these ‘burgers’ would be better the next day and cold!  Yep, while they were boholicious right after cooking, hot and loads of flavors then bites dipped in the yogurt minty sauce, as day after finger eats, they were even better.  This recipe is not mine~~it comes […]

~spice nirvana~

~spice nirvana~

One of the best places for me to find great and inexpensive spice seeds is the Mexican section of a grocery store like a super WalMart!  I find them in bags, and they’re just so affordable and fresh!  When I open the bags, the aromas are intoxicating almost making me […]

~spiced walnut sandies~

~spiced walnut sandies~

My friends at Platter Talk served up some awesome looking pecan sandies on Facebook~~now as a teenager and in college, a pecan sandie was one of my most favorite cookies!  When I checked out the recipe on their blog, I learned that it was  adapted from the original recipe from Thomas […]

Cayenne Spiced Oatmeal Chocolate Cakies

Cayenne Spiced Oatmeal Chocolate Cakies

What happens when you fix a huge pot of oatmeal, everyone eats, and there’s still a bunch left over?  No way could I throw it out.  I thought about an oatmeal pudding~~but, that sounded kinda hokey to me, and I didn’t think it’s be appealing to teenagers.  Then I thought […]

~old bay tater skin crispies~

old bay tater skin crispies

So I was making twice baked potatoes for the family. I’d baked 8 very large Russet potatoes, scooped out the insides, did my thing with adding the other ingredients for re-filling into the skin shells.  For some reason I ended up with 4 half shells unfilled!  Go figure~~maybe I overstuffed […]

Chicken Italian Herb & Veggie Noodle Soup

~~egg noodle chicken soup~~

I like my soup chunky.  I like my soup fresh.  I like my soup creamy.  I like my soup with al dente veggies.  I love soup with chicken!  This soup is right up my alley (tsk tsk)! There’s something about adding the wine to the soup and infusing hints of […]

Jamaican Jerk Spiced Crispy Chicken

jamaican jerk spiced crispy chicken

How much work goes into trying to create a favorite ‘fast food’ brand dish?  Well, a lot, and I’m still working.  But, this chicken is worth of being it’s own brand~~nonetheless, I’m going to continue in my lab try to replicate…yes, read on~~ I love the fast food brand Chick […]

Sweet Pepper Relish BBQ Pork

sweet pepper relish bbq pork

If you follow me on my website, you know that I’m a Bohemian cook, and I love to explore new spices~~it lets me travel the world without even leaving my kitchen!  You can do it, too~~I’m telling you, it’s fun, and you realize that the world is connected by one […]

Moroccan Bison Ragu

~moroccan bison ragu~

In the 2013 World Food Championships, I made it to the Top 10 in my category, Recipes.  The ‘infused’ ingredient was bison because the National Bison Council was sponsoring this division of the competition.  So there was just the evening, actually, a few hours, to really think about what my […]

Bolognese with Ricciarelle Pasta

Bolognese with Ricciarelle Pasta

A variation of my other bolognese recipes that have won awards, I worked months on this recipe for the 2013 World Food Championships~~and, it was my first build called the ‘signature’ build of the competition in Las Vegas.  Because I had only about an hour and a half to make […]

Ras el Hanut Tomatoes & Red Onions

Ras el Hanut Tomatoes & Red Onions

When my girlfriend, Laura, who’s made several trips to Morocco, brought me some ‘Ras el hanut’ she’d picked up there on one of her trips, I was like giddy happy!!  I make my own ras el hanut, and, of course, you can buy it~~but there’s nothing better than having the […]

Chardonnay Raspberry Spicy BBQ

Chardonnay Raspberry Spicy BBQ

This recipe is brought to you by DOLE Packaged Foods, however, all of the recipe development and creative food artistry, including the photography, is solely the work of Ally in her Kitchen.  For more information CLICK~ So many of my recipe and ingredient creations come from a subconscious spinning of my […]

Shrimp Corn Dill Salad

Shrimp Corn Dill Salad

Dill is one of my favorite fresh herbs~~there are so many uses for it beyond pickles as in ‘dill’ pickles! I even use it to make things like seasoned butter.  It adds a nice twist to the shrimp salad~~a tad of tart and sharp that can be unexpected.   Another […]

Sweet & Smoky Hibachi Peach Pork BBQ

Sweet & Smoky Hibachi Peach Pork BBQ

Pork…Southern.  Peaches…Southern.  BBQ…Southern.  Sweet & Smoky Hibachi seasoning…welcome to being Southern!  Take a bone-in pork loin roast, let it just bathe in some really nice seasoning and juices in a low temperature oven for several hours, and what you have is the beginnings of a fabulous chopped pork BBQ! I […]

Buttermilk Crunchy Spicy Herb Chicken Breasts

buttermilk crunchy spicy herb chicken breasts

The technique for cooking this chicken and getting the crunch involves two steps~~first you have to flash fry for a few minutes to mold the outter crust, then you let the chicken slow cook in the oven to get the juicy tender inside completely done.  Another thing to consider when […]

Salmon Salad with Mint Pepper Jelly Peas

Salmon Salad with Mint Pepper Jelly Peas

Salmon Salad with Mint Pepper Jelly Peas recipe is refreshing, delicious and easy to make! Try it today! Salmon Salad with Mint Pepper Jelly Peas For busy families, cooking is all about having time, enough time, to prepare a great meal.  The key to making that easier is cooking more […]

Moroccan Grilled Chicken Breast

~moroccan grilled chicken breast~

The aromatics of the spices in this Moroccan Grilled Chicken are intoxicating!  I just love Harissa and Ras el Hanout~~and, if you follow my Bohemian Bold cooking, thinking and living, you know that the way I spice up food lets your palate travel the globe finding unique and titillating flavors […]

sweet ginger sockeye salmon

sweet ginger sockeye salmon

There’s just no way to say ‘there’s not time to cook healthy’ with this dish!  Most all types of seafood are really easy and quick and make delicious meals with little or no effort, especially when you’re pan searing.  This ‘Sweet Ginger Sockeye Salmon’ was served with ‘Mint Peas’ and […]

Vanilla Bean Sweet Butter

Vanilla Bean Sweet Butter

Confession Time~~I love butter!  As a kid, probably about the age of 3 or 4, I’d sneak into the kitchen, open the retro refrigerator, grab a stick of butter, peel back the paper and eat it like a push up!  Of course, I’d run into the back yard, find a […]

Spicy Fresh Herb Egg Pizza

Spicy Fresh Herb Egg Pizza

Having company for breakfast just makes my heart sing!  Since I’m full of vim, vigor and energy first thing in the morning, my kitchen usually rocks.  And, having hungry food-seekers to chow down means that all this good stuff gets eaten!  This morning we had two couples, great friends, staying […]

Smoked Corn on the Cob with Herbs

~smoked corn on the cob with herbs~

Nothin’ better than fresh corn on the cob ~~ my two favorite types of corn are Silver Queen and Olathe Sweet ~~ so, when I’m in South Carolina I get my SQ fix, and vice versa when I’m in Colorado in the summer!  Both are exceptional, and one of the […]

Ginger Garlic Lemon Grilled Chicken

Ginger Garlic Lemon Grilled Chicken

By now many of you know that I love charring on my food…maybe it’s the crunch, maybe the burnt flavor (I like burnt potato chips, too!)…not sure, but even as a kid when I’d roast a marshmallow, and, yes, on a regular ol  stick, I’d char the outside of it, […]

Ginger Teriyaki Onion Medley

Ginger Teriyaki Onion Medley

Onions are a cool veggie!  And, I simply adore most all varieties of onions including wild ones like ‘ramps’~~growing up in West Virginia, we had ramps sprout in our yards during their short growing season, and we’d pull them, so Mom could cook with them.  Now, of course, ramps are […]

Cumin & Ancho Chili Oven Roasted Corn on the Cob

Cumin & Ancho Chili Oven Roasted Corn on the Cob

I once was in a corn-on-the-cob eating contest with Daddy Howard, my father-in-law~~we both chowed down~~he beat me.  I finished off 13 ears, as I best recall.  I think he did 14 or 15 ears!  What fun that was…our faces were full of kernels and corn milk, and we both […]

Roasted Creamy Spicy Root Soup

Roasted Creamy Spicy Root Soup

I’ve never really spent a lot of time cooking with parsnips~~it’s pretty cool that parsnips date back to the Roman times and that they were once used as a sweetner in Europe before cane sugar got there!  Parsnips are high in vitamins and potassium, and since I’ve been having some […]

Cumin-Infused Pan Seared Chicken with Fresh Tomatoes & Olives

cumin infused pan seared chicken

Cumin is one of my favorite spices~~it’s surprisingly a member of the parsley family!  Native from the eastern Mediterranean to India, this spice is used in many cuisines of different cultures.  It’s also found in many of my favorite spice blends like Ras el Hanut, and it’s one of the […]

Charred & Roasted Fresh Green Beans

Charred & Roasted Fresh Green Beans

For me food in its most natural state is like works of art~~I mean even the stems of the green beans, the small parts of the vines on which they grew, the ends of the green beans which are usually snapped off~~after they’ve been washed and cleaned, I just leave […]

Red Curry Cumin Peppers Vidalia Onions & Corn in Brown Butter

This makes a nice starter for any dinner~~a combination of sauteed veggies, interesting flavors with the red curry and cumin and sweet brown butter~~now, it’s mandatory that you add some hot crusty French (or Italian, or Greek, warm pita…whatever) with it…you might want to serve on the side some drizzling […]

Fried Green Tomato Southern Salsa

Unless you’re Southern, you may not realize what a fried green tomato is or why a fried green tomato is so revered.  First of all, it’s fried~~think crunch.  Second of all, it’s dipped in buttermilk~~think luscious tartness.  Third of all, it’s got an al detente-ness that lets you know it’s […]

Spicy Jalapeno Bacon Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are always a great snack or side dish for holiday meals.  Seems that’s the main time that I think of these petite treats, and they’re usually on my Easter dinner table~~the egg mood time!  While the standard recipes for deviled eggs works, finding ways to change them up, […]

Bohemian Lasagna with Veggies

According to the Urban Dictionary, someone who’s Bohemian is ‘somebody who leads an alternative lifestyle, they are not hippies because they can have an extremely wide range of different tastes in music, fashion, art, literature, etc.  They are usually very creative people.  They are above all optimists  even if they can […]

italian meatballs

mozzarella italian meatballs

These mozzarella italian meatballs get better and better on days 2 and 3. That is, IF there are any left to ‘age’ that long!  I usually make these meatballs when I’m making my ‘Bohemian Bolognese’, a ‘Signature Recipe’, because most all the stuff is there and ready to go. It’s […]

bacon crumbled catfish filets

This is a meal you can have ready literally in about 20 minutes!  It’s healthy and delicious, and you can serve with it your favorite salsa, fruit or topping.  Catfish is a ‘sturdy’ fish filet to fry in a skillet; it doesn’t shred apart like some white fish does.  Mild […]

Smoked Chipotle Red Wine Beef Short Ribs

When I find something really interesting on sale, as in marked down 50% or more, like these beef short ribs, I snatch ’em up…good thing there wasn’t anyone around eyeing them, too, because I might have gotten really snitty, horned in, and grabbed ’em!  There were just four, perfect for […]

skillet salmon with bleu cheese & dill

Honestly, almost a night doesn’t go by and I’m cooking, and I don’t pull out at least one cast iron skillet!  Cast iron skillets are more than just cooking utensils…they’re vessels of memories…I’ve even done a blog on cast iron skillets surveying folks on Facebook…if you’re interested in reading the […]