girls’ night grilling: an unforgettable feast with kingsford charcoal


This post is sponsored by Kingsford but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

As this Summer season fades and Fall steps in to show her vibrancy and colors, there’s no need to think that grilling season is over! Hey, grilling season, and I’m talking grilling with fun, flavor and ease comes in only one way. I’m talking charcoal grilling where you’re able to get the vibrancy and colors of the Fall season right in your outdoor grill! Yes, those glowing hues and shades of yellow, red, gold and every variation along the spectrum!

Probably one of my most fun ways to entertain is outside, and even though the air might be a tad bit more chilly, that’s even more reason to pull out some snuggly wrap blankets, make the setting simple and rustic and invite the girls over for some healthy fare and chilled libations. Girls’ Night Grilling doesn’t get any easier nor simple, yet designingly delicious, than with firing up the charcoal and putting on effortless skewers of vegetables and whatever proteins your besties love!


Food Should be an Experience

You know, eating is more than just nutrition and filling your belly. Coming together with my tribe of girls is always an ‘experience’. One that we cherish because all of us are ridiculously busy with life. And, life just seems to extract from you the girlfriend time that you really want and, at times, absolutely need to nourish your spirit and soul. For me, it’s like time on my mat. Without yoga at least weekly, I’m not as good as I can be.  Girls’ Night Grilling with #kingsfordcharcoal is kind of like being on the mat. It erases complication. It dissolves stress. It energizes my cells. I mean what’s more easy than piling those ebony nuggets (wear gloves to preserve your manicure!) of happiness in your grill, lighting the fire and watching the glow of something magical about to happen. We girls like it when we take charge of lighting our own fires and stoking the heat. That’s the magic of Kingsford Charcoal.


Now those who know me and follow Ally’s Kitchen know that events and parties, large and small and somewhere in between, are seared in my DNA. What’s more memorable than gathering folks and connecting yourself to them through food. Depending upon the theme of the soiree I’m hosting, I can channel my inner “foo foo” Martha Stewart, my gutsy and gritty Indiana Jones or my peace, love and boho spirit. This girls’ night grilling honestly is like mixture of all three. So if you wanna recreate with your tribe then here are some Ally tips.


Gather Your Tribe
  • Make it small. Maybe three to five of your girl buddies.
  • Create foods that are totally brainless and simple yet delicious. Things like shrimp, corn, okra, wings and skewered veggies. Hey, hot dogs work and marshmallows, too!
  • Imagine yourselves somewhere mystical under the starry night lights. Throw blankets and have pillows. Ditch the ‘formal’ table and chairs.
  • Perfect grill for this kind of get together? A small portable charcoal friendly camping/tailgating/portable grill can certainly work. If you have a fire pit type portable grill, bring it out.
  • Be sure and invest in some non-stick heat resistant BBQ Grill Mats (if using a small table top camper style grill) and a small fire extinguisher. Just for safety’s sake.
  • The ambiance is complete when you light those Kingsford Charcoal briquettes and in not time at all get that warming glowing fire. Time to start the fascinating enchantment of an evening with the girls!


OK, so Why Kingsford and Grilling?
  • Well, it’s simple for me. I want something reliable, and I know when I pick up bags of Kingsford Original Charcoal I’m getting a product that’s from a company that’s been around for almost a century. Products don’t stay current go through ups and downs over decades unless they deliver and are the ‘gold standard’. And, Kingsford is for grilling.
  • Another reason? These briquettes are ready to cook on in about fifteen minutes. I like this reliability and knowing that getting that hot charcoal won’t be taking like Rip Van Winkle time!
  • Something else really important. This product is made from 100% natural ingredients. That’s the confidence of Kingsford Charcoal.
  • If I’m running a little behind on cooking things, then I don’t worry about losing my ‘heat’. This charcoal has a long burn time.
  • Gas grills just don’t give me the smoky wood-fired flavor that Kingsford Original Charcoal does.
  • Kingsford makes it super easy for this girls’ grilling night. We can be outdoors in the cool Fall weather and chatter away as the grilling is happening almost effortlessly, plus everyone can take their turn ‘turning’ chops, steaks, skewers, burgers or whatever ever is cooking. Getting the girls involved makes more more fun!
  • And, don’t think that you can’t use Kingsford Charcoal outdoor grilling for the upcoming holidays. I mean if you’ve never had things like grilled acorn or butternut squash, corn on the cob, okra and more traditional grilling vegetables, like zucchini, asparagus and onions, then you’re in for a treat! I mean, imagine your Thanksgiving table when you present a large platter of perfectly grilled, with those delicious charred markings, vegetables.
  • There’s something about grilling that just creates camaraderie and collecting people together. Maybe it’s the ambiance of the charcoal, the scent of the smoky wood burn aroma, or just seeing the beautiful food as it’s being cooked right before your eyes. You just don’t get this kind of emotional connection with something like an InstaPot, Slow Cooker, Crock Pot.


What Was on Our Menu

Believe me, we made it super easy because we were using Kingsford Charcoal!

The chicken drumettes were slathered in some extra virgin olive, seasoned with a Garlic and Herb seasoning, some sea salt and then skewered.

Fresh okra is awesome on the grill. Just toss in some chili oil, sea salt, skewer and they’re good to go.

Seedless juice oranges. Never thought of grilling them? Well, try it. Awesome! Just cut thick slices and, yep, skewer. A sprinkle of sea salt to bring out more flavor is always a treat.

The veggies and large shrimp were tossed in olive oil and lots of Old Bay seasoning. That’s all it takes when you’re talking fresh healthy ingredients. Cooked in a grilling pizza pan actually. It worked fine. Removable handle and holes to let that charcoal flavoring ooze into the veggies and shrimp.

Naan bread. Simple purchase some at your grocery store. Cut it in halves and grill just to get it a tad bit toasty and warm.

Corn on the cob. Always a favorite. Roll in some olive oil and season with salt. Put them on the grill and just keep turning and cooking until done.

And, there has to be something sweet. Why not roasted marshmallows! Yes, the Kingsford charcoal is perfect for roasting marshmallow because it’s long lasting and there’s plenty of time to be playful and eat those gooey oooeeey roasted marshmallows!


The Best Part of the Grilling

So super easy with Kingsford Charcoal and everyone pitched in and helped. That’s what girls’ night is about. Getting together with your besties, making it easy, delicious and always memorable! So when’s your next get together with #kingsfordcharcoal?


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  1. Michaela Kenkel says:

    The perfect setting and what a fantastic feast!!

    1. Oh, we had so much fun…the behind-the-scenes and bloopers were the best!! xo Thanks for swinging by, luv!

  2. I can’t decide what I want the most… the answer is ALL of it. Looks like we will be firing up the grill.

    1. OH, Dorothy! This was probably the easiest entertaining I’ve ever done. I mean just prepping the food, then we girls all cooked, ate and cleaned up! Thank you, luv!

  3. I love this idea! Grilling with friends makes great memories! I bet you had loads of fun and lots of laughs!! xo

    1. Ohhhhh, we did, Liz! And, you’re right, nothing’s better than getting your girls together, making it easy and having a great evening…we started early, too! Yayyyy! xo

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