Oatmeal Nut Sea Salt Chewies

Oatmeal Nut Sea Salt Chewies

The star of Oatmeal Nut Sea Salt Chewies is oats that contain important vitamins, minerals, fiber. Eating a healthy breakfast is such a fantastic way to live a better and healthier life.

Simple Oatmeal Cookies

This easy recipe bakes up the most AMAZING cookies ever! Thick and chewy with soft centers. No waiting around. TOTAL breeze!!
Most of us want our cookies. Like, right now. There’s nothing like the smell of fresh-from-the-oven baked goods to lift your spirits and satisfy your hungry stomach.
Cooking simple oatmeal cookies is a lot of fun. There are countless recipes and exciting tips out there for how to make the best oatmeal cookies. Here are some examples, including one with apples, bananas and adding sea salt cinnamon roasted walnuts.

Soft Oatmeal Cookies

These soft oatmeal cookies will be your new favorite treat. This recipe is perfect for sea holidays. These cookies will satisfy any sweet craving you might have while still offering a dose of nutritious goodness.
Try baking them in a blue plate special easy pot roast. These are the cookies you’ve been waiting for! They keep for a long time, so don’t be afraid to make a big batch. To give your cookies a richer taste, add Raisin Nut. It just makes them even more awesome.

Oatmeal cookies using sugar cookie Dough

The family’s favorite rolled sugar recipe has a chewy texture with a delightful crumbly crunch. Frosted or unfrosted.
It turns out that this sweet-smelling spice is actually one of the healthiest spices around. It helps lower blood sugar levels, protects against type 2 diabetes, and may even have potential cancer-fighting properties.
In fact, you can sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on your oatmeal to reap these benefits! Bake them well in the oven, and your chewy oatmeal date raisin nut cookies are ready.

Crispy Oatmeal Cookies without Eggs

These cookies must have been sent from heaven, and the recipe couldn’t be an easy pot roast. I’m not kidding; this is a basic “oopsie” recipe that comes together in minutes.
If you’re looking to whip up a batch of cookies that are sure to please any crowd, try these Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies. They’re guaranteed to taste as good as they look.
While baking them, keep all the ingredients ready in a bowl and bake them for 20-25 minutes to get your oatmeal coconut cookies ready.

Crispy Oatmeal Cookies No Sugar

So, for everyone who loves chocolate, I have a treat for you. These oatmeal cookies are so tasty, and they’re the perfect combination of chocolatey and chewy. But be careful! You might eat too many of these because once you start eating them, they’re hard to stop!
These are the best healthy & crispy oatmeal cookies ever! They are crunchy, golden, and bursting with flavor. You will be in love!

Thin Crispy Oatmeal Cookies

Experience the classic taste of chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, with a hint of pineapple and dates. It’s a delicious recipe that will surprise your family and friends.
These cookies are the ultimate treat for any fan of oatmeal cookies. They have all the same flavor but are baked chocolate! Good for a birthday party.
You might not think that oatmeal and dates could make something so sweet, but the magic of nature is at work as you take a bite into this delectable treat. These delicious treats are a cross between a cookie and a bar and are sure to be a hit with the family on any night of the week.

Salty Thin, Crispy Oatmeal cookies

Far from ordinary, these are the easiest, most delicious cookies you’ll ever make. You will be begging for more because they are so buttery-rich, and oatmeal coconut cookies are just best. You can enjoy these cookies without being concerned about the calories. You just need to change to a special kind of butter that is already available in the market. The Maple-Almond Chocolate Chip Cookie is a perfect cookie, soft and chewy. It’s been said that the secret to its tenderness lies in the addition of brown sugar to the melted butter.

 Oatmeal Nut Sea Salt Chewies

Oatmeal Nut Sea Salt Chewies

oatmeal nut sea salt chewies

Yield: Makes: 3 ½ dozen 

The star of Oatmeal Nut Sea Salt Chewies is oats that contain important vitamins, minerals, fiber. Eating a healthy breakfast is such a fantastic way to live a better and healthier life.


  • Preheat oven to 350
  • 1 package refrigerated  Sugar Cookie Dough
  • 1/3  cup half & half
  • 2 tbl Crisco canola oil
  • 3 cups regular oats
  • 1 ½ cups salted peanut/cashew mix
  • 1 tsp sea salt (garnish on cookies)


Cut cookie dough into chunks.  Put in food processor with half and half, canola oil and blend until the mixture is a thick batter.  Pour into a mixing bowl.  Add oats and nuts and blend well.

Dollop about a heaping teaspoon of the mixture on a parchment-paper lined cookie sheet leaving about 2 inches between each chewie.  Take a pinch of the sea salt and quickly flick several flakes on each chewie.  Bake for about 8-10 minutes.

Remove and let cool. Repeat with all of the batter.

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 Oatmeal Nut Sea Salt Chewies

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