Easy Side Dishes


easy thin crispy cornbread

Why make things complicated and more difficult when you can make the very same thing super easy! That’s my thinking with this easy thin crispy cornbread. It’s one of those most simple recipes that makes all of you a cornbread star! Like pizza, cornbread can be thick or thin. No […]

mashed red potatoes

mashed red potatoes and fresh dill

OMG, you’re gonna love love these mashed red potatoes and fresh dill! I mean it’s a fabulous combination of creamy and dilly all in one! Now depending upon your texture palate you can mash to your heart’s delight. For me, I’m totally loving small lumps in my red potato mashers, […]

spicy shrimp

smokey spicy shrimp and fresh herbs

Getting tasty shrimp in the dead of winter in the Rocky Mountains can be a tad bit sketchy. You see, I know good shrimp. Good fresh shrimp. And, living on the coast of South Carolina part of the year, and, yes, sometimes in the dead of ‘winter’, I can find […]