16 easy vegetarian recipes

easy vegetarian recipes

Looking at lots of my recipes, I realize that I love creating easy vegetarian recipes. And, I don’t consider myself vegetarian. Healthy eats!

Vegetarian Food

First of all, a disclaimer. I’m not vegetarian!

I’ve never thought of myself as a vegetarian. Maybe because I do love meat. But, honestly, when I look at so many of my recipes, I realize that I’m teetering on the edge of loving the vegetarian vibes. And, honestly, I could easily do meatless meals at least twice weekly. Maybe more. But believe me I’m not an expert on vegetarianism, so I’d refer you to others who are

And, as a note here, these recipes that I’m sharing, some DO have dairy and/or cheese in them. So, if you’re a Lacto-ovo Vegetarian then hello! For those who are either Lacto Vegetarian or Ovo Vegetarian, take a look at the ingredients to be sure it’s for you and your preferences! 

Meatless Dinner Ideas

Now I’m a meat lover, but sometimes I like to give myself a break from meat and fill up on vegetables and grains. 

No Meat Recipes

No meat recipes really aren’t that hard to accomplish. Some things like mushrooms and eggplant really can take on the texture and palate appeal of real ‘meat’ in some kinds of dishes like sauces (bolognese), soups and stews. 

Meals without Meat

So what do vegetarians eat? Some might ask, how in the world can you have a meal without meat! Well, let’s look at some of the things that vegetarians focus on. And, by now means, am I an expert. I just have read some about this choice of eating. 

Whole Grains: Who doesn’t love whole grains. We’re talking bread, pasta, rice wheat, oats and barley. I love them all. They’re fortified with nutrients like iron, zinc and Vitamin B12. 

Vegetarian Salad

Vegetarians also get their proteins from other sources. We’re talking things like beans, legumes, nuts, eggs, Greek yogurt. All excellent sources of protein. Now one thing that vegetarians might be deificent in is iron. But, you’ll find iron fortification in foods like cream of wheat, dried beans, peas, lentils oatmeal, tofu, spinach. 

Hearty Vegetarian Salad

And, many of our hearty vegetarian salads can provide vitamin C which helps the body absorb iron. Vitamin C is in so many veggies and fruits like tomatoes, broccoli, oranges, strawberries and more. 

High Protein Vegetarian Salad

Fruits and Vegetables

Overall the diet of vegetarians is mostly fruits and vegetables. And, that’s a good thing. It’s a plant based diet. Lots of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Some vegetarians don’t eat dairy products, so you have to supplement with other things like dark green leafy vegetables which are super sources of calcium. 

Healthy Fats

OK, fats. Since vegetarians don’t eat meat where do they get their fats. Well, nuts are perfect, butter, olive oil, canola oil, coconut oil. Some who follow a vegetarian diet may exclude meat only. Others might allow eggs or dairy products, Some may avoid animal products altogether. Sounds like it’s all a personal preference. Isn’t that what eating and food is anyway? Appealing to your personal preferences. 

Easy Soup Recipes

So how do vegetarians get a lot of flavor and pizazzzzz in their food. From soups to stews to salads. Here are some ideas:

  • Herbs. Lots of herbs. Fresh or dried. And, if you know me, I love herbs!
  • Herb combinations like an Italian blend, Herbs de Provence, Cajun, Creole, curry, paprika and more.
  • Some things need a kick. Add spice like red chili flakes, sriracha, hot sauce and more. 
  • Then there’s always cheese, especially parmesan cheese. Save that rind and simmer it with your soups or stews. Ohhhhh, the flavor burst! 

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