The Mountain Hippie Grilled Cheese

The Mountain Hippie Grilled Cheese

The Mountain Hippie Grilled Cheese is a delicious recipe. So refreshing and easy. A perfect appetizer for any meal.

Goat Cheese and Jam Sandwich

Sandwiches are very popular for breakfast. The way of interpreting this dish can have lots of positive feedback from the young generation. A healthy and Wholesome breakfast is being served to the people with lots of hope and positivity. Goat cheese is very interesting and has a good combination with a gem sandwich. The wholesome thing is very popular for all kinds of Ages. The hippie chic fall table is well established, and goat cheese and jams are placed well with lots of garnishing.

Sandwich with Goat Cheese

There are various types of sandwiches prepared by the Chef at the time of placing before the table. Goat cheese is very much affected, and the combination with sand is very authentic. The Sandwich is molded with lots of cheese, which is very attractive for the young generation. A healthy breakfast is always the first requirement for every family. This kind of dish can be affected for breakfast for every family. Best watermelon salad is a great combination with a sandwich with goat cheese.

Sandwich with Sprouts

At breakfast, the sprouts are very effective and healthy for immunity. The combination with sandwich sprouts is very effective. Implementation of the food with lots of ingredients and sprouts can encourage the young generation. The people who are above 60 can have the sprouts with Sandwich to make their appetite strong.The whole thing is very much effective for the future generation. Sandwich sprouts were very delicious at the time of breakfast. Bohemian Lasagna with veggies is the Perfect Combination with sandwiches with sprouts.

Watermelon Bread Sandwich

Fruits play an important role in breakfast. The children must have some fruits daily to increase their immunity. The attractive way of establishing the breakfast is taken by watermelon. Bread sandwiches are also a very important part of breakfast which can be garnished with some watermelon. Various types of food are introduced in the form of breakfast to make human immunity strong. It is important for every human being to have breakfast. The watermelon bread sandwich is a Perfect Combination of breakfast that can be integrated for every age group. Beet watermelon salad is also a great combination with bread sandwiches, including watermelon for healthy immunity.

Goat Cheese Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is always a very lovely breakfast for every age group. Goat cheese grilled cheese both are very effective for every human being at the time of having their breakfast. Classification of the fact is that the breakfast is being prepared by the wholesome food value, which also has immunity purposes. The destruction of the fact is taken under the consideration of the Chef along with the process of goat cheese grilled cheese. Brussels sprouts & eggs are also a good combination with goat cheese grilled cheese. Classification of this kind of food can be a great choice for the effective breakfast that can be circulated for the young generation.

Goat Cheese Sandwich

The sandwiches are very attractive for the young generation at the time of breakfast. Goat cheese is very delicious as it comes with lots of taste and is Wholesome for our food habits. The cheese, which is molded completely with a wrapper, can be very attractive when pursuing the breakfast table. Goat cheese has been effectively useful for circulating the young generation’s immunity. There are certain situations by which a good cheese sandwich can be brought with lots of positive thinking, and the cook utilizes all kinds of ingredients and variations. Refreshing Basil watermelon is also a great combination when eating goat cheese sandwiches.

Grilled Goat Cheese

In the context of grilled cheese, the driver is always crunchy and can be taken very effectively for the young generation. Combining goat cheese grilled sandwiches can be very effective and with lots of positive feedback from the young generation. The Wholesome breakfast is very much effective and required for each age group to have.

Does Goat Cheese Melt

Goat cheese is not made when it is kept open. The heat which is required by the good is accomplished with lots of rigidity. There are various types of issues that are related to the goat cheese melt scenario. Cow cheese melts, but goat cheese does not melt due to the preserving scenario.

The Mountain Hippie Grilled Cheese

The Mountain Hippie Grilled Cheese

The Mountain Hippie Grilled Cheese

Yield: Makes:  One big sammich!

The Mountain Hippie Grilled Cheese is a delicious recipe. So refreshing and easy. A perfect appetizer for any meal.


  • 2 thick slices whole wheat bread
  • 3 tbl soft salted butter
  • 1 slice seedless watermelon—about 1/2” thick, rind removed—cut about the size of the bread
  • 1 tbl balsamic vinegar
  • 4 tbl crumbled goat cheese
  • ½ cup broccoli sprouts


Slather butter on one side of each slice of bread.   Put the watermelon slice on a doubled paper towel and pat out the excess moisture.  Drizzle balsamic vinegar on the watermelon.

Heat a non-stick skillet on medium.  Place one slice of bread, buttered side down, in the skillet.  Sprinkle on about 2 tbl of goat cheese.  Place the watermelon on the cheese.  Sprinkle the remaining goat cheese on top the watermelon slice. Top with the other slice of bread (buttered side up).

Grill about 3 minutes on first side or until golden brown.  Carefully flip and grill the other side about 3 minutes or until golden brown.

Remove and gently pull away the top slice and add the broccoli sprouts.  Replace bread, slice and serve!

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 The Mountain Hippie Grilled Cheese

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  1. Destiny Solis says:

    I made it and I absolutely loved it.

    1. Destiny!! You’ve made my day, luv! Thank you! It’s just so unique and full of flavor! Thanks for being a great supporter and I do love hearing from you! xo ~ally

  2. Hippie-induced grilled cheese… LOVE IT, Miss Ally! Your foodie imagination truly works overtime — even during REM sleep! Smiling over your reference to “RPM” sleep… trust me, I knew what ya meant, having the ol’ 33 rpm album stash myself… are we admitting our age here? 😉 (By the way, I used to work in a sleep lab, lol!) Hoping you can get some rest between recipe creations — but lucky me, lucky ALL of us, that you post your inspirations. Such wonderful flavors… watermelon grilled cheese. Who knew?! You continue to amaze me with every post.

    1. Ha ha!! Kimmeeee, YOU amaze me…what have you NOT done in life! Yep, my ‘rpm’ sleep runs like those ol’ 33s! And, ya gotta have been a hippie to remember them! Thank you, darlin…this was really a GOOD sammich…full of bursts of sweet flavor, and, truly inspired by my headband, leather vest and boot days…peace & love, angel…xoxox

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