a birthday party

~a birthday party~

Sometimes the best parties and especially a birthday party are the parties that have just a handful of people~~and, in this case, it was four of us!  My big sis, whom I call ‘Ducky’ {and there’s a whole story behind that~~she calls me ‘Duckina’!)~~turned a young 60-something, so I wanted to show her how much I love, respect and adore her with a bash. OK, let’s be sibling honest~~she’s opinionated, can be a pain in the arrrrrssss, and can get on my last nerve~~but, isn’t that what makes a sibling a sibling!  And, yep, it’s a two-way street, so even though she doesn’t know my ‘perfection’ I do!  ***tsk tsk*** The bantering continues with siblings~~another loving feature of DNA connections!

In years past, our birthday party ‘bashes’ included many more family members, but since the youngens have grown up, flown the coop, live in distant places and have their own lives and some even new families, we’re dwindling in our number, but even with the smaller number, there’s no shortage of fun, laughter, good food, wine and an evening of magic! Of course, I love hosting intimate dinners, so this was just another change to ‘play’ with a Boho tablescape, pull together mismatched odds and ins, and try out new recipes!

Come along and enjoy some of the party~~here’s some of my tablescape tips…remember your table is like the big centerpiece birthday present~~

1.  First the food~~first there was a baked pasta using my award-winning Bolognese (click for the recipe)~~I used a new pasta type, add in some of the wonderful mozzarella bites from Costco, a thick layer of sauce, some freshly grated Parmesan reggiano, then garnished with lots of fresh chiffonade basil!

Next, there was a simple Romaine wedge salad with chopped Roma tomatoes and homemade dressing (click for recipe!)

Plenty of vino, chilled water, hot crusty bread and butter (click for recipe)~~

Finally, the birthday cake!  Yes, it was chocolate, and yes, it was fabulous!  Chocolate Whipped Crème Filled Tart Cake

~a birthday party~

~a birthday party~

~a birthday party~

~a birthday party~

2. For sparkle and festivity I used some of my shiny stretch bracelets around the napkin rings and even on the end of a candle holder~~always lots of candles~~inexpensive and they set a real exotic tone~~color color color~~don’t even worry about things matching…once it all comes together, it works!

The ‘flowers’ came from a bush I saw alongside the road with blooms, swerved over, jumped out and snipped me some limbs!  I love to angle several table cloths, and used one runner, subtle mushroom color, with fabulous long fringe~~yes, my ‘hippie’ DNA was screaming to come out!

Let the vino breathe, and it also looks rather enchanting, like a Genie in the bottle, with it’s vibrant ruby red color!

I placed all the serving dishes including the plates for cake on a bright red shiny tray~~the all white pieces were crisp against the rainbow of colors!


~a birthday party~

~a birthday party~

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  1. Ally, your Sis must have loved this! What’s not to love about Boho and Bolognese — and you?! 😉 You’ve made me want to break out the bracelets when my Sis comes to visit in October… yup, I’m feelin’ it already. There WILL be a party — even if it’s just the two of us. It’ll be fun to treat her to her first ever “Boho’d” affair, thanks to you!

    1. YES YES YES!! When your sis comes, puhhhhleeze do a Boho party for her…and, a crowd can be one or two!! It’s all about what makes you feel giggly and happy inside when you sit there and take in all the sparkles and glitter! PLEASE now, send pictures, write a blog about it, and I’ll be putting it on right alongside my sis’s party! We’ll start a Boho Sister Party club! And, we’re talking ‘urban’ sisters, too…no DNA needed!! xoxox

  2. I’m sure your sister had a fantastic time. Everything looks wonderful! Love your table cloth and settings, and the whole vibe… and that chocolate cake looks amazing!! xo

    1. She was so happy, Helena! The cake rocked, and I’m sooooooooooooo glad you’re feeling better!! xo

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