Roasted Veggie Egg Sandwich

Roasted Veggie Egg Sandwich

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Seems that many times when I cook for only Ben and me, there’s always just a ‘tad’ leftover of a few things, and when it’s a cucumber and tomato salad and roasted veggies, I just don’t have the heart to toss them out, although there’s not enough there to make a real difference for the next real ‘meal’….soooooooooooooo, this is one idea, an egg sandwich the next morning, for using just a ‘tad’ of leftover veggies, salad, etc.

I didn’t even refrigerate the veggies overnight, just covered them with plastic wrap, left them on the counter, and they were even more delicious for the morning egg sandwich!

Roasted Veggie Egg Sandwich

What you need:

2 tbl softened butter

2 sandwich thins

2 eggs

1 cup leftover roasted veggies (I had tomato/cuke and roasted zuchhini, squash, onions)

Sea Salt & Pepper to taste

Roasted Veggie Egg Sandwich

What you do:

Butter the sandwich thins with 1 tablespoon of the butter.   Put in  broiler and toast on one side only.  In a skillet melt the remaining butter and fry the eggs breaking the yolk & making a pancake flat egg.

Build your sandwich putting the egg on first then stacking your veggies and topping with the remaining piece of toasted bread.

Roasted Veggie Egg Sandwich

Roasted Veggie Egg Sandwich

©Alice D’Antoni Phillips  Ally’s Kitchen


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