Napa Beef Wraps

napa beef wraps

This is one of those recipes that has few ingredients, and the pack a powerful palate punch!  Add to that the fact that it can be prepared within about 30 minutes, no dilly dallying, and you’ve got something that will be a crowd pleaser! The crunchiness of the Napa cabbage […]

asian curried marmalade wings

asian curried marmalade wings

Asian Curried Marmalade Wings ignites two things for me. Challenging myself to just a few ingredients and making quick and easy recipes is one of my goals for the next year. Also, I’m working on making shorty videos of the recipe. You know, those videos with happy catchy perky music […]

sesame chicken drumettes

sesame chicken drumettes

Yes, tailgating is great. It’s camaraderie. It’s great food. It’s excitement and loyalty. But, who says it can’t be done right in your own living room where you have a prime seat watching the big screen, a comfy sofa, wine, a fireplace crackling and the cat purring and sleeping on […]

hatch chili wings

hatch chile wings

Oh, lawsy, what do you do when you have the munchies at 10 pm at night and you want something spicy and hot. And, did I say pretty dang quick! Order a pizza? No way. These hatch chile wings were spot on. I mean in about 25 minutes, start to […]

avocado pimento cheese spread

avocado pimento cheese fruit spread

You probably know some of the virtues, health that is, of avocados.I’ll be sharing some with you! And, you might just think Mexican or South American when you see an avocado. Did you know that an avocado is a fruit? And, it’s sometimes known as the ‘alligator pear’!  So, my avocado pimento […]

brown sugar almond spiced clusters

brown sugar almond spiced clusters

You know those big bags of walnuts and almonds you can get at those ‘leading’ big box stores~~you know what I’m talking about…the stores where you can push flatbeds that can hold Kate + 8 or oversized carts that’re the size of a small play pen, you buy in bulk […]

iieana's beef empanadas

lleana’s beef empanadas

This is a sponsored post from Knorr’s and Zooppa~~I was given an opportunity to create five recipes they sent me, photograph them, then enter into the Knorrs contest on Zooppa. So, nothing was ‘boho’d’ but I shall give you some of the things I learned from making the recipes~~here goes […]

buttermilk biscuit waffles

buttermilk biscuit waffles

Searching for the Buttermilk Biscuit Waffles! Get the recipe here at Ally Kitchen. You will love it, Just give it a try! Buttermilk Biscuit Waffles Delicious and soft waffles can be served solo with various toppings or used as cake layers for dessert cakes. The reason I don’t use a […]

heavenly chocolate cookies

This recipe was ‘boho’d’ from the original recipe from ‘My Crowded Kitchen‘ one of my favorite foodies in the universe!  When I saw the this incredible stack of chocolate love cookies that It’s Yummilicious had shared, I went right to her page then on to the blog  to see what […]

~madam’s lace cookies~

madam’s lace cookies

A taste of Camelot~~this is a historical vintage recipe~~not mine but that of Marta Sgubin who was with the Kennedy family for 25+ years as governess, personal cook and long-time companion of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.  Here cookbook, Cooking for Madam, was a gift to me in 1998 for my birthday from […]

creole chicken wings

best ever creole chicken wings

Creole vs Cajun These creole chicken wings are perfect for a quick snack or even a meal. Dip them in the creamy smokey chipotle sauce. Taste the spiciness! BEST EVER! Doesn’t matter to me if I’m talking creole or cajun because they’re both perfect for chicken wings. Folks say that […]

Lemon Olive Oil & Sea Salt/Pepper Toastees

Sometimes the bread I make is hit or miss…for some reason, my last few loaves were very dense and ‘heavy’, so instead of tossing in the trash, I decided to slice the bread thin and make ‘toastees’ using various toppings.  These are kind of like ‘bagel crisps’ not quite as […]

Southern Pecan PoundCake Waffles with Bourbon Smoky Pecans & Peaches

Southern Pecan PoundCake Waffles with Bourbon Smoky Pecans & Peaches

The ‘greatest food’ elements that define this dessert are three ingredients that are smokin’ hot Southern loves—poundcake, pecans, and peaches!  Whether you say ‘peeeeecan’ or ‘peahhcahhhn’ you’ll know that your poundcake waffle is full of the Southern favorite~~you’ll bite into the smoky pecans and juicy bourbon butter and brown sugar […]

Sweet Potato Short Fries

Yes, there are ‘Short Ribs.’   How ‘bout ‘Short Fries’! The hardest part about making sweet potato fries is peeling them!  Especially, if I buy long somewhat large fat sweet potates, and that’s what I want when I’m doing fries.  Nice long fries with ninety degree angles on the cuts.  Alas, […]

br’er rabbit burger

Contests are like hurricanes—with hurricanes, you can predict and prepare, but you don’t know until it strikes what really’s going to happen.  Contests take preparation galore, and you can predict what you ‘think’ your chances are, your food tasters can throw some light on what they think about what you’re […]

Applesauce Coconut Cranberry Walnut Bread

This ‘Applesauce Cocnut Cranberry Walnut Bread’ is a pure form of enjoying the delicious coconut, cranberries, nuts and sweet bread without being distracted by too many competing spices…in fact, I didn’t put one spice in here, unless you consider the vanilla a spice.  You can vary the dried fruit you […]

Carrot Pineapple Coconut Cake Tartlets

I haven’t had real good luck with making a carrot cake!  The 4-layer one I made a few months ago was so dry that I had to demolish it and re-cycle it into ‘Carrot Cake Rum Balls’ which, by the way……were quite delicious as well as compellingly gorgeous—simple bite sizes […]

~al fresco summer chicken tomatoes & purple potatoes~

al fresco summer chicken tomatoes & purple potatoes

Aaahhhhhh, al fresco dining! The summer months call for this gloriously casual fare! Anyone can create and enjoy this type of temperate weather eating whether it’s a full meal or just finger treats! The key to ‘al fresco’ eating is that you’re outside—yes, you’re in the element of Mother Nature […]

~ biscoff chocolate crumbly sticks & bites~

~ biscoff chocolate crumbly sticks & bites~

You live and learn. That’s so true when cooking. So, in this easy quick recipe, I learned that to make the slicing of the sticks and bites easier I should have lined my baking dish with parchment paper. Alas, I didn’t~~cutting them in the pan was a pain and getting […]

~eggo southern hushpuffies~

eggo southern hushpuffies

Cooking contests bring out the best in me!  I love the thrill of the challenge~~after reading the rules carefully and knowing what the parameters are, my head starts to assimilate and go to work.  Now, most of the time, this ‘thinking’ is at the subconscious level~~and, after a few days, […]

ham & baby swiss on rye

ham & baby swiss on rye

Sometimes you just need a no brainer for a sandwich~~I really don’t even know why I’m making this a ‘recipe’ because it seems so simple and obvious.  So, rather than call it a recipe, let’s just say it’s an ‘eats idea’!  Total time in from start to finish might be […]

~old bay tater skin crispies~

old bay tater skin crispies

So I was making twice baked potatoes for the family. I’d baked 8 very large Russet potatoes, scooped out the insides, did my thing with adding the other ingredients for re-filling into the skin shells.  For some reason I ended up with 4 half shells unfilled!  Go figure~~maybe I overstuffed […]

Hamburger Bun Baby Pizza

Hamburger Bun Baby Pizza

Hamburger buns are not just for hamburgers!  I reckon you could call this a pizza burger or a yummmeeee salad on a bun.  One of the things I love about this kind of idea is that it’s dang quick, it’s beautiful, it’s delicious, and it’s healthy!  The additional broiling of […]

Orange Almond Wedding Cookies

Orange Almond Wedding Cookies

These ‘Orange Almond Wedding Cookies’ look like little dollops of ice cream!  Once you bite into the buttery goodness, you know you’re tasting something that could well be addictive~~they’re almost bite size~~unless you want to be dainty and make two bites out of them~~and, they have the subtle hint of […]

Willy Wonka Chocolate Graham Cracker Nut Bars

Willy Wonka Chocolate Graham Cracker Nut Bars

There are times in my life when I get these attacks~~as in chocolate attacks~~it’s like my body craves the rich taste of this aphrodisiac taste!  Now I wasn’t in the mood for just smooth creamy chocolate~~I wanted it combined with chewiness, crunch, nuttiness, and, yes, saltiness.  So, the genesis of […]

Sweet & Spicy Saigon Spread

Sweet & Spicy Saigon Spread

It’s just so easy to make your own  ‘designer’ inspired spreads, and you can control everything about it~~the flavors, the textures, the colors, the ingredients!  So starting with my main ingredient, ‘Sweet & Spicy Saigon’ spice from Simply Asia…thanks to them for sending me a box of products…I decided that […]

Sweet Ginger Sugar Pea Pods

Sweet Ginger Sugar Pea Pods

When you get really fresh farmers’ market sugar pea pods, you can eat them raw, and it’s like eating sweet candy!  Cooking them ever so gently and with a few spices and a little something extra, cherry tomatoes, makes the sugars and flavors burst forth!  While we might think this […]

Rodelle Angel Food Cupcakes with ‘Warm Bourbon Strawberry Sauce & Cacao Nibs’

Angel Food Cupcakes

Learn how to make the best angel food cupcakes. This recipe is very easy and better than any store bought cake mix. Give us a visit today! Angel Food Cake Desserts You might thing that angel food cake desserts are complicated to make. That you need to really have training […]

pan grilled vegetables

tuscan pan grilled vegetables

Our travels in Tuscany led us one day to Montevarchi to the Thursday outdoor market. From clothing to food to cheese, fish, trinkets and veggies, there was more than I could imagine.  The vegetables were the most amazing!! They looked like they’d just been brought from the fields or orchards […]

Sea Salt & Raw Sugar Cinnamon Roasted Walnuts

sea salt cinnamon roasted walnuts

Nuts for Health Roasted walnuts with seas salt and cinnamon! Perfect topping for salads, yogurt, cereal, a charcuterie and more. Take walnuts to a higher level of yum! Nuts for your health is well-documented. Basically any type of nut is going to be good for your health, well, unless you’re […]

Crunchy Yeast Buttermilk White Bread

Crunchy Yeast Buttermilk White Bread

What I’m finding about bread-making is that it’s not as hard as you think!  Now, I do mine the ol’ fashioned way~~knead with my hands~~don’t even own a bread-making machine!  There’s just something tactile and luscious about getting your hands into the sticky dough, flicking on more flour, pushing and […]

Broccolini Mandarin Orange Pizza

broccolini mandarin orange pizza

This recipe is brought to you by DOLE Packaged Foods, however, all of the recipe development and creative food artistry, including the photography, is solely the work of Ally in her Kitchen.  For more information CLICK~ Sweet and savory crispy thin crust, this ‘pizza’ is refreshing!  When you have the tender […]

Fresh Crab & Campari Tomatoes

Fresh Crab & Campari Tomatoes

We have more crabs than Carter’s got pills in our inlet!  Ben will just bait the crab traps, toss ’em out from the floating dock, leave them for about 48 hours or more, and when we pull them in, they’re usually loaded with big fat crabs!  Throw ’em in a […]

Italian Yeast Peasant Bread

Italian Yeast Peasant Bread

When Ben usually eats something I’ve made, he’ll say, ‘This is the best thing I’ve ever eaten!’  Well, I’m like Ben on this one~~this is the best bread I’ve every made!  Moist, tender, dense, yet light, a heavenly yeasteee aroma cooking and pull apart fluffy and soft!  It reminded me […]

Black Bean Spinach & Cherry Tomato Pizza

Black Bean Spinach & Cherry Tomato Pizza

You’ll need a fork with this ‘pizza’~~it’s gooey and oooey and fat and sassy and full of yummilicious, and only seven, ingredients!  Why not speed up the process of fixing a dinner by using a pre-packaged pizza dough~~I mean you get home from work, your draggin’ and tired, there are […]

Roasted Veggie Egg Sandwich

Roasted Veggie Egg Sandwich

Seems that many times when I cook for only Ben and me, there’s always just a ‘tad’ leftover of a few things, and when it’s a cucumber and tomato salad and roasted veggies, I just don’t have the heart to toss them out, although there’s not enough there to make […]

Fried Green Tomato Southern Salsa

Unless you’re Southern, you may not realize what a fried green tomato is or why a fried green tomato is so revered.  First of all, it’s fried~~think crunch.  Second of all, it’s dipped in buttermilk~~think luscious tartness.  Third of all, it’s got an al detente-ness that lets you know it’s […]

Crispy French Toast & Grilled Brown Sugar Apple Slices

I make a lot of what I call, ‘rustic peasant bread’…now these breads are really easy, you’ll find many on my website by just putting in the search box the word ‘bread’!  Since it’s all natural, as in no preservatives to make it last until my youngest child graduates from […]

Oatmeal Cranberry Nut Breakfast Cake (Gluten Free)

I’ve been experimenting more and more with different types of flour for baking purposes…some of this is spurred on by the gluten-free movement, some of it’s just because I want to branch out from regular wheat flour and try some of those cute little, albeit expensive for sure, packages of […]

crispy waffle babies

This recipe for crispy waffle babies is more about technique than anything.  That’s why I used a waffle and pancake mix~~I was also excited and wanted to get started with my new idea! I wanted to see if I could make a rippled and fluted pancake that has crisp for […]

Raisin Almond Cookie Puffs

Raisin Almond Cookie Puffs

These cookies are pretty to look at.  These cookies are easy to make.  These cookie keep well for a few days or freeze well in an air-tight container.  These cookies go perfectly well with a cup of coffee or tea or a big ol’ glass of frosty cold milk!  Let’s […]

Meyer Lemon Pan Grilled Scallops

Finding nice juicy large boholicious scallops is always a treat!  Even if they’re ‘previously frozen’, which is the case most all the time when you’re living in the mountains of Colorado, I have to have my fix for scallops.  It’s precisely these times that I miss living on the inlet […]

Cinnamon Almond Rolls

Cinnamon Almond Rolls

These are what I call ‘hearty’ cinnamon rolls…they’re not like ‘Cinnab0n’ cinnamon rolls~~yeasty and soft.  These are like cowboy cinnamon biscuit rolls!  A texture that has some dense mass, some bite and chew…don’t expect them ‘melt in your mouth’ like marshmallows~~you’ll need to bite then chew the love and feel […]

Spiced Pumpkin Pecan Oatmeal Bars

Double duty~~that’s what these ‘Spiced Pumpkin Pecan Oatmeal Bars’ are~~ well, really triple or quadruple duty!  They’re not real sweet, so they can handle the cream cheese icing and chocolate ganache.  If you don’t want to do that, then don’t!!  Leave them ‘au naturale’!  You might want to eat them […]

Crispy & Savory Shrimp Brie & Prosciutto Wrap

Crispy & Savory Shrimp Brie & Prosciutto Wrap

Creating this recipe for the Ile de France Cheese ‘Holiday Recipe Contest’ was a lot of fun!  Living on the coast of South Carolina means I have access to some of the most succulent shrimp you could ever put in your mouth, so finding new ways to prepare, plate and […]

Buffalo Chorizo Flatbread Pizza with Charred Red Bells and Scallion Sauce

buffalo chorizo flatbread pizza

Buffarizo! Buffalo or/bison and chorizo—think Gringo and Amigo—food elements that are a treasured part of my life.  For the past almost 20 years, my nomadic life has included living not only in South Carolina but in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  Life there is vastly different from my life along […]

Smoked Chipotle Red Wine Beef Short Ribs

When I find something really interesting on sale, as in marked down 50% or more, like these beef short ribs, I snatch ’em up…good thing there wasn’t anyone around eyeing them, too, because I might have gotten really snitty, horned in, and grabbed ’em!  There were just four, perfect for […]

Buckwheat Buttermilk Banana Pancakes

Since I didn’t have any white flour, I decided that if we were to have pancakes they’d have to be whole wheat.  Funny how things always work out wonderfully when you don’t think you have to follow the way you usually do something~~and, for me, pancakes are ‘usually’ made with […]

chewy ginger molasses cookies

It’s always a fun thing to take an admired and talented fellow foodie’s recipe and re-create it with your own spin or twist.  One of my favorite foodies is Stevie Wonder…that would be Steve from The Black Peppercorn!  He always comes up with some great recipes, and I must say, […]

Watermelon Grape & Cherry Tomato Salad ANTHROPOLOGIE

Watermelon Grape & Cherry Tomato Salad~~Anthropologie Nibbles

This recipe, Watermelon Grape & Cherry Tomato Salad~~Anthropologie Nibbles, was boho’d from its original version.  The original recipe can be found in the cookbook ‘Sweet Paul.’  Why did I choose this recipe, this cookbook and boho it?  Ally’s Kitchen teamed up with our local Anthropologie store, and this cookbook is sold […]

Artisan Lettuce Romesco Anthropologie Nibbles

Artisan Lettuce Romesco~~Anthropologie Nibbles

I was introduced to Romesco by Chef Anthony Sasso of Casa Mono Bar Jamon in NYC.  Now I’ve made ‘Artisan Lettuce Romesco’!   Chef Anthony came to cook in my Colorado kitchen preparing a spectacular meal for Ben and me and ten of our most favorite guests!  That entire soiree was an […]