Kitchen Appliances Worth Having in Your Vacation Home


Filling your vacation home with the right number of provisions is a costly undertaking, but it’s entirely worth it. Aside from the primary amenities, like a bathroom and a bed, there’s a range of other things worth investing in that can improve your rental’s quality and fulfill the renter’s expectations. Here, I discuss a few kitchen appliances worth having in your vacation home that your renters will appreciate.

Large Appliances

You can’t complete a vacation rental without large appliances. These are standard features that guests will look forward to seeing inside the property, whether they intend to use them or not. An oven, functioning stove, fridge, and microwave cover your bases.

Some will limit these appliances to miniature versions or skip them altogether. But you can optimize the quality of your rental house by offering these large appliances.

Coffee Maker

While a coffee maker isn’t an inherently big appliance, to your renters, it’s a big deal. Next to large appliances, a coffee maker is a standard feature in a vacation home. Even when the local coffee shop serves the renters delicious coffee, renters of all types prefer on-hand coffee makers for self-serve demands.

I always recommend using mini coffee makers or single-serve coffee makers because these allow for optimal storage and cleaning efforts. One of the most overlooked areas when cleaning a rental property is the coffee pot, so if you buy something small and user-friendly, you increase the chances that renters will clean it properly.

Electric Kettle

If you’re accommodating the coffee drinker, accommodate the tea drinker with an electric kettle. Electric kettles are also easy to store, so you can skip the stovetop tea kettle and invest in a storage-friendly electric kettle. This can also serve as a layer of safety, as you don’t run the risk of water spewing onto the stovetop or gas burners.

Air Fryer

If you have a microwave in your vacation home, you can choose whether an air fryer is worth the investment. But when you rent the property to a family or a large group for more than five days or five nights, it might be beneficial to offer an air fryer. Many renters prefer using an air fryer over the oven, making it a purchase worth considering.

Stocking a vacation rental home with worthwhile kitchen appliances can create a well-rounded experience for your renters. It’s easy to forget that a vacation may include serving oneself, so accommodating all scenarios and rental demands is a safe bet.

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