thai red curry coconut corn

thai red curry coconut corn

Now, corn is good with butter and salt and pepper. But, sometimes you want a big change and that’s what this thai red curry coconut corn is.

How to Make Curry Corn

Summertime is the best for so many reasons. School’s out and it’s time for vacations. There are lots of summer camps for adults and kids. Summer is a time for picnics, cookouts and more outdoor grilling and barbecuing. And, when you have fresh corn, you can extend your recipe possibilities! It’s just so easy to learn how to make curry corn! 

Summer’s also the season of harvest. From small gardens grown in pots to large farms, fresh vegetables and fruits and coming in. One of my favorites is corn. Yes, sweet corn on the cob. Whether it’s Silver Queen, yellow, white, Olatha or whatever, there’s nothing better than freshly shucked corn that’s been steamed, boiled, grilled, cut off the cob.

Spicy Corn Curry Recipe

Curry is a spicy blend, and you can intensify that spice with more hot chiles if you like. But this spicy corn curry recipe is tempered somewhat by the smooth velvety coconut milk. 

Coconut Curry Corn

Coconut curry corn moves into a whole new dimension. If you’ve ever had Trinidad Corn Soup then you know the layers of flavors! 

Corn Curry

Corn curry can be made with small ears of corn. Or if corn isn’t in season, you can surely use frozen ears. And, if you don’t want the hassle and ‘mess’, yes, this dish can get messy, then make it with frozen corn kernels. So many options! 

Corn Curry Recipes

Besides this  corn curry recipe, I have some other curry and Thai recipes that I think you might like!

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Curried Corn on the Cob

 Now, corn is good just with butter and salt and pepper. But, sometimes you really want a change and that’s what this thai red curry coconut corn is. A spicy tasty and messy way to change up how you fix that glorious corn on the cob!

Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste

What makes this corn ever so unusual is that it bathes in a sauce of thai red curry sauce that’s spiked with the freshness of tropical fruit and the natural juices that it’s canned in. You can get it in the large or small size jars. 

That combination of flavors creates an explosion on your palate as you bite into the plump juicy corn. Those little kernels burst open and you have Mother Nature’s best and also the unexpected flavors of coconut milk, fruit and thai red curry.

Red Curry Recipe

So if you decide to use the cobs, well, yes, there is messiness when you eat this corn. But, it’s worth all the finger lickin’ and lip smackin’ effort! If, by chance, you want to bypass this messiness, just cut the corn from the cob, and pull out your spoons. Yes, it will be very proper and without worry of a mess. But, you’re missing rolling that clean cob in the thai red curry sauce and then sucking some more of the sweet corn juices from it!

thai red curry coconut corn

thai red curry coconut corn

thai red curry coconut corn

Now, corn is good just with butter and salt and pepper. But, sometimes you really want a change and that's what this thai red curry coconut corn is.


  • 2 Tbl. Butter, salted
  • 8 half ears of corn, can be frozen
  • 2 tsp. coarse ground pepper
  • 2.4 oz. Thai Red Curry paste, see notes below
  • 1 (13.5 oz.) can coconut milk, unsweetened
  • ½ cup Dole Sunshine Tropical Fruit with juices, roughly mash the fruit
  • Garnish:
  • 2 green onions, sliced thinly with greens


  1. In an 8-10” cast iron skillet over medium high heat, melt the butter. Add the corn and pan sear about 3 minutes turning the corn to get browning.
  2. Sprinkle on the pepper. Add the red curry, coconut milk and tropical fruit. Blend as the mixture heats. Reduce heat to medium keeping a simmering boil. Cook for 20-22 minutes. Sauce will thicken.


Different brands of Thai Red Curry paste can vary in heat intensity.

I would suggest tasting your red curry paste for 'heat' level and adjusting the amount accordingly in this recipe.

I recommend Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste.

2.4 ounces is about 5 tablespoons.

Substitution: Instead of the Dole Tropical Fruit, use 3 tablespoons of a ginger jelly/jam or an orange marmalade.

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thai red curry coconut corn

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  1. How much frozen corn should one use as a substitute for on-the-cobb?

    1. Hi, Sara, depends upon the size of the ear and, of course, the size of the kernels. But, I think you’ll be good with about 3/4 to 1 cup per large ear. I used about 7-8 cups of fresh cut (off the cob) corn in the recipe I made a couple of days ago. It made a lot and I had all the luscious leftovers! xoxx ally

  2. Can I make this the day before and reheat?

    1. Hi, JoAnn! Gosh, this is a delicious great recipe. Sooooo different as a side. Yes, you can make the day before. I think it would work better w/cut OFF the cob corn vs. on the cob. Be sure to snuggly refrigerate and store! Let me know!! xoxx ally

  3. never seen anything like this before. I am so interested. I love curry, so this is so cool

    1. Thank you, Nicole! This recipe is actually a variation of a wonderful similar recipe in my cookbook from my ‘Africa’ chapter. It’s called Makai Paka. Everyone who has tasted this dish raves about it. Give it a try and fingers crossed your food seekers enjoy! xoxo ~ally

  4. Never thought of putting curry over corn, but I bet it’s so good!

    1. It’s really good, Megan! Hope you try, luv! xox ~ally

    1. Thank you, Megan…that littl’ hint of sweet w/the spicy just takes to corn to the next level. Hope you try! xo ~ally

    1. Ashley! Thank you!! It’s definitely a new twist on corn on the cob 🙂 xo ~ally

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