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The challenge?  Make an award-winning grilled cheese sammich!  What do I do?  Put my Boho thinking cap on and start breaking down the expected for grilled cheese sandwiches and venturing into the wonderland of the unconventional—grilled cheese is ‘boho’d’!

So, it’s Saturday mornign.  My main taste-tester, hubby Ben, is in the kitchen with me sitting on the little red stool (oh, if it could talk!).  I start heating up my grill, get out all kinds of ingredients, including cornbread left over from last night’s dinner, and I start combining and creating.  The kitchen’s like a mad laboratory—there’s a huge mess, but in this seeming chaos will come the winner, I hope, of the Wisconsin Cheese ‘Grilled Cheese Academy’ 2012 contest.

After a few hours, four contenders have been created, photographed, and I’ve written the recipes in my ‘peace and love’ notebook.  Ben’s entry choice is different from mine.  I’ll sleep on it—see what my gut and soul tells me to do.  After a few days, I know what’s gonna be entered.  Done.  Now, I forget about it.  Months pass.  But, it’s not to ever be forgotten because it’s the ‘Gold Award’ winner for 2012!

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