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cumin coriander chopped salad

cumin coriander chopped salad

This is a sponsored post. I’ve teamed with Brabantia to review one of their products, a chef’s knife. Believe me, I don’t team with any brand unless that brand embraces similar values regarding cooking, family and the kitchen as mine. My review of this product comes only from how I […]

smoky clam chowder

smoky clam chowder

Lawsy, I could eat my weight in this smoky clam chowder. First of all, I LOVE corn. Once I had a corn on the cob eating contest with my father-in-law~yes, in the summer and fresh steam silver queen corn was plentiful~and, I ate 11 ears! He won~I think he ate […]

~grilled spicy smokey skirt steak~

grilled spicy skirt steak

Skirt steak. Long, flat and it’s usually folded over at least once when it’s packaged. Unfold it and it’s long and varies in thickness from one end to another. Now, skirt steak is more prized for its flavor rather than its tenderness, so don’t expect a melt-in-your-mouth beef. Expect to […]

spicy smoky chicken with roasted veggies

spicy smoky chicken with roasted veggies

This is a magic carpet spicy smoky chicken with roasted veggies that whisks me to Morocco! At least in my imagination! That’s what food does for me…as I’m creating recipes, tasting the spices, flavors, juices, sauces and more, I have these eruptions of where I might be, what I might […]

black quinoa beans & green chiles

black quinoa beans & green chiles

One thing I love about ‘salads’ is knowing that they can be cold, room temperature, warm or hot~yes, this ‘black quinoa, beans and green chiles’ salad is one that you can serve however you like! Now I want you to use your imagination in how you dress this ‘salad’~you might […]

tagine of beef and vegetables

tagine of beef and vegetables

Tagines are vessels of beauty and history, And, you know, there’s no better way to explore ancient history than through food. The tagine (this one is from Le Souk) has a rich and long story. And, I’ve written a post on this for the International Housewares Association’s new website ‘Inspired Homes’. […]

cumin corn soufflé with cilantro & caramelized onions

cumin corn soufflé cilantro & caramelized onions

Corn souffle! Yes, a dish that for me is synonymous with Thanksgiving, and here’s the backstory on this recipe! The best inspiration and ideas for new recipes come from folks who are my foodie followers~whether it’s social media virtual friends, long-time flesh n’ blood friends, acquaintances I meet in random […]

avocado pimento cheese spread

avocado pimento cheese fruit spread

You probably know some of the virtues, health that is, of avocados.I’ll be sharing some with you! And, you might just think Mexican or South American when you see an avocado. Did you know that an avocado is a fruit? And, it’s sometimes known as the ‘alligator pear’!  So, my avocado pimento […]

crispy spicy chicken with orange ginger honey maple sauce

crispy spicy chicken with orange ginger honey maple sauce

What inspired this crispy spicy chicken and the recipe is that my girlfriend, Sally, wanted a lesson in making ‘fried chicken’…see she’s a Rocky Mountain girl, and she wanted good ol’ Southern fried chicken. I explained to her that my ‘Southern’ chicken was more baked than fried, and she’d be […]

mexican chorizo chili

mexican chorizo chili

A pale lager adds some unique dimension to this chili~~the spices, chorizo, cilantro, lime~~yes, all make you realize you are south of the border as you savor each bite. Now if you want to ‘err’ on the side of less spicy, then just omit the chili powder and smoked hot […]

spicy coconut shrimp soup

spicy coconut shrimp soup

Inspiration for new recipes~~where does it come from? For me, it’s various venues~~but, first and foremost, I’m thinking healthy. Putting ‘junk’~things like empty calories, highly processed ingredients~into my body or that of anyone who pulls up a seat in my kitchen or at my table, isn’t my idea of love. […]



Sometimes you just don’t hit it on the first try of something. That’s exactly what happened with this recipe from the cookbook, Jerusalem, which, by the way, I love! What happened was that the basmati rice with the lentils was just too gummy, so I knew exactly what I was going […]

golden beet salsa

golden beet salsa

Salsa~~such a divine addition to any dish! And, this golden beet salsa, or side dish, has the allure of gorgeous healthy golden nugget beets, hints of curiously addictive spices like cumin and corinander, subtle sparks of heat, and the surprise of sweetness! Now what inspired me to create this salsa~~well, […]

mexican-inspired southwestern chuck roast

mexican-inspired southwestern chuck roast

I know when you read how long I cooked this roast you’re gonna say, a 2 pound roast and that much time! But, believe me, I did. Maybe it was because it was an organic grass-fed piece of beef, but letting this roast cook until it was shredding apart was […]

Red Curry & Cumin Chicken Veggie Soup

When I haven’t seen good friends for a while, and we make special plans to meet for lunch, I like to make them a basket of love goodies from my kitchen.  So, I’m meeting Brent and Barbara for lunch at The Bookworm~~they’re such great people, devoted  yogis, and we’ve done […]

slow cooked cuban skirt steak

Skirt steak~~prized more for it’s flavor than it’s tenderness. To get that tenderness, it takes some low slow cooking, and what’s better than a slow cooker. Now don’t confuse skirt steak with flank steak~~while they have similarities, an adjacent cut, they are different. This slow cooked Cuban (koooo~bun) skirt steak […]

tuscan kale

tuscan kale watercress roasted corn

Summer fresh corn is the best.  I like to buy lots of it, shuck, coat with some olive oil then put on a hot outdoor grill.  Once it cools, I cut it off the cob, put it in freezer bags and it goes in the freezer for those winter months […]

~italian inspired bison meatloaf~

italian inspired bison meatloaf

I love meatloaf, especially the leftovers & making sammiches.   I love bison and wanted to infuse this meatloaf with Italian flavors. I love comfort food & this is in my top 10.  I love mashed taters, I mean real mashed taters.  I love watching the Oscars.  I served this […]

~sweet pepper ginger panko crusted chicken with greek tzatziki sauce~

sweet pepper ginger panko chicken

You’re gonna be so glad you gathered all these mouth-watering ingredients to marinade your chicken because, it’s worth all the effort! After the chicken breast filets float in this goodness, then it’s a simple matter of setting up your assembly line to dunk and dredge them in more tastiness. A […]

spiced & seasoned adzuki beans

~spiced & seasoned adzuki beans~

Most of ya’ll know that one of my favorite foods is beans~~most any kind of bean out there~~well, there is one bean that I just don’t care for and that’s black eyed peas…go figure, it’s so Southern, and being a Southern belle, I should think these things are the cat’s […]

~roasted baby peppers with cumin & cilantro~

roasted baby peppers with cumin & cilantro

If you have a gas stove roasting peppers is just so easy and a great way to preserve peppers when they’re in season.  And, if you don’t have a gas stove, then you can use your outdoor gas grill! Sometimes I use baby peppers, other times I use the big […]

Tangine of Fresh Vegetables

~tagine of fresh vegetables~

It’s no secret that I love Middle Eastern foods~~Moroccan, Algerian, Turkish and more~~the spices, cooking ideas and cooking techniques.   Soon I will have the fabulous opportunity to learn more about Israeli foods because I’ll be one of 7 international bloggers to travel to Israel as part of Taste of […]

turkey & zucchini burgers with green onion & cumin

turkey & zucchini burgers with green onion & cumin

I had no idea these ‘burgers’ would be better the next day and cold!  Yep, while they were boholicious right after cooking, hot and loads of flavors then bites dipped in the yogurt minty sauce, as day after finger eats, they were even better.  This recipe is not mine~~it comes […]

~spice nirvana~

~spice nirvana~

One of the best places for me to find great and inexpensive spice seeds is the Mexican section of a grocery store like a super WalMart!  I find them in bags, and they’re just so affordable and fresh!  When I open the bags, the aromas are intoxicating almost making me […]

~spiced chickpeas & crunchy vegetables~

spiced chickpeas & crunchy vegetables

It’s no secret that I love Middle Eastern foods~~when I had the privilege of traveling to Israel, I was like in heaven with the street food, eating at restaurants~fancy and down home~and, spending not enough time at the Jerusalem market, Machane Yehuda.  Maybe someday I’ll be able to travel to […]

Cast Iron Skillet Mexican Pie

cast iron skillet mexican pie

Best thing about this cast iron skillet mexican pie recipe is that it’s EZ and you can use a bunch of leftovers and less than ‘pretty’ picture-perfect ingredients~~like chicken and shriveling bruised tomatoes, maybe some drying out or dried out tortillas. Plus, some canned beans, or leftover beans if you’d […]

whiskey smoked cowboy chili

When we’re  in Colorado in the winter, there’s nothing better than chili!  The grandkids come off the slopes after a big day of skiing and snowboarding and are ravenously hungry. It’s always good to have something hot on the stove and sweets and fruit on the kitchen counter. I love […]

Chicken Italian Herb & Veggie Noodle Soup

~~egg noodle chicken soup~~

I like my soup chunky.  I like my soup fresh.  I like my soup creamy.  I like my soup with al dente veggies.  I love soup with chicken!  This soup is right up my alley (tsk tsk)! There’s something about adding the wine to the soup and infusing hints of […]

Butternut Squash & Corn Whole Wheat Pasta

butternut squash & corn pasta

This dish makes me think of Fall, Thanksgiving, and American Indians!  It’s filled with beautiful colors reflective of fall leaves turning~~the maize, or corn, makes me know how resourceful and industrious the American Indians were in helping the first settlers who came to America.  And, the butternut squash just means […]

Smoked Corn on the Cob with Herbs

~smoked corn on the cob with herbs~

Nothin’ better than fresh corn on the cob ~~ my two favorite types of corn are Silver Queen and Olathe Sweet ~~ so, when I’m in South Carolina I get my SQ fix, and vice versa when I’m in Colorado in the summer!  Both are exceptional, and one of the […]

Cumin-Infused Pan Seared Chicken with Fresh Tomatoes & Olives

cumin infused pan seared chicken

Cumin is one of my favorite spices~~it’s surprisingly a member of the parsley family!  Native from the eastern Mediterranean to India, this spice is used in many cuisines of different cultures.  It’s also found in many of my favorite spice blends like Ras el Hanut, and it’s one of the […]

Chili Cumin Roasted & Charred Brussels Sprouts

Chili Cumin Roasted & Charred Brussels Sprouts

I’m a veggie oven roasting fanatic!  Within in a short amount of time in a hot oven, your veggies caramelize, the sugars come out, and the flavors burst like exploding stars!  These Brussels sprouts also are packed with even more taste bud tingles with the chili mixture and the cumin!  I’m especially […]

Red Curry Cumin Peppers Onions & Corn in Brown Butter

Red Curry Cumin Peppers Vidalia Onions & Corn in Brown Butter

This makes a nice starter for any dinner~~a combination of sauteed veggies, interesting flavors with the red curry and cumin and sweet brown butter~~now, it’s mandatory that you add some hot crusty French (or Italian, or Greek, warm pita…whatever) with it…you might want to serve on the side some drizzling […]