Skillet Salmon with Blue Cheese & Dill

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salmon and blue cheese

Cast Iron Skillet Salmon with Bleu Cheese & Fresh Dill is one of the best salmon recipes. Only takes 15 mins to make salmon dinner!

Is Blue Cheese Good with Salmon

Fabulous Salmon Platter is a combination of proteins. It can be the quickest and fastest dishes that can be made on a busy day. This combination is not only quick to make but also very tasty, delicious, and healthy. And using Blue Cheese with Salmon is going to make your day more energetic.

Salmon with Blue Cheese Crumbles

Steak and egg with blue cheese crumble on one plate! Wow, It’s going to be the best breakfast ever. High protein and also tasty salad, no one is going miss this kind of opportunity. Lightly fried bacon dripping and steak with eggs and cheese up to to your liking, and there you go, the most delicious bacon dripping steak eggs are ready. Adding blue cheese in bacon dripping skillet steak eggs will make it tastier and give lots of energy to start the day.

Salmon with Blue Cheese Sauce

Baked salmon is like having lots of cookies on one plate only for you, relatable? Yes! Baked salmon is an all-time favourite go-to dish. It is an easy dish just by adding fresh herbs or seasoning, which will enhance the taste, kept in the oven for a maximum of some time until it becomes juicy, and tasty super easy oven baked salmon. Serve it with blue cheese sauce, which will be an addition to make the dish more delicious.

Best Salmon with Blue Cheese

Do you like salads? Mostly the answers are No because the taste is too raw to eat. But this Mediterranean salmon salad is going to change that thought. They have lightly fried bacon and all the goodies present with the salad and the best seasoning, which will make the taste of the salad delicious and bowl-licking good. The Best Salmon salad with Blue Cheese will make the dish the top list of your best food list.

Salmon Recipes with Blue Cheese

We all know the sour taste of the lemon will enhance the spiciness in the dish; then think how good will it be when lemon infused in salmon, Mindblowing right? And adding some fruity spinach medley in it will make it tastier. Lemon-infused salmon with a fruit spinach medley with Blue Cheese on top of it will make your craving increase.

Skillet Salmon with Skin

Spinach has lots of goodies in it. The mixture of the skillet, spinach, lemon, and fresh herbs infused into the salmon will make it tastier. And lots of us are going to love spinach lemon stuffed salmon dish because of its unique combination, which will make our day into a bright one.

Pan-Seared Salmon

Salmon Recipes with Blue Cheese are the best; let’s talk about salmon confit & corn medley. Naan with salmon confit & corn medley will be a very good combination. Naan is an Indian bread that will be a great combo with pan-seared salmon confit & corn medley, which you will enjoy a lot.

Cast Iron Skillet Salmon

Berbere spiced ribs with Best Salmon & Blue Cheese are going to be the spiciest combination ever. It’s the comfort food for the lazy day. Nicely grill berbere spiced ribs with a cast-iron skillet salmon will make your world turn 360 degrees because these will be the best-spiced ribs. It is made of full spiciness and love.

Salmon has lots of protein in it; it is used for weight loss. Why not eat it in a tasty way? All we have to do is add your favorite spice in it, fry or bake it, and there you go, tasty salmon is ready on your plate. It is going to make your weight loss journey easier. Being fit is one side, but managing it with your taste buds will be the most challenging part. So be fit and have a healthy and active life with these tasty foods.

Now if you’re interested in a little crunch on your salmon, then try this super easy baked salmon!

salmon and blue cheese

cast iron skillet harissa salmon

Skillet Salmon with Blue Cheese & Dill

Cast Iron Skillet Salmon with Bleu Cheese is one of the best salmon recipes. Only takes 15 mins to make salmon dinner!


  • 1 lb salmon about 1 1/2+" thick
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • 1 tsp fresh ground pepper
  • 1 tbl harissa
  • Canola cooking spray
  • 1 lemon (zest and juice)
  • 1 cup Bleu cheese dressing (a good quality store bought or homemade~~Recipe from Ally's Kitchen!)
  • 3 tbl drained capers (optional
  • 2 tbl chopped fresh dill


If your salmon has thin sides and ends, cut off and square up.  This helps with consistent even cooking.  Coat the salmon with the salt, pepper and harissa.  Coat the cast iron skillet well with canola cooking spray.  Place the skillet on medium high heat and let it get hot.  Spray some of the canola oil on the top of the salmon.

When the skillet is hot, place the salmon (skin side up) in it, and let it sear for about 2-3 minutes to get golden brown.  Reduce heat to medium low, cover with a lid and cook another 3-4 minutes.  Flip the salmon (skin side down), reduce the heat to low and cook another 4-5 minutes.  NOTE:  The length of time you cook will depend on the thickness of your salmon. Salmon should be moist and translucent in the center.  If you like it well-done all the way through, cook a few minutes longer.

When done, remove skillet from heat and transfer the salmon to a serving dish.  Zest with some of the lemon and squeeze half of the lemon juice on the salmon leaving the other half to slice for individual servings.   (Note:  Remove the bottom layer of skin if you prefer.) Dollop some of the bleu cheese dressing on the salmon and sprinkle with fresh dill and capers (optional).Serve immediately.

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cast iron skillet harissa salmon

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