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chipotle chili beans

pepperoncini chipotle chili beans

Taste the pepproncini flavors in the chipotle chili beans! A slight vinegar tang, heat of the chipotle, the meatiness, and the beans! Yes! Chipotle Chili Recipes If you’ve never had a chipotle chili beans recipe using chipotle and pepperoncini, well, get ready for fabulous! Smokey chipotles are quite popular and […]

classic chicken noodle soup

classic chicken noodle soup

Everyone should have an easy and outrageously delicious chicken noodle soup recipe! Look no further because you just found THE BEST! Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup from Scratch Homemade chicken noodle soup from scratch isn’t complicated. Once you make it homemade, then you’ll toss out all the cans you might have […]

healthy soups

best healthy soup recipes

Best healthy soup recipes are award winning fall soup recipes, perfect for winter or anytime, including vegetarian, creamy, chicken and more! Festive Halloween Who says Halloween is just for kids! Wrong! We big kids in adult sized bodies absolutely LOVE Halloween. And, what better way to celebrate than to gather […]

red lentil soup

chorizo red lentil soup

A meal in a bowl! That’s what you have wil this chorizo red lentil soup! Healthy and nutritious, you’ll be serving in under an hour! Yummmy! Soups with Red Lentils There’s nothing more filling and healthy than soups with red lentils. Or any lentil for that matter.  Red Lentil Soup […]

pork red beans

pork taco red beans

These pork taco red beans can make several meals! From a bowl of the luscious beans to mounds of nachos, you want to make this EASY slow cooker recipe! Mexican Beans Talk about Mexican beans! While Mexican beans are usually considered refried beans, when you use any of these pork […]

chicken marsala soup

chicken marsala soup

One of my most favorite Italian dishes is chicken marsala~~I mean when I go to a really authentic Italian restaurant, that’s what I oftentimes order, and even when I go to a great chain like Carabbas, yep, it’s chicken marsala for me!

Since I’d seen a new Campbell’s product at the store, their packaged marsala sauce, I thought I’d give it a whirl in a new twist~~making a chicken marsala soup~~I mean I could put all the essential things in it and even add more mushrooms since the sauce had only a few, like I could count them on my one hand. Overall, this sauce has nice flavors and made the making of this soup pretty painless and easy~~sometimes life just calls for that, right? Here’s to ~peace and making life easier~ xoxo ally

cuban black beans with yogurt sauce

cuban style black beans with yogurt sauce

Cuban Culture Food Oh, these Cuban black beans with yogurt sauce will be perfect for any Latin meal! A hint of sweetness and then spicy kicks that will dazzle your palate! There’s nothing more delicious than Cuban culture food, and I love it! Cuban culture cuisine is a blend of […]

smoked anasazi beans fresh herbs

Anasazi Bean If you’ve never tried anasazi beans, then you’re in for some serious deliciousness and nutritiousness! Easy to source! Check Amazon or your local grocer! First cultivated thousands of years ago in New Mexico by the Indians in that area, anasazi beans are also known as adzuki and appaloosa […]

pinto beans

smokey ham hock pinto beans

Pinto Beans These smokey ham hock pinto beans are off the charts authetically delicious! They’re made with my WV roots and love. The ham hock seasoning is divine! Honestly, there’s not a more versatile food than pinto beans. I mean so many things can be done with pinto beans from […]

white bean chicken chili

white bean chicken chili stew

White bean chicken chili stew is one of my all-time absolute favvvvoooooorites! And, this recipe is exceptionally simple and easy. Yes, it takes a little time to cook the chicken, but not an exorbitant amount of time. I mean while this chicken is stewing and cooling for deboning, you can […]

chicken chili

rosemary white chicken chili

Looking for the easiest quickest most deeeelish white chicken chili recipe? Well, here you go. Stop your Google searching right now! If you want to expedite this recipe, then skip the dried beans and go for the canned beans. Saves a bunch of time. But, I must warn you, you’ll […]

asian noodle soup

asian chicken noodle soup

This Asian chicken noodle soup is the easiest in the world to make! You’ll feel like you’ve taken a trip to Asia and found a street vendor! Noodle Soups Nothing better than noodle soups. Noodle soups in lots of rich healthy broth. And, noodles that you can slurp, then tip […]

coconut cumin shrimp soup

Soups and stews are fabulous one-pot meals that you simple can’t mess up on. Unlike baking, soups and stews usually don’t require the precision of measurement and exactness. I like that because I’m kinda like a gunslinger in the kitchen and am usually tweaking and changing things as I go […]

no bean chili

easy no bean chili

Easy Chili Recipe If you’re looking for the most versatile amazingly delicious no bean chili that’s so good for just about every and anything, then this recipe’s for you! An easy chili recipe is worth its weight in gold. And, you’re going to love the carne asada seasoning mixture. A […]

healing chicken soup

easy quick healing chicken soup

Ben and I were in China for almost a month in 2017, and one of the take aways from that trip was how focused the Chinese are on using foods and other ingredients, herbs, spices and more, as healing sources. Also impacting me was that the fact that the medicinal […]

lentil soup

spiced lentil sausage soup

Lentils Lentils are amazingly delicious and healthy! Some think they’re complicated, but I assure you that this lentil soup recipe will make you a rock star! No denying it, lentils are the healthiest.  The colors of lentils can be hues of green, brown, black, gold, reddish, orange and even coral. […]

immune boosting chicken soup

mama ally’s immune boosting chicken soup

Really? Is chicken soup immune boosting? Does it have these properties? Read on and I’ll give you some reasons is is or you can Google that question, and, you’re gonna get information overload! Why Chicken Soup is Immune Boosting? According to, “It’s not just an old wives’ tale. Research […]

soto ayam

soto ayam with sambal sauce

Unique Chicken Soup Recipes If you’re in the mood for something that’s about as snuggly as a brown speckled puppy, then you want to make this best soto ayam with sambal sauce! This is the most unique chicken soup recipe I’ve ever eaten. It’s absolutely divine. And, I’ve learned to […]

kidney beans

kung pao kidney beans

When I want to go semi vegetarian, then my go to meal is usually beans and greens. Of course, beans have lots of nutrition and offer protein. So, they’re a good substitute for meat. Now, I love my meat and seafood, but sometimes, I just want beans and greens. Or […]

italian sausage lentil chili

italian sausage lentil chili

Hey, don’t think that this Italian Sausage Lentil Chili is just for chilly night like in Fall and Winter. No, this is a chili that you can eat year round! It’s not only full of flavor and interesting textures, but it’s using the beautiful French lentil that cooks so much […]

bbq pork and beans

old fashioned stove top bbq pork and beans

BBQ pork and beans like you’ve not tasted before! Slow cooked on the stove the old fashined way! Makes for a creamy thick gravy! Pork with Beans Slow cooking pork with beans the old fashioned way. I used to spend a lot of time in my grandma and mama’s kitchens […]

lamb chili

slow cooker lamb chili stew

Slow Cooker Lamb Chili You’re gonna not believe that this slow cooker lamb chili stew has an ingredient in it that you’d probably never thinking of adding! But, what this one little ingredient does is round out the entire flavor profile of this chili! Now, this lamb chili stew is […]

black eyed peas

french onion black eyed peas

Black eyed peas. Oh, boy, there’s some history and symbolism behind these healthy little critters! Their claim to fame is usually around New Years. Cooking up a big pot of black eyed peas (and collards), especially if you’re Southern, is just what you do on New Years Day. These little […]

short ribs stew

short ribs vegetable stew

Short Ribs Stew Melt in your mouth short ribs vegetable stew is hearty, belly-filling and sure to please your family! Of course, you can use a slow cooker or multi-cooker! For this short ribs stew recipe, I knew I wanted a really rich deep beef flavor, so I’m using boneless […]

chicken soup

Asian Inspired Soulful Chicken Soup

If you’re looking for THE best and THE easiest asian chicken soup that will knock your socks off, then head over to Ally’s Kitchen! Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup Chicken noodle soups are probably one of the most traditional and loved comfort foods. When you have the sniffles or a cold, […]

navy bean soup

tikka masala navy bean soup

There is nothing more tasty, filling and inexpensive than navy bean soup. And, this tikka masala navy bean soup has an international flair that will take your dried navy beans to the next culinary level! What is Tikka Masala Good Question! What is tikka masala? Well, it comes from the […]

jeffersonian inspired chunky vegetable beef stew

jeffersonian inspired chunky vegetable beef stew

I’ve always been intrigued by history. In fact, reading historical biographies, watching documentaries on television, and exploring the Internet reading about history is one of my favorite pasttime activities. Well, that is when I have time to have a ‘pasttime’. I think this love affair for history started my second […]

indian inspired biryani vegetable soup

indian inspired biryani vegetable soup

Oh, the inspiration for this ‘indian inspired biryani vegetable soup’ comes from something that Ben and I are doing in a couple of weeks! We’re attending a fund raiser. It’s the annual Vail Valley Foundation ‘Black Diamond Ball’ and the theme this year is ‘Bollywood’! So, I’ve been searching the […]

creamy chicken herb oven soup

creamy chicken herb oven soup

See that teeny hint of ‘pinkish’ tinge in the soup? Well, that’s because this creamy chicken herb oven soup was garnished with delicious and healthy beet stems. And, the heat of the soup resulted in the stems bleeding out some of their hue. Now, this is a nutritious hue that’s […]

game of thrones potato soup

Seems with Netflix and HBO shows, I’m always several years behind getting into some of the hit series. Take ‘Game of Thrones’, HBO’s biggest hit ever series, for example. Yes, when it was in Season 5, Ben and I started watching it, and, as you can imagine, we binged catching […]

slow cooker caribbean jerk pork and red lentils

slow cooker caribbean jerk pork and red lentils

This slow cooker caribbean jerk pork and red lentils is one thick rich unbelievably deeelish soup! And, it’s the kind of recipe that you can adjust the liquid and make it into a really thick stew that you could eat with a fork. And, that’s what I did! Using the […]

hearty white bean soup

hearty white bean soup

If you put the word ‘beans’ in my search box, you’ll find some great recipes. Go ahead, try it! Once you see some of my bean recipes, you’ll know why I’m an addicted bean lover! Ya know, growing up in Southern West Virginia, coal-mining country, beans were a staple on […]

chicken fajita white bean slow cooker soup

slow cooker chicken fajita soup

Chicken Tortilla Crockpot Soup Slow cooker chicken fajita soup tastes like your dining at your favorite Mexican restaurant! But, wait, no tip required. And, leftovers are even better! We all love to pull out our crockpots, slow cookers or multi-cookers, throw in the ingredients then go about what we need […]

chicken piccata soup

homemade chicken piccata soup

Chicken Noodle Soups Who doesn’t want a big hot bowl of noodles with chicken! My chicken piccata soup has all the things you love about Italian chicken piccata! How to Make Chicken Soup If you’re looking for a recipe that shows you how to make chicken soup the simple way, […]

red beans and shredded lamb steak

red beans and shredded lamb steak

Healthy Meats Red beans and shredded lamb steak is a meal in a bowl! And, wait until you see what we boost nutrition with in this recipe! Wowzee! Lamb is one of those healthy meats. If you’re looking for a flavorful alternative to other red meats, then try pasture-raised lamb. […]

artisan beef kale bean stew

artisan beef kale bean stew

Nothing more healthy than kale bean stew. Rustic and earthy the artisan kale, Tuscan beans and chunks of tender beef mean pure comfort food! Tuscan Bean Stew We’ve spent a lot of time in Italy. Specifically the Tuscany area. Oftentimes, we’ll rent a home for three to four weeks and […]

healthy soups

hot italian sausage kale bean paesan soup

Sometimes, out of the blue with no expectations at all, you hit a homerun with a recipe creation. And, that’s what this hot italian sausage kale bean paesan soup is. A home run! And, I had no idea when I started fashioning this soup. This assessment is not just from […]

beef chorizo potato soup

beef chorizo potato soup

There is nothing more comforting on a chilly Fall or Winter day than soup. And, this beef chorizo potato soup fills that bill gloriously! What makes this potato soup different, even the slight reddish pink hue, is the addition of beef chorizo. It’s an amazing flavor booster, plus it adds […]

coconut curry orange blossom chicken soup

coconut curry orange blossom chicken soup

Seems there’s a ‘season’ for everything! Wedding season. Holiday season. Tis the season to be jolly! Football season. Basketball season. And, yes, there’s in my world, and probably many others’, ‘soup season’! Soup season usually kicks off when the days start getting shorter and the temperatures start cooling. Soups are […]

cabbage roll soup

cabbage roll soup

Aromas, scents and food are the most provocative memory stimulators for me. When I go out very early in the morning on a warm summer day, the scent of dew, grass, leaves, and nature immediately evoke memories of being at camp as a kid. In the Fall, when I smell […]

bone stock chicken soup

bone stock chicken soup

If you’ve ever made your own chicken stock with bone in chicken pieces, then you know the difference from the homemade and what you can get in a can or box. I mean there’s just no comparison. The bone stock chicken soup ‘broth’ is so thick that it almost ‘gels’. […]

french country chicken stock noodle soup

french country chicken noodle soup

Everyone should have an easy and outrageously delicious chicken noodle soup recipe! Look no further because you just found THE BEST! Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup from Scratch Homemade chicken noodle soup from scratch isn’t complicated. Once you make it homemade, then you’ll toss out all the cans you might have […]

fall harvest butternut squash & collards soup

fall harvest butternut squash & collards soup

This butternut squash and collards soup combines two of my favorite fall vegetables. Sweet squash and super tender collards! Autumn Squash Soup Autumn means comfort foods. And, what’s more comforting than soups and stews! This Autumn squash soup is sure to please.  Soup with Butternut Squash Chunks Sometimes butternut squash […]

buttery lima beans & spinach

buttery lima beans & spinach

Butter Beans Buttery lima beans with spinach and seasoned with ham, yes, you’ve died and gone to bean heaven! Eat ’em with a big spoon to get the creamy sauce! Are butter beans and lima beans different? Not really lima beans are precisely the same thing. Southerners use the term […]

thick red lentil soup & red peppers

thick red lentils & red peppers

I have no idea why I don’t cook lentils more often. I mean I love legumes. And, lentils have all the other wonderful attributes of their bean and pea cousins. Low in fat, no cholesterol, high in folate, potassium, iron and magnesium. They also have the good fats and what […]

farmers market chicken soup

Hearty and robust, this farmers market chicken soup can be made year round. In the summer when you have access to all the fresh vegetables, you can load it up with whatever you like, if you like. For me, I love the combination of the lima beans, potatoes, chicken and […]

coconut ginger broccoli carrot soup

Coconut Ginger Broccoli Carrot Soup

Your fresh carrots never tasted better than they will in this vegan soup, lightly and warmly spiced with ginger, and simmered in creamy coconut milk. Soup with Broccoli On gloomy spring days, when we do not have enough fresh greens and vitamins, it is vitally important to have such a […]

taco veggie soup

taco veggie soup

A good rich soup is a meal for us. Making soups with depths of flavor in a short amount of time can be challenging. But, this taco veggie soup defies all odds, and in no time at all you have a fabulous soup that, yes, gets better and better on […]

creamy parmesan pea soup

parmesan pea soup

Peas are a fabulous vegetable. Not only are they healthy, but they’re super versatile for using in recipes like this parmesan pea soup. Served hot, warm, room temperature or cold, I’m really a pea lover! Now when I cook peas, I like to use the petite size rather than the […]

chicken doodle soup

chicken doodle soup

Chicken noodle soup becomes chicken doodle soup! Yes, the healthy red broth, not usually seen in chicken soup, will make you cocaka doodle! Noodles Soup Chicken doodle soup. Yes, it’s my whimsical version of noodles soup but with a bohemian flair! I love the rich tomatoeee broth that comes with […]

~tomato garlic basil beef stew~

tomato garlic basil bone marrow beef stew

Bone marrow beef stew not only melts in your mouth, but it’s packed with nutrition. This bone marrow beef stew will be your one and only beef stew recipe! Best Ever Slow Cooker Beef Stew If you’re looking for the best ever slow cooker beef stew, well, you’ve found it! […]

beef chunk chili

beef chunk chili

Chili Recipes Wait til you taste this beef chili! Lots of rich thick gravy, tender beef chunks, beans and spices that make this THE BEST beef chunk chili ever! Fall and Winter are just made for pulling out your chili reipes. Now, there are hundreds of kinds of chilis. I […]

chicken cacciatore soup

chicken cacciatore soup

Who says you can’t turn your favorite Italian dishes into soups. Well, in 2015 my ‘chicken marsala soup’ was my #1 searched recipe! Yes, it’s that good. Then I did a ‘chicken piccata soup’ and it rocked my charts. So what soup is debuting now? Chicken cacciatore soup! In Italian […]

vietnamese bokchoy shrimp soup

vietnamese bokchoy shrimp soup

This vietnamese bokchoy shrimp soup just makes you feel healthy. I mean take a gander at the ingredients. Nothing in there that’s not good for your digestive system! Now it’s not a big deal to make it. I’ve been adventuring into more Asian foods in the past 18+ months. Trust […]

grilled hamburger sriracha soup

grilled hamburger sriracha soup

Hamburgers. Love them. Love them when they’re cooked on an outdoor grill then put on a soft tender bun and topped with good ol’ classic yellow mustard, pickles, lettuce and onions. Nothing fancy for me. Not even cheese. I don’t know about you, but sometimes we have burgers leftover. So […]

coconut curry leek corn chowder

I went to the grocery store for whipped cream cheese. That was the onnnnleeee thing I needed. I intentionally didn’t get a cart, not even one of the tiny ones. By the time I reached checkout, and the only reason I did go to the checkout, was because my arms […]

beef stew

rustic family beef stew

When I think of ‘comfort food’ what comes to mind are images of earthy food. Food that’s still recognizable in its real form. Processed food just doesn’t make the cut for me. I also have subtle, yet noticeable, scents and aromas that I can really conjure up in my mind, […]

beef barley mushroom soup

Some words simply sound healthy. It’s the way the word rolls off the tip of your tongue…barrrrrleee. Now think of the word ‘candy’…does that sound healthy? (OK, smile & play along with me!). Believe me, you’ll be refilling your bowl with this beef barley mushroom soup, which doesn’t take long […]

smoky clam chowder

smoky clam chowder

Lawsy, I could eat my weight in this smoky clam chowder. First of all, I LOVE corn. Once I had a corn on the cob eating contest with my father-in-law~yes, in the summer and fresh steam silver queen corn was plentiful~and, I ate 11 ears! He won~I think he ate […]

fresh herb cannellini beans

fresh herb cannellini beans

Cannellini beans~an Italian white kidney bean. So creamy and tasty. I love them best when I cook from scratch. Oh, yes, you can buy them canned, but they’re scrumptuously easy to prepare and just perfect as a side or as the main dish. With the fresh herbs, the flavors just […]

eastern european chicken cabbage soup

eastern european chicken cabbage soup

Cabbage Soup Every spoonful of this Eastern European chicken cabbage soup gives you a taste of my heritage! The colors, flavors, textures and aromas sing about Croatia! Eastern European countries are ones like Poland, Russia, Hungary, Slovak, Croatia, Romania and more. I’m happy to say that I’ve traveled to many […]

©alice d’antoni phillips

seasoning super stars

Yes, fat’s gotten a bad wrap over the years. My thinking is that in moderation (and healthy lifestyle habits like regular exercising and getting that heart rate pumping) there’s nothing wrong with fat and using it as a fabulous seasoning ingredient is a way to elevate your foods to another level […]

coal miner's pinto & navy beans

coal miner pinto navy beans

Pinto Beans Growing up in Southern West Virginia where coal was king back in the day, pinto beans and cornbread could be found on most family tables at least weekly if not more times. Beans are healthy and nutritious (am I repeating myself?). They’re super affordable and versatile. For me, […]

sour cream mashed potato soup

sour cream mashed potato soup

This sour cream mashed potato soup is one of my many cook once, eat twice recipes. Now I love mashed potatoes. I mean real mashed potatoes~~the kind you peel, stew, then season and ‘smash’, yes, leaving lumps, love my lumps, and serve with your dinner. So, when I’m peeling those […]

greek vegetable soup

farm table greek vegetable soup

Farm-to-Table Chunks of fresh vegetables in a rich sauce make this greek vegetable soup a full meal in a bowl. Imagine you’re with me at a Greek cafe on the Adriatic! You’ve, no doubt, heard of the farm-to-table idea’. It’s nothing new to me. I grew up on this way […]

mexican chorizo chili

mexican chorizo chili

Mexican Foods Mexican chorizo chili has all the components needed to be in the BEST chili Hall of Fame! There’s one secret ingredient that makes it pop! If there’s one cuisine that I absolutely love and could eat daily, that would be Mexican food or basically Latin-inspired food, Cuban, South […]

spicy coconut shrimp soup

spicy coconut shrimp soup

Inspiration for new recipes~~where does it come from? For me, it’s various venues~~but, first and foremost, I’m thinking healthy. Putting ‘junk’~things like empty calories, highly processed ingredients~into my body or that of anyone who pulls up a seat in my kitchen or at my table, isn’t my idea of love. […]

creamy spicy cauliflower soup

creamy spicy cauliflower soup

Oh, if you love cauliflower, you’ll adore this soup. And, if you don’t like cauliflower, watch out, you may not even know that’s what’s in this soup–yes, it’s that good! And, that’s exactly what happened when I served it to my main squeeze, my big cheese taste tester, my #1 […]

chicken soup

red curry & cumin chicken soup

When I haven’t seen good friends for a while, and we make special plans to meet for lunch, I like to make them a basket of love goodies from my kitchen.  So, I’m meeting Brent and Barbara for lunch at The Bookworm~~they’re such great people, devoted  yogis, and we’ve done […]

olive oil cilantro croutons

olive oil cilantro croutons

It’s simple little things that are EZ and basic that can take your dishes to the next level. There’s just no need to buy croutons~~I mean how many times have you had stale bread~~and, why wait until the holidays to use it for dressing! These olive oil cilantro croutons are […]

pulled pork green chile chili

pulled pork green chile chili

My foodie friend, Nancy, who’s host of Empower Radio’s ‘The Dish’ has a motto~~’cook once, eat twice’~~that’s how this recipe came about. I’d done a pork shoulder roast and had plenty of it to go from dinner to sandwiches and now to this chili. That’s the great thing about roasts~~buy one a good size then after you cook it, if it’s all not eaten then you have endless possibilities for other dishes~~yes, total reinvention. So just put the leftover roasted meat in freezer bags, label them, and then when you’re ready to re-invent, your meat awaits you!

~chunky red potato, green chili and white cheddar soup~

chunky red potato, green chile and white cheddar soup

Soups~~the quintessential comfort food~~what you kind of gravitate to when you’re in the mood to warm your tummy with not only good eats but memories.  Soups in my world are complete meals~~all I need to do is add a salad, and that salad can be anything from chopped tomatoes with […]

~beef potatoes & tomatoes~

beef potatoes & tomatoes

Whether you cook this on the stovetop, in a slow cooker/crockpot or in the oven~~you’re in for a comfort food experience that will make you want to curl up in your snuggle jammies on the sofa, turn on your fave TV show or movie, pour a glass of wine or […]

tomato soup

roasted poblano tomato basil soup

Making your own tomato soup is simple, plus if you make a lot of it, and freeze, then you have a great base for so many other dishes. From pastas to soups to stews, the possibilities are endless! If you’ve never ‘roasted’ peppers, either on an open gas stove blaze, […]

adzuki beans

spiced seasoned adzuki beans

Adzuki Beans Spiced and seasoned adzuki beans will become a go to recipe for picnics, BBQs, family gatherings and more! Simple, creamy, delicious and packed with flavor! What are Adzuki Beans Most all other beans just make my heart sing. Now this one, the adzuki bean, has an earthy, nutty […]

New York Strip Hot Smoked Paprika Red Wine Stew

You know what happens when you go to Costco, you buy, and not just a little bit, a lot!  So, this is what happened with these New York strip steaks, I’d bought them, froze four of them, and several months later found them stuffed in the back of the freezer. […]

~smoked ale campfire beef stew~

Smoked Ale Campfire Beef Stew

Campfire beef stew is the belly-filling meal when you’re camping or if you’re at home! Full of rustic flavors, it’s sure to bring smiles! Winter Dinner Ideas The weather these days has ranged from freezing temperatures to border spring highs! However, having good comfort food has been a bonus. And, […]

~bourbon ham shank cranberry beans~

bourbon ham shank cranberry beans

Soup Beans I haven’t met a bean I don’t love! These cranberry beans exceptionally fabulous! Thick and creamy, the ham shank packs powerful flavoring and nutrients. But, there are some soup beans that I like, no love, more than others, and one happens to be this cranberry bean, which in […]

leek & red onion soup with melted cheese

The power of seeing something enticing and delicious.  Such is the case with creating this recipe, which is super easy.  My girlfriend, Helena, whose website is Saucy Girls Kitchen shared her caramelized onions~~well, my mouth started watering! I mean I love onions and looking at those tender strands a light mahogany […]

whiskey smoked cowboy chili

When we’re  in Colorado in the winter, there’s nothing better than chili!  The grandkids come off the slopes after a big day of skiing and snowboarding and are ravenously hungry. It’s always good to have something hot on the stove and sweets and fruit on the kitchen counter. I love […]

Chicken Italian Herb & Veggie Noodle Soup

~~egg noodle chicken soup~~

I like my soup chunky.  I like my soup fresh.  I like my soup creamy.  I like my soup with al dente veggies.  I love soup with chicken!  This soup is right up my alley (tsk tsk)! There’s something about adding the wine to the soup and infusing hints of […]

Leek Potato & Roasted Pepper Soup

leek potato roasted pepper potato soup

Healthy Comfort Food A hearty bowl of leek potato roasted potato soup can sure qualify as comfort food! Easy to prepare, it’s perfect for weeknights. Your family will devour! We all know what comfort food is. It’s basically food that gives us that snuggly feeling of well-being. Comfort food lets […]

Ras el Hanut Tomatoes & Red Onions

Ras el Hanut Tomatoes & Red Onions

When my girlfriend, Laura, who’s made several trips to Morocco, brought me some ‘Ras el hanut’ she’d picked up there on one of her trips, I was like giddy happy!!  I make my own ras el hanut, and, of course, you can buy it~~but there’s nothing better than having the […]

Caprese Soup

Caprese Soup

This Caprese Soup is so stinkin’ good!  Thick, rich, creamy and fresh~~yes, fresh heirloom tomatoes, and if you can’t find them, or if they’re way to pricey, then substitute Roma tomatoes.  Now my heirlooms were left over from the World Food Championships~~I used them in my third round of competition […]

Roasted Creamy Spicy Root Soup

Roasted Creamy Spicy Root Soup

I’ve never really spent a lot of time cooking with parsnips~~it’s pretty cool that parsnips date back to the Roman times and that they were once used as a sweetner in Europe before cane sugar got there!  Parsnips are high in vitamins and potassium, and since I’ve been having some […]

Smokey Pablano Cannellini Beans & Chicken

Smokey Pablano Cannellini Beans & Chicken

Some dishes don’t need much explanation!  This is one of those recipes~~with some leftover grilled chicken breasts, I decided to cut them into chunks, open a few cans of cannellini beans, then start tossing in good fresh tomatoes, diced poblanos and lotsa smoked paprika~~what I got was a deliciously rich […]

Fresh Crab & Campari Tomatoes

Fresh Crab & Campari Tomatoes

We have more crabs than Carter’s got pills in our inlet!  Ben will just bait the crab traps, toss ’em out from the floating dock, leave them for about 48 hours or more, and when we pull them in, they’re usually loaded with big fat crabs!  Throw ’em in a […]

corn chowder

pennsylvania dutch corn chowder

Chowders Warm your tummy with this Pennsylvania Dutch corn chowder and you’ll snuggle in for the evening! Simply perfect for lunch or dinner! Chowders are soups with cream or milk. And, this creaminess that makes them superbly delicious. They’re usually other ingredients, too, like potatoes, corn, maybe seafood, onions, celery. […]

Spicy Chunky Anasazi Bean Chili

Spicy Chunky Anasazi Chili Beans

I made some really wickedly good Anasazi beans, and had about 4 cups left over. This became the reason for this chili!   There was the ham hock, too, that the beans had been cooked in, so I shredded the meat off the bone and threw it in this chili. […]