Simple Ways To Get Your Home Ready for Fall

Oh, how bittersweet it is to say goodbye to the summer season. It may feel like you’ve just adjusted your home to accommodate for those warmer temperatures. However, the time to prep your home for the cooler months is close by yet again. Getting ready for autumn isn’t as tricky as you may think, though. These are simple ways to get your home ready for fall so that you can enjoy those cooler temperatures without stress.

Check for Drafts

As the outdoor temperatures drop, your indoor use of heating increases. But if your windows don’t have proper sealing, this can account for heat loss. In turn, your heating will work harder to maintain warm temperatures, thus contributing to a higher energy bill at the end of the cycle. So, close up any holes or gaps you find around windows and doors.

Repaint the Exterior

They say that the best times to repaint your home’s exterior are between the early summer and fall due to minimal rain and temperature fluctuations that could prevent a paint job from drying smoothly.

You can assess whether your home needs a fresh coat of paint by checking for fading colors or chipped and cracked paint.

Check or Replace Gutters

Your homeโ€™s gutters work hard to transport water away and prevent flooding from occurring in the interior. They also stop water-based damages to the exterior.

Therefore, keep in mind that youโ€™ll want to check your gutters for any potential obstacles that could prevent them from draining your roof effectively. Replace any gutters that appear to have taken damage and are beyond repair.

Change Your Filters

Be sure to maintain your air conditioning and heating units by changing the filters. Once these filters become clogged, your units can expend more energy trying to regulate the temperature within your home.

Additionally, check your home units to determine how much maintenance you need to do. For example, you can vacuum disposable filters before replacing them. On the other hand, you canโ€™t replace foam filters. You can clean them, though.

Fertilize Your Lawn

You can prep and protect your lawn from fall and winter damage by applying fertilizer to it. Taking preventive measures will prompt a healthier appearance sooner in the spring.

Drain Outdoor Faucets

Disconnect your garden hoses from the exterior fixtures to prevent water inside them from freezing. The last thing you’ll want to deal with is a pipe bursting at the most inconvenient time during the cold months.

You can use these simple ways to get your home ready for fall ahead of time to mitigate the amount of work needed to recover during the spring. So, get those work gloves ready! Your home will thank you.

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