16 easy apple & pumpkin FALL RECIPES

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easy apple pumpkin recipes

16 apple & pumpkin easy Fall recipes! Right here in one post are some of your favorite recipes that will make you a rock star! Guaranteed! And, it’s official, Fall is here, so let the apple and pumpkin recipes begin! 

Ideas for Fall Dinner

Oh, the ideas for fall dinner. We’re talking pulling out the slow cooker, multicooker, crock pot, whatever you call it. Fall dinner is heartier. It’s stick to the rib meals. It’s comfort food.

Yes, growing up in those hills of Southern West Virginia, we ushered in Fall with raking up huge piles of dried leaves, big leaves the size of the palms of our hands. And, once we kids had the pile about five to six feed high, it was ‘Gerrrrronnnnnimoooooooooooo!’ We’d run and jump into that pile of crunchy leaves, roll around, bits and pieces of dried leaves in our mouths, laughing and playing like wild boars! 

Mom would holler at us for dinner, and we’d brush off as best we could the leaves that stuck to our clothes like velcro, run in the back door and careful not to step on ‘Hoppy’, our literal junk yard dog, wash our hands, and sit down to one fine Fall dinner usually a pot roast, soup or stew. 

easy apple pumpkin recipes

Fall Food

Fall food is comfort food. It fills your belly like a helium balloon. That’s good because for some reason colder weather means I burn more calories. Don’t ask me how. Maybe it’s just my body generating heat to stay warm. 

Autumn Recipes

Whether you call it Fall food or Autumn recipes, this season could possibly be my favorite. Why? Well, because of the classic Fall recipes that Mom would make with those glorious apple and pumpkin ingredients. 

Besides fall recipes, we know that Fall decor is big for our homes, and here are some tips for getting your home ready for the cool and crisp season of Fall! 

easy apple pumpkin recipes

Classic Fall Recipes

Don’t know about you, but our class Fall recipes were definitely apples and pumpkin dishes. One that Mom made often when the apples were in season were fried apples. We’d pile them high on warm buttery hot biscuits and think we were eating dessert for breakfast. Sometimes, she’d fry up sausage or bacon, and now I’m talking pure heavenly! 

Desserts for the Fall

Desserts for the Fall were another of our go to recipes. Of course, pumpkin pie, but everything from pumpkin bread to pumpkin waffles and pancakes. We never had things like pumpkin coffee latte or anything fancy. Yeah, it was way before the StarBucks craze. And, our desserts for the Fall were all about apples, too! 

easy apple pumpkin recipes

Apple Recipes

Apple recipes, like pumpkin, are the quintessential aroma and calling of Fall. When Fall ushers in the apple harvesting is in full swing in a lot of places. Making easy apple and pumpkin recipes makes the Fall season even more glorious. You can have something for dessert, a side dish or an accessory for an entree sparkle with the addition of apples, well, and pumpkin!

And, here’s a quick DIY tip! After the Fall season and Thanksgiving, if those pumpkins are still good, then transform them with a can of spray paint making them holiday Christmas and winter pumpkins! 

easy apple pumpkin recipes


16 easy apple & pumpkin FALL RECIPES

16 easy apple pumpkin Fall recipes! Right here in one post are some of your favorite recipes that will make you a rock star! Guaranteed!

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