valentine’s day breakfast ideas

valentine's day breakfast ideas

If you want to have some great and easy Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas then look no further. Sips, nibbles & more! Dazzle your loved one!

Valentine’s Food Ideas

Valentine’s day breakfast food ideas can range the gamut. From sips, mocktails, cocktails and bubblies to savory breakfast ideas and brunch favorites. 

Valentine Special Recipes

When Valentine’s Day is on a weekend, it’s the perfect time to do a special breakfast or brunch. 

Easy Cooking Recipes for Valentine’s Day

All of these are really easy for preparing and making something special for that lazy morning on Valentine’s Day. From that first cup of coffee or tea to a small feast with a combination of ideas that you have right here, it’s going to be memorable. 

Valentine Breakfast Ideas

So here are some of the combinations I might pull together for a relaxing Valentine breakfast or brunch. 

  1. Tropical Meatballs + Chocolate Mousse Angel Dessert + Peach Bellini
  2. Waffle Cookies + Mixed Smoothie Bowl + Chocolate Cinnamon Ice Coffee (with a shot of Bailey’s if you like!)


Valentine’s Day Breakfast

If you want a more substantial breakfast then let’s put together these recipes:

  1. Sausage Links & Eggs + Orange Vodka Creamsicle Drink + Flourless Chocolate Tart
  2. Buttermilk Chicken & Waffles + Pink Lady Apple Cocktail + Maple Syrup Apple Cake

Cute Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas

Super cute Valentine’s day breakfast ideas, of course, center around strawberries and chocolate! 

  1. Chocolate Bundt Brownie Cake + Some super luscious fresh strawberries
  2. Flourless Chocolate Tart + Some fresh plump raspberries + Expresso Coffe
  3. Strawberry Chocolate Mousse Jar + Fresh Coffee + A shot of whatever makes you happy! 

What are Good Brunch Ideas

Great brunch ideas include the breakfast fare and also some amazing sandwiches. Check out these ideas! 

The Bewitching Grilled Cheese

French Madame Turkey Sandwich
Sriracha Shrimp Sliders 

Slow Cooker Beef Short Rib Sandwiches

Weekend Brunch Ideas

And, don’t forget, it doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to have a classy splashing weekend brunch or big breakfast! Little things like this make the weekends even more elaborately delicious! 

Best Brunch Recipes

And, remember that some of the best brunch ideas are just simple platters, plates, and bowls of nibbles

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  1. So many recipes in one post wow that very amazing you really did this great.Thank you so much for sharing the post and also so many other links to the recipe as well. I will try out this recipe for my kids and I know they will surely like it.

    1. Hi, Supriya! Thank you, my new friend! I so appreciate your comment(s) and visiting here in my kitchen. Now don’t be a stranger! Lots of fun foods. And, w/lots of grandchildren I’m always thinking of great recipes they’ll love like the mac cheese and peas! ~ally ๐Ÿ™‚

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