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cranberry recipes


Big time holiday recipe search? Cranberry recipes! You’ll find an awesome collection of easy ideas right here! One stop cranberry love! YUM!

Recipes for Cranberries

OK, I’m talking some killer cranberry recipes in this round up! I’ve created all of them. And, most all are made with fresh delicious healthy cranberries! 

Just Cranberries

Eating just cranberries isn’t really possible. Yes, I reckon you could munch and bite on those little balls of tart love, but, hey, with just some extra ingredients and preparation, you’ll be loving them! 

Fresh Cranberry Recipes

Fresh holiday cranberry recipes are usually quite simple and easy. You can eat cranberries raw, after washing and cleaning well. I put them in the food processor and grind them into a really nice mixture that can be used in a variety of ways. Of course, always lots of sugar to take the exceptionally tart bite away!

Whole Cranberries

If I do buy canned cranberries, I usually purchase the whole cranberries for my cranberry recipes. That’s because I just like the texture as well as the added health boost. I’ve used the regular ‘cranberry’ canned sauce in things like a cake, but not usually as one of my cranberry side dishes. That’s because this collection of cranberry recipes I have for you are truly easy and quick. So why not err on the side of healthier. 

Bags of Cranberries

Bags of cranberries can be frozen. So when you first see them in the grocery store, you might want to pick up a few and freeze them for year-round use. I love having fresh cranberry jam for even a roasted chicken dinner in March! And, it might be really challenging to find cranberries in the middle of June or July!

Cranberry Cookies

If you haven’t tried cranberry cookies, well, I’ve got a holiday cranberry recipe for you! I even made these cookies gluten free. But, if you want to use regular flour, no problem. The cranberries are pulsed in that food processor and you have flicks of the tartness in the yummy cookie! 

Cranberry Dessert Recipes

Cranberry dessert recipes abound. Try making a simple fresh cranberry jam. Here’re the simple steps to make a reduction sauce of cranberry sauce or jam. This will be perfect for so many things sweet or savory! 

  • Pulse of fresh clean cranberries in a food processor. 
  • Put in a sauce pan with about 1.5 cups of pineapple or orange juice. Or you can get daring, and add a 12 oz. bottle of a holiday IPA beer!
  • Add the juice/zest of one lemon.
  • Add about three-fourths cup of sugar. Keep tasting for your desired level of sweetness. 
  • A pinch of salt. 
  • Bring to steady boil for about 10 minutes (lid askew). Reduce to a low simmering boil (uncovered and stirring occasionally) for another about 5 to 7 minutes (timing can vary). Let the sauce thicken reducing by about one-third to a half. Turn off heat. Cover. And, let it sit for about 5 minutes. 
  • Store in canning jars and refrigerate. 

Dried Cranberries Recipes

And, lest we not forget that dried cranberries can be used in so many recipes! From salads to toppings for yogurt, ice cream, cake, cereal and more. When all else fails, throw in some dried cranberries to your coleslaw, sweet potatoes, butternut squash and more, It adds a gorgeous pop of color, texture and taste! 

Best Holiday Cranberry Recipes

Big time holiday recipe search? Cranberry recipes! You'll find an awesome collection of easy ideas right here! One stop cranberry love! YUM!

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