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The Language of Food in Israel

The Language of Food in Israel

When I learned I was going to Israel as one of seven international guest bloggers invited by Taste of Israel and Stand With Us, I had no idea what to expect with food.  Oh, yes, I knew some dishes like hummus (which I pronounced ‘hum-us’ and only to find out in Israel it’s ‘hooooo-mus’) and falafel, but I had NO idea whatsoever of the diversity of the foods that I would be experiencing!  From the peasant cooking with Nora in the Druze village in Haifa and street food in Jerusalem to the exclusive and chic restaurants of the Mater Chef Israel judges, Hiam Cohen and Jonathan Rushfeld in Tel Aviv and the extravagant food at the Dan Hotels, my palate was exploding for about 104 hours of my life!  Every couple of hours we were eating, and surprisingly, I longed for the pangs of hunger, which never came!

Come languish in the photos of the food~~most all of which I either tasted and/or ate~~you will be drooling after the about 137 seconds! Just click these photos and you’ll be on my magic carpet in Israel~~in the first, I’m tasting ‘Shakshouka’ (about 15 seconds) and in the second pix/video~~ohhhhhh, you’ll be soaring!  The language of food is universal~~you need no translations~~ Peace & Nameste  xoxo ally

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The Language of Food in Israel

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  1. Visually stunning and I the evocative music has me yearning to learn more! What an amazing experience – I hope you’re going to do a future post with descriptions of the food and spices that you tasted.

    1. Oh, yes, I’ll be adding more recipes and posts on the food, spices, ingredients…if you ever have the chance to visit Israel Priscilla, consider yourself blessed…what an experience!! Thank you for enjoying the food luv!! xo

  2. Ally, I watched your Shakshouka video earlier and I’m going to watch your Language of Food video again just to listen to the music and TRY to imagine the taste-bud trip you experienced. Wow! SO, so incredible and so glad YOU were one of the ones picked to truly appreciate the color, the variety, the presentations, the spices, the… everything!!!

    1. Oh, Kim! Only you can appreciate the music…finding it was special b/c the photos needed to have more imagination for the buds…I love how your comments spur me on to greater imagination, my luv!! xoxo

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