The Easy Spicy Cooking Demo for Charity

The Spicy Easy Cooking Demo for Charity was an evening of learning about spice mixtures and how to easily elevate everyday ingredients!

A huge thank you to Phillip Hall who was our photographer and videographer! 

Unique Fund Raising Dinner Ideas

This cooking demo is my second event for charity. It’s a ton of work. There’s no getting around that. But, the number of hands on board who want to contribute their time and help is endless! From the dishwashers to a lot of the food to the photography, it seems to the collective effort to pull off a four-hour cooking demo where eight people ate to their hearts’ content was a huge resounding success! 

Everyone left with full bellies, lots of laughs, great wine and cocktails and lots of favors in their baskets. 

Special thanks to Cowboy Charcoal and Western Wood and to Girl Carnivore for helping make this event even more special! 

Pawleys Island Wine and Food Gala

“The Pawleys Island Festival of Music & Art is a 501(c)(3)which features two weeks of cultural entertainment and musical performances including a Wine Gala that serves as the event’s primary fundraiser. For more information on the Festival, including a complete schedule of this year’s entertainment along with sponsorship opportunities, visit them online at or call 843-626-8911.”

Pawleys Island Music Festival

Kita and I decided that we would focus our cooking demo on spice mixtures. Spice mixtures can elevate even the most simple ingredients to something pretty spectacular. So together we prepared five mezze entrees as our guests watched and participated. 

  • Grilled Shrimp Skewers with warmed toasted baguette and harissa infused oils
  • Warmed Umbrian Lentil Salad with charred tomatoes & Ooomami New York Strips with a herb compound butter
  • Roasted Harissa Eggplant with a creamy mint sauce & Dukkah-Crusted Lamb Chop
  • Thai Red Curry Corn & Dukkah Crusted Fish
  • Roasted Brussels & Broccolini & Cool Cucumber Salad
  • Tropical charred harissa pineapple and Dukkah and cinnamon citrus
A Global Infsion of Flavors

Our Chefs

A four-hands charity cooking demo featuring two chefs. Me, Ally. And, my dear foodie friend, Kita, of Girl Carnivore. Together we planned this amazing array of flavors based upon spice mixtures from around the globe!

Our Team

None of this could have been pulled off without a team! And, that team included my hubby, Ben. Bestie, Whitney. And, Tara, and her daughter, Sarah. Tara is a key person with the Pawleys Island Festival of Music and Art. And, Sarah, is Editor of Sasee Magazine.

Our Guests

Our eight guests were folks who attended the 2021 Spring Fund Raising Gala for the PIFMA. They were the lucky ones because they kept bidding on this live cooking demo with Kita and Ally! The next event is scheduled for Fall 2021!


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