Italian Meatballs

italian meatballs

These italian meatballs have a super surprise in the center. Creamy delicious mozzarella cheese! OMG! You’re gonna LOVE LOVE!

Italian meatballs

What’s better than a big, fat, juicy meatball? That’s what a huge, fat, juicy meatball stuffed with melty mozzarella cheese is. My meatballs smothered with melted cheese have always been my preference, because all is better with cheese, right? The cheese is covered inside in this situation, however. You wouldn’t even know it was there at first glance, but then you cut it into an extra big meatball and, surprise! Just look at the beauty of the melty tasty easy meatball recipes.

Best recipe for meatballs

We used a blend of ground beef and pork, plenty of garlic and chopped fresh basil and parsley for flavor, and fresh breadcrumbs for texture and shape (fresh breadcrumbs will result in a much moister meatball than packaged breadcrumbs which are usually very dry.)

Meatball Ingredients

For the best meatballs, you have to have the best ingredients. I love using several kinds of ground or minced meats. Plus, there’s nothing more amazing than lots of fresh herbs. And, this recipe has the fat content because we’re using heavy cream. And, more ingredients that make these meatballs melt in your mouth. 


Delicious meatballs or meatballs in a sauce with spaghetti for lunch and dinner – a quick and tasty dish that can be cooked in one pan with a minimum of effort and time! The recipe is very simple and affordable – the taste is unforgettable. ! If you want to check out another delicious recipe of mine, I think you’ll like it

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Meatballs and Gravy Recipe

Italians call their sauce ‘gravy’. We might call the gravy ‘sauce’. Whatever you call it, you have to  have a beautiful sauce to let the meatballs hang out in. I usually make it easy on myself, and buy a really nice brand of marinara sauce. Because I love a lot of sauce or gravy, I’m going to double and use two jars. 

Baked Meatballs

Baking meatballs is really effortless. And, as your meatballs are baking, move on to the marinara sauce. Buy the best brand your budget can manage. You can always improve the taste with fresh chopped herbs, lots of basil or if you have basil pesto, add some to the sauce. Another great add in is heavy cream and grated parmesan. Once those meatballs are ready. You’ll drench them in the this sauce, and I guarantee the sauce will move off the charts in flavor and taste because of the meatballs! 

Homemade Meatballs

These homemade Italian meatballs get better and better on days two and three. That is, IF there are any left to ‘age’ that long!  I usually make these meatballs when I’m making my ‘Bohemian Bolognese’, a ‘Signature Recipe’, because most all the stuff is there and ready to go.

It’s just a matter of rolling the meatballs and stuffing them, and, that’s an option that you can choose or not.  These are great for snacks and making sandwiches, too!

Mozzarella stuffed meatballs

You do not want to compress the mixture for Mediterranean Meatballs With Red Gravy too much when mixing the meatballs. Instead of mushing or stirring to retain some of the fluffiness of the ground beef, imagine it something like ‘folding’. This can translate to a lighter texture that is fluffier and eventually a healthier meatball. The same thing you do when you make your balls: form them, just don’t pinch them.italian meatballs

italian meatballs

Italian Meatballs

Yield: About 12-15 meatballs depending upon the size of your meatballs

These italian meatballs have a super surprise in the center. Creamy delicious mozzarella cheese! OMG! You're gonna LOVE LOVE!


  • Preheat Oven to 375
  • 1/2 lb. ground pork
  • 1/2 lb. ground veal
  • 3/4  lb. ground beef
  • 1/2 cup finely chopped pepperoni
  • 1 cup chopped fresh herbs, basil, Italian parsley, oregano, chives
  • 2 beaten eggs
  • 1 cup bread crumbs (I make my own. Any Italian seasoned bread crumb will do.)
  • 1/3 cup heavy cream
  • 1/3 cup grated pecorino cheese
  • 1 1/2  tsp. sea salt
  • 2 tsp. coarse ground pepper
  • 1 tsp. red chili pepper flakes
  • 12-15 (about 1") cube pieces of fresh mozzarella, for stuffing into the meatball, totally optional
  • 2 jars (28 oz.) marinara sauce


  1. In a large mixing bowl, combine the meat, pepperoni, herbs, eggs, bread crumbs and cream and blend with your hands/fingers.  Add the grated cheese, salt, pepper, chili flakes and blend.
  2. Begin rolling into the meat into balls (mine are usually about golf ball plus size).  With each ball, poke your finger in the middle about making a good opening.  Stuff in the piece of mozzarella and close opening and roll meatball so the cheese does not show.
  3. Place the meatballs on a parchment paper covered cookie sheet.  Bake in a preheated 375 oven for about 25 minutes or until done.  As the meatballs are baking, move on to heating the marinara sauce.
  4. Pour the marinara sauce in a large pot over medium low heat. Carefully place the cooked meatballs and the drippings (scrape all the good stuff from the parchment paper) in the sauce. Cover and let the meatballs simmer on low for about 30 minutes or longer.

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italian meatballs

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  1. I have everything to make this dish but I’m very uncomfortable when it comes to a cup of herbs. You have a few herbs listed but I have zero clue how much of each herb to use. Can you help me out and give me some guidelines? I cook a lot of your recipes and they are so much fun to make. We really enjoy them! Thank you….

    1. Hi, Faith, surely understand. I usually put a lot of basil and Italian parsley, some oregano, thyme, chives, and then a hint of mint and rosemary. It’s hard to give exact measurements. You can never go wrong w/basil, oregano, parsley, and chives! xoxx ally

      1. Hi Ally, I made these and oh my gosh were they good. So good that I made another batch the next day and froze them for later.
        I only used 1/2 C of bread crumbs and 1/2 C of herbs since mine were not fresh but dried. I was afraid that if I used a cup of bread crumbs, the crumbs would overpower the meatballs. As for the herbs I used parsley, oregano, basil, thyme & Italian seasoning.
        I hope the second batch is as good or better then the first.
        Thank you again for another fabulous recipe.

        1. Faith!! OMG, you’ve made my day and it’s just Monday! Thank you for sharing with me your edits to the recipe, and smart to cut back on dried herb amounts. These should be super yummy as those flavors will just freeze into the meat! Let me know, and thank you so much for being so uplifting and positive and supportive! xoxx ally

  2. Yum!! Saw this on Boholicious just now and had to come over. It gave me an error though when I tried to click through directly to your recipe…I had to type in a search on your site. Just fyi. Anyhow…these look amazing and I know my kids would love them! Definitely trying them! Thanks for another yummy recipe!

    1. Michelle! You are an angel…THANK YOU for searching first of all and then letting me know you got an ‘error’ message. Hopefully, I’ve corrected that…when we last changed our website (new design), we’ve had all these gnarly glitches, some of which we find and others we don’t…so thank you, luv!! xo ~ally

  3. Leone Kingfisher says:

    Dry breadcrumbs are made from dry bread which has been baked or toasted to remove most remaining moisture, and may even have a sandy or even powdery texture. Bread crumbs are most easily produced by pulverizing slices of bread in a food processor, using a steel blade to make coarse crumbs, or a grating blade to make fine crumbs. A grater or similar tool will also do.’

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