Nutritional Yeast: Is it Good for You?

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Nutritional Yeast: Is it Good for You? It all depends. Do your due diligence. And, find out if you should cook with it. I do, and I love it!

Is Nutritional Yeast Good for You

First and foremost as you read this post and watch my video, please know that I’m not a certified nutritionist nor a nutrition coach or nutrition expert. I research and read about the pros and cons of foods and ingredients. And, then I make the decision to use or not use in my cooking. 

Nutritional yeast is one product that I’ve been using for years in my cooking. I find it has many benefits, health wise and taste wise, so for me, my family and for those who eat my cooking, we enjoy the benefits. Dr. Oz has a quick video on what it is and what it’s not. 

Your nutrition, what you eat, how you eat, the ingredients you choose, how you cook, what  you cook. Yes, it’s is all up to you. You have the power.

You must read, study and make the best choices. It’s no different than choosing whether to smoke or not. You have the facts and information. Now you make the right choices that are best for you and your particular needs. 

Nutritional Yeast Nutrition

This power food is a great provider of vitamins and minerals. Nutritional yeast also has nine essential amino acids. That makes it a ‘complete protein’ like that found in animal products. Because of that feature, this product is used oftentimes by vegans and vegetarians to supplement their diet. 

Complete proteins have those nutrients that help our bodies with nutrient absorption and tissue repair. There is some indication that it may prevent muscle loss. 

Nutritional Yeast:  Is it Good for You?

What is Nutritional Yeast

So what do you get with one tablespoon of nutritional yeast?

  • 20 calories
  • 0g of fat
  • 1 g of carbs
  • 1 g of fiber 
  • 2 g of protein
  • 100%+ of daily value of viatmins B1, B2 and B6
  • About half daily value of B3, B5, B9 and B12
  • Minerals (10% or less of RDA) zinc, selenium and iron

Benefits of Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast has become the darling of those who adhere to a vegetarian or vegan diet. 

Since it’s gluten, soy and sugar free, it’s sometimes used by those folks with food sensitivities. Research shows that nutritional yeast can benefit any diet. 

Nutritional Yeast:  Is it Good for You?

Nutritional Yeast Flakes

Nutritional yeast flakes are rich in nutrients of their own, however, most varieties have been fortified with even more vitamins. 

It’s got this cheesy nutty flavor, which sometimes has been likened to grate parmesan cheese. 

Adding it to meals and snacks gives you powerful protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

How to Use Nutritional Yeast

You can use nutritional yeast as a ‘condiment’ like salt and pepper. For instance, sprinkle some on your popcorn! It’s a lot fewer calories than melted butter. And, honestly, the flavor boost is delicious!

I love to use it as a supplement and flavor enhancer in lots of savory soups, stews, casseroles. 

Hey, even if you’re scrambling eggs, toss in a teaspoon of nutritional yeast! 

Nutritional Yeast:  Is it Good for You?

Nutritional Yeast Recipes

Just put ‘nutritional yeast’ in the search box, and see what you get in terms of recipes on my website. Here are a few of my favorites. 

One Skillet Basil Pesto Pasta

White Bean Chicken Chili

Coconut Cumin Shrimp Soup

Sweet Peas Mac and Cheese

One Pan Sausage and Veggies

All-American Pot Roast

Nutritional Yeast Where to Buy

Finding nutritional yeast is pretty easy. If you can find salt and pepper in a grocery store,  you can probably find nutritional yeast. I usually purchase mine on Amazon. Two jars at a time. One to use and one for back up! Plus, ordering from Amazon is just so darn easy!


Brewers Yeast Vs. Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast and baker’s yeast, yes, the kind you make bread with, are not the same. Yes, both are living, but nutritional yeast has been deactivated. In essence, it’s been killed!

The main benefit of nutritional yeast is a great source of B vitamins and minerals. 

Because nutritional  yeast isn’t ‘living’, it typically can’t make yeast infections worse. 

Can Nutritional Yeast be Bad for You

If you’re wondering if nutritional yeast can be bad for you, well, the big caution is to talk to your physician! If you have certain health conditions, like many products you eat, you might not want to ingest or use.

Here’s what the Center for Applied Nutrition at UMASS Medical School notes:

“…some people should not eat nutritional yeast. People with inflammatory bowel disease, especially Crohn’s disease, may experience an immune reaction that can lead to inflammation. There is some evidence to suggest that the tyramine (one of the building blocks of protein) in nutritional yeast might be a headache or migraine trigger. If you need to avoid nutritional yeast, there are plenty of other ways to get enough vitamin B12 (like most fermented foods) or satisfy a craving for savory or cheesy taste (like cashew cheese).  Good quality tempeh, yogurt and kefir (even dairy free), and miso are a GREAT source of B12,”



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  1. This is all great info, Ally! And just the inspiration I need to use the nutritional yeast I just bought. Thanks, love!

    1. Ohhhh, Michele! So glad you enjoyed learning more about it. It’s really a beautiful ingredient that’s perfect in so many recipes!! Can’t wait to hear what you think! xo

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