best everyday cake recipes

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best cake recipes

Just like the littl’ black dress, everyone needs a stash of best everyday cake recipes that are easy, simple and sure to dazzle with yum!

Good Easy Cake Recipes

Good easy cake recipes are hard to come by. But, I can assure you that as a baker, who’s really not a baker, I make my recipes easy!

Great Cake Recipes

Great recipes, regardless of what you’re making, don’t have to be complicated. But, they do have to be really tasty. And, whether it’s a ‘cowboy flop’ cake or fancy coconut cake, you’re sure to find something here. 

Delicious Cake Recipes

To make delicious cake recipes, I think you have to sometimes think outside the box. Yes, if you’re using a ‘box’ cake mix, then by accessorizing, you can make it something pretty special. 

Easy Cake Recipes with Cake Mix

I’m not too proud to say I’ve used cake mixes to make cakes. Sometimes I need the ease and convenience. Easy cake recipes can start with a cake mix. 

Best Cake Recipes

Now, some of my best recipes for cakes have coconut in them. Yes, I love love coconut. So, expect to see a few here. 

everyday cake recipes

Best Cake Recipes Easy

And, really great recipes be they sweet or savory, in my humble opinion, have to be easy. For instance, the Almond Zest Cake. Four ingredients basically. That’s it! 

Best Cake Recipes Ever

Whether you’re asking for the best cakes that are easy to make or the best cake ever, I can tell you that these cake recipes are worth checking out. Case in point, my Bridesmaid Peach Cake. It surely will be a centerpiece for any occasion. 

Easy Cake Recipes from Scratch

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do make some cakes totally from scratch. You won’t find anything better than my Vintage Poundcake, Lemon Mint Cake (made in a pie pan!) or my Lemon Coconut Baby Cake! 

Easy Cake Recipes with Few Ingredients

And, finally, there’s nothing that’s better than finding easy recipes with few ingredients. Besides the Almond Zest Cake, you might want to look at the Mandarin Pineapple Dump Cake. Yes, with this recipe, you literally just dump it in the baking dish. How easy is that! For more sweet dessert ideas, check out this curated collection of SWEETS I’ve made! 

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