four-hands charity dinner

charity dinner

When my dear dear friend, Claudia, asked me if I’d donate a dinner to the fund-raising for Smith Medical Clinic of Pawleys Island, SC, I didn’t take a skinny second to say, YES! I know that I’m so very blessed to be able to afford health care and health insurance, and many folks don’t have this ‘luxury’. Therefore, they rely upon others to help or worst yet, they just neglect their health, which leads to a tsunami of other issues in life!

charity dinner

Smith Medical Clinic

The mission of Smith Medical Clinic is to provide medical care for low-income, uninsured Georgetown County, SC residents. Smith Medical Clinic was established in 1985 by Dr. Cathcart Smith and his wife, Nancy, in an 8-foot wide trailer with office and medical equipment from Dr. Smith’s former medical office. Initially, Dr. Smith recruited five retired doctors and a dozen nurses to volunteer at the clinic. This volunteer model has become a Smith Clinic tradition. Today, over 200 volunteers working in two locations provide complete medical care for over 2,000 low-income, uninsured, Georgetown County residents a year-for less than $250 per patient per year.

Some of Our Recipes

Celery Salad

Lamb Chops



Chicken Tagine
charity dinner

Four-Hands Dinner

In the Fall of 2019, my foodie luv, Candice, came in from Singapore. Well-known as ‘The Gluttonous Temptress’, Candice and I created a ‘fusion’ like dinner that focused on Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian cuisine. We had over twelve dishes for our six guests who feasted for hours. Helping us with dishes, serving and whatever else we needed were three dear friends, Whitney, Jennifer and Sue Ella. Without their other six hands, Candice and I would have been totally overwhelmed. And, there was no time to take any pictures or shoot video clips, so I asked the talented Jacqueline Pettie, hey, I’ve know Jacqueline since she was 12, to come. This amazing gal really is the ‘official’ photographer of Ally’s Kitchen!

charity dinner

Nothing says more about this fabulous dinner than the pictures and videos, so escape for a few moments into the world of Ally’s Kitchen, The Gluttonous Temptress and a Four-Hands Charity Dinner! xoxo ~ally

charity dinner

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  1. Such fun! (And a whole lotta work, but you made it look fun — loved the pic of you & Whitney & Candice laughing together — your videos and music, too.) Did I mention the FOOD? It was like eating my way through your cookbook and more! I’m sure everybody left full and happy. What a great cause and “magic carpet” event. Sooooo proud of you! xo

    1. OH, dear, Kim!! It was so much like OUR cookbook!! Gosh, we ate our way around the globe in that one. You bet we had so much fun w/all this work, but the benefits it produced help so many people. I love having you on our magic carpet!! xoxo Love you, kiddo!!

    1. Karen! Thank you, luv! It was such a great evening for all. Thank goodness I had a super team of supporters! xox

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