Common Baking Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Countless unique creations in the kitchen call for never before seen methods of creativity. Baking is one such craft that invites and invokes different combinations of ingredients, techniques, and science to make something absolutely delicious. However, that creativity sometimes gets people into trouble. To help prevent that, keep these common baking mistakes that you should avoid in mind next time you step into the kitchen.

Don’t Bake Your Cereal

Several new internet trends have been blossoming out of the woodwork. A common one is bringing back the childhood nostalgia of different cereals and putting them into different baked goods. Everyone knows that as cereal remains in a bowl of milk, it gets soggy. This texture change is due to the difference in density between the two substances, which leads to your cereal absorbing the milk.

When mixing cereal into the batter of a cake, for example, the cereal will naturally absorb the water in the batter during the baking process. Though the cake is typically fine, you soon realize that you can’t say the same about the not-so-crunchy cereal within it.

Avoid Mixing Too Aggressively

If you suffer from the annoying instance of sinking cakes, you are in good company. A lot goes into making something so seemingly simple as a cake. However, your errors occur before your cake even enters the oven.

When you over mix your cake batter, you allow too much air inside it. This extra air results in a rapid rise due to the hot air passing through your cake, similar to a balloon. Once that heat dissipates, so too does the size of your cake. Though it changes with each recipe, it is important to understand the different lengths of time needed each time you prepare a new baked dessert.

Let Your Goods Cool

New bakers are very commonly prone to this issue. Suppose you just finished baking a successful batch of cupcakes. You excitedly prep them onto the plate and get right to icing them. However, you begin to notice that your cupcakes have turned into melted ghouls shortly after.

Allowing your baked goods to cool, whether large or small, before decorating them is an important lesson that’s important to pick up in the beginning. It is a simple error, which is exactly what makes it so common. Those “well, duh” moments sometimes get lost in the excitement of cooking, which is OK.

Whether you aspire to make a career out of baking or are trying to improve on a hobby you love, don’t fret if you trip along the way. Failure is the best teacher, and anyone is bound to run into it eventually on their culinary journey. Experimenting with the various ingredients each baker needs is all part of the fun. By remembering these common baking mistakes that you should avoid, you become a bit more knowledgeable than you were before.

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