thanksgiving table decor ideas

thanksgiving table decor ideas

Thanksgiving is as much about the food feast as it is about the thanksgiving table decor ideas! I have 3 great decor themes for you to try!

How to Decorate my Dining Room Table for Thanksgiving

Sure Thanksgiving is about the food, but it’s also about that exquisite table you’re going to be setting! And, I have some great ideas to help your creative juices flow!

Yes, Thanksgiving 2020 is one of those very different holidays given the state of the union and the pandemic. But, that doesn’t mean even with a small table of less than eight people that you can’t create a memorable stunning and fabulous tablescape! 

thanksgiving table decor ideas
Thanksgiving 2017

How to Decorate Thanksgiving Table

When you think about how to decorate the Thanksgiving table, think in terms of a theme. A look you want to create. A great table design is centered around a theme. And, the three themes I’m going to share with you are:

  • Classic & Traditional Tablescape
  • Modern Simple Tablescape
  • Free-Spirited & Boho Tablescape

thanksgiving table decor ideas

Simple Thanksgiving Table Decorations

You classic and traditional tablescape focuses on Fall colors that are typically associated with simple Thanksgiving table decorations. 

thanksgiving table decor ideas

Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

The Classic & Traditional Tablescape

  • Start with a neutral background. The wood of your table, for instance, or a neutral tablecloth.
  • Build it out with Fall colors and other Fall elements, leaves, gourds, pumpkins, small twigs and branches. 
  • Napkins can be folded, fanned, traditional white. Or maybe try something whimsical in folding those napkins!

thanksgiving table decor ideas

  • Use your traditional, really special china or special plates that might have a turkey theme (or not!). 
  • Add some sparkle with battery-operated candles. 

thanksgiving table decor ideas

Thanksgiving Holiday Table Decorating Ideas

A modern and simple thanksgiving holiday table and decorating ideas can be easily achieved. 

thanksgiving table decor ideas

Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape

The Modern Simple Tablescape

  • Use simple pottery or ceramic solid colored, preferably neutral and grey/brown/black tone plates or large Bistro bowls.
  • Arrange the napkins in a funky unexpected fashion.

thanksgiving table decor ideas

Modern Thanksgiving Table Setting

  • Keep the Thanksgiving decor simple and only one or two splashes of color. 
  • Use small tea candle battery-operated lights. 
  • Think clean and unadorned with this theme.

thanksgiving table decor ideas

Thanksgiving Table Decoration

Thanksgiving table decor ideas can also be quite eclectic and even border on flamboyant, if that’s you style. Or if that’s the mood you want to create.

thanksgiving table decor ideas

Free-Spirited and Boho Tablescape

  • Mix and match everything from plates to drinking glasses.
  • Use textiles with flair like napkins with tassles and texture. 

thanksgiving table decor ideas

  • Stack the plates–a charger, dinner plate, eating plate. 
  • Throw in elements of nature–fresh herbs, a small vase of branches and twigs. 
  • Have full splashes of color, design, pattern. 

thanksgiving table decor ideas

Holiday Table Decor

For more inspiration and ideas, I’ve got more for you! And, since I’m totally loving the free-spirited look, well, you know that you’ll pick up more cheap and doable ideas! 

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thanksgiving table decor ideas

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  1. Michaela Rosenthal says:

    I love, the the plates (multi coloured) with frog (?) etc. Are they vintage?

    1. Michaela! Welllll, vintage Anthropologie! Got them about 7 years ago, and LOVE LOVE THEM! And, they were on sale…whoooo hooo!!! xoxo

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