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meatballs recipe

Easy meatball recipes that can be meals, appetizers, snacks, sliders, hoagies, pizza toppings and more! You have plenty of yum choices!

Easy Meatball Recipe for Spaghetti

Finding an easy meatball recipe for spaghetti is now super easy with these great options. Raising three sons with both Italian and Croatian parents meant I made meatballs a lot! Yes, my boys, now grown men, daddies and great husbands, all still love meatballs. 

Easy Recipes for Meatballs

Easy meatball recipes is what making the meatball is all about. And, you can decide how you’re going to use these meatballs. Maybe make the meatball size small and it’s an appetizer. Or large meatballs mean you have dinner. 

And, here’s another thing about a meatball recipe. Rather than make individual meatballs, you could just shape it into a meatloaf! Yes, in my humble opinion, meatloaf and meatballs are first cousins. And, if you haven’t tried my meatloaf recipes, wellllll, you be missin’ good stuff! 

Cowboy Poblano Meatloaf

Elk Meatloaf and Green Chiles

Grandma’s Cajun Meatloaf

Meatball Recipe Baked

Some of the meatball recipes call for baked meatballs. Sometimes I brown them ahead and then bake. Sometimes I might just put these meatballs on a large cookie sheet and bake them. Then let them simmer in a delicious sauce. And, yes, I’ll use a really excellent jarred sauce like marinara, too. 

Meatballs Sauce

Now the meatballs sauce doesn’t have to be complicated. We have such an array of delicious jarred sauces available today that weren’t on the shelves say 30 years ago. And, you can ‘gussy’ up the sauce using some extra ingredients. For instance, if you’re using a marinara sauce, you might want to add to it some mascarpone, heavy cream, whipped cream cheese, or ricotta. And, then, of course, more grated cheese. Yes, this will elevate the flavors. And, for me, well, I love adding sliced and chopped olives to my sauces. 

Meatballs Oven

Meatballs in the oven takes major work and mess out of preparing the meatballs. The only thing you’re going to miss is an added almost ‘crispy’ from frying them on the outside, then baking them to finish the cooking. Honestly, if you’re in a hurry, don’t want the clean up, then by all means, crank up your oven. 

Lamb Meatballs Moroccan

Easy meatballs recipes also mean using different ground meats. My lamb meatballs with a Moroccan flair are totally crazy good. 

Pork Meatballs Recipe

Then sometimes I’ll just use ground pork. I might combine ground pork and Italian ground pork or a spicy ground pork. But, believe me, a great pork meatball recipe is essential in my world! 

Lamb Meatball Recipes

Ground lamb isn’t the only great meat for a meatball recipe. Sometimes I combine several ground meats. But, don’t overlook things like ground veal for your easy meatball recipes. 

Chicken Meatballs

When I’m using ground chicken, I typically add something that will ramp up the flavor because by itself, ground chicken can be somewhat lacking in flavor. Take a peek at the Skinny Girl Chicken Meatballs and see how I made them extra flavorful. 


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