holiday decorating on a budget

holiday decorating budget

Crazy times call for change. Can’t get together with family/friends? Still want to feel festive? Then it’s holiday decorating on a budget!

holiday decorating on a budget
Spray paint those Thanksgiving pumpkins silver and gold! Repurpose them for Christmas outdoor decor!

How to Decorate your Home for Christmas

Each of us has our own way to decorate our homes for Christmas and the holidays. My decoration scheme has changed over the years because of so many factors. 

holiday decorating on a budget
Pull in live greenery from your yard or a friend’s yard. I was riding my bike and found this lovely tree next to the bike path. I picked a few limbs for my mantle and side board.

Holiday Decorating on a Budget

This Christmas, my holiday decorating on a budget is first and foremost. Gone is the large family and friends gatherings, parties and just having folks drop in. It’s just a few of us now. And, that means that I’m focusing on simple. 

holiday decorating on a budget
Colorful throw pillows. Reindeer hugging the candles. A cup of peppermint sticks. Festive isn’t hard!

Simple Holiday Decorations

Simple holiday decorations are so fabulous. Sometimes less truly is more and minimalistic works. Why? Well, here are some primary reasons:

  • I can do it quickly.
  • Tear down and clean up is fast. 
  • Not wearing myself out. 
holiday decorating budget
I splurged on these silver trees from Target (about 2 bucks each). Then I put on my kitchen lazy susan with fresh greenery and battery operated candles I have. Presto! A beautiful centerpiece that sparkles and shines!

Cheap Christmas Decorations Ideas

Another focus for 2020 is budget-friendly or cheap Christmas decoration ideas. Yes, I want the ‘feeling’ of some new things, but I don’t want to break the bank. 

holiday decorating budget
I’ve repurposed my baguette bread board as to hold large balls and battery candles. Nothing purchased here. Just using the glittery balls and candles as a simple table centerpiece!

Cheap Holiday Table Decorations

Since tables are big part of our living area, the dining room table, the coffee table, the kitchen island, my decor is centered around these spaces for sparkle and design. 

holiday decorating budget
Spray paint (gold and silver) limbs and twigs. Put in a large vase to anchor. Then hang simple ornaments on them.

Cheap Holiday Decor

The best cheap holiday decor is right in your yard. Greenery is perfect. Twigs, stems, small wooden limbs all make beautiful decor.

Try spray painting those Halloween and Thanksgiving pumpkins silver and gold and tying a big red bow around the stem (well, if there’s one there). 

holiday decorating budget
Use fresh fruit and greenery from your yard! Candles. Some holiday balls. Inexpensive and long-lasting fresh flowers from the grocer (I got 6 stems for 4 bucks). And, in no time you have a gorgeous dinner table centerpiece.

Simple Holiday Decoration Ideas

 Hope you find a thread or snippet of inspiration in these true-to-life pictures that I’ve shared. Yes, all of these things have been in in home for the holidays! 

holiday decorating budget
Simple sprigs of holly from our holly bush make dinner plates oh so festive! Pair with that plain and buffalo check napkins, some fresh flowers, candles and you have one gorgeous table!

How to Decorate on a Tight Budget

Here are some other ideas for decorating or entertaining on a budget! Get creative. If it says Thanksgiving, just swap out some things, like pumpkins for garland or evergreen or colored eggs, and make it Christmas or Easter. 

The Hippie Chic Table

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Budget Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Perfect Tea Party Ideas

7 Budget Bedroom Decor Ideas

Here are some of my exceptionally simple holiday decoration ideas.
Mirrors always make tables sparkle! Small votives with candles add the glimmer throughout dinner. And, opt for cheap long lasting flowers like white carnations! Look for decorative chargers at dollar stores!

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  1. Ally, luv ur ideas n recipes! My house is 918 sq ft…dont have much room for decorating. Thank u for all your ideas! Also I luv the view of the river from your home
    I saw it when Bobby n luttle Rose were visiting you!. Merry Christmas!🌲

    1. Gloria!! I’m so excited you’re here, now don’t be a stranger. And, THANK YOU. I love fun ideas, and absolutely adore doing it on a budget! Hey, your casa is cozy and I know will be festive. Sending lots of love and hugs! Merry Christmas! xoxx ally

  2. Great ideas and tips. At times I
    I sort of miss the big parties, huge Christmas dinners, 4 real trees, and all the over-the-top stuff I’ve always done throughout the years. But the simplicity of doing less actually leads to getting more out of my favorite time of the year. More time to sit and sip a cup of tea or glass of wine while gazing at my tree or watching a Christmas movie. More peaceful time to spend with my granddaughter and adult kids because my Christmas to-do lists are smaller and more manageable. It’s taken me years to finally get to this point. Glad to see others feeling less is more too! Merry Christmas!

    1. Pattie! I hear ya! And, I’ve done the same as you and then finally realized that less is, indeed, more. The biggest part of doing something like this, too, falls on our shoulders, set up and tear down. Ohhhhh, the time we spend making all the magic happen. And, to think, a few twinkle lights and sparkly things could replace it all. Yes, giving us time to do what we love during this wonderful time of the year! xoxx ally

  3. Linda Jarrett says:

    Great inexpensive ideas!!! Good job Ally!!!

    1. You are the best! Yep, my WV upbringing taught me super frugality!! Merry Christmas my beautiful friend ❤

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