~spicy chicken bokchoy arugula soup~

Most of what I cook is sparked by what I see in my refrigerator, pantry or what's sitting on my kitchen counter. Yes, I'm very 'organic' and 'random'...I suppose that's part of my Boho spirit...I go with what moves my soul depending upon the day, the weather, the mood, the vibes that I'm getting from how my day's going. It's great to be like that because, you're always on an adventure! Now you may ask, how do I have the ingredients?
~chicken marsala soup~

chicken marsala soup

One of my most favorite Italian dishes is chicken marsala~~I mean when I go to a really authentic Italian restaurant, that's what I oftentimes order, and even when I go to a great chain like Carabbas, yep, it's chicken marsala for me! Since I'd seen a new Campbell's product at the store, their packaged marsala sauce, I thought I'd give it a whirl in a new twist~~making a chicken marsala soup~~I mean I could put all the essential things in it and even add more mushrooms since the sauce had only a few, like I could count them on my one hand. Overall, this sauce has nice flavors and made the making of this soup pretty painless and easy~~sometimes life just calls for that, right? Here's to ~peace and making life easier~ xoxo ally