memorable dinner dishes

ny strip steak

aussie NY strip steak girls’ glitz party

I’m making it super easy to throw an amazing ‘Girls’ Glitz Party’! All you need to make your peeps swoon is Aussie Grassfed NY strip steak! #partner New York Strip Steak Recipe Grill This post is a paid partnership with True Aussie Beef & Lamb. Believe me, I don’t partner with […]

grits andouille sausage shrimp

southern grits andouille sausage and shrimp

You’re officially a Southerner when you make this soulfood! Southern grits andouille sausage and shrimp! It’s a meal in a bowl! So EZ! Traditional Shrimp and Grits Recipe I’m not quite sure there’s one absolute ‘traditional’ shrimp and grits recipe! Like so many food things indigenous to an area, there’re […]

creole shredded pork

dill pickle creole shredded pork

Ready to taste nirvana in this dill pickle creole shredded pork> You’ll be amazed at what the dill pickle juice does for flavor! Nachos, yes! Pickle Juice is Good for You It’s a fact. Pickle juice is good for you! It helps with muscle cramps. Studies show that pickle juice […]

hard cider beef stew

hard cider apple brew beef stew

Hard cider apple brew beef stew is elevated traditional beef stew! Taste the subtle nutty earthy flavor of apple brew. Guaranteed a HIT! Apple Beers Why cook with beer much less apple beer? Well, in general, beer adds some earthy flavors to stew that simmers for a while. And, that […]

honey jalapeno baked chicken

OK, when you see how EZ this honey jalapeno baked chicken is to make, you’ll be serving it weekly for dinner! Perfect for company, too! Honey Jalapeno Baked Chicken This honey jalapeno baked chicken was created on the fly. Yes, we eat a lot of chicken, and I wanted to […]

one skillet basil pesto pasta

One skillet. 30 minutes. So simple and easy! Bingo, you have delicious basil pesto pasta! Will be a dinner table hit! Definitely a winner! Skillet Cooking Maybe I’m old school, but skillet cooking is a big part of what I grew up with! We didn’t have many gadgets or fancy […]

chicken meatballs

skinny girl chicken meatballs

One bowl. One skillet. And, these skinny girl chicken meatballs are being served up in no time at all! Full of nutrition & flavor! Super EZ! How to Make Meatballs No need for a lesson in how to make meatballs because you know that you’re going to be rolling meatballs […]

fried fish

crispy pan fried fish

Get ready for THE BEST fried fish you’ve ever tasted! Crispy. Crunchy. Salty. And, perfect with your chips, dill pickles and malt vinegar! Recipe for Fish Fry There is nothing tastier than a simple recipe for a fish fry! Living on the Hammock Coast, it’s pretty common to see charitable […]

southern jumbalaya

Taste the South with this low country southern jumbalaya! It’s a dish full of flavor and history. And, talk about the yummy leftovers! Yes! Jumbalaya Recipe Oh, if you’ve never had jumbalaya, then you’re in for a treat! This jumbalaya recipe can be made as is or you can take […]

blackened fish

blackened fresh fish

Cooking fresh fish is EZ PZ! And, this blackened fish fresh from the waters is perfect for a gourmet meal right at home! Super simple recipe! Baking Whole Fish in Oven Baking whole fish in the oven doesn’t get any easier than this blackened fresh fish recipe.  Baked Whole Fish […]

almond parmesan bolognese

almond parmesan bolognese sauce

This delicious rich almond parmesan bolognese sauce in about an hour. No way! Yes, come see how simple it is to make & even better to eat! Bolognese Sauce Others will think that you’ve been in the kitchen all day making this easy lamb bolognese. Thick, rich, meaty and full […]

lowcountry boil

authentic low country boil

Looking for something iconic and fun to do with a lot of friends and family! Well, then this lowcountry boil is your ticket! Guaranteed fab! What is Low Country Boil If someone asks you ‘what is a low country boil’? All you need to say is that it’s one of […]

pork chop stew

pork chop stew

Grill extra pork chops, just to have leftovers for this pork chop stew! Super tender and tasty! Always better second time around! Food Leftovers Food leftovers can be better than the original food. And, that’s the case with these grilled pork chops.  Leftover grilled meat has lots of possibilities. Get […]

italian pizza

holiday italian pizza

Italian Holiday Grab your glass of vino! You’ll feel like you’re in Italy as you eat this holiday Italian pizza! Bites of fresh Italian love! Prosciutto ham, basil & more! Ben and I’ve traveled the world, and, gosh we miss not jumping on a flight, schlepping through airports, checking into […]

lamb chops

aussie open fire lamb chops

Lamb Chops If you want to attract friends galore, then do this, create a contained open fire grill, and grill long bone lamb chops! You’ll be a hero with this recipe! Disclosure: I am a brand ambassador for True Aussie Beef & Lamb. (Yes, I’m very lucky to be working […]

three layer meaty lasagna

three layer meaty lasagna

Lasagna Three layer meaty lasagna is like tasting Tuscany in every bite! Each layer gives your palate Italian flavors that sparkle and delight!  As a consummate entertainer, I love any reason to celebrate and invite friends over for dinner. So, what better than election returns! This recipe regardless of your […]

french onion lamb meatballs

french onion lamb meatballs

French onion lamb meatballs made with your favorite French onion dip and other spices! Yes, these lamb meatballs will become your go to meatball recipe! These are crazy good spice lamb meatballs! Spiced Lamb Meatballs Spiced lamb meatballs are more than just rolling seasoned ground meat into balls and cooking. […]

lamb meatballs

turkish lamb asiago meatballs

Asiago lamb meatballs will be perfect as an appetizer or for dinner! So simple to make, you’ll bite into glorious global flavors and creamy asiago cheese! Greek Meatballs Lamb meatballs or Greek meatballs are a welcome variation of the traditional Italian meatball. Spiced lamb meatballs that will give you options […]

~dutch oven garlic chicken jasmine rice & peas~

camping dutch oven garlic chicken

Dutch Oven Camping Camping only gets gourmet with this Dutch oven garlic chicken. The meat falls off the bone and the veggies, rice, and broth is divine! Chic camping supreme! We’d never go camping without our trusty Dutch oven.  We take our Dutch oven camping with us for a few […]

french onion beef stew

french onion beef stew

French Onion Soup Recipe If you like beef stew and French onion soup, then you’re gonna LOVE this french onion beef stew! It’s a match made in culinary heaven. Perfect EZ gourmet! French onion soup is a classic dish. And, do you know that it has a curious history. That’s […]

curried chicken & dumpling casserole

curried chicken dumplings casserole

Chicken and Dumplings Easy Curried chicken dumplings casserole is probably going to be the BEST chicken dumplings you’ve ever tasted. Spiced with curry powder, it’s adventure eating! Yes, we all love to find delicious easy recipes. And, having a chicken and dumplings easy recipe is tops on my list. That’s […]

tagine of pork and greens

Tagines This tagine of pork and greens lets you escape to Morocco with every bite! Cooked in the biblical slow cooker, you’ll devour the flavors and aromas! When you hear the word tagines, you might think of MOroccan cuisine, and you’d be right. Tagine is the name for a ‘Maghrebi’ […]

elk meatloaf

elk meatloaf green chiles

Dinner Ideas Elk meat is perfect for elk meatloaf recipes. This super healthy tasty elk meatloaf recipe is a favorite dinner idea. Venison meat is powerfully healthy! Sometimes we just get stale when thinking of dinner ideas. Especially if you’re cooking more in your kitchen during this pandemic of Covid […]

smoked paprika salmon chunks

smoked paprika salmon chunks

Salmon Smoked paprika salmon chunks are a fun way to create an appeatizer or meal with healthy salmon! These smoked salmon chunks are keto friendly and nutritious! Salmon is one of those really healthy foods that we all should be eating at least weekly. Just in case you don’t know […]

pot roast lasagna

pot roast lasagna

Lasagna Leftover pot roast is transformed into THE BEST lasagna that you’ve ever tasted! Thick rich and meaty, pot roast lasagna is sure to be a dinner hit! Lasagna styles. So many options. How many layers. What to put between the layers. Should I use ricotta cheese or cottage cheese. […]

pork bbq

apricot mustard pork bbq

Easy Pork BBQ Recipe Apricot mustard pork BBQ have flavors that simply aren’t usually in BBQ recipes! The sweetness of apricots and the spicy of heat come together like magic! OK, I’ve been to a lot of BBQ competitions. I know that die hard BBQ gurus are dedicated to their […]

creamy garlic shells

italian chicken creamy garlic shells pasta

Family Friendly Dinner Who doesn’t want a family friendly dinner. And, I’m talking about a dinner that a 3 or 5 year old would like! Well, this Italian chicken creamy garlic shells pasta is your family friendly dinner that’s going to please all! It’s kind of like a mac and […]

berbere spiced ribs

berbere spiced ribs

Ribs Cuisines of the world are as close as your BBQ grill and back yard with these berbere spiced ribs. Taste the intoxicating flavors of berbere spiced ribs! When Summer rolls around and grilling outdoors becomes a great way to cook, there are smokin’ hot grills all over America with […]

sausage & sauerkraut

italian sausage and sauerkraut

Sauerkraut and Sausage I suppose it’s the inspiration of the Fall season that sparked this lunch of sauerkraut and sausage. Or maybe it’s the two Octoberfest celebrations we’ve been to in September where the smells of the sausage, brats and more were just intoxicatingly mesmerizing. And, yes, we forked over […]

mexican meatballs

mexican style meatballs albondigas

Get ready for eating THE BEST Mexican style meatball, or albondigas, that you’ve ever tasted! Moist tender and perfect for a party or weeknight dinners! Mexican Style Meatballs According to our trusty friends at Wikipedia, “Albóndigas are thought to have originated as a Berber or Arab dish imported to Spain […]

one-dish baked italian chicken pasta

one-pan baked italian chicken pasta

One Pan Meals One pan meals are all the range. And, no wonder they’re popular. Makes for super easy clean up and if you just plop everything in one pan or pot, what’s easier! And, since we’re all ususally operating each day on overdrive with so much to do, we […]

grilled chicken caprese

simple grilled chicken caprese

What is Caprese If you’re asking what is caprese, then the answer is simple and straight forward. Caprese means a salad of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil. So then what is caprese chicken.  Caprese Chicken Caprese chicken is another simple concept. It’s literally chicken topped with fresh mozzarella, ripe juicy […]

frogmore stew

kingsford grilled frogmore stew

Kingsford Charcoal Frogmore Stew on a #KingsfordCharcoal live fire will give you delicous smokey BBQ flavors! Bring all your favorite ingredients, corn, shrimp, potatoes and more together on the hot grill! “This post is sponsored by Kingsford but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.”  Kingsford Charcoal for […]

one skillet margherita chicken

easy one skillet margherita chicken

Skillet Recipes When you have two extra power ingredients in a one skillet margherita chicken recipe, you make even the rookie home cook a cooking star! Y’all know what you want! Recipes that are easy, quick, simple and extraordinarily delicious! Well, add this margherita chicken to your skillet recipes. It’s […]

fried chicken

creole fried chicken

This fried chicken stays ultra-moist thanks to a double soak in sweet tea and buttermilk. Get the recipe from Ally’s Kitchen. Creole Chicken Every now and then you just have to indulge yourself. My infrequent, but always amazingly delicious and maybe not so super healthy, indulgences are things like eggs […]

easy pot roast

blue plate special easy pot roast

Blue Plate Special According to Wikipedia, here’s the scoop on the blue plate special. This blue plate special is a taste of nostalgia in every bite.  Blue-plate special or blue plate special is a term used in the United States and Canada by restaurants, especially diners and cafes. It refers to a low-priced meal that usually changes […]

slow cooker beef stew

slow cooker beef tomatoes olive stew

Expect a Middle Eastern flair when you dig into this slow cooker beef beef tomatoes olive stew. Yes, it’s got the components of velvety tender and chunky fork-tender beef that’s cooked low and slow and is just perfect for serving creatively! How to Serve As you see, I’m just serving […]

cajun meatloaf

grandma’s cajun meatloaf

Comfort Foods Grandma’s cajun meatloaf will be the only meatloaf recipe you need! It will be your go to comfort food. Grandma’s Cajun meatloaf is juicy, simple, easy and guaranteed to be the best meatloaf recipe out there! Comfort foods. When you think of them you’ll probably mention mac n’ […]

beef goulash

Paprika Beef Goulash

Paprika Beef Goulash dish is warm and comforting, perfect for a cold-weather day. It can be served with noodles, bread, boiled or roasted potatoes and pickles. Paprika Beef Goulash The ultimate in comfort food made super easy, paprika beef goulash! As you might know, I love cooking things like this […]

apricot ginger glazed ham

Apricot and Ginger Glazed Ham

Just the name of this recipe, apricot and ginger glazed ham, makes my mouth water! And, once you slice this ham and take that first bite, well, you’ll be sold! Apricot And Ginger Glazed Ham Just the name of this recipe, apricot and ginger glazed ham, makes my mouth water! […]

kung pao pork

skinny girl easy kung pao pork

All right, now don’t leave me a snarky comment or flog me for this skinny girl kung pao pork and using a prepackaged kung pao sauce! I hear from a lot of you about cooking and recipes, and what I’m hearing is that you want home cooked. Buuuuuut, you want […]

coconut ginger orange pork

Coconut Ginger Orange Pork

This coconut ginger orange pork is perfect for a dinner entree with some sides. Or if you want to make it easy, serve on rice or pasta or with Asian noodles! Coconut Ginger Orange Pork You might find it different to have the orange rinds cooked in the pork, but […]

spicy shrimp

Smokey Spicy Shrimp and Fresh Herbs

Bang bang spicy shrimp is good, but you’ll LOVE this smokey spicy shrimp and fresh herbs! Use the seasoning paste creatively on other ingredients! Smokey Spicy Shrimp and Fresh Herbs Getting tasty shrimp in the dead of winter in the Rocky Mountains can be a tad bit sketchy. You see, […]

chinese stir fry rice

Chinese Stir Fry Rice & Pineapple

Who doesn’t love Asian, but you don’t want a ton of work and time in the kitchen! Well, this Chinese stir fry rice & pineapple is your ticket to Asia! Chinese Stir Fry Rice & Pineapple Thanks to Dole Sunshine for partnering with me on this Chinese stir fry rice […]

ham casserole

pineapple ham jalapeno casserole

Pineapple Casserole Recipe You’ll bake a ham just for the leftovers that you can use in this amazing pineapple jalapeno ham casserole! OMG! It’s one skillet. Super EZ! Thanks to Dole Sunshine for partnering with me on this pineapple ham jalapeno casserole recipe! I am the creator of this recipe and […]

oven baked salmon

Super Easy Oven Baked Salmon

When I say super easy oven-baked salmon, I mean SUPER EASY! All in one casserole dish, a hot oven, a little bit of time, and minimal cleanup! What a deal! Super Easy Oven Baked Salmon If you follow Ally’s Kitchen, you know a few things about me. I love to […]

one skillet chicken

simple one-skillet oven chicken

Easy meals are my specialty. And, this simple one skillet oven chicken is precisely that! I know everyone is crazed with their multi-cooker, InstaPots and slow cookers/crock pots. But, for me, there’s just something about putting one skillet of yumminess like this in the oven, letting it cook the old […]

grilled lamb chops

aussie grilled lamb chops girls’ glitz party

This post is a paid partnership with True Aussie Beef & Lamb. Believe me, I don’t partner with any brand unless I truly believe in and support their product(s) and the kind of company it is. One that shares similar values as I. Most importantly, I only work for food […]

ham casserole

easy ham pineapple casserole

Leftover Food The ham casserole is classic. Let’s turn classic into epic with this easy hamp pineapple casserole. The kick of jalapeno adds fiesta fun! Imagine all the leftover food that’s just tossed out. What unimaginable food waste. Growing up in Southern West Virginia with a frugal single mom, we […]

beef stroganoff

smoked paprika beef stroganoff

Paprika Spice Pull out that multicooker because you’re gonna so wanna make this smoked paprika beef stroganoff! It’s just a dump, set, and wait for the yumminess! Paprika spice is the fourth most consumed spice in the world! It’s a powder made from grinding the pods of various kinds of […]

mango habanero chicken tenders

sheet pan mango habanero chicken tenders

Easy Chicken Recipes Looking for an easy chicken recipe for dinner? Well, you found it. Chicken tenders are such a treat! And, who doesn’t like an easy recipe that changes up the chicken, adds lots of spice and is purely finger lickin’ delicious! This sheet pan mango habanero chicken tenders […]

mango chicken

mango salsa chicken bowl

Mango Chicken Recipe Cheeeekin! Who doesn’t love chicken. In fact, chicken is one of the most searched food recipes! Everyone’s looking for new recipes to use with chicken. This mango chicken recipe is perfect with all kinds of chicken. Bone in. Boneless. Skinless. Skin on.  All kinds of cuts of […]

chicken casserole

lemon rosemary chicken casserole

Simple Chicken Casserole One dish lemon rosemary chicken casserole! Come home to goodliness! The aromas of rosemary and the gravy that only needs to be slurped with each bite! I think a lot of folks are always looking for new chicken recipes. And, I know that most all of us […]

mediterranean meatballs with red gravy

mediterranean meatballs with red gravy

These Mediterranean meatballs in a red gravy sauce are just beyond decadent! I’d strongly advise you to make them then serve 24 hours later. Just sitting in the refrigerator and all the ingredients hanging out together in harmony will intensify the flavors so much more. By using two meats, grassfed […]

farm house slow cooker chicken and vegetables

Farm House Slow Cooker Chicken and Vegetables

Take all the work out of cooking with this slow cooker chicken and vegetables. Honestly, you’ll think you’re eating in an elegant French farm house! Farm House Slow Cooker Chicken And Vegetables You may be wondering how I got this chicken so golden brown in a slow cooker. Well, just […]

mango baked salmon

Thai Mango Baked Salmon With Roasted Veggies

Who doesn’t love easy healthy dinner prepared on a cookie sheet in the oven? This spicy thai mango baked salmon with roasted veggies is divine! Thai Mango Baked Salmon With Roasted Veggies I’m always looking for new ways to prepare salmon because we so love it! This Thai mango baked […]

grilled flank steak

Aussie Grassfed Beef Grilled Flank Steak Bundles

I call this Ausie grassfed beef grilled flank steak bundles NO GUILT eating! Go back for seconds, grab another little bundle of healthy! Aussie Grassfed Beef Grilled Flank Steak Bundles Disclosure: I am a brand ambassador for True Aussie Beef & Lamb. (Yes, I’m very lucky to be working with […]

ribeye steak

aussie grassfed beef ribeye steak easy oven meal

Disclosure: I am a brand ambassador for True Aussie Beef & Lamb. (Yes, I’m very lucky to be working with a great company!) And, I’m compensated for creating recipes, including this one, aussie grassfed beef harissa meatball fruit kabobs, and for them using their product(s). Believe me, I don’t partner […]

sloppy joe

pork roast tomatillo verde sloppy joe

In my house, we love pork. The other white meat! Pork chops, thick or thin, bone in or boneless. Pork loin. Pork roast. Pork bites. Grilled pork. Baked pork. Fried pork. Love to use pork in my dried beans. Talk about yummmy flavoring! So this pork roast tomatillo verde sloppy […]

hot dog chili

Aussie Grassfed Beef Dill Pickle Hot Dog Chili

This chili can be made in no time at all. And, it’s great for freezing. So, you might want to double up and have it for whatever pops up during your Summer fun! Aussie Grassfed Beef Dill Pickle Hot Dog Chili I am a brand ambassador for True Aussie Beef […]

easy baked chicken

lemongrass basil easy baked chicken

This lemongrass basil easy baked chicken is definitely a ‘skinny girl’ recipe! And, oh, how you’re going to be elated at how easy it is to prepare. In fact, why not prepare it in the baking dish the night before. Then refrigerate it overnight. It’ll soak up all that yummy […]

succotash recipe

southern creamy garlic butter chicken succotash

There is nothing more Deep South delicious than succotash! Now this fabulous dish might have originated in the North, in particular, Plymouth, Massachusetts, but I’m sure a lot of us Southerners claim it as our own. According to Yankee magazine, “No meal in American history is more famous than the […]

lamb stew

aussie chunky lamb stew

Lamb Lamb stew is a sure dinner ‘winner’! Thick, rich, meaty and healthy, chunky lamb stew gets better as leftovers. Aussie lamb is the best lamb out there! This is a sponsored post in partnership with True Aussie Beef and Lamb. Bring home the flavors of Spring with these other great recipes from […]

general tso's pork

general tso’s tender pork

General Tso Move over General Tso’s Chicken. A new dish is in town. General Tso’s Pork! It’s guaranteed to make you a believer in the other white meat! But, first let me ask… Who is or was General Tso? He or she is mighty popular! Yes, according to history, folklore […]

chicken linguine

chicken linguine with peas and green onions

We’re all looking for quick and easy weeknight dinners. And, this chicken linguine with peas and green onions if gonna be your go to at least one night a week. Then if you have leftovers, you’re all set for lunch because this is even delicious cold! Like a pasta ‘salad’ […]

lamb pizza

aussie lamb strawberry arugula pizza

This is a sponsored post in partnership with True Aussie Beef and Lamb. Bring home the flavors of Spring with these other great recipes from True Aussie Beef and Lamb! In the busy hectic world of living, we’re all looking for simple, easy recipes to create on weeknights. But, we not […]

asian chicken

asian chicken and ramen noodles

Sharing with others the experiences of my global traveling is pure joy to me. I know that many folks can’t travel extensively to many of Earth’s continents for a multitude of reasons. Since I’m pretty awesomely lucky to do so, I consider myself sometimes as you own personal travel bug. […]


Honey Mustard Salmon and Walnuts

If you love salmon, then this honey mustard salmon is what you want. Under 30 minutes & super deeelish! Healthy and simple! Honey Mustard Salmon and Walnuts There were so many things I loved about this recipe. First of all, it’s salmon, and we are salmon lovers. In fact, we’re […]

beef short ribs slow cooker

slow cooker beef short rib sandwiches

Yes, yet another ‘no brainer’ recipe using your slow cooker. It doesn’t get much easier and simple than this. This slow cooker beef short rib recipe is simple divine. The meat is so gloriously tender after cooking for over five hours that it melts in your mouth. The Possibilities are […]

slow cooker pot roast

slow cooker colorado pot roast

Slow Cooker Pot Roast Time The slow cooker pot roast made easy! Similar to the Mississippi Pot Roast, it’s perfect for family meals anytime! Roast in a crock pot is a crowd pleaser! The aromas of this slow cooker colorado pot roast will boll you over when you walk through […]

country style pork ribs

4 Ingredient Country Style BBQ Pork Ribs

You’ll never believe so much flavor comes from just four ingredients in this bbq pork ribs recipe! And, it’s ready in about an hour! Country Style BBQ Pork Ribs For lovers of ribs, good for dinner or a weekend lunch. They are delicious. Getting ready is not difficult. Oven BBQ […]

skinny girl harissa chicken tomatoes onions & feta

harissa chicken tomatoes onions & feta

Harissa chicken is a brilliant recipe in my skinny girl series of quick, simple, easy & delicious food! Believe me, it will be a go to! What is Harissa To appreciate this harissa chicken more, here’s a quick history on Harissa from Wikipedia As with the European cuisine, chili peppers […]

buttermilk pork chops & sweet apricot glaze

The other white meat, pork chops, has so many ways to be ‘fancied’ up!  This recipe is a take off, a ‘boho’ing’ so to speak, of my good friend from Rock Recipe.. He does a mean ‘Double Crunch Honey Garlic Chicken’  that I’ve made, boho’d some, and can honestly say, […]

lamb loin chops

aussie simple easy lamb loin chops

This is a sponsored post in paid partnership with True Aussie Beef and Lamb. This recipe and what you’re reading is entirely my own creative intellectual property. Enjoy! These simple easy lamb loin chops are great anytime of the year, BUT they’re most special sometimes on holidays. And, when better to […]

pot roast

aussie slow cooker grassfed pale ale beef pot roast

Disclosure: I am a brand ambassador for True Aussie Beef & Lamb. (Yes, I’m very lucky to be working with a great company!) And, I’m compensated for creating recipes and posts, including this one, ‘Aussie Slow Cooker Grassfed Pale Ale Beef Pot Roast’, for them. Believe me, I don’t partner with any […]

Party Entertainment Ideas

Own Your Party Entertainment Ideas

Disclosure: I am a brand ambassador for True Aussie Beef & Lamb. (Yes, I’m very lucky to be working with a great company!) And, I’m compensated for creating recipes and posts, including this one, ‘Own Your Party Entertainment Ideas’, for them. Believe me, I don’t partner with any brand unless I truly […]

moroccan beef ragu sauce

moroccan beef ragu sauce

Here’s the salad I served this Moroccan beef ragu sauce and pasta with. Mediterranean Celery and Olives. It was the perfect match, at least in my palate option, with the warm spicy ragu. This salad offered a crunchy crisp juicy salty and sweet contrast. My small dinner party guests agreed, so […]

cajun beef

cajun beef onions peppers & paprika pineapples

Who wouldn’t fall in love with a cajun beef recipe that can be done in little time and have flavor, texture and beauty packed into it! This recipe for cajun beef onions peppers and paprika pineapples promises all that and more. You’ve got some seriously complex flavors going on here. […]

lamb bolognese

aussie lamb bolognese and rigatoni

This is a sponsored post in paid partnership with True Aussie Beef and Lamb. This recipe and what you’re reading is entirely my own creative intellectual property. Enjoy! In my family and among my friends, I’m considered the party queen. Yes, I love to celebrate special events and occasions, large […]

eggplant parmesan

eggplant parmesan quick version

This eggplant parmesan, my quick version, will be a hit for your family’s dinner! When you make bolognese, it’s usually a big pot. There’s plenty leftover for freezing. And, why not transform it into this quick version of eggplant parmesan. During the Summer when Farmers’ Markets are buzzing, you can […]

chicken parmesan

quick healthy chicken parmesan

Chicken paremsan the healthy version. Yep, let me share with you why. And, not to mention, quick and easy to prepare! Now you’re probably very familiar with traditional chicken parmesan, if not, here’s a little history. We’re going to be be using fresh tomatoes, and, if you can find and swing […]

hot dogs

crazy good olive onion hot dogs

Crazy good olive onion hot dogs. Yep, that’s what these are. It was really hard coming up with a name, and I kept going back to the idea of, ‘Dang, these are crazy good!’ Now, I’m an olive addict. I admit it. I just love them. All types of olives. […]

pork chops

one skillet greek pork chops

Dinner Ideas In just about 30 minutes, you’re gonna be feasting on these Greek style pork chops. And, it’s all done in one skillet! A crunchy surprise ingredient! Pork chops. Thin pork chops. Yeah, I’m sometimes all about making food that’s healthy, fresh, quick and easy. Listen, I know how […]

meatballs recipe

ground chicken chorizo italian meatballs

Ground chicken meatballs seasoned with some tasty beef chorizo makes meatballs just a tad bit healthier! And, since I’ve done a fusion of Asian and Italian in this meatball seasoning mixture, I’m thinking you’re not going to believe you’re eating ground chicken meatballs! Asian Italian Ground Chicken Meatballs There’s nothing […]

creole chicken recipe

super quick creole chicken dinner

I am totally inspired by Epicurious! Am on their newsletter and always love seeing it in my ‘IN’ box. They have on their website a collection of great chicken recipes. Not just one chicken recipe, mind you, but lots of chicken recipes. I mean who doesn’t love chicken. But, we’re all […]

shrimp veggie noodle bowl

shrimp udon noodle bowl

You want to be sure to eat this shrimp noodle bowl hot! That means have your bowls, spoons, chopsticks and hungry tummies ready because this recipe takes about fifteen minutes and you’re ready to chow down! Shrimp Noodle Bowl Marriage This recipe is really a fusion of Asian and Italian! […]

Andouille Sausage Beans & Kale Stew

andouille sausage beans & kale stew

Sausage, yes, something I love. The ubiqutous Costco another thing I love. My life changed the first day I got my membership. Lawsy, there are so many things I love about it, especially the food selection. And, this sausage that I used in this recipe for andouille sausage beans and kale […]

mexican street pork fajita bowl

mexican street pork fajita bowl

Packaged Foods for partnering with me for this post! I am the creator of this recipe and for the description and information that follows. For a full disclosure, click here! Honestly, I ask you, would you ever think of using a frozen smoothie fruit and greens mixture in your pork fajita bowl? […]

One Bird Three Meals

one bird three meals

I’m West Virginia born, bred and reared. And, dang proud of it! One thing about growing up in the coal fields of Appalachia where there was no “silver spoon” in my mouth nor that of my three siblings was that we learned early on how to eat healthy, how to […]

Smothered Creole Pork Chops Tomatoes & Mushrooms

smothered creole pork chops tomatoes & mushrooms

Smothered creole pork chops tomatoes & mushrooms! I mean that just sounds so amazing! And, pork chop recipes can be super easy! If you think cooking is laborious, time-consuming and keeps you chained to the stove and kitchen, well, think again. I’m on a roll to show you and let […]

tavern style taco pot roast

tavern style taco pot roast

Rice Cookers Tavern style taco pot roast that is so tender that melts in hour mouth is hard to do in under a couple of hours. With this recipe and multicooker, you can! This post on tavern style taco pot roast is a paid partnership with Cuckoo Electronics America. All of […]

buttermilk spicy fried chicken tenders waffles & cukes

buttermilk spicy chicken tenders waffles

Origin of Chicken and Waffles Man, oh, Man! This is the best spicy fried chicken tenders you’ll ever bite into! Fried for crispy and baked for moistness! Some food scholars say that they were first invented in the 1930s at a Harlem restaurant called the Wells Supper Club. In New […]

dinner style french onion beef sandwich

dinner style french onion beef sandwich

Best French Onion Soup Are all beef sandwiches created equal? I think not! This dinner style french onion beef sandwich is in a class by itself! We’ll call it a slider, too! Think of the best French onion soup you’ve ever had, then add beef and put it on a […]

one skillet greek chicken fennel onions and olives

greek chicken fennel onions and olives

I am shopping my own refrigerator and freezer for this greek chicken recipe! Especially for a foodie like me who create recipes and have food blogs. Yes, I’m cooking virtually every single day, so I have a full stocked pantry, overflowing freezer, doubles and triples of spices and spice mixtures, […]

jeffersonian inspired chunky vegetable beef stew

jeffersonian inspired chunky vegetable beef stew

I’ve always been intrigued by history. In fact, reading historical biographies, watching documentaries on television, and exploring the Internet reading about history is one of my favorite pasttime activities. Well, that is when I have time to have a ‘pasttime’. I think this love affair for history started my second […]

happy cowboy salsa ranchero chili poblano meatloaf

happy cowboy salsa ranchero chili poblano meatloaf

  There’s nothing better for dinner, nothing more the epitome of comfort food, and nothing better for making sandwiches than this poblano meatloaf! And, this happy cowboy salsa ranchero chili poblano meatloaf is a fabulously flavorful take on an updated blue plate special for your local diner’s meatloaf lunch or […]

aussie moroccoan lamb kefta

aussie moroccoan lamb kefta

This recipe is brought to you by True Aussie Beef and Lamb. I was compensated for creating this recipe using their product. All of the thoughts and opinions written are mine completely. There’s nothing more exhilarating for me as an avid home cook than to experiment with new flavors, textures […]

meaty pizza bolognese sauce

meaty pizza bolognese sauce

  Meaty pizza bolognese sauce is going to work on your pasta and your pizza! Who doesn’t love a hearty meat sauce that gets better on days 2 and 3! Meaty meat sauce is important to me. Why? Because I raised three boys and this is what they preferred in […]

creamy vodka marinara sauce

creamy vodka marinara sauce

You’ll be eating this creamy vodka marinara sauce for breakfast! Besides pasta it’s a perfect sauce for creating your Moroccan shakshuka! Quick Marinara Sauce Sometimes my eyes get bigger than my stomach! In other words, sometimes when I’m grocery shopping, especially at Costco, I sometimes am motivated to load up […]

orange marmalade spicy drum sticks

Orange Marmalade Spicy Chicken Drum Sticks

I love my orange marmalade spicy chicken drum sticks! There’s nothing difficult about this recipe. If you can dump and stir, then you’ve got it. Chicken Drum Sticks Many housewives bake chicken so often that they began to class it as an everyday meal. After all, it is enough to […]

pan seared salmon & fresh greens

Who doesn’t love a meal, and I mean a great meal, that you can prepare in about thirty minutes. That’s exactly what you can do with this recipe! You’ll be dining on pan seared salmon and fresh greens in no time at all. And, if you’re not as adept in […]

skinny girl stuffed pork chops

skinny girl stuffed pork chops

Recipes for Pork Chops You’ll not find recipes for pork chops out there in cyberspace any better than these skinny girl stuffed pork chops. Perfect for a small dinner party or on a weeknight when you want to eat ‘gourmet’, this recipe for pork chops elevates to five-star.  Rather than […]

asiago fresh herb meatballs

asiago fresh herb meatballs

Meatballs are such a comfort food for me. I mean who doesn’t love a good meatball. It’s like a ball filled with so much flavor, and my asiago fresh herb meatballs have even more flavor than you’d typically expect in a meatball! That’s probably because of the abundance of fresh […]

skinny girl sheet pan creole chicken

skinny girl sheet pan creole chicken

Know why I call this recipe skinny girl sheet pan creole chicken? Are you just dying to know why? Well, it’s because I’m thinking, ‘Girrrrrl! If you wanna get skinny and still be able to eat more and more of something, then you’d better be making this recipe!’ Creole chicken […]

bourbon fajita pork bbq

bourbon fajita pork bbq

Bourbon fajita pork BBQ is a recipe that requires zero cooking skills, and it’s all made in one pot or even easier, a slow cooker! Well, that’s what this bourbon fajita pork bbq is, and it’s a fabulous pork recipe. A one pot wonder! When I prepare meats, I like to […]

aussie grassfed beef skewered meatballs with fruit & goat cheese yogurt mint sauce

aussie grassfed beef harissa meatball fruit kabobs

Disclosure: I am a brand ambassador for True Aussie Beef & Lamb. (Yes, I’m very lucky to be working with a great company!) And, I’m compensated for creating recipes, including this one, aussie grassfed beef harissa meatball fruit kabobs, and for them using their product(s). Believe me, I don’t partner […]

harissa chicken

Harissa Chicken And Vegetables

Harissa chicken and vegetables is a recipe that’s so ridiculously simple that even a NON-cook will be able to make it. Harissa Chicken And Vegetables In this crazy world that most all of us live in, we want to eat well, eat nutritiously and have recipes that are simple and […]

aussie grassfed beef & mushroom cowhand stew

aussie grassfed beef & mushroom cowhand stew

Disclosure: I am a brand ambassador for True Aussie Beef & Lamb. (Yes, I’m very lucky to be working with a great company!) And, I’m compensated for creating recipes, including this one, aussie grassfed beef & mushroom cowhand stew, and for them using their product(s). Believe me, I don’t partner with […]

best ever sunday roasted chicken

best ever sunday roasted chicken

Winner winner chicken dinner! You bet there’s nothing more comforting than a big ol’ chicken dinner waiting for you on Sunday afternoon. As you well know, I look out for not only your good eating by creating healthy recipes, well, most of them healthy…I mean ya gotta have some fun […]

cast iron skillet chicken caprese

cast iron skillet chicken caprese

Ever wonder what the most popular meat is in the world? Yeah, I know, that’s a random thought. And, there’s debate on that and different opinions, so research on and dig deeper if you want to know. Here in the United States my white meat of choice is chicken. And, […]

Thai Red Curry Lemongrass Pork

thai red curry lemongrass pork

Pork is a favorite meat of mine, and I’m always trying to put new twists on it.  Rather than just roast the pork then put it with potatoes and veggies, I decided to take an Asian slant, well, Thai, and use red curry, ginger, mushrooms, green onions and things that […]

aussie grassfed beef asian bowl

aussie grassfed beef asian bowl

Sometimes a little bit of meat that’s ‘oh so amazing’ is just what you need when you team it with a lot of fresh raw veggies! And, that’s what we have here with this aussie grassfed beef asian bowl! What’s most incredible about this recipe is that it literally takes […]

world’s best slow cooker sesame garlic chicken

world’s best slow cooker sesame garlic chicken

Oh, the convenience and deliciousness of the slow cooker! Yes, slow cookers or crock pots can revolutionize your meal preparation especially if you’re not one to want to stay in the kitchen and putz around with cooking! The flavors in this recipe are just divine! You’re going to love the […]

slow cooker chicken marsala and sugar snap peas

slow cooker chicken marsala

Slow Cooker vs Crockpot Food is supposed to be uncomplicated and deliciously complicated. This slow cooker chicken marsala and sugar snap peas is precisely that! And, that leads us to the debate over slow cooker vs crockpot. Is there a difference? Or is there even a debate? Simply put, the […]

aussie grassfed bonless leg of lamb morrocoan style

Aussie Grassfed Boneless Leg of Lamb Morocoan Style

  If you want one fine delicious and easy moroccoan lamb recipe then this is your ticket to a feast! Come see how we celebrated a ‘trash the tie’ party! Aussie Grassfed Boneless Leg of Lamb Morocoan Style This recipe for Moroccoan lamb is a sponsored post. That means I’m […]

greek isles grilled chicken

greek isles grilled chicken

Chicken can sometimes be ‘dry’ as we know. Especially chicken that’s boneless and skinless. Or chicken that’s been grilled. Unless you know how to do the chicken right when grilling, you might run into dryness. This recipe is a chicken rescue for that time that it might be a tad […]

italian chicken & gravy

italian chicken gravy

Chicken Gravy Italian chicken gravy is one of those big time comfort dinners. Italian inspiration and flavors make this perfect over pasta or grilled artisan bread. Sometimes I want good ol’ comfort food. Chicken gravy is one of those comfort foods. This Italian chicken and gravy is something that will […]

salt & vinegar sauce chicken strips

salt & vinegar sauce chicken strips

It’s a fact that your taste buds change throughout life. When you were a kid, there were probably things you’d never eat because of one reason or another. However, as we get older and our palates become more ‘mature’ we sometimes have hankerings for certain tastes, textures, flavors. Or we […]

aussie beef lollipop sticks

aussie grassfed beef lollipop sticks

This is a sponsored post (I received some compensation (yay!) for a ton of work!), but, rest assured that all the information and opinions on this product are my own. For more great recipes using Aussie grassfed beef and lamb and where to buy, head to Aussie Beef & Lamb! […]

double date spicy chicken wings

double date spicy chicken wings

Coming up with new names for things is one of the challenges of being a food blogger. I mean you want to correctly express an idea of what the dish is, but, on the other hand, you want it to stick, maybe be slightly clever and catchy. That’s why I […]

double date spicy chicken wings

double date spicy chicken wings

I know. I know. The first thing you’re probably wondering is, why does Ally call these ‘double date’ spicy chicken wings. Well, one because I wanted to come up with something cutsey and clever, or at least quasi-clever. And, two, because I was skewering two of these organic bad girls […]

lamb burger night

Aussie Lamb Burger Night

Are you looking for a delicious lamb burger recipe? Try out this tasty recipe for “aussie lamb burger” from the experts at Ally Kitchen! The Great American Burger There’s nothing more Epically American than a burger! And, I’ll confess I am a burger lover! And, now I’m talking ‘aussie lamb […]

chicken marsala mushroom stew

chicken marsala mushroom stew

One of my most popular recipes is chicken marsala soup. OMG! If you haven’t tried it, then you want to! Here’s the link.  I mean this recipe gets huge traffic per my Google analytics! So, I thought, why not build on something that’s popular. Something that people like obviously. Something […]

chicken mango fajita bake

chicken mango fajita bake

This is good. Real good. Chicken mango fajita bake. Think a warm tender bun with some crispy on the bottom from the baking and grilling in melted butter. Then you’ve got layers of good flavors between the buns. Deli Chicken. Get the kind you like. Maybe mesquite grilled. Maybe honey […]

orange chicken

orange sriracha glazed chicken with peppercorns

Orange sirirach glazed chicken with peppercorns. Sounds kinda fancy, doesn’t it? Maybe fancy to you means difficult to make? Well, if so, you’re in for a big surprise. This dish is so outrageously easy to make that you’ll be using it as one of your ‘go to’ recipes for dinner […]

spinach feta greek meatballs

spinach feta greek meatballs

The most time-consuming part of this spinach feta greek meatballs recipe is patting out the water from the thawed spinach! That’s it! I probably used multiple paper towels. It’s quite amazing how much water there is in the frozen chopped spinach. While I didn’t make them ‘bone dry’, I did […]

rustic Italian chicken shitake mushroom pot

rustic italian chicken shitake mushroom pot

Meals in bowls always seem a little bit more comforting to me than on a plate. There’s just something about maybe the broth, the gravy, the au jus or whatever there is that you can sop up with crusty hot bread, cornbread, rolls. You get the idea! This rustic Italian […]

great american diner grilled burger patties & onions

great american diner grilled burger patties & onions

If you want to bite into the best diner style hamburger, then here’s your Great American Diner Grilled Burger Patties & Onions! Old School Burgers Old school burgers are those that are cooked like we used to prepare them in the 1950s to about the 1980s or until outdoor grilling […]

pesto meatballs and marinara sauce

pesto meatballs and marinara sauce

Meatballs can be a meal for me and my family. And, these pesto meatballs and marinara sauce are just that. All you need to do is add maybe a salad, something crunchy! Here’s what I’d recommend! Bleu cheese coleslaw. OMG! You’re going to love the contrast of flavors. Especially, the […]

pork sloppy joes

pork sloppy joes

Kids give sometimes give funny names to stuffed animals, objects and even people. Sometimes these people are their parents. When my oldest son was younger, like around ten, he started calling me ‘Sloppy Joes’. It wasn’t because I was a slob or slouch in the way I dressed or kept […]

orange pineapple fajita chicken & veggies

orange pineapple fajita chicken & veggies

Simplicity. Easy. One pan. Stunningly beautiful. Exceptionally flavorful. That’s what defines this orange pineapple fajita chicken & veggies recipe. The toughest part of this recipe is slicing the vegetables.That’s about the extent of it. When I create a dish, my mind is always in its artistic mode. I think about […]

pan seared fresh tuna steak

pan seared tuna steak

Tuna Steak Dinner in well under 30 minutes is doable with this pan seared tuna steak recipe! A simple salad or baked potato and you’re ready to eat healthy! Yes, I’ll say it again. A healthy dinner in well under 30 minutes sounds almost impossible. But, when you’re pan searing […]

pineapple enchilada slow cooker chicken

pineapple enchilada slow cooker chicken

Thanks to Dole Sunshine for partnering with me for this slow cooker chicken! I am the creator of this recipe and for the description and information that follows. For a full disclosure, click here! When I have company coming, I like to prepare ahead of time a few dishes that […]

hurricane sesame glazed chicken

hurricane sesame glazed chicken

Hurricanes are a tragic natural disaster. Living on the coast of South Carolina, I don’t look forward to ‘hurricane season’. Unlike the ‘holiday season’ it’s fraught with some underlying anxiousness each time a ‘disturbance’ starts circulating in the far away Atlantic ocean. This hurricane sesame glazed chicken recipe is inspired […]

all american grilled steak

all american grilled steak

The all american grilled steak falls into the category of finding excellent quality ingredients. Actually, I know that all recipes start with good high-quality ingredients. Doesn’t matter what I’m making, I always look at those ingredients and ask myself, if that the best I can afford, find, buy, use? All of […]

shrimp & pancetta gravy

shrimp & pancetta gravy

Hurricanes are a tragic natural disaster. Living on the coast of South Carolina, I don’t look forward to ‘hurricane season’. Unlike the ‘holiday season’ it’s fraught with some underlying anxiousness each time a ‘disturbance’ starts circulating in the far away Atlantic ocean. This shrimp & pancetta gravy recipe is inspired […]

coal miner's pinto & navy beans

coal miner’s dinner

Coal Miners Coal miner’s dinner, pinto beans, coleslaw, fried potatoes and cornbread. I still love eating this food that I grew up on. I’ve elevated this cuisine! Coal miners. Hard working. Sacrificing. A job that is thankless. A job that is exceptionally dangerous. Yes, I grew up in West Virginia. […]

love bird citrus garlic chicken

love bird citrus garlic chicken

When I decided to spatchcock then split this bird into two lovely individual pieces, it looked like a sweet heart side-by-side perched in the cast iron skillet. You see, I’m a food artist. For me, whenever I work with an ingredient, especially those that are totally natural and the best […]

lemon infused salmon with a fruit spinach medley

lemon infused salmon with a fruit spinach medley

Finding new ways to use food products takes creativity. Sometimes we get stuck in the same old way of doing things. That’s how I came up with the idea for this lemon infused salmon with a fruit spinach medley. Another reason for this type recipe is to create something that’s […]

lowcountry seafood boil

lowcountry seafood boil

From New England. The Chesapeake Bay, and Louisiana, to Georgia and South Carolina, one hugely traditional common thread joins us. We love our seafood boils. And, having lived in South Carolina’s Lowcountry for decades, we’ve done our share of boils and been to more than I can count. Depending on […]

mango basil chicken linguine

mango basil chicken linguine

Thanks to Dole Sunshine for partnering with me for this post! All the opinions and creativity are solely my own. For a full disclosure, click here! What I love about this recipe is that it’s all in one skillet. Can you believe that you don’t have to pre-cook the linguine! Yes, […]

havana paprika grilled chicken

havana paprika grilled chicken

March 2016 was somewhat historic. Yes, it’s when the world shifted. The stars collided. The universe got bigger. According to the New York Times “…The Obama administration announced Tuesday that it would allow individuals to travel to Cuba for “people to people” educational trips and lift limits on the use […]

pepper encrusted bison tenderloin & grilled onions

pepper encrusted bison tenderloin & grilled onions

I am a fan of bison. All cuts of bison. Tender and tasty, it’s much like beef but different. When you look at bison that’s not been cooked, you’ll immediately see that it’s much redder than beef. That’s because bison doesn’t have a lot of marbeling, or internal fat, like […]

italian fried flounder

italian fried flounder

Living on the water means that we have in our back yard a treasure trove of opportunities and pleasures. From boating in our rickety but full of personality john boat to just watching the tidal changes, it’s an entertaining adventure. Add to that the fish and seafood that can be […]

bosnian pot

bosnian pot beef stew

Bosnian Food Actually called Bosanski Lonac, this Eastern European culinary specialty has deep rich flavors, and you can vary the veggies according to your likes. The two main things you must have in it are meat and vegetables! And, in the old country, the vegetables were chosen according to what […]

easy lamb bolognese

easy lamb bolognese

Bolognese Sauce Others will think that you’ve been in the kitchen all day making this easy lamb bolognese. Thick, rich, meaty and full of flavor! Pasta will be divine! Besides being easy and ‘quick’, this bolognese sauce can have multiple uses. Want lasagna? Here you go, the sauce. Need a […]

brown sugar fig pork

brown sugar fig pork

I usually don’t like messy. Buuuuut, when messy is a delicious messy, then I’m all for it! You’ll see that this brown sugar fig pork makes for one messy Dutch oven. But the elbow grease in scrubbin’ that pot will be well worth the goodliness of this pork! Steeped in […]

taco spicy sunshine pork

taco spicy sunshine pork

Thanks to Dole Sunshine for partnering with me for this post! All the opinions and creativity are solely my own. For a full disclosure, click here! I’m focusing more on recipes that have a fewer ingredients. Recipes that pack some serious palate power with the few ingredients.  This takes some […]

flounder creole

flounder creole

Inspiration for this creation comes from several incentives. Let me share because I think you’ll get a kick out of how my recipes are ‘birthed’! First of all, as some of you might know, we live on the water along the coast of the Carolinas. And, this location affords us […]

30 minute lemon shrimp pasta

30 minute lemon shrimp pasta

I love challenges. Even if it’s a small challenge that’s self-imposed. Challenges don’t have to be completing a triathlon to receive great gratification. Challenges can be those that you choose to do with yourself to keep YOU on your toes. That’s a big way of how I live my life […]

apricot sauce

chicken sliders & apricot mustard sauce

Sometimes you just gotta cut corners when cooking, especially when you’re in a hurry or just don’t want to make everything from scratch.  That’s perfectly o.k! Not a cardinal sin of cooking. If you read labels and examine the ingredients list of some of today’s pre-packaged items, you can sometimes find […]

big daddy pork chops

Pork has always been a big part of my life. My Mom used to talk about how her father would celebrate Christmas with roasting a whole pig. Of course, this was a huge luxury back in the 1930s for her immigrant family. Money was tight. There was a lot of […]

jamaican jerk oven fried chicken

jamaican jerk oven fried chicken

Fried Chicken in the Oven Oven fried chicken with jamaican jerk seasoning that’s crunchy, and moist! Spiced with Jamaican Jerk and jalapeno sauce, your family will love every bite! Fried chicken in the oven can be crispy and delicious using this technique of first ‘flash frying’ to get the crisp. […]

chicken in onion wine sauce with farm vegetables

Chicken In Onion Wine Sauce With Farm Vegetables

This ‘Chicken in Onion Wine Sauce with Farm Vegetables’ is something that will fly out of the skillet when you serve it. Give it a try!! Chicken In Onion Wine Sauce With Farm Vegetables This ‘Chicken in Onion Wine Sauce with Farm Vegetables’ is something that will fly out of […]

israeli beef roast

israeli beef roast

Israeli Food Recipes Yes, this beef roast takes some time, but trust me, it’s worth every minute you put into it!  It’s the antithesis of ‘fast’ food.  This Israeli inspired food recipe is slow food to perfection! One of the most ethereal things about Middle Eastern cooking is the combination […]

moroccan veal kefta

This moroccan veal kefta is a sponsored post~Cedar Springs Veal. #ReVEALingExcellence All of the content and opinions is strictly my own. Growing up, I never really had the chance to eat veal. Just wasn’t available in the hollers of West Virginia where I was raised. Sometimes I think being ‘deprived’ of […]

Apricot Ginger Mustard Glazed Ham

apricot ginger mustard glazed ham

I usually buy spiral hams for Easter. This year I decided to break away from this tradition and do a real ham meaning that I’d create my own glaze as well as I’d be able to control the slicing of it, the thickness, size, shape, more ‘organic’ and natural. Not […]

salmon with watercress scallion caper vinaigrette topping

salmon with watercress scallion caper vinaigrette topping

Meals that are quick and easy are the best. Now I love anything with lots of greens and salty. And, this recipe for salmon with watercress scallion caper vinaigrette topping answers all my adventurous palate desires! I’ve learned in the past few years how to cook salmon to perfection. I […]

skillet stuffed chicken with spinach & ricotta

skillet stuffed chicken with spinach & ricotta

When I learned that Emilie from The Clever Carrot had inked a cookbook contract, I was super excited. I just knew everything in it would be mouth-watering, healthy, easy and super delicious. When I got my copy of the book, I was not disappointed. There are so many things I […]

spinach lemon stuffed salmon

spinach lemon stuffed salmon

Just a few ingredients. About 15 minutes. And, you have a healthy meal! I need not tell you how good salmon is for you. And, preparing it like this with the lemon, garlic and just salt and pepper, you have a citruseeeee tender salmon with a taste of garlic and […]

~tomato garlic basil beef stew~

tomato garlic basil bone marrow beef stew

Bone marrow beef stew not only melts in your mouth, but it’s packed with nutrition. This bone marrow beef stew will be your one and only beef stew recipe! Best Ever Slow Cooker Beef Stew If you’re looking for the best ever slow cooker beef stew, well, you’ve found it! […]

beef chunk chili

beef chunk chili

Chili Recipes Wait til you taste this beef chili! Lots of rich thick gravy, tender beef chunks, beans and spices that make this THE BEST beef chunk chili ever! Fall and Winter are just made for pulling out your chili reipes. Now, there are hundreds of kinds of chilis. I […]

chicken puttanesca stew

chicken puttanesca stew

Think Adele. Yes, this chicken puttanesca stew is the kind of recipe that you fix for your family and friends and they think you’re a rock star. Get ready to walk the red carpet. Have people ask you what you’re wearing. Hey, even hang out with Blake and the gang […]

winter lager chuck roast

winter lager chuck roast

If you spend time searching my website using the word or words, beef roast, pot roast, beef stew, beef soup, roast, and words that relate to this ultimate comfort food, you’ll find a few. That’s because I don’t think there’s anything better than a pot roast with lots of thick […]

Napa Beef Wraps

napa beef wraps

This is one of those recipes that has few ingredients, and the pack a powerful palate punch!  Add to that the fact that it can be prepared within about 30 minutes, no dilly dallying, and you’ve got something that will be a crowd pleaser! The crunchiness of the Napa cabbage […]

sweet and spicy beef roast

Sweet and Spicy Beef Roast

This is really a super easy pot roast! Just a few ingredients, let it slow cook and you have this sweet and spicy beef roast. Roast Beef in the Slow Cooker Now I love a good pot roast and with this one, you can choose to do in the oven […]

coq au vin

coq au vin

My husband’s from western North Carolina. The place where Holly Farms, the chicken company started, and that baby bird company grew into what is now Tyson. He’s eaten a lot of chicken in his decades of life. And, that chicken’s been prepared in a variety of ways. When he had […]

wine sauce lemon chicken capers & olives

wine sauce lemon chicken capers & olives

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for new ways to create your chicken dishes. In fact, chicken recipes seem to be one of the most searched recipes on the Internet! In 2014 Country Living ranked it as #2~the #1 searched recipe was banana bread! Howwwwever, Google searches showed that […]

happy belly goulash

happy belly goulash

I figure the name of this dish says it all~happy belly goulash! Yes, with just a few ingredients. A little time. And, a loving hands, you can make happy bellies around your dinner table! Now the ale I used in this recipe, I think, makes a big difference in the […]

boho paella

boho paella

Creating a paella can seem daunting. The way I’ve created my ‘boho paella’ is in steps. Actually creating each component of the paella and then combining it all, each separately, in a beautiful paella pan lends itself to letting folks choose what they want on their plates. Now usually paella […]

cumin chicken & fresh marinara sauce

Bohemian Bold cooking is all about being unique and multipurpose.  Making your own fresh marinara is simple and quick.  There’s really nothing to it…at least the way I do it.  This sauce is exceptionally versatile, too, which I always want when I prepare a sauce.  I mean if it can’t […]

~kale meatball wraps~

kale meatball wraps

Before you bake these kale meatball wraps, you’ll think you’re looking at a dish of lovely flowers!  Rather than roll the meat mixture entirely in the leaves, I wanted created a more artistic looking dish to serve and present~~after the leaves cook, the wilting and color changes made me think […]

dill pickle chicken

dill pickle chicken

Never tasted dill pickle chicken? Well, then get ready for explosive favors! Nothing better than chicken with pickles! Yes, you can reuse dill pickle juice! Dill Pickle Chicken Recipe This dill pickle chicken recipe is so easy. You throw the chicken into a zip lock bag with pickle juice. Refrigerate […]

the big easy®

the big easy®charbroil

The Big Easy Charbroil The big easy®charbroil is one fine grilling toy for your outdoor cooking collection. This charbroil easy grill will give you more time to relax! This post, the big easy®charbroil, is a sponsored post. I received compensation for reviewing this product and using it. All of these […]

pico de gallo oven chicken

pico de gallo oven chicken

Simple. Elegant. Impressive. Yes, all these adjectives describe the pico de gallo oven chicken. If you want to use chicken thighs then have at it~they’ll work perfectly. This dish is elevated by the addition of the pico de gallo~make sure it’s fresh. I get mine at Trader Joe’s, but you […]

roasted salmon pouches

roasted salmon pouches

There are so many things I love about this recipe for roasted salmon pouches. Let me count the ways! Easy. Healthy. Simple. Elegant. Boholicious! The salmon is super moist. The vegetables are infused with the flavors of all the characters. You can serve in the pouch. Just put it on […]

quick & easy miso-glazed salmon

quick & easy miso-glazed salmon

When The Foodie Physician talks, I listen! And, her new cookbook ‘Natural Pregnancy Cookbook’ is packed with fabulous doable boholicious recipes that I couldn’t wait to dig into when I got my cookbook. Now, there’s a misnomer about the title…believe me, you don’t have to be pregnant to benefit from […]

eggplant with buttermilk sauce

eggplant with buttermilk sauce

Found this cookbook, “Plenty’ by Yotam Ottolenghi, in Anthropologie…what drew me to it was the cover picture…a picture of this eggplant dish!  I loved it for so many reasons~~it’s rustic and organic look, the vibrant colors, the caramelized browning on the eggplant, the creaminess of the sauce on it, and […]

meatloaf meatballs

meatloaf meatballs

Meatballs. Meatloaf. Really what’s the difference? I mean they are so close in the ingredients that you use to make them that you could say they’re pretty much the same, right? Main different is the size. These meatloaf meatballs make your belly happy! Sooooooooooooo, I’m combining the two and making […]

~grilled spicy smokey skirt steak~

grilled spicy skirt steak

Skirt steak. Long, flat and it’s usually folded over at least once when it’s packaged. Unfold it and it’s long and varies in thickness from one end to another. Now, skirt steak is more prized for its flavor rather than its tenderness, so don’t expect a melt-in-your-mouth beef. Expect to […]

skillet pasta & vegetables

skillet pasta & vegetables

I love this recipe because it’s all in ONE skillet! Yes, it’s one skillet for cooking the pasta. No filling a big pot of water, waiting for it to boil and lugging the heavy hot pot to the sink to pour into the colander and drain. Basically, you’re going to […]

salsa verde latin red beans & pork

salsa verde latin red beans & pork

Just call me the bean queen, bean whisperer, the bean goddess. I LOVE beans. And, I have to say, I make one fine killer pot of beans regardless of what type of bean it is. I haven’t met a bean I can’t tame into something luxurious and chic with spices, […]

latin picadillo

latin picadillo

Thanks to Dole Packaged Foods for partnering with me for this green energy smoothie bowl! I am the creator of this recipe and for the description and information that follows. For a full disclosure, click here! Picadillo is wonderful! It’s a dish that’s popular in Latin cultures~from Cuba to the Phillipines, […]

jamaican jerk london broil

jamaican jerk london broil

This grilled jamaican jerk london broil has an array of flavors that pop on your palate as you chew each bite. You’ll not notice the slight ‘chewiness’ of this cut of beef as you taste the wafting hints of warm spices like cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg. Then there are the […]

There is nothing better than a cool evening, a roaring campfire, camp chairs around it, people laughing, sipping, talking, the skies waning into darkness and something totally decadent in the cast iron Dutch oven on the grill. I'm talking middle easter chicken stew! Now, you don't have to have a campfire to make this stew. Yep, you can do it in your slowcooker or oven, but you'll need to adjust the cooking times and temperatures, as well as the pan searing of the bird before it starts cooking in those luscious liquids. But, that's not a problem. Just a few adjustments and you're good to go.

north african chicken stew

There is nothing better than a cool evening, a roaring campfire, camp chairs around it, people laughing, sipping, talking, the skies waning into darkness and something totally decadent in the cast iron Dutch oven on the grill. I’m talking north african chicken stew! Now, you don’t have to have a […]

mezze rigatoni basil pesto & peppers

mezze rigatoni basil pesto & peppers

Nothing more luscious than a velvety creamy basil pesto sauce on al dente pasta. And, this mezze rigatoni basil pesto & peppers is just a dream bowl of happiness. Plus, you can use store brands for the basil pesto and roasted red peppers like Mezzetta. I keep an array of […]

sriracha steak bites and pasta

sriracha steak bites and pasta

Yes, this sriracha steak bites and pasta is a one-pot wonder recipe that will do a disappearing act real fast. Now if it doesn’t, it’s also one of those dishes that gets better the next day. If you have leftovers, then you’re gonna be dancing and twirling! Just check my […]

Harissa Buttermilk Baby Back Ribs

harissa buttermilk baby back ribs

Buttermilk Uses Baby back ribs. Yep, simply delicious. Buttermilk, yep, gonna make these baby back ribs even more fabulous. Ok, I love buttermilk. And, I use buttermilk in so many cooking recipes. And, you’re gonna love buttermilk as a marinade in these harissa buttermilk baby back ribs.  I’m not big […]

slow cooked garlic onion pork with dates & pineapple

Slow cooked garlic onion pork is worth all the effort~~well, if you consider about 15 minutes of prep ‘work’ and then after that the oven does the ‘work’.  I love meats that can be pulled apart with a fork.  Meats that bathe in juices of spices and flavors that infuse […]

spicy smoky chicken with roasted veggies

spicy smoky chicken with roasted veggies

This is a magic carpet spicy smoky chicken with roasted veggies that whisks me to Morocco! At least in my imagination! That’s what food does for me…as I’m creating recipes, tasting the spices, flavors, juices, sauces and more, I have these eruptions of where I might be, what I might […]

mandarin lamb chops

mandarin orange lamb chops

Grilling Lamb Chops Every bite of these mandarin orange lamb chops is a taste of nirvana! Yes, the subtle sweetness of the mandarin oranges and the savory chop! Yes, heaven! This post is sponsored by DOLE Packaged Foods. All of the content is that of Ally and Ally’s Kitchen. Disclosure […]

sarma croatian cabbage rolls

sarma croatian cabbage rolls

Sarma The word ‘sarma’ is of Turkish derivative and it means to wrap. So you take leaves be they cabbage, chard, kale or another and use some type of filling, usually ground meat and other ingredients, and wrap in the leaf then cook.  Cabbage rolls! Growing up my Croatian Mom […]

tagine of beef and vegetables

Tagine of Beef and Vegetables

Tagine of Beef and Vegetables is my favorite dish. This recipe packs a protein punch with lean beef mince as the base, Plus, it’s VERY tasty! Tagine of Beef and Vegetables Tagines are vessels of beauty and history, And, you know, there’s no better way to explore ancient history than […]

farmers blue pot chicken

farmers blue pot chicken

You may wonder why I call this farmers blue pot chicken–well, a few reasons…first, I love using my LeCreuset blue cast iron pot for cooking–it just make everything more beautiful, and #prettyeating counts. And, it’s a ‘farmers’ style because you just put it all in the pot, pop on the […]

latin picadillo

picante chicken tinga

When deciding what to call this dish, which was inspired from a recipe that a dear foodie friend, Mary, from Cooking with Mary and Friends, had made with salsa and pork, I decided to research some Mexican food terms. Up popped tinga, which is a shredded, often spicy, meat. I […]

slow cooked spiced leg of lamb

slow cooked spiced leg of lamb

Names. Yep, they’re important in life.  Your name follows you wherever you go. I mean if you become President, you’d want a regal strong name, right?  Parents usually give their kids a first and middle name like, Alva Grace, Bo James, Shelby Lynn, Mary Taylor. Most of the time, one […]

coal miner's pinto & navy beans

coal miner pinto navy beans

Pinto Beans Growing up in Southern West Virginia where coal was king back in the day, pinto beans and cornbread could be found on most family tables at least weekly if not more times. Beans are healthy and nutritious (am I repeating myself?). They’re super affordable and versatile. For me, […]

Chorizo Beef Meatloaf with Spicy Oriental Sweet Chili Sauce

chorizo beef meatloaf with spicy sweet chili sauce

Food does so much more than fill your stomach.  Food is a trigger for memories.  Food is a spark for emotions. Food is explosive in starting and continuing conversation about food and other topics.  And, food takes us back to our childhoods.  Meatloaf is on of those foods that many […]

lemon butter herb roasted whole chicken

lemon butter herb roasted whole chicken

Just the sound of this recipe, lemon butter herb roasted whole chicken, makes me hungry! Names of recipes set the stage for our brains to start firing neurons and associating flavors~~plus, we get a ‘mindset’ sort of a thought in our brain that begins the process of subconsciously deciding whether […]

country style beef meatballs with gravy

country style beef meatballs with gravy

Comforting Food Comforting food is what we turn to in times of stress, turmoil and other emotional things that just make our hearts heavy. Comforting food is healing, I think. Food is healing in general. But, sometimes we need to feed the spirt and soup as well as the body. […]

beef ribeye wraps

north african spiced beef ribeye wraps

North African Foods North African spiced beef ribeye wraps are perfect for a gathering where you want to showcase your cooking talents. So simple and easy and full of flavors! Disclosure: I was asked to be part of this beef challenge and was compensated for costs involved in creating my […]

~ottoman empire burger with roasted red pepper sauce & grilled onions~

ottoman empire burger

The ‘ottoman empire burger’. Hummmm, sounds pretty amazing and fancy schmanzee, huh?  Now just how did I get that name. Well, if you explore the ingredients, you’ll understand more!  Some of these ingredients, including the spices, date back to long ago, and, yes, maybe even to the Ottoman Empire! When […]

crispy spicy chicken with orange ginger honey maple sauce

crispy spicy orange chicken

Chicken with Orange Sauce Bite into this crispy spicy orange chicken and you’ve found THE BEST oven fried chicken recipe ever! Perfect for Sunday dinner and family! OK, there’s nothing quite like chicken with orange sauce.  Crispy Buttermilk Chicken Now here in the South we make crispy buttermilk chicken by […]

sauteed cod in greek seasoned butter wine sauce

sauteed cod in greek seasoned butter wine sauce

Simple quick and easy dishes seem to always make me smile. I used frozen cod in this recipe because I couldn’t find any really good fresh cod~~got this at Costco, had tasted it, so I knew it’d be a great substitute for fresh. Make sure after you thaw the filet […]

steak au poivre with lemon pepper butter herb sauce

steak au poivre lemon butter herb sauce

Recipe Steak Au Poivre Steak au poivre is French for pepper steak. But, please don’t think this steak recipe is complicated because it’s not! You’ll love it! It’s so tender! Steak au poivre is a quick pan seared steak. A high-quality tender cut of beef seasoned with salt and pepper […]

fresh herb chicken salad

fresh herb chicken salad

My body is really sensitive to what I put in it~I mean especially with food. It’s like it can tell if I’m putting in ‘junk’ and empty calories~you know the foods that are highly processed, full of ingredients that you can’t pronounce and usually bear little or no recognition of […]

fusilli bucati luighi and tuscan kale

tuscan kale fusilli pasta

Best Pasta Recipes Tuscan kale pasta is a vegetarian meal that won’t dissapoint! The kale is mixed in tender chessy pasta fusilli noodles that are belly filling! No doubt, we’re all looking for the best pasta recipes out there in cyberspace! I’m sure this has to be one of those […]

herbs de provence lamb chops

herbs de provence lamb chops

Lamb Chop Recipe Herbs de Provence lamb chops sound so French. They’re not complicated. Don’t be intimidated. I’ll show you how simple it is to have lamb chops in not time! Growing up in West Virginia in the coal fields of Appalachia, we never had a lamb chop. Yes, that’s […]

spicy coconut shrimp soup

spicy coconut shrimp soup

Inspiration for new recipes~~where does it come from? For me, it’s various venues~~but, first and foremost, I’m thinking healthy. Putting ‘junk’~things like empty calories, highly processed ingredients~into my body or that of anyone who pulls up a seat in my kitchen or at my table, isn’t my idea of love. […]

italian breaded chicken

italian chicken alfredo pasta

Knorr Pasta Sides Italian chicken alfredo pasta doesn’t get much easier than this recipe. You’ll love the chicken and the alfredo pasta is super simplified! A family fave! I’ve used Knorr Pasta Sides on several occasions. In fact, I keep some in my pantry just for those crunch situations when […]

citrus drenched salmon skewers

citrus drenched salmon skewers

This is the kind of meal you could put together the day before, cover tightly then cook when you come home from work, are dog tired, don’t want to eat take out, yearn for something healthy~~you just pop these skewers on the cookie sheet then cook in not time at […]

beer drenched cowhand beef

beer drenched cowhand roast beef

If you’re a cowhand on a roundup I’m sure by the end of the day you could eat one of those heifers in one sitting. Yeah, we’re talking roast beef! You’re flat out starvin’! I’ve watched enough of Ree Drummond’s shows to know that. Cowboys are hard workin’ and deserve […]

creamy spicy cauliflower soup

creamy spicy cauliflower soup

Oh, if you love cauliflower, you’ll adore this soup. And, if you don’t like cauliflower, watch out, you may not even know that’s what’s in this soup–yes, it’s that good! And, that’s exactly what happened when I served it to my main squeeze, my big cheese taste tester, my #1 […]

hot dogs & cheesy macaroni

I’d say this comes pretty darn near close being the ultimate kids’ meal–I mean mac n’ cheese and hot dogs! This recipe is one that is brought to you by Knorrs.   I’ve prepared using their recipe and photographed. Then I entered into a contest sponsored by ZOOPPA, so let’s […]

mexican-inspired southwestern chuck roast

mexican-inspired southwestern chuck roast

I know when you read how long I cooked this roast you’re gonna say, a 2 pound roast and that much time! But, believe me, I did. Maybe it was because it was an organic grass-fed piece of beef, but letting this roast cook until it was shredding apart was […]

best meaty bolognese

Best ever meaty bolognese you’ll make. And, it’s won awards to prove it! Full of meat, flavor, herbs, and more. Worth the time in the kitchen! What is Bolognese Bolognese is different from meat sauce. Yes, they both have meat. But, bolognese is a thick rich mixture of meat, tomatoes […]

lamb loin chops

north african lamb loin chops

Lamb Chops I consider lamb chops a delicacy. And, when I season them with ras el hanout and fresh herbs I call them a north african lamb loin chop delicacy! The flavors of North Africa have sensual spice blends that can be warm and toasty, firey and spicy, and those […]

slow cooked cuban skirt steak

Skirt steak~~prized more for it’s flavor than it’s tenderness. To get that tenderness, it takes some low slow cooking, and what’s better than a slow cooker. Now don’t confuse skirt steak with flank steak~~while they have similarities, an adjacent cut, they are different. This slow cooked Cuban (koooo~bun) skirt steak […]

butter garlic herb pizza

butter garlic herb pizza

From start to finish this butter garlic herb pizza is worth every ounce of elbow grease you exert! Homemade, fresh, and absolutely divine! Gourmet Pizza Recipes OK, if you want gourmet pizza recipes, then look no further. This butter garlic herb pizza is gourmet in your own kitchen! Ingredients Pizza […]

New York Strip Pomegranate Beef Stew

When you cook this put on the Frank Sinatra music ‘New York New York’!  I say even beef stew sometimes should be made with the finest cuts of beef, and, in this case, I went with a grass fed New York strip!  Now some may say I’ve compromised its flavor, […]

Rigatoni with Smoked Italian Sausage & Chicken

rigatoni & smoked italian sausage chicken sauce

Growing up pasta, well, rigatoni in particular, was my three boys’ favorite! I’d do different sauces, the bolognese being their favorite, and this meaty almost goulash-like sauce was a close second. Interestingly, this was one way to get some veggies into their diets~~my youngest son didn’t like onions at all~~I […]

~italian inspired bison meatloaf~

italian inspired bison meatloaf

I love meatloaf, especially the leftovers & making sammiches.   I love bison and wanted to infuse this meatloaf with Italian flavors. I love comfort food & this is in my top 10.  I love mashed taters, I mean real mashed taters.  I love watching the Oscars.  I served this […]

Mediterranean Slow Roasted Pot Roast

There’s just so much about this ‘pot roast’ that’s not a ‘pot roast’…what I mean by that is that while this is a cheap, relatively speaking, cut of meat~~I mean it is a lowly chuck roast~~the way it’s cooked, the herbs, the wine and the infusion of all the flavors […]

spatchcock pineapple rosemary chicken

Spatchcock Pineapple Rosemary Chicken

Spatchcock Pineapple Rosemary Chicken recipe is perfect for an easy and delicious dinner. Learn how to spatchcock step by step!!. Spatchcock Pineapple Rosemary Chicken No doubt, chicken is one popular bird, and folks love different ways to serve up the clucker! When you ‘spatchcock’ a chicken you not only speed […]

‘Pan Seared Stacked Arugula & Campari Tomato Cod' drizzled with Fig Balsamic Glaze

pan seared cod

When I’m shopping at the grocery store, I don’t use lists~~I have a mental tally of what I may need to get in terms of staples~~yes, sometimes I end up with 3 cans of baking powder!  And, since I don’t sometimes look at the store sale flyers that come on […]

~grilled salmon & couscous~

grilled salmon & couscous

There’s nothing not to love about this dish!  It’s healthy. It’s easy. It’s eatable for a couple of days. It’s beautiful to look at.  It’s full of flavor. It’s easy~~did I already say that? Oh, heck, we all know the virtues of salmon, and couscous, well, those teeeennnnyyyy pearls of […]


fresh herb mountain trout

Quick Dinner Ideas for Family Fresh herb mountain trout is like tasting Mother Nature’s best! Oven roasted, fresh herbs and a whole brown speckled trout is gourmet cuisine! Quick dinner ideas for the family is tops on our lists of things we want in life. And, this fresh herb mountain […]

Cajun Pork Chops with Brown Sugar Buttered Apple Grapes & Fresh Mint

Cajun Pork Chops with Brown Sugar Buttered Apple Grapes & Fresh Mint

Pork never tasted so good! Like a spectacular explosion of enchanting flavors~~spicy Cajun seasoning, sweet juice grapes, caramelized apple slices and hints of mint~~you’ll licking your chops with this dish! Pork, the other white meat, juicy tender and perfect for breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner~~truly, this plate will make you […]

~sweet pepper ginger panko crusted chicken with greek tzatziki sauce~

sweet pepper ginger panko chicken

You’re gonna be so glad you gathered all these mouth-watering ingredients to marinade your chicken because, it’s worth all the effort! After the chicken breast filets float in this goodness, then it’s a simple matter of setting up your assembly line to dunk and dredge them in more tastiness. A […]

~spicy chicken bokchoy arugula soup~

Most of what I cook is sparked by what I see in my refrigerator, pantry or what’s sitting on my kitchen counter. Yes, I’m very ‘organic’ and ‘random’…I suppose that’s part of my Boho spirit…I go with what moves my soul depending upon the day, the weather, the mood, the vibes that I’m getting from how my day’s going. It’s great to be like that because, you’re always on an adventure! Now you may ask, how do I have the ingredients?

salmon confit & corn medley

And you thought pre-packaged refrigerated canned biscuits were just canned biscuits? Au contraire, these nifty convenience items can be fashioned into a lot of other cool things, and whomever’s eating the dish will probably never know you started with canned biscuits! That’s the fun part of cooking~~it’s like artistry~~the ingredients can create a new canvas. So become a biscuit sculptor in your own kitchen…come up with fun new ways to design and use them…that’s what makes being a chef an artist!

~beef potatoes & tomatoes~

beef potatoes & tomatoes

Whether you cook this on the stovetop, in a slow cooker/crockpot or in the oven~~you’re in for a comfort food experience that will make you want to curl up in your snuggle jammies on the sofa, turn on your fave TV show or movie, pour a glass of wine or […]

mac and cheese

jamaican jerk mac and cheese

 Mac and Cheese The BEST creamy mac and cheese you’ll ever taste! Put a Jamaican jerk spicy twist on it for explosive flavors! Make it a weeknight favorite! Of course, it’s easy to pick up the boxed versions of mac and cheese, but you’re not getting the real taste of […]

smokey chipotle pork chops

smokey chipotle pork chops

Pork chops~~easy seasoning, easy prep, easier cooking.  What more do you want!  Then after they’re all done…yep, with those cool grill stripes from the cast iron skillet…I like to slice these smokey chipotle pork chops at an angle and serve atop something yummmeeee~~think mashed taters, corn/kale combo (like you see […]

br’er rabbit burger

Contests are like hurricanes—with hurricanes, you can predict and prepare, but you don’t know until it strikes what really’s going to happen.  Contests take preparation galore, and you can predict what you ‘think’ your chances are, your food tasters can throw some light on what they think about what you’re […]

~jamaicanJerk steak & grilled red poblano pepper~

jamaican jerk steak & grilled red poblano pepper

Cooking for two is always much easier than cooking for a family. I’ve done both, had lots of experience with the latter, so I’m speaking from experience.  And, grilling always makes cooking easier, I think.  So, when we want a quick go to meal, we fire up the grill and […]

~lemon thyme salmon & sides~

lemon thyme salmon

Recipes for Salmon Lemon thyme salmon and your sides in 30 minutes or less. Yes, that’s what you’ll get with this simple and easy recipe. Just have your ingredients ready! Google recipes for salmon and you’ll get a ton of ideas. However, you’ll not find one easier and quicker than […]

~new zealand chicken & roasted root vegetables~

new zealand chicken & roasted root vegetables

I’m convinced that food is the great connector in life. Seems that any place I go and it doesn’t matter what the occasion or reason, the topic of food comes up! For instance, hubby and I were riding the Harley on the remote back roads of Colorado. We stopped at […]

dark red cherry boneless beef country-style ribs

dark red cherry boneless beef country style ribs

Short Ribs Beef country style ribs with a dark cherry sauce are fork tender and melt in your mouth delicious! This will be a family favorite. Hope there’re leftovers! Short ribs, whether they’re beef or pork, are alike but they’re also different. Confusing, huh? Both types of short ribs are […]

~tomato pesto spinach stuffed grilled chicken with chunky sauce & crumbled lemon herb feta~

tomato pesto spinach stuffed grilled chicken

Quick. Easy. Healthy. There’s always enough time to come home from work and prepare this boholiciously bohoriffic dish~~you’ve got layers of flavors with just a few products.  All you need to add is some pita or flat bread~~well, that’s what I’d serve with it!  Then for dessert try this~~  ~caramelized […]

New York Strip Hot Smoked Paprika Red Wine Stew

You know what happens when you go to Costco, you buy, and not just a little bit, a lot!  So, this is what happened with these New York strip steaks, I’d bought them, froze four of them, and several months later found them stuffed in the back of the freezer. […]

~jamaican jerk whole grilled chicken~

jamaican jerk whole grilled chicken

Yeah, this chicken might not be the purrrrdeeeest on the block~~kinda like ‘Ugly Betty’~~but, she sure is one of the tastiest!  What makes this bird rock is the charring, some blackening and crispiness of the skin~~yep, folks will be fighting over it!  And, another thing I like about it is, […]

~mussels shrimp & pasta~

mussels shrimp & pasta

Yeah, I’ve done these mussels and shrimp before (just put those words in the Google search box on my website and start counting), but each time I gussy ’em up a little differently.  So hang in there with me and try this new version of this seafood and pasta~~cuz, that’s […]

greek veal

greek veal kleftiko ‘stolen meat’

This Greek veal keftiko, an easy one skillet meal, will give you those extraordinary flavors that come from exquisite Mediterranean foods! Veal Recipes Sometimes folks shy away from veal recipes because they might think it’s a more complicated protein to prepare. But, veal, like lamb is rather simple and easy […]

~creole seasoned pan seared salmon~

~creole seasoned pan seared salmon~

This is one of those carving dishes that I just had to make for me~~I was home alone (well, I did have a ‘friend’ whose photo I also took) didn’t want to spend much time cooking, wanted to enjoy it during the twilight evening hours with a chilled glass of chardonnay on […]

~fresh herb arugula penne pasta & Parmesan~

fresh herb arugula penne pasta & parmesan

This is one of those easy quick recipes that you can serve for breakfast, lunch or dinner~~it can be a side or add the sunnyside up egg and you have an full meal. Grill a piece of chicken or salmon and it’s yet another meal. The pasta is laden with […]

crunchy honey garlic chicken

crunchy honey garlic chicken

It’s hard to write all that makes me happy about this recipe!  I saw it posted at my foodie friends’ Facebook pages, Tiffany of ‘My Crowded Kitchen’ and Tara, from ‘Della Rose Living‘. I was immediately and inexplicably taken. Come to find out, me and 776,000 other folks who’ve clicked […]

~spaghetti carbonara with chives~

pasta alla carbonara with chives

Yes, this can be for breakfast, and that’s exactly why I fixed it one morning~~I thought, hey, why wait til dinner, this is about as close to a great eggs and bacon as you can get!  You can pass on the toast because the pasta is your carb, and it’s […]

~pan seared sea bass & mahi mahi~

pan seared sea bass & mahi mahi

What’s not to love about a tender white fish that’s just so easy to prepare, needs little primping, and each succulent bit melts in your mouth~~when I scored and saw these two pieces of fish half price at the market, I knew they were mine~~without even thinking I scooped them […]

~smoked ale campfire beef stew~

Smoked Ale Campfire Beef Stew

Campfire beef stew is the belly-filling meal when you’re camping or if you’re at home! Full of rustic flavors, it’s sure to bring smiles! Winter Dinner Ideas The weather these days has ranged from freezing temperatures to border spring highs! However, having good comfort food has been a bonus. And, […]

skillet steamed fresh mountain trout

skillet steamed fresh mountain trout

Camping is always an adventure! Growing up I never camped—actually, this is one of the new escapades of my life after 50! My philosophy is that I want to experience as much as I can out of life while I’m able and healthy—so, getting hooked on camping has been one […]

Grana Padano Bone-In Pork Chop & Snow Peas

grana padano bone-in pork chop & snow peas

I love entering contests, and when I came upon the “Legends from Europe Contest” I knew I wanted to give it whirl!   What is Legends from Europe?  They’re makers of hams and cheeses, and here’s what they say~~’These world-class hams and cheeses look and taste different, yet have a […]

~old bay cod veggie skewers~

old bay cod veggie skewers

For me one way to pack some great flavor in meats and veggies without loading up on butter and oil is to use spices! And, if you’ve jumped on my magic carpet travels over the past couple of years, you know that I love spice blends from around the world! […]

Chana Masala Pork & Corn Confit with Pea Sp

Chana Masala Pork & Corn Medley with Pea Sprouts

My Boho nature invades all parts of my life, not just my food~~it’s in my thinking, my living and my cooking!  What exactly is a ‘boho’ nature…well, this is my take on it~~I love adventure.  I love changing things up.  I love trying new things.  I love putting together unlikely […]

~garam masala veal & pasta~

garam masala veal & pasta

This is one of those meals that you can make in about 30 minutes and feel like you’re eating somewhere really fancy dancy! Because these veal cutlets are thin, they cook quickly, and once you’ve made the pasta, you’re just about ready to serve up something boholicious! Garam Masala is […]

~asian burgers with spicy savoy cabbage slaw~

‘Hi, I’m Ally & I’m a burger addict.’   Just something about the layers of flavor from the charred and grilled meat to all the toppings you can layer on from cheeses to veggies to even fruit, for me a burger is a meal in my hands!  Now, sometimes, I […]

strip steak

cast iron skillet new york strip steak

It doesn’t get much better and easier than this cast iron skillet New York strip steak! Juicy and tender and pan seared in a hot skillet! Grassfed Steaks If you can start with the best beef, yes, grassfed steaks, then you don’t need much more than salt and pepper for […]

~butter herb garlic grilled chicken~

butter herb garlic grilled chicken

This butter her garlic grilled chicken makes for a couple of fine meals~~remember, the carcass is full of nutrition once you’ve pretty much picked the bird clean, so simmer it a while in some water, onions, carrots, celery & spices, and you’ll have an outrageously delicious broth for soups and […]

Peach Bourbon Turkey Tenderloin Breasts

Peach Bourbon Turkey Tenderloin Breasts

This recipe is brought to you by DOLE Packaged Foods, however, all of the recipe development and creative food artistry, including the photography, is solely the work of Ally in her Kitchen.  For more information CLICK~ There’s fruit in season and then there’s fruit out of season~~and, what do you do […]

turkey & zucchini burgers with green onion & cumin

turkey & zucchini burgers with green onion & cumin

I had no idea these ‘burgers’ would be better the next day and cold!  Yep, while they were boholicious right after cooking, hot and loads of flavors then bites dipped in the yogurt minty sauce, as day after finger eats, they were even better.  This recipe is not mine~~it comes […]

Jerusalem Eggs with Black Forbidden Rice & Quinoa

nomad eggs with black forbidden rice & quinoa

Inspiration for new dishes comes from random events and places for me like when I’m brushing my teeth or gargling and then from some pretty predictable places like cookbooks, but I must say not many cookbooks and/or recipes truly inspire me, like make my heart skip a beat or two~~like […]

~standing rib roast~

~standing rib roast~

Disclaimer~~This is just not for special occasions!  Holiday dinners call for something pretty fanceee schmanceee, and there’s nothing more stunning and delicious than a standing rib roast!  Christmas for us as the kids have grown up, started their own families and have their own lives has morphed from lots of […]

Cast Iron Skillet Mexican Pie

cast iron skillet mexican pie

Mexican Casserole Using leftovers to make this one skillet Mexican pie is going to win you votes as best home cook! Make it a day ahead of serving, the flavors will burst! The best thing about this cast iron skillet Mexican pie recipe is that it’s easy and you can […]

boho beef bourguignon

boho beef bourguignon

Funny how you get inspired to do a dish.  Since we’re having dinner guests tonight, since I had about a 2 1/2 pound chuck roast, since I didn’t want to do ‘just’ a country roast with veggies…I needed inspiration.  Enter my friend, Chris, who’s website is The Cafe Sucre Farina.  […]

~bison puttenesca meatballs & linguine~

~bison puttenesca meatballs & linguine~

So what do you do when you want a good tasting meatball, but you don’t want to use beef, and you have dinner guests who don’t eat red beef or pork?  Well, for me, I turned to bison then added turkey pepperoni for some added flavor.  Now I’m not a […]

Moroccan Meatballs & Lemon Pepper Angel Hair Pasta

moroccan meatballs

Probably one of my most favorite types of foods would be those that are considered ‘Middle Eastern’. I just love the spices whether you’re thinking Morocco, Israel, Tunisia or other areas in the Middle East.  I’ve created so many recipes using these spices, and this particular recipe was developed during […]

Jamaican Jerk Spiced Crispy Chicken

jamaican jerk spiced crispy chicken

How much work goes into trying to create a favorite ‘fast food’ brand dish?  Well, a lot, and I’m still working.  But, this chicken is worth of being it’s own brand~~nonetheless, I’m going to continue in my lab try to replicate…yes, read on~~ I love the fast food brand Chick […]

Sweet Pepper Relish BBQ Pork

sweet pepper relish bbq pork

If you follow me on my website, you know that I’m a Bohemian cook, and I love to explore new spices~~it lets me travel the world without even leaving my kitchen!  You can do it, too~~I’m telling you, it’s fun, and you realize that the world is connected by one […]

Moroccan Bison Ragu

~moroccan bison ragu~

In the 2013 World Food Championships, I made it to the Top 10 in my category, Recipes.  The ‘infused’ ingredient was bison because the National Bison Council was sponsoring this division of the competition.  So there was just the evening, actually, a few hours, to really think about what my […]

Bolognese with Ricciarelle Pasta

Bolognese with Ricciarelle Pasta

A variation of my other bolognese recipes that have won awards, I worked months on this recipe for the 2013 World Food Championships~~and, it was my first build called the ‘signature’ build of the competition in Las Vegas.  Because I had only about an hour and a half to make […]

Chardonnay Raspberry Spicy BBQ

Chardonnay Raspberry Spicy BBQ

This recipe is brought to you by DOLE Packaged Foods, however, all of the recipe development and creative food artistry, including the photography, is solely the work of Ally in her Kitchen.  For more information CLICK~ So many of my recipe and ingredient creations come from a subconscious spinning of my […]

Butternut Squash & Corn Whole Wheat Pasta

butternut squash & corn pasta

This dish makes me think of Fall, Thanksgiving, and American Indians!  It’s filled with beautiful colors reflective of fall leaves turning~~the maize, or corn, makes me know how resourceful and industrious the American Indians were in helping the first settlers who came to America.  And, the butternut squash just means […]

Sweet & Smoky Hibachi Peach Pork BBQ

Sweet & Smoky Hibachi Peach Pork BBQ

Pork…Southern.  Peaches…Southern.  BBQ…Southern.  Sweet & Smoky Hibachi seasoning…welcome to being Southern!  Take a bone-in pork loin roast, let it just bathe in some really nice seasoning and juices in a low temperature oven for several hours, and what you have is the beginnings of a fabulous chopped pork BBQ! I […]

Barney Rubble Burger

Barney Rubble Burger

When Ben and I lived in Boston until about 2011, my dear girlfriend, Reagan, and I had an affinity for finding the best burgers in Boston~~so, we started the ‘Traveling Food Tribe’~~looking for the best burgers in Boston!  Tough job, huh?  Oh, what fun we had critiquing the burgers and […]

Buttermilk Crunchy Spicy Herb Chicken Breasts

buttermilk crunchy spicy herb chicken breasts

The technique for cooking this chicken and getting the crunch involves two steps~~first you have to flash fry for a few minutes to mold the outter crust, then you let the chicken slow cook in the oven to get the juicy tender inside completely done.  Another thing to consider when […]

Salmon Salad with Mint Pepper Jelly Peas

Salmon Salad with Mint Pepper Jelly Peas

Salmon Salad with Mint Pepper Jelly Peas recipe is refreshing, delicious and easy to make! Try it today! Salmon Salad with Mint Pepper Jelly Peas For busy families, cooking is all about having time, enough time, to prepare a great meal.  The key to making that easier is cooking more […]

Mandarin Orange Lamb Chops

mandarin lamb chops

This recipe is brought to you by DOLE Packaged Foods, however, all of the recipe development and creative food artistry, including the photography, is solely the work of Ally in her Kitchen.  For more information CLICK~ Ever since returning from the DOLE California Cook-Off ***hummm, who won? Click and see**** I’ve been obsessed […]

Moroccan Grilled Chicken Breast

~moroccan grilled chicken breast~

The aromatics of the spices in this Moroccan Grilled Chicken are intoxicating!  I just love Harissa and Ras el Hanout~~and, if you follow my Bohemian Bold cooking, thinking and living, you know that the way I spice up food lets your palate travel the globe finding unique and titillating flavors […]

Herb Fruit & Lime Chicken Salad

Herb Fruit & Lime Chicken Salad

I just can’t say enough about the value of a rotisserie chicken from a grocery store deli, Costco, Sam’s Club or any other place you might pick one up!  For a small family of four, it can sometimes be two maybe three meals, however, for a couple of folks, like […]

sweet ginger sockeye salmon

sweet ginger sockeye salmon

There’s just no way to say ‘there’s not time to cook healthy’ with this dish!  Most all types of seafood are really easy and quick and make delicious meals with little or no effort, especially when you’re pan searing.  This ‘Sweet Ginger Sockeye Salmon’ was served with ‘Mint Peas’ and […]

Ginger Garlic Lemon Grilled Chicken

Ginger Garlic Lemon Grilled Chicken

By now many of you know that I love charring on my food…maybe it’s the crunch, maybe the burnt flavor (I like burnt potato chips, too!)…not sure, but even as a kid when I’d roast a marshmallow, and, yes, on a regular ol  stick, I’d char the outside of it, […]

Linguine with Fresh Clam Sauce

linguine & fresh clam sauce

I love holidays when family all gathers, and our family, 5 children, 5 and soon-to-be six grandchildren is one big clan when about half of us get together.  These days it’s really rare and difficult for everyone to be in the same place…you know the geographic and ‘life’ constraints of […]

harissa veal meatball fruit kabobs

harissa veal meatball fruit kabobs

This recipe was the Midas Touch! It won me 25k! My feet still haven’t touched the ground! The reality of it hasn’t sunk in! The thrill of all of this amazing contest competition is exhilarating, and you run on steam that you never thought you had!  I created this recipe […]

Roasted Creamy Spicy Root Soup

Roasted Creamy Spicy Root Soup

I’ve never really spent a lot of time cooking with parsnips~~it’s pretty cool that parsnips date back to the Roman times and that they were once used as a sweetner in Europe before cane sugar got there!  Parsnips are high in vitamins and potassium, and since I’ve been having some […]

Chuck Roast

bourbon brown sugar chuck roast

Bourbon Pot Roast Get ready to have this bourbon brown sugar chuck roast melt in your mouth! Yeah, it’s got those flavors that are off the charts! Food 52 puts it succinctly when talking about alcohol and cooking with it, “when used properly, alcohol improves your food. It bonds with […]

Balsamic Basil Pan Seared Chicken

Balsamic Basil Pan Seared Chicken

Our days in Tuscany in the Chianti area have been marked with a huge meal in the middle of the day at a fabulous restaurant somewhere in one of the many medieval villages that are sprinkled only a few miles apart.  When we return back to villa, we have yet another glass […]

grilled chicken

grilled chicken sun dried tomatoes

Chicken Breast Dinner Ideas Such simplicity in this grilled chicken and sun dried tomatoes. It’s a taste of Tuscany where I was when I first created this recipe! This is one of the best chicken breast dinner ideas out there. Just a few ingredients and one skillet. Quick and Easy […]

madras curry shrimp

madras curry shrimp

Food in India Madras curry shrimp will let you escape to the exotic cuisine of India without even going through TSA! If you love spicy and robust flavors, this is it! Food in India. I’ve never even ventured into that kind of ethnic cooking and now I’m getting my toes […]

Black Bean Spinach & Cherry Tomato Pizza

Black Bean Spinach & Cherry Tomato Pizza

You’ll need a fork with this ‘pizza’~~it’s gooey and oooey and fat and sassy and full of yummilicious, and only seven, ingredients!  Why not speed up the process of fixing a dinner by using a pre-packaged pizza dough~~I mean you get home from work, your draggin’ and tired, there are […]

Temrika Meslalla (Garlic Beef with Green Olives)

temrika meslalla (garlic beef with green olives)

My heart gravitates to certain cookbooks~~those that are ethnic, those that have a rustic peasant allure to them, those that incorporate non-typical ingredients including spices and herbs, those that take me out of my culinary comfort zone, those that expose me to a global table and those that have gorgeous […]

Bacon Dripping Dandelions with Roasted Chicken Pomegranate & Asiago

roasted chicken pomegranate & asiago sandwich

Who doesn’t like free!  I got free dandelion greens, nice succulent fresh tender green ones, while walking with my girlfriend alongside the road a couple of days ago.  Brought those critters home~~we both had a mess full we carried and passing cars must have thought we were strange looking with […]

bohemian lasagna

Bohemian Lasagna

Making this lasagna is easy…all you need to make it ‘boho’ is to have made the ‘Bohoemian Bolognese’!  And, since when you make this fabulous sauce you have enough for a battalion, you’ll see that not only can you do lasagna but other things~~pizza, sandwiches, topppings for roasted veggies, even […]

Roasted Eggplant with Buttermilk Lime Cilantro Sauce & Corn Confit

eggplant & lime cilantro sauce

Inspiration for cooking can come from likely and unlikely sources.  This creation comes from a likely source~~a great cookbook that just intrigues my eyes, my palate, my soul and my spirit~~I don’t say that about many cookbooks, so listen up!  It’s called ‘Plenty’ and it’s dubbed ‘vibrant vegetable recipes from […]

Bohemian Lasagna with Veggies

According to the Urban Dictionary, someone who’s Bohemian is ‘somebody who leads an alternative lifestyle, they are not hippies because they can have an extremely wide range of different tastes in music, fashion, art, literature, etc.  They are usually very creative people.  They are above all optimists  even if they can […]

bone in pork chop

bone-in pork chop & beurre blanc sauce

Easy Pork Chop Skillet Dinner Recipes This bone-in pork chop, big daddy type, is perfect with this beurre blanc sauce. Now don’t let the French sauce scare you off! So easy to make! Really this is one of those super easy pork chop skillet dinner recipes that you’ll make repeatedly. […]