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ally’s free online digital magazine

Ally’s free digital magazine Fall 2020 is full of inspiration and ideas for living in our ‘new’ normal world! Food and home ideas to delight! Magazine Free Who doesn’t love free. And, that’s what I’m doing for you during these tough times. Yes, this magazine is totally free!  Free Online […]

budget kitchen makeover

budget kitchen makeover ideas

Don’t break the bank! These doable inexpensive budget kitchen makeover ideas are sure to give to give you an added sparkle to your kitchen! Makeover Kitchen OK, we all want to make our kitchen sparkle. But we don’t want to break the bank. We don’t have a huge budget to […]

tea party ideas

perfect tea party ideas

Hosting a Tea Party on a Budget Perfect tea party ideas are simple and easy with just some basic inspiration. From the tea party food to the tea party decorations, it’s simple! Hosting a tea party on a budget isn’t difficult. You just kind of use what you have around […]

budget bedroom decor ideas

7 budget bedroom decor ideas

Bedroom designs on a budget! These seve budget bedroom decor ideas can happen without breaking the bank! Feel like you’re in a new room! Room Makeover There’s something exciting about a room makeover OR REdecorating, especially when it’s your own bedroom. The only problem is that redecorating can cost a […]

nine boho living room ideas

Boho Bedroom Bohemian or Boho is definitely one of the most favored interior decor styles next to Scandinavian and minimalist. It’s easy to achieve since you can mix different elements with abandon. Best of all, it’s affordable! If you plan to create a bohemian feel in your living room, here […]

remodeling kitchen ideas

remodeling kitchen ideas

We all outgrow things. And, we all outgrow things throughout life, not just when we’re small kids and literally growing. Our lives change. The direction of our interests, hobbies and passions and the way our personal worlds operate all change. We’re not the same people in our 40s that we […]

downsizing your home

downsizing your home & getting rid of stuff

What’s it really mean to be downsizing your home? Does that mean you find a home that’s less square footage? A home that’s all on one level? A tiny home? Downsizing has so many different connotations. For those entering their 50s, 60s and beyond, sometimes downsizing sometimes means, among other […]

ny strip steak

aussie NY strip steak girls’ glitz party

This post is a paid partnership with True Aussie Beef & Lamb. Believe me, I don’t partner with any brand unless I truly believe in and support their product(s) and the kind of company it is. One that shares similar values as I. Most importantly, I only work for food companies […]

charity dinner

four-hands charity dinner

When my dear dear friend, Claudia, asked me if I’d donate a dinner to the fund-raising for Smith Medical Clinic of Pawleys Island, SC, I didn’t take a skinny second to say, YES! I know that I’m so very blessed to be able to afford health care and health insurance, […]

kitchen remodel galley workstation

OK, I know you might be thinking, how do you get so excited about a kitchen remodel? And, even more crazy than that, how do you get insanely thrilled, no ecstatic, about a new sink in your kitchen? Now, I’m not a kitchen snob by any means. For goodness sakes, I […]

kitchen remodel

kitchen remodeling and gutting

In my first post on this huge kitchen remodel, I talked about saying goodbye to an old friend. Yes, mixed emotions because this dear friend, my kitchen, has been my steadfast companion for about twenty years. Through thick and thin, hurricanes, cooking and entertaining from two to a hundred people, […]

charity dinner

new kitchen design

What makes a friend? What makes someone or something a dear friend? Can a dear friend be an inanimate object. Does it have to live and breathe? Or can it live and breathe but not be human? I think so. I think that friends come in all sizes, shapes, types, […]

kitchenaid mixer giveaway

red hot KitchenAid mixer GIVEAWAY

CONGRATUATIONS! Our winner is Joanne Lee!! This is a red hot giveaway! Yes, YOU could win this totally gorgeous and wonderful KitchenAid Mixer in this giveaway! And, by the way, I have this very SAME mixer (red hot baby!) in my kitchen, and I LOVE IT! Click on the rafflecopter […]

fabulous july fourth ideas

  OK, I’m gonna try to do some intel for you. Intel as in scouring Pinterest for some great ideas for the 4th of July and decor. Pinterest makes life so stinkin’ simple and easy. But, if you have some of my favorite boards for ideas, well, I just might […]

five patriotic dining table designs boho style

five patriotic dining table designs boho style

Summer’s big celebration in America is July 4th. It’s a given that there will be parades, fireworks, grilling, BBQs, and lots and lots and lots of red, white and blue. Almost like other big ‘decor’ holidays, like Christmas and Halloween, communities, towns and cities start showing signs of 4th of […]

5 simple ideas for spring & summer table design

5 simple ideas for spring & summer table design

Spring and Summer mean dining outdoors for me, my family and friends. Mela and Kate, my harvest and farm tables, made from 100+ year-old barnwood, have been lonely all winter. *Sniff Sniff* Sweet Mela endured some trauma in October 2016 when she was nearly swept away by Hurrican Matthew. Thanks […]

the summer table

Summertime. Such a glorious season. Summertime and the living is easy so George Gershwin’s song goes. We know though for some summertime isn’t easy living but maybe the busiest season of the year. Think farmers. This is when they adhere to the saying of  ‘make hay while the sun shines’ time. […]

thirteen table looks with napkins

thirteen table looks using napkins

The holiday season means means entertaining. Brunches. Lunches, Breakfasts. Dinners. Cocktail parties and more. Rather than doing the same ol’ same ol’ table designs with your sit dinners, why not change things up. With just a few tweaks and changes, you can reshape the mood and ambiance of your table. […]

dinner party tables that talk

dinner party tables that talk

I love to throw a dinner party. Doesn’t matter what the occasion. Birthdays. Weddings. Retirement. Knee replacement. Who cares? All that matters is that everyone’s around the table enjoying great food, conversation, camaraderie, libations, laughter and making special memories. Crafting dinner party tables that talk is the key to a […]

need your help

need your help

Reeeeeally need your help. I’m vying for the Dream Job of cooking for one week on the Hallmark Channel show, Home and Family. To move to Round 2, I have to have ‘likes’ and ‘comments’. That’s where you come in as friends and food family to help me in this […]

kitchen art & storage

kitchen art & storage

This is a sponsored post. I’m partnering with Brabantia and am receiving compensation to review their storage container products for the kitchen. Believe me, all of the opinions are solely my own. It takes a lot of time to do a product review, and I take my responsibility seriously because […]

Chic Kitchen Stuff Giveaway!

Chic Kitchen Stuff Giveaway

Disclosure: First of all, this is a sponsored post. I am receiving compensation for this post. But, rest assured, everything you read is my own opinion, and there’s no way I’d be doing this post otherwise. I’ve spent time reviewing this company and working with their marketing folks. And, I’m […]

eating in the great outdoors

eating outdoors

Al-fresco. Such a pretty word. It’s Italian and means ‘cool air’. Sounds pretty fancy and maybe prissy, but once you embrace the word in your vocabulary, know the joy it brings then you’ll have no hesitation in inviting your friends and family to an ‘al fresco’ affair. Basically, it’s eating […]

the home coffee bar

the home coffee bar

I love coffee. And, I know I’m not alone. I mean just look at the sales of coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts to Starbucks, coffee is a culinary delight and here to stay. Listen up to some interesting facts from the National Coffee Drinking Trends 2010, National Coffee Association reported by the […]

last minute table decor ideas

last minute table decor ideas

OK, don’t think you have what it takes to make a dazzling table for Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas Day dinner? Think again. Just put on your magic lightbulb thinkin’ cap, and you’ll see that it’s all there. All you need to do is put it together. In 2014 we […]

holiday table ideas

holiday table ideas

This post is not so much about words and talk as it is about seeing, feeling and being inspired. That’s what glamorous holiday tables are. Tables that sparkle with joy and happiness. These tables can be actual tables. a park bench or a big rock! It doesn’t matter. What matters […]

free table centerpieces

free table centerpieces

Free. We all love free. And, there’s nothing freer than what Mother Nature gives us from Her bounty to use with our entertaining and decor. Regardless of where you are, whatever your geographic area’s foilage/plants, and the time of year, there’s always something that can be used for your table’s […]

the fall of table design tips

the hippie chic fall table

Fall’s one my favorite seasons for so many reasons~from the shorter days, falling leaves, start of the holiday season including Halloween for adults! Then there’s an entirely new array of foods for Fall~soups, stews, heartier fare that sticks to your ribs and warms your belly, especially if you’re temperatures start […]

iced tea + lemonade

iced tea + lemonade

Summer is not summer without two things: iced tea + lemonade! I love teaming with the International Housewares Association’s Inspired Home to review products that make living and life just more fun and boholicious. Now, this is a sponsored post, but not to fret, everything you’re going to read comes […]

inspired home~taste of morocco

inspired home~taste of morocco

Traveling the world is just so easy now. No, I’m not talking about braving the long lines, schlepping through TSA then unpacking your life as you go through the metal detectors and then sometimes getting frisked~I’m talking about jetting around the globe right at home from your kitchen! In the […]

creating a french look in your kitchen

creating a french looking kitchen

I have a unique and totally French girlfriend, Marie-Christine or ‘Frenchie’, born and raised on a farm in Brittany~~she came to America, fell in love with an American boy, and now, after almost 20 years, they live their unique and beautiful life with their pup, Tashi, in the Rocky Mountains. […]

a boho cookbook

When I first started thinking about creating a cookbook, and just writing those words still sends goosebumps down my spine, I knew immediately that I wanted it to reflect my style, my panache. It had to be a boho cookbook. Out there on the shelves of bookstores are thousands and […]

ol’ saint nick cookies

Nothing is better than the scents of cookies baking, and in the boho home during the holidays that’s a definite indication of great things about to happen! These are hippie chic twists on cookie faves. Santa, Kris Kringle, Ol’ St. Nicholas, whatever you call him, and his elves work hard […]

jingle bell yummies

jingle bell yummies

Looking for some new recipes to cozy ’round with family and friends during the holidays~~well, here you go~~these most fave boholicious recipes of mine are ‘wrapped’ in holiday glimmer and glamour, sooooooooooooooooo click on the picture and see what you’ll unwrap! Here’s to grooviness in your life and on your […]

cozy holiday tables

cozy holiday tables

Whether you’re decorating your holiday table(s) for 2 or up to 20 or more, it’s always great to create a cozy festive feel that excites the eyes but still works as a functional table where folks all sit around and delve into a memorable dining experience. It’s not costly to […]

the big squeeze weekend

the big squeeze weekend

Four pounds of thick cut hardwood smoked bacon. Two pounds of ground sausage. Four pounds of ground meats. Three pounds of pasta. Five pounds of new potatoes. Thirty-two eggs. Mounds of fresh vegetables, fruits, cheeses and salad greens. Milk, Juice. A big homemade double chocolate cake. Wine~~lost count on the […]

seven kitchen gadgets i love

seven kitchen gadgets i love

Gadgets are the best!  They save time. They make things easier. They ease stress and work.  Who doesn’t need a new gadget in their life.  And, if you’re in the kitchen, you probably have some of your favorite gadgets that you just can’t live without.  Well, here are seven of […]

boho living room ideas

holiday ideas with boho flair

So you might be wondering how you can change up your holiday decor without a lot of work and expense~~well, there’s nothing more exhilarating than going bohemian’~~eclectic, colorful, a sassy flair, whimsical and more, the ‘boho’ look gets even more beautiful when there’s spontaneity and the spirit of your soul […]

4 boho ideas for the home

4 boho ideas for the home

You probably have so much in your home already that you can use and re-purpose to give your space that eclectic vibrant boho look. It’s not difficult~~da lot of planning~~you want to go with the feel, the flow and the look that comes together in a new way. Now this […]

5 tips to boho your fall table

5 tips to boho your fall table

Seasons bring so much to life—it’s the delicious reminder that nothing’s constant and change is good—letting go of the old and embracing the new. From new foods and nature to what we wear, those of us who live in seasonal areas can shift into new modes of eating, cooking, activities, […]

~your table your personality~

your table your personality

We express our personality in everything we do~~from your interaction with people, your hairstyle, jewelry, the way you smile, how you entertain and, yes, even with how you set and style your kitchen or dining room table!  Your tablescape is a beautiful expression of who you are~~it’s a place where […]

~tin can ally~

tin can ally

I loved loved the movie ‘Walk the Line’~~about the life of Johnny Cash. I loved the ending when all was good and you saw the little kids playing with the homemade telephone at June and Johnny’s home~~Johnny’s Mama and Daddy were there for a family gathering~~a joyful occasion after so […]

~kitchen artistry & beauty~

kitchen artistry & beauty

If you’re like me, you see kitchen artistry & beauty in small things~~from a Mason jar with its ‘writing’ and glimmering shine after a good wash and dry  to an ebony well-seasoned cast iron skillet, the shapes, colors, textures and nuances of the objects just make me smile.  And, being […]

~boho scavenging & bingo finds~

boho scavenging & bingo finds

Sometimes you never know what you’re going to get when the stars line up and the force of luck is with you. Yeah, I’m talking about  boho scavenging & bingo finds! So much of my food styling finds have come from unlikely places~~trash piles, discarded objects on a curb just […]

healthy holiday giving

Each Christmas I try to have a ‘theme’ for giving to family and friends~~last year, for my three grown adult boys, it was the creation of ‘Legacy Boxes’~~each got three, really attractive hip looking {you know the Pottery Barn or IKEA look} boxes that I had lovingly spent time filling […]

Paint Cans

paint cans

I’m the kinda person who lives and operates with lots of spontaneity.  It can be as simple as going to put a book back on the book shelf, noticing say something dusty, and spending the next few hours tearing apart the bookshelves, cleaning, re-arranging and re-designing.  Maybe that’s called getting […]

boho dining whevever

The end of summer signals the ushering in of Fall, and likewise the ending of winter brings on Spring, so you may say ‘what’s so big about that?’  “Duhhhh Ally, change of seasons.,,hello, been going on forevvvvahhhh!”  Well, not so quick~~that means I’m totally ready for a change of venue […]

my kitchen~~designed by & for me~~

my kitchen is me

I’ve been having a lot of folks over the past couple of years, friends that follow my antics in the world of cooking and life in social media,  ask me about my kitchen~~what it’s like, how it’s laid out, what works for me, how do I have it organized, and […]