Different Ways To Repair A Window

Trust me when I say this: I have seen all types of damage done to windows, from storms to fastballs. A broken window isn’t anything new. Broken windows can be a hassle to fix. However, there are many different ways to repair a window; here are a few of them.

The Masking Tape Technique

This method is a good one if you are looking for a temporary fix and an easier way to stop outside air from seeping in. Masking tape is one quick fix. Cut two pieces of tape large enough to cover the crack and apply them to both the inside and the outside of your window. For added security, add more pieces of tape on top of those.

The Nail Polish Procedure

The nail polish method is uncommon but proven to work. Dip your nail polish brush into some clear polish and fill the crack in the glass pane. This technique can also temporarily repair small holes in the glass. Reapply up to four times to ensure that the nail polish dries around the cracks. This method should be used on small cracks.

The Mesh Patch Solution

To carry out this repair, measure the length and width of your crack, then cut a piece of mesh fabric that is long enough to cover it. Using one hand, hold the mesh down over the window, and with the other hand, apply super glue along the edges of the material. Continue to hold down the material for a few minutes until you are sure that it is sticking and won’t fall off.

The Thick Plastic Approach

If you have a wide gaping hole, using some thick plastic will prevent drafts from flowing through the room and keep unwanted bugs and animals out. Cut out a square piece of plastic that’s big enough to cover your whole window. Hold the material down with your dominant hand while you attach it to the window with your other.

A Permanent Repair

Before attempting to repair your window, note the type of damage it’s suffered. If you’re making a permanent repair, remove any remaining shards of glass, nails, and clips before removing the window. Then measure the dimensions of your new window and use a wood sealer, glazing compound, hammer, and putty knife to install it.

Now that you know how to fix a pane with each of these different ways to repair a window, continue to maintain your window and watch for any damage. Window repairs can be a pain, but these tips can walk you through the process to ensure a speedy repair.

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