5 Common Plants To Put in Your Greenhouse


A greenhouse can provide an excellent experience for homeowners, giving them a place to garden without being worried about damage from insects and other critters. A greenhouse provides the perfect climate for growing all sorts of plants, making it hard for some to decide how to start once you first open that greenhouse door.

Those who want to raise something no matter the season should consider starting with any of these five common plants to grow in a greenhouse.


Ferns are common houseplants because they look nice and improve air quality. Growing ferns in your greenhouse can help you manage the humidity, adding a natural source of moisture that will make the atmosphere more vibrant.

Make sure you take the time to repot your ferns when they get too big and provide supplemental nutrients as needed. It’s also a good idea to consider some best practices for preventing pests and diseases in your greenhouse, as some ferns can become sick easily.


Melons come in all shapes and sizes and grow in an unruly fashion, making them hard to grow in outdoor garden beds. With a greenhouse, you can account for everything from the temperature to water levels, making it the perfect space for producing these types of fruit.

Larger melons may require rigging to support them as they continue to grow. You can use netting and wood stakes when they become too large. Although melons require quite a bit of effort on your part, managing these massive plants can be well worth it.


Spinach grows quickly and tolerates regular harvesting, making it an excellent option for your greenhouse. It only takes a little over a month to go from seed to plant, and you can harvest as much as you want to freeze for later.

For a constant supply of spinach year-round, consider growing continuously within the safety of your greenhouse so that you’ll always have some fresh spinach to eat.


Ginseng is a popular supplement with a variety of suggested health benefits. The problem with ginseng is that it can take years to reach full maturity. However, the constant climate of your greenhouse is up to the challenge!

Ginseng prefers a lot of shade and water at regular intervals. Growers can still benefit from ginseng by harvesting its seeds while the root system matures.


Although not technically a plant, various mushroom species can also thrive in a greenhouse. A humid greenhouse is ideal for various kinds of edible fungi.

Mushrooms require darkness and less air exchange as the mycelial structure takes over the grain used for feed. However, once they’re ready to fruit, you’ll want to increase the light and oxygen they receive to trigger growth.

Remember To Choose the Plants That Work Best for You

A greenhouse provides an indoor climate to control the growth of plants. Deciding which common plants to put in your greenhouse can be a fun experience, but there are many things to consider when making your choice.

It’s essential to find a variety of species that work well in a similar climate, and you’ll want to have time to give them proper care and attention. Explore your favorite plants and determine which will thrive in your new greenhouse!

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