holiday ideas with boho flair

boho living room ideas

So you might be wondering how you can change up your holiday decor without a lot of work and expense~~well, there’s nothing more exhilarating than going bohemian’~~eclectic, colorful, a sassy flair, whimsical and more, the ‘boho’ look gets even more beautiful when there’s spontaneity and the spirit of your soul is shining through. Well, you might just like these holiday ideas with boho flair!

We bohemian souls are pretty darn easy-going and laid back~~we love the look of layers, color and texture~~we love the dynamics of Morocco and Eastern Europe~~rules don’t apply, so put plaids with polka dots, stripes with squares, tapestries and velvet with chenille, we love glitter and drama in your surroundings, not as in people and issues but what our eyes feast upon! As we ripen in age, like me, there’s a sophisticated ‘clutter’ that speaks to you~~it makes sense, its beauty lies within this clutter.  The world is truly your oyster, and you want it all within your reach in your home! As my boho princess friend, Giulia, says, ‘…boho is romantic, spiritual and colorful and women embrace all these qualities…’

Rather than go on and on with words~~let’s just look at beautiful photos to get some inspiration~~then jump on your magic carpet and soar with your sweet and boholicious creations~~and if you have a chance, snap a photo, share it with me on my Facebook page and I’ll be ever so grateful. xoxo ~peace and boho holiday love~~ ally

A Boho Spin on Thanksgiving

Bohemian Inspired TableScaping

I am Bohemian

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holiday ideas with boho flair

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  1. Linda Jarrett says:

    These are fantastic and oh so eye catching! I need to be more Boho!
    I would love to see a video of you putting a couple of table scapes together!!

    1. Linda, my sweet luv!!! I get so excited when I see you’re here! I need to do that kind of video. Maybe a time lapse one! xoxx Hugs, love and Happy Turkey Day!

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