boho living

mezze or tapas style dining for the holidays

Holidays are tough! Make it easier with a mezze or tapas style dining for the holidays! These ideas have some common ingredients and ideas! Tapas Style Dining Tapas style dining, well, it’s a casual care-free fabulous way of sharing a meal and breaking bread with friends and family. For me, […]

thanksgiving table decor ideas

thanksgiving table decor ideas

Thanksgiving is as much about the food feast as it is about the thanksgiving table decor ideas! I have 3 great decor themes for you to try! How to Decorate my Dining Room Table for Thanksgiving Sure Thanksgiving is about the food, but it’s also about that exquisite table you’re […]

boho chic home

Boho Chic Home Ultimate Guide

Ideas to create the cozy stunning Boho Chic Home! Everyone can add a little free-spirited Boho to their home and love the look! Easy tips! Boho Decorating When it comes to interior design, the Boho-Chic trend is leading the pack. This eclectic décor style features a variety of colors, textures, […]

ally’s free online digital magazine

Ally’s free digital magazine Fall 2020 is full of inspiration and ideas for living in our ‘new’ normal world! Food and home ideas to delight! Magazine Free Who doesn’t love free. And, that’s what I’m doing for you during these tough times. Yes, this magazine is totally free!  Free Online […]

9 everyday luxuries for less

Luxuries of Life These 9 everyday luxuries for less allow you to pamper yourself! Most are economical. You work hard and deserve to have be pampered with little luxuries! For the sake of understanding, the word ‘luxury’ has different meanings to different people, and it can be relative depending upon […]

breakfast singapore hawker style

breakfast singapore hawker style

Country of Singapore Breakfast in Singapore hawker style is a sight to behold and gastronomical experience! Let some of these ideas inspire your new morning menu! The island of Singapore is a bucket list place to visit. A sovereign nation, it’s located on the southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia in […]

tea party ideas

perfect tea party ideas

Hosting a Tea Party on a Budget Perfect tea party ideas are simple and easy with just some basic inspiration. From the tea party food to the tea party decorations, it’s simple! Hosting a tea party on a budget isn’t difficult. You just kind of use what you have around […]

budget bedroom decor ideas

7 budget bedroom decor ideas

Bedroom designs on a budget! These seve budget bedroom decor ideas can happen without breaking the bank! Feel like you’re in a new room! Room Makeover There’s something exciting about a room makeover OR REdecorating, especially when it’s your own bedroom. The only problem is that redecorating can cost a […]

ally's stylish head scarves

ally’s stylish head scarves

Head scarves are so very versatile! You can wear them as wraps around your shoulders. Maybe use a big scarf as a bathing suit wrap. Tie them around your neck. Use scarves to dress up any outfit! I’m going to show you some of my favorite ways to tie stylish […]

head scarf wrapping styles

head scarf wrapping styles

Ally’s Kitchen is more than just food! We’re all about another necessity of life—style! Lifestyle is a trending term on media platforms right now, and Ally and I are tapping into that energy. In Ally’s Kitchen, we believe that styling yourself in creative ways, kind of finding your fashion‘trademark’, is […]

nine boho living room ideas

Boho Bedroom Bohemian or Boho is definitely one of the most favored interior decor styles next to Scandinavian and minimalist. It’s easy to achieve since you can mix different elements with abandon. Best of all, it’s affordable! If you plan to create a bohemian feel in your living room, here […]

healthy snacks for hiking

Backpack Food The best healthy hiking snacks are homemade! Stay fueled and energized! Fortify yourself before and during the hike with these recipes that travel! In this blog post, I am going to share some of Ally’s recipes, perfect for a healthy-hike and staying fueled on the trail. It’s backpack […]

Celebrating Graduates with Summer Feast Ideas!

May is a busy month with celebrations from Mother’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day, and many graduations. For many, this includes walking across a stage—whether that be at a high school, college, post-grad, or other ceremony and while graduation normally has a positive connotation, this year, many graduates are […]

sunday dinner

bring back sunday dinner

NOTE: I wrote this post pre-Covid19. Let’s wait until we’re free, clear and safe before we institute Sunday dinners! It’ll be awesome to gather friends and family,  hug, share great food and realize that we truly are #inthistogether. This life we have can’t be taken for granted.  xoxo  ~ally   […]

food repurposing

food repurposing: ten things to never throw out

Stretching a buck is important. And regardless of income, it’s the right thing to do. My Mama, who was the goddess of recycling and repurposing long before it was vogue, would say I’ve gotten above my raisin’ or too big for my britches if I scoffed at this idea! Food […]

life curveballs

life can throw you curveballs

My dear foodie peeps, You never know what the next turn is on the road of living. Yes, life can throw you curveballs. There’s no dodging or ducking. You have to do something when you know that curveball is coming your way. I’ll be taking a major detour and hiatus […]

rose parade 2020

dole “sunshine for all” 2020 rose parade

Thanks to Dole Sunshine for partnering with me on this ‘sunshine for all’ 2020 rose parade post! I am the creator of this information and all the follows that I sure hope you’ll read. For a full disclosure, click here! Get ready to be razzle dazzled one more time by Dole […]

grilled lamb chops

aussie grilled lamb chops girls’ glitz party

This post is a paid partnership with True Aussie Beef & Lamb. Believe me, I don’t partner with any brand unless I truly believe in and support their product(s) and the kind of company it is. One that shares similar values as I. Most importantly, I only work for food […]

charity dinner

four-hands charity dinner

When my dear dear friend, Claudia, asked me if I’d donate a dinner to the fund-raising for Smith Medical Clinic of Pawleys Island, SC, I didn’t take a skinny second to say, YES! I know that I’m so very blessed to be able to afford health care and health insurance, […]

australia travel

australia travel to down under

Travel to Australia. Trip of a lifetime. Travel to Australia. With a group of esteemed foodies. #Aussome! Travel to Australia. The guest of the Meat & Livestock Association of Australia. No way! Yes, way. Sometimes I pinch myself wondering how in sam hill I’ve been so lucky and fortunate to […]

war on waste

war on waste gladiators

These simple about one-minute videos will give you bountiful information on how to be a War on Waste Gladiator! It’s a fact that there’s a lot of food waste in America. And, we all can do our small parts to curb this epidemic. Just read about it. This 2016 article […]

jord watches

jord watches ooze boho style BIG GIVEAWAY

The GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. Congratulations LAURIE BETH! You’re the winner. And, everyone who entered receives 10% off their order of a Jord Watch! This is a #sponsored post. The info that follows is all my opinion. PS: This is an awesome giveaway! Just click the link right here and you […]

70th birthday

counting down sixteen weeks to seventy

Sitting here at my computer, my little fingers are really having a hard time getting started with this post. It’s not my usual post. I mean when I talk about food, post a new recipe and write something about it, my fingers fly on the keyboard. Not hard to get […]

aussie spring party ideas

This is a sponsored post in partnership with True Aussie Beef and Lamb. Bring home the flavors of Spring with these other great recipes from True Aussie Beef and Lamb! What makes a great party? Well, in my humble opinion, it’s the little details and the special touches that you create. Yes, it takes […]

Taste Awards Finalist

You’ve heard of the Oscars. And, here’s what Wiki defines the Oscars as: The Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars,[1] are a set of awards for artistic and technical merit in the film industry, given annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), to recognize excellence in cinematic achievements as assessed by […]

kelong dinner

singaporean kelong dinner extravaganza

Looking for a new and exciting eating experience. One that is totally AAAAtypical? Then check this out! This food experience goes into one of the most different I’ve ever had! It’s one of those bucket list thingees that you’ll want to try! Yes, even Conde Naste has written about this […]

Party Entertainment Ideas

Own Your Party Entertainment Ideas

Disclosure: I am a brand ambassador for True Aussie Beef & Lamb. (Yes, I’m very lucky to be working with a great company!) And, I’m compensated for creating recipes and posts, including this one, ‘Own Your Party Entertainment Ideas’, for them. Believe me, I don’t partner with any brand unless I truly […]

holiday magazine

FREE Holiday Magazine

I can’t tell you how amazing this holiday magazine is! Even if it is mine! After months of work, we’re giving it to you FREE. All you have to do is register then you can download it. Full of so much information including twenty NEW recipes that are not on […]

healthy eating tips

healthy eating tips for women

Motivation is the key towards a healthy fit body, and that’s a fact. To adopt and maintain a healthy and efficient diet plan, you will need to follow a few golden rules. By sticking to a program, you will shed off those pesky extra pounds in no time at all! […]

a seat at the table

a seat at the feast

This is a short post. But, I just had to share my excitement with you! More to come once I’m in the throes of this stunning event! Yes, I have a seat at the feast, the Emmy-award nominated PBS television program and co-hosted by Fine Cooking, the Moveable Feast. Now […]

adventuring in the colorado high country

adventuring in the colorado high country

Each year that a birthday passes, I realize that my clock is ticking. My runway of life is getting shorter and shorter. Not wanting to be Debbie Downer, but it’s a reality. Life doesn’t wait for us. If we wait for precisely the right time to do something, sometimes that […]

fabulous july fourth ideas

  OK, I’m gonna try to do some intel for you. Intel as in scouring Pinterest for some great ideas for the 4th of July and decor. Pinterest makes life so stinkin’ simple and easy. But, if you have some of my favorite boards for ideas, well, I just might […]

five patriotic dining table designs boho style

five patriotic dining table designs boho style

Summer’s big celebration in America is July 4th. It’s a given that there will be parades, fireworks, grilling, BBQs, and lots and lots and lots of red, white and blue. Almost like other big ‘decor’ holidays, like Christmas and Halloween, communities, towns and cities start showing signs of 4th of […]

reversing aging the yoga way

reversing aging the yoga way

I admit it. I don’t mind aging…well, I don’t mind tooooooo much. What I do despise about aging, hate it like the dickens, is to possibly look at the last 20 to 30 years of my life and see someone who shrivels up and becomes ‘old’.  I don’t want to […]

is it too weird for you to try

is it too weird for you to try

If you want to dig into Hong Kong’s history, look no further than its food. A massive city that embraces antiquity and technology, Hong Kong’s culinary scene, from hole in the wall shops and eateries, tea houses, dim sum restaurants, herbal tea bars, and bakeries to skyscrapers, exceptionally fine dining, […]

aussie beef lollipop sticks

aussie grassfed beef lollipop sticks

This is a sponsored post (I received some compensation (yay!) for a ton of work!), but, rest assured that all the information and opinions on this product are my own. For more great recipes using Aussie grassfed beef and lamb and where to buy, head to Aussie Beef & Lamb! […]

lamb burger night

Aussie Lamb Burger Night

Are you looking for a delicious lamb burger recipe? Try out this tasty recipe for “aussie lamb burger” from the experts at Ally Kitchen! The Great American Burger There’s nothing more Epically American than a burger! And, I’ll confess I am a burger lover! And, now I’m talking ‘aussie lamb […]

hip chic grandmas & cooking fun

hip chic grandmas & cooking fun

If you’ve never seen the Food Network popular show, Clash of the Grandmas, then you are missing something really cool! In the kitchen competing are grandmas and they’re not the typical grandma of yesterday. No sireeee bobby! We are hip chic grandmas, and we know how to make the kitchen […]

5 simple ideas for spring & summer table design

5 simple ideas for spring & summer table design

Spring and Summer mean dining outdoors for me, my family and friends. Mela and Kate, my harvest and farm tables, made from 100+ year-old barnwood, have been lonely all winter. *Sniff Sniff* Sweet Mela endured some trauma in October 2016 when she was nearly swept away by Hurrican Matthew. Thanks […]

malaysian mango food art

malaysian mango food art

Malaysian Mango Food Art. Did you know that there are over 400 varieties of mango according to the USDA! One variety is even named ‘alice’ mango. Malaysian Mango is a new taste for me. Unlike the mangoes I’m used to seeing and buying with the large seed in the center […]

one more check off my bucket list

one more check off my bucket list

When President Bill Clinton, Hillary and Chelsea first saw the Great Wall of China, all he could say was ‘Amazing, amazing’. Maybe for him it was one more check off his bucket list. It’s definitely one more check off my bucket list! Driving from Beijing to the Great Wall was […]

the summer table

Summertime. Such a glorious season. Summertime and the living is easy so George Gershwin’s song goes. We know though for some summertime isn’t easy living but maybe the busiest season of the year. Think farmers. This is when they adhere to the saying of  ‘make hay while the sun shines’ time. […]

dim sum making

dim sum dumpling making

They say that one of the hardest parts of dim sum making or dim sum dumpling making is in the folding and creation of the little dough filled critters that are so popular and tasty with endless varieties of fillings. Dim sum is an old, yet quite trendy, culinary dish […]

mangosteen first experience

mangosteen first experience~let’s eat!

Alrighty! Let’s try a new fruit. Maybe some of you have tried it? If you have, you must leave a comment with your first reactions to it and where you tried it. I’m talking about mangosteen fruit. Mangosteen is a tropical fruit that I’ve experienced here in Shanghai while walking […]

coming out of the ironing closet

coming out of the ironing closet

“Oh, yes, my little sister Alice (Ally) and ironing. She is so right. She loved to iron. She starched her shirts and other items by sprinkling (old-fashioned with hands or a soda bottle with a top), rolling up tightly then covering with towel to set. Next using Mom’s famous old […]

clash of the grandmas

clash of the grandmas

OK, I admit, I’ve never really thought of myself as a ‘grandma’ in the traditional sense. I mean, yes, I loved and adored my paternal grandmother, Alice, whom I was named after. Much of my cooking was inspired by spending hours on end in the kitchen with her. And, I […]

the art of charcuterie tapas mezze

creating charcuterie tapas mezze: five tips

First of all, let’s decide what charcuterie tapas and mezze mean. To do that, we’ll rely upon our trusty Wikipedia definitions verbatim. And, as you read my thoughts on creating your own masterpieces, yes, I’ll be giving you my five tips on charcuterie tapas and mezze, you’ll also be seeing […]

lowcountry seafood boil

lowcountry seafood boil

From New England. The Chesapeake Bay, and Louisiana, to Georgia and South Carolina, one hugely traditional common thread joins us. We love our seafood boils. And, having lived in South Carolina’s Lowcountry for decades, we’ve done our share of boils and been to more than I can count. Depending on […]

zip tips al fresco dining

zip tips al fresco dining

No need for much explaining here. These zip tips for al fresco dining should make perfect sense. Just follow the captions on the pictures that describe some of the easy ways to make dining al fresco come together on the fly! I did just that. Got home at 5:15 and […]

the allure of morocco

the allure of morocco

Sometimes the best way to stretch yourself and grow is to dive into a culture that’s not your own ~ally “Why” is such a specific word. When you’re asked a ‘why’ question, you can be put on the spot or you just might have all the answers. You give a […]

my son's wedding

discovering yoga

I suppose all the movement and writhing while rehearsing for this performance did me in! Never had I experienced a burning electrical pain like I was having in my left leg and only from my knee to my hip! Never in my wildest dream would I think that this pain […]

global travel tips

16 global travel tips

Global travel brings unique, albeit solvable, challenges in planning and preparing. From deciding what to take to wear, especially if your itinerary has various climate changes within the same country and/or nearby countries, to packing efficiently/compactly, to choosing the best type of luggage, good planning will make your trip more […]

the valentine’s wild side

Valentine’s Day is a chance for you to show how much you care. And, there’s no better way to communicate ‘love’ than through food. This love interest can be a special someone or ‘someoneS’ as in plural. Yes, it could be a V-Day dinner you host for girlfriends, friends, couples, […]

the grazing table

the grazing table

Grazing. I think people love grazing. Especially, when they’re in groups sharing fun and common interests. Events like tailgating, parties, get togethers, picnics, an Oscars Party, holiday theme parties, watching ‘The Voice’/fun weekly shows and more! Grazing lets everyone find their own happy place with their plate of food. Each […]

live it up at 'live on green'

live it up at ‘live on green’

Move over Disney, the Tournament of Roses, Rose Parade and the city of Pasadena have launched the 2016 ‘Live on Green’!  Yep, it’s time to live it up at ‘live on green!’ For three days starting 29 December through 31 December, there will be more fun, food, adventure, games, live […]

holiday table ideas

holiday table ideas

This post is not so much about words and talk as it is about seeing, feeling and being inspired. That’s what glamorous holiday tables are. Tables that sparkle with joy and happiness. These tables can be actual tables. a park bench or a big rock! It doesn’t matter. What matters […]

5 rules for holiday entertaining

5 rules for holiday entertaining

Five rules of entertaining during the holidays (and really anytime) that will ensure success~let’s get right to the point because I know your time is crunched~ 1. Make it easy for you and your guests. Nothing fussy and complicated. It’s all about the camaraderie. Grazing around a big table creates […]

the big easy®

the big easy®charbroil

The Big Easy Charbroil The big easy®charbroil is one fine grilling toy for your outdoor cooking collection. This charbroil easy grill will give you more time to relax! This post, the big easy®charbroil, is a sponsored post. I received compensation for reviewing this product and using it. All of these […]

the fall of table design tips

the hippie chic fall table

Fall’s one my favorite seasons for so many reasons~from the shorter days, falling leaves, start of the holiday season including Halloween for adults! Then there’s an entirely new array of foods for Fall~soups, stews, heartier fare that sticks to your ribs and warms your belly, especially if you’re temperatures start […]

top amazon international cookbook

top amazon international cookbook

My new cookbook Ally’s Kitchen~A Passport for Adventurous Palates that’s a top Amazon international cookbook would not have happened without YOU! Five years ago, I had no idea I’d be doing a cookbook, but it happened because so many of you on social media kept saying to me ‘ally, you need […]

signed cookbook for you

I’ve had sooooooooooo many people ask ‘Can I get a signed copy of your cookbook??’ Well, now you can! Here’s the deal~ Send me an email to me at [email protected] and ask for a copy. Give me your PayPal account email, SHIPPING ADDRESS and who you want it inscribed to […]

the art of layering

steps to layering love

Layering. Basically, it’s a technique used in so many ways. When I’m doing things like yoga, hiking, snowshoeing, cycling, camping  I ‘layer’ my clothing. The reason being is that conditions change during the activity, everything from body heat to Mother Nature’s whims.Layering is kind of like love. It grows and takes […]

ally's story

ally’s story

The Cliff Note Version Dr. Alice D’Antoni Phillips ally Her friends and family know her as Alice. And, she has an alter ego, Ally. Her trademark cuisine is most aptly described as ‘Bohemian Bold’-simple, yet sophisticated dishes – hippie chic. That means seasonal vegetables, traditional cuts of meats, seafood, fresh herbs, […]

ally & life

When I do interviews like these, you’ll learn something new about me…yes, ally & life …that’s what I want…to get you to dig into the heart and soul of me and learn more about my insane love of food, travel, and life. IThat’s what food’s about…connecting our spirits and souls. […]

10 ways to better skin

10 ways to better skin

I’m lucky to have good genes. Without getting real scientific or technical, I think good genes are the foundation or blueprint for what goes on in your life as you age. Now how you handle your life, as in choices you make in regards to living, yes, and that includes […]

5 tips for veggie nirvana

5 tips for veggie nirvana

It doesn’t take much work and work to make vegetables move off the charts in taste. Mother Nature has done all the hard work in creating their tastiness. Here are a few simple tips for creating veggie nirvana! 1. You eat with your eyes. Clean those vegetables and try to […]

talking reinvention with vrai magazine

talking reinvention with vrai magazine

God winks…ever heard of that? Well, there’s a book about it ‘When God Winks’ , and it’s on Amazon~~really intriguing. Essentially, the basic premise of a ‘god wink’ is that there are no coincidences in life…all is supposed to happen…and, I have to remind myself to be vigilant, attentive and […]

a cowboy christmas

a cowboy christmas

Watch the video and/or just look at the pictures~~both, hopefully, will  make you smile & bring you some sparkly holiday happiness! One thing that I love about life is knowing that right around the corner from the known is the unknown~~and, all I have to do is take a chance and […]

cozy holiday tables

cozy holiday tables

Whether you’re decorating your holiday table(s) for 2 or up to 20 or more, it’s always great to create a cozy festive feel that excites the eyes but still works as a functional table where folks all sit around and delve into a memorable dining experience. It’s not costly to […]

birthday surprise from africa

Birthdays. They mean different things to everyone. As I’ve gone through life, birthdays have progressed from parties, gifts, cakes and celebrations, of varying degrees depending upon that milestone year, to ones that now I ‘celebrate’ the entire month of October rather than just on the 28th. What means the most […]

life in black and white

Come along with me as I meander the world finding interesting foods, ingredients, flavors~~and, yes, people~~I’ll snap pictures with my cell phone~~yes, faces and places that speak to me~~usually I’m not lucky  enough to have time to pull out my camera~~sometimes life only gives you a split second to make […]

what's to love about camping

what’s to love about camping

As a kid I never remember doing ‘overnight’ camping as in the sense of pitching a tent, taking your provisions, building a campfire. You get the idea.  Oh, yes, there were a few day camps I went to like Girl Scouts, and, yep, we had s’mores.  Then there were the […]

~weekend in warsaw~

weekend in warsaw

Warsaw, Poland~~possibly a destination that might not be on many folks’ bucket list, but it’s certainly on mine/ours. The first time we visited Warsaw was in 1994—Ben and I were backpacking in Eastern Europe, and we fell in love with this country. With a rich history and culture, Poland has […]

~kitchen artistry & beauty~

kitchen artistry & beauty

If you’re like me, you see kitchen artistry & beauty in small things~~from a Mason jar with its ‘writing’ and glimmering shine after a good wash and dry  to an ebony well-seasoned cast iron skillet, the shapes, colors, textures and nuances of the objects just make me smile.  And, being […]

~matsuhisa dining~chefs extraordinaire

matsuhisa dining chefs extraordinaire

There are experiences in life that qualify as pretty darn phenomenal~~for guys, maybe it would be having ringside tickets to the heavy weight championship of the world, box seats at the Super Bowl, or maybe saying ‘start your engines!’ for Nascar at the Daytona 500!  For us girls, it probably […]

~boho scavenging & bingo finds~

boho scavenging & bingo finds

Sometimes you never know what you’re going to get when the stars line up and the force of luck is with you. Yeah, I’m talking about  boho scavenging & bingo finds! So much of my food styling finds have come from unlikely places~~trash piles, discarded objects on a curb just […]

~~holiday boho gifting~~

holiday boho gifting

So many of us girls love the whimsical, natural, unconventional and carefree look, feel and taste of ‘Boho’~~a lot of retailers, like Anthropologie and World Market, have a strong tendency towards the styling flair~~from clothing to entertaining to jewelry and accessories, a Boho look is just really easy to have […]

~a birthday party~

a birthday party

Sometimes the best parties and especially a birthday party are the parties that have just a handful of people~~and, in this case, it was four of us!  My big sis, whom I call ‘Ducky’ {and there’s a whole story behind that~~she calls me ‘Duckina’!)~~turned a young 60-something, so I wanted to […]

a boho tablescape~~temrika meslalla~~

a boho tablescape

I always loved playing with paperdolls as a little girl.  I always loved playing dress up as a little girl.  I love fashion, style, designing, decorating and creating now as a big gal.  I love taking something that’s nothing and making it look really pretty…yeah, you know the Mason and […]

Ally’s Head—Declaring Me!

hippie chic

We all have our own signature personalities, styles and persuasions.  Whether we realize it or not, it’s there, and it’s probably good to be aware of what you’re letting others know about you.  I’ve had so many friends comment on and ask me about my headgear and headwear that I […]

boho summer picnics

boho picnic sandwiches

Spring and Summer seems just the perfect time to grab a big blanket or beach towel, even a table cloth, pack up some sandwiches, chips, pickles and drinks and have a picnic! Whether you’re doing this on the balcony deck of your high-rise condo, while camping in the backcountry, stopping […]