Dim Sum Dumpling Making

dim sum making

Dim sum is an old, yet quite trendy, culinary dish that has a Cantonese tradition.


The folding and development of the little dough-filled critters that are so common and tasty with endless variations of fillings are said to be one of the most difficult aspects of dim sum or dim sum dumpling production. Dim sum talk in the kitchen is a Cantonese cuisine dish that is both traditional and fashionable. Weary travelers along the legendary Silk Road were normally served these delectable bite-size dumplings of love as snacks with hot tea at roadside teahouses.


I concluded that there was no better way to learn the “craft” of folding than from the best. And that meant flying halfway across the world to Shanghai, China, to meet Mrs. Yi, a lovely home chef. Though her English was about as good as my Mandarin, we were extremely fortunate to have curried chicken dumplings casserole, from our talented and incredible Chinese guide, with us (husband Ben and me). You’ll hear Zoe narrate as she recorded me grappling with the folding technique as Mrs. Yi gently experimented with my shaky hands attempting to imitate her dexterity!


Mrs. Yi bought pre-made dough at the store. These were little triangles, around 3′′ x 3′′, which looked just like wonton wrappers, which can be seen in Asian grocery stores and some markets. Well, you should prepare your own dough, but for those who really want dim sum and are inspired to make it, skipping the dough preparation allows you to actually make it! I’m still on the lookout for new ways to get Millenials and Gen Xers involved in the kitchen. And, if we can take shortcuts, such as using wonton wrappers in this situation, it’s more likely that they’ll cook in the kitchen.


Yes, food has its own kind of charm of baby & dumpling squash #orangeinspiration. There are no obstacles. There are no limitations. There are no distinctions between us as humans. We enjoy sharing our love of cooking, as well as the love and camaraderie that erupts when we all gather around a table together. If I’m in a tiny apartment in Shanghai, a Berber tent in the Sahara desert, a coffee table with warm skillet steak salad in St. Petersburg, Russia, or my own house in America, I believe this to be real.


Cover the dumplings you’ve finished with a wet rag. You don’t want them to get too dry. Traditionally, dim sum is served in steaming bamboo steamer baskets. However, you should still improvise. It’s essential to keep them moist and warm. Mrs. Yi served our dim sum dumplings, which we had made in a delicious chives broth. It’s deeeelicious!


Dim sum is a Chinese method of serving a tasty meal consisting of a variety of small plates of savory and sweet foods. Over long brunches, these feasts are usually celebrated by gatherings of families and friends, followed by steaming cups of tea and spicy salami & red onion folds.


Steamed, baked, and fried dumplings, bite-sized meats, steamed buns, spring rolls, rice and noodle dishes, and fluffy desserts are among the most common dim sum dishes. The pleasure is in sharing the various recipes and tasting the array of flavors, so they are served in no special order.

dim sum making

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  1. I love making ravioli and have made pierogies before and we love dim sum, so I’ll have to give these a try. Looking forward to the recipe/s.


    1. Hi, Janet! Yes, all of these are in the ‘dumpling’ category, and I’m finally learning more about dim sum and dumplings here in Asia! I love ravioli and pierogies, too! Comfort food!! Thanks for visiting, luv! xoxo ally

  2. Robin Rudy says:

    I love watching your videos, Alice…..you are soooo cute!
    I hope Ben is enjoying eating all those good ? things.

    1. Robin! Thank you, luv! It’s all totally me, as you can certainly see! Yes, Ben is eating dumplings out the yahhhhzoooo!!! Can’t wait to see y’all in May!! xoxo

  3. The JOY between you, Mrs. Yi, and Zoe in this “shared learning experience” made me grin from ear to ear, Ally! This is what your adventure is all about… diving in with both hands, laughing and loving it, and mastering yet another cooking technique after trial & error & encouragement. SO proud of you!

    1. My dear Kim…you are so so so right! It was a ‘shared learning experience’…and, we are having so many…all ‘firsts’ and probably ‘lasts’ like climbing the Great Wall…OMG, Kim, can’t wait to share that w/you!! Love you girl!! xoxo

  4. Auntiepatch says:

    Is there a recipe here somewhere? Will you be writing one?

    Thanks –

    1. Yes, Karen, I’m still traveling and will certainly be doing recipes and follow up when I get home and settled in, angel! Excited to share w/you!! xoxo

    1. Oh, Nettie, if you ever can find one, you must try!! It’s so good!! xoxo <3 <3 you!

    1. Ha ha…how ’bout that! I’ll be sharing some recipes once I get home, settled in and cooking!! Thanks, luv bug, for all your sweet comments! xoxo

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