Easy Side Dishes

grilled corn

grilled corn on the cob

Cook Corn on the Grill Grilled corn on the cob takes corn to a whole new level! The grilled corn in the husks is steaming tender, delicious with a smokey aroma. Butter up! Cook your corn on the grill and you might not ever do it the boiled in water […]

okra succotash

jumbalaya okra succotash

Traditional Succotash Recipe Celebrate the vegetables of Summer with this jumbalaya okra succotash. In less than 30 minutes, you’ll have a Southern tradition on your table. Super easy! According to stories, the traditional succotash recipe was created by Native Americans who, in turn, taught the colonists to make. Since lima […]

apricot sauce

apricot mustard spicy sauce

Glaze Sauce This apricot spicy sauce will be your GO TO sauce for so many things! From your Easter ham to dolloping on grilled pork chops. And, don’t forget sweets! If you try to figure out the difference between a glaze and sauce, well, good luck. Googling ‘what is a […]

anti-inflammatory recipes

anti-inflammatory roasted vegetables

Anti-Inflammatory Diets I’ve really been so fortunate with my health just about all my life. I know a lot of this is genetics. But, I do think that the impact of growing up with a mom who cooked from scratch way back when, eating fresh fruits and vegetables and not […]

healthy tuna salad

healthy fresh herb tuna salad

Tuna Salad Recipe Work in some of the traditional tuna salad ingredients with more of the healthy ingredients and what you have is an awesome healthy tuna salad! Everyone should have a tuna salad recipe in their toolbox. And, today we’re looking for how to make tuna salad healthy! One […]

mashed red potatoes

mashed red potatoes and fresh dill

OMG, you’re gonna love love these mashed red potatoes and fresh dill! I mean it’s a fabulous combination of creamy and dilly all in one! Now depending upon your texture palate you can mash to your heart’s delight. For me, I’m totally loving small lumps in my red potato mashers, […]

spicy shrimp

smokey spicy shrimp and fresh herbs

Getting tasty shrimp in the dead of winter in the Rocky Mountains can be a tad bit sketchy. You see, I know good shrimp. Good fresh shrimp. And, living on the coast of South Carolina part of the year, and, yes, sometimes in the dead of ‘winter’, I can find […]