Italian Yeast Peasant Bread

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Italian Yeast Peasant Bread

Easy and quick Italian Yeast Peasant Bread at home. Made by hand, with active dry instant yeast, flour, and water.

Bread Recipe Italian

Italian bread contains a wholesome recipe of different ingredients than the ingredients used in regular bread, and it often contains olive oil along with a bit of milk and sugar. So, if you tend to make Italian bread then, 4 ingredients banana bread can be the right choice for you to make and taste. The recipe gives you certain health benefits like it can get you stayed up until the next meal.

Italian Bread

Italian bread is also known as Focaccia are the famous bread in Itlay, it is popular and loved by many people so, if you are making silly monkey oatmeal buttermilk banana nut bread with the Italian bread, use some walnuts for a more meaty and tasty taste, the crunch of walnuts will give you a meaty taste. So, take a loaf pan, add some eggs, put the batter in a small baking soda, and all heads up, because no one would toss down too much batter.

Crusty Italian Bread Recipes

The best way to get a crispy crust on your Italian bread recipe is to enhance its rise and bake it on preheated baking steel because when it is preheated it will deliver you a jolt that will cause the rising quickly and it eventually will become crustier than ever. It is very easy to make the very tasty and healthy Easy thin crispy cornbread because when the loaf achieves a great volume, the crust itself follows.

Easy Homemade Yeast Bread Recipes

If you have a love for making bread then this might be the right choice for you to bake, the homemade yeast bread is the tastiest bread you will ever come across, however, try mixing the very flattering Mixed fruit nutter butter flatbread for a versatile loaf for dinner, or breakfast or just for some snacks. Just mix the yeast, knead it properly and keep to let it rise at a higher volume, shape it perfectly and your yeast bread is ready to be served.

Fresh Yeast Bread Recipe

The fresh yeast bread can be made with just a few simple steps and ingredients like if you just want to serve at a time, you can add 1 spoon of yeast, sugar and salt along with 2 cups of water, all-purpose flour and cornmeal. These ingredients are a must if you are trying to make Healthy banana bread for yourself and your family. So make it in a way that no one could turn a bite down and always want more of it.

Simple Quick Bread Recipe

If you want to make a simple and quick bread recipe then you might just add the Slovenian pastry which is, Holiday walnut bread povitica to your buttery bread. It will give your recipe a flattering taste and layers of layers covered with sugar, spices and walnuts. And when it is baked in the log-shaped way, who would not want to try it for once.

Homemade Bread Recipes with Yeast

The homemade bread recipes with yeast are a good dish and the best thing you will ever eat, so why not try making it with Pumpkin fig date to give it a more crunchy taste and an aroma that you will never forget. It requires some ingredients like dry yeast, sea salt, some egg whites and water. Just preheat in the oven to 400, add some water and other ingredients step by step and your easy peasy yeast bread recipe is ready to be served.

Crusty French Bread Recipe

Even if you are making the recipe from scratch, it surely will be wonderful for you to know about the basic framework and when you have the confidence to make it, then why not. Just try making Nut bread at your home and realise that it’s nothing more but just the understanding of certain ingredients and how all of it come together step by step and convert itself into a healthy tasty nut bread. Italian Yeast Peasant Bread

Italian Yeast Peasant Bread

Italian Yeast Peasant Bread

Yield: Makes: 2 loaves

Easy and quick Italian Yeast Peasant Bread at home. Made by hand, with active dry instant yeast, flour, and water.


  • Preheat oven to 400
  • 2 packages dry yeast
  • 5 ½ cup all-purpose flour (divided)
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 2 cups water 110-120 degrees (divided)
  • 1 egg white for wash on dough


Put the 2 packages of yeast in a room temperature large mixing bowl.  Add ½ cup of the warm water (about 110-120 degrees)  and whisk dissolving the  yeast.  Let it sit for about 15 minutes.  Add the remaining water to the yeast and gently whisk  together.

Sift 4 cups of sifted flour and salt into a second mixing bowl.  Pour half of the flour into the wet mixture and blend well.  Add the remaining flour and blend well.  Put the remaining flour on a clean surface.  Dump out the dough and knead for about 5 minutes.  (Note:  leave the flour on this surface because you will knead a second time) Coat a clean large bowl with cooking spray.

Form the dough into a large ball, put in the bowl, cover with a clean dish towel  and place in a draft free area and let the dough rise until about double in size (an hour or more).  (Note:  I put mine in a cold oven.  Turn on the light and let it rise. )

After the dough has raised, dump onto the flour surface and knead another 5-7 minutes.  Shape into desired bread loaves, make slits (about ½” deep) on top with a sharp knife, cover and let it raise again for about 30 minutes.

Brush the tops/sides of the bread with an egg white (optional) for a shiny finish.  Bake in a pre-heated 400 oven about 45-55minutes.   (Note:  Cover the top with foil if it's getting too brown.)

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Italian Yeast Peasant Bread

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  1. Kneading bread dough is FUN and your pictures prove it, Ally. Great to “see” you in action! Was thinking this bread would sop up your Temrika Meslalla just fine & dandy… (she says as she adds yeast to her grocery list for tonight’s feast.) Loved your Grandma memories, too! xo

    1. Kimby! Ya know there’s just something deliciously peaceful about kneading bread…no bread machines for me…I mean, that’s the best part of putting the love in!! And, yes, it’s great for sopping…annnneeeething!! My Grandma was one fiesty full of piss n’ vinegar woman…alice was her name! She channels me as I knead!! lol! Now I want to see you in action, baby girl!! xox

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