modern pineapple madras cocktail

madras cocktail


You’re gonna feel like you’re on a tropical island sipping this modern pineapple madras cocktail! Full of fruity goodliness means richness in vitamins!

If there’s a girlie drink then it has to be a Cosmopolitan! If you remember the hit TV series ‘Sex and the City’ then you know that these girls loved their cosmopolitans or Cosmos! But, now don’t limit this modern pineapple madras cocktail to just females. As it says, it’s ‘modern’ which means the guys will love it, too! And, here’re the perfect yummy lamb chops to go with these cocktails! 


Cocktails are named for all sorts of things, from exotic cities (Singapore Sling) to literary heroes (Hemingway Champagne, a combination of bubbly and absinthe). Not many, however, are christened after fabrics.

The only one that comes to mind is the classic Madras, whose smudgy palette of orange and red recalls what happens to that preppy patchwork Indian cotton when its bright colors bleed in the wash—which is what used to happen back when the dyes were vegetable in origin rather than man-made. Given the drink’s Ivy League credentials, it stands to reason the recipe is included in The Official Harvard Student Agencies Bartending Course (St. Martin’s Griffin, 2000). Oh, and without the cranberry juice, it’s a Screwdriver.

Drinks with Vodka

The Madras is one of those nice refreshing drinks with vodka cocktails that can really be drunk at any time of year—or day for that matter. It is uncomplicated and easy, accessible and straightforward. Drinks with vodka work great for a celebration or get together where you don’t want to intellectually invest in appreciating a dauntingly complex cocktail.

Plus the Madras, also known as the Cape Codder or a variation of a Cosmopolitan, is largely fruit juice, so of course it’s rich in vitamins and minerals—and sugar. The simplicity of the Madras makes it easy to whip up, even on a moment’s notice. There is also plenty of room to play around with flavored vodkas and the like if you’re feeling experimental.


Since different brands of vodkas are quite popular for mixing cocktails, having additional ingredients like pineapple juice just seem to go with the vodkas. And, we’re going to add something that you don’t normally see in a cocktail, cherries!

Cape Codder

Looking to order Massachusetts’ signature cocktail next time you visit your favorite neighborhood bar?  Ask for a Cape Codder.

This vodka and cranberry classic was dreamed up by Ocean Spray cranberry growers in the 1940s. Originally called a “Red Devil,” the drink was renamed in the early ’60s and is served on the rocks in a highball glass with a slice of lime for garnish.

There are other Cape-inspired drinks that are variations on this simple thirst-quencher.  A Rose Kennedy adds club soda while a Sea Breeze has grapefruit juice and a Bay Breeze has pineapple juice.  Orange juice makes a Madras but the addition of peach schnapps turns it into a Sex on the Beach.  Go Cosmopolitan with a splash of triple sec and a dash of lime juice.

Which is your favorite – the original drink or a variation of it? Let us know in the comments. Keep up with the conversation on social with #BestOfMass and check out the latest Neighborhood Bar updates at


madras cocktail

madras cocktail

modern pineapple madras

Yield: 3-4 servings

You're gonna feel like you're on a tropical island sipping this modern pineapple madras cocktail! Full of fruity goodliness means richness in vitamins!


  • 16 Dole Packaged Foods frozen dark red cherries, almost thawed
  • 1/3 cup cherry juice, try to find ‘not from concentrate’ but pure cherry juice
  • 1 Tbl. fresh lime juice
  • 1 Tbl. fresh thyme leaves + more sprigs for garnish
  • 12 oz. Dole Packaged Foods Pineapple juice
  • ¼ cup vodka
  • 1 cup ice cubes
  • Sea Salt Flakes
  • 12 Dole Packaged Foods Frozen Pineapple Chunks, slightly thawed


In the food processor (or blender) pulse together the cherries, cherry juice and lime juice into a thick mixture. Remove to a small bowl. Place in the freezer until ready to use.

Rinse and clean the food processor (or blender). Add the thyme leaves, pineapple juice vodka and ice cubes. Pulse until liquid is frothy and most all the ice cubes are decimated. (There can be shards of ice remaining. That’s ok.).

Skewer 3-4 pineapple chunks on a small wooden skewer with a sprig of thyme.

Remove the cherry mixture from the freezer.

Pour equal amounts of the pineapple /vodka mixture into glasses. Dollop with a heaping tablespoon of the cherry mixture. Sprinkle a few sea salt flakes and add the pineapple skewer.

Serve immediately.

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madras cocktail

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  1. Ally, amazing but I have never heard of this drink and I spent the first 20 years of my life in Madras. Most people here say Maad-russ, but the actual pronunciation is mud-raas. I immigrated here 41 years ago but I visit Madras at least once or twice a year.
    You’re absolutely correct in that it is known for its fabrics, primarily, because cotton is so abundant in India. It’s also known for the magnificent silks. My father was a textile expert, so I learned to identify good cotton from bad, as also silks.
    I’m going to make this tonight thank you very much for sharing it. By the way, having visited Singapore, I can say both cities are equally hot and humid. In summer temperatures can reach 120°F !!

    1. Oh, Maya! What a beautiful story, and, yes, this is a Southern style cocktail named after the beautiful fabrics. Many of the Southern guys and gents love to wear ‘madras’ shirts, shorts, and the ladies/gals do, too. When you wash the fabrics they become more interesting as the dyes tend to fade and blend somewhat. And, having your father who was a master of textiles, wow, you learned so so much! We love Singapore, too…and right now it’s quite humid and hot (heat index well over 100), so this cocktail will be quite refreshing, luv! Enjoy the evening, and I adore hearing from you!! xoxx ~ally

    1. My dear Kimmeee! Isn’t it great to know that most all drinks do have a history! I mean long live the traditions! And, on a hot summer day, you’ll enjoy sipping on this…hey, maybe Russ would take a littl’ sip, too! xo

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