kitchen remodeling and gutting

kitchen remodel

Kitchen remodeling and gutting can sometimes come with mixed emotions. Saying goodbye to the old. Living with the mess. Worth it!

Renovating Your Kitchen

In my first post on this huge kitchen remodel, I talked about saying goodbye to an old friend. Yes, mixed emotions because this dear friend, my kitchen, has been my steadfast companion for about twenty years.

Through thick and thin, hurricanes, cooking and entertaining from two to a hundred people, this kitchen has weathered the storms and always come out glistening and smelling like a rose. And, then in the third post in this series, I’m so excited to share my new sink with you! Not just a ‘sink’ but a SINK!

kitchen remodeling and gutting

How to Get Rid of Old Kitchen Cabinets

Now comes the reality phase of saying goodbye. The starkness of watching it go. Yes, this is the gutting stage. The time when others come in and start dismantling and tearing out. Luckily for me, I wasn’t there in person to see this. And, even better, my foodie peep BFF and her hubby were there to do this work.

I’m thinking I would have shed some serious crocodile tears watching as each knob, handle, drawer, door, cabinet and the black granite was coming off.

There comes a time for renovation and new things. And, to make my kitchen more inviting, the cabinets had to go. 

Getting Rid of an Old Kitchen

Looking at the trusty Kohler professional plumbing fixture, the farm sink, the dishwasher. And, not to mention the stainless steel prep table and center island with the stained, scratched authentic Carrara marble surface. I can’t even fathom how many vegetables, meats and foods I’ve prepped on that stainless steel table!

How many Christmases, Thanksgivings, Easters, July 4ths, birthdays, graduations, marriages, parties, showers and more. I can’t begin to count.


kitchen remodeling

kitchen remodeling

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

There to take pictures and videos was my bestie peep, Whitney, and her hubby, Lee. it was comforting to know that loved ones were not just ‘gutting’ but taking immense care with all that was happening. Whit has probably spent over the past ten years thousands of hours in that kitchen.

Yes, talking, sharing, sipping wine, tasting, and dreaming about our futures. Lee, the quiet steadfast clever with any tool husband, loans her to me without asking for anything in return. He knows we have this special bond. And, that’s why this kitchen goes to Whitney and Lee. They are gingerly and lovingly taking apart this beautiful space and they will retrofit into their own kitchen.

And, I couldn’t wait to implement my remodeling kitchen ideas

How to Recycle Kitchen Cabinets

Everything will be used down to the screws removing the doors, draws, shelving. They will refit the plumbing fixtures, the stately large gooseneck professional faucets, into the sinks in their beautiful home making their kitchen ‘new’ but still retaining the ‘memories’ of Ally’s Kitchen.

Each day Whit and Lee will awake to the beauty of this kitchen that has infused into the grains of the wood and even the granite and marble surfaces, utter love and joy. And, each day they will continue to infuse their family traditions, make memories and create even more love.

kitchen remodeling


kitchen remodeling

Remodeled Kitchens

As I said, in my previous post of saying goodbye to this kitchen, I do believe you can form bonds and friendships with inanimate objects. You give these things names, like I have two of my beautiful barnwood tables, Mela (which means ‘gathering’ in Sanskirt) and Kate (my dear Mom’s name and from whom I acquired this love of cooking).

You spend time with them, make memories with them. You feel the love and energy emerge from the wood grain and more. Yes, and please don’t think I’m whacko, you fall in love with this ‘thing’.

And, if you’re not up for a total gut, then there are some easier things that you can do to update your kitchen!

Modern White Kitchen

It doesn’t talk as we think about communication and talking. It doesn’t feel as we think of touching and caressing. It doesn’t laugh, cry, sleep, eat in the traditional sense. But, in an obtuse crazy way, these things, my kitchen and my tables, do all of these things. And, there’s love that’s grown for each and every thing.

My kitchen and kitchen things aren’t there just for looks. My kitchen is not there just to mechanically stand in front of a stove and cook. No sireee bobby, my kitchen and kitchen things are there because I passionately love them and share the happiness and inspiration with anyone who will listen, watch and or follow Ally’s Kitchen.

But, now with my newly remodeled modern white kitchen, I know a new era will be ushered in. 

White Kitchen Ideas

You’re my chosen family without all the emotional and psychological baggage! My peeps. Folks like you, yes, YOU, who are now reading this post. (I see  you smiling!) Without you, none of this would be. I know that.

And, that’s what keeps me running like the Energizer Bunny! I’m hoping that my love of food, eating, cooking and being in the kitchen is infectious. My dream is for you to rediscover your kitchen if you’ve not spent time in there for a while. And, if you want to jump forward and see the new kitchen, well, it just takes a click

New Kitchen

Or, if you have, to spark new ideas and inspiration for making food truly the heartbeat of your family and friends. Even down to the new design of the sink and making it a workstation, this kitchen will become the true gathering space of our home.

Maybe you’ll love your kitchens so desperately that you’ll christen them with names. And, that’s coming up for me. So hang on and let’s see what we name this new kitchen. Oh, yes, it’s ‘Ally’s Kitchen’ but it will have a sweet nickname! Put on your thinkin’ caps!

kitchen remodeling

Kitchen Design Ideas

Enjoy seeing what’s happened in this gutting stage. There’s no turning back now. It’s forging ahead with change. And, change is good because it does more than give us a new view. It invigorates. It stimulates.

It gives you a new pair of lenses to see life through, and there’s nothing better than awaiting the next adventures in life! More to come as we progress to the totally different, new and exciting Ally’s Kitchen! xoxo ~ally

kitchen remodeling
kitchen remodeling
kitchen remodeling
kitchen remodeling

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  1. Very informative . This is a great transformation, very helpful! Your kitchen is gorgeous! I do enjoy seeing what’s happened in this gutting stage. After just painting my exterior, I am always so interested in all ideas for remodeling kitchen and bathroom. once again thanks for sharing such content

    1. Thanks so much, yes, even painting makes a huge difference! Appreciate your visiting!

  2. I was thinking about kitchen remodeling and gutting my space, and this article has been a lifesaver! Feeling more confident about taking on this project now. Thankyou for this insightful article.

    1. Emily! How great to hear from you! Yes, a lot of time, energy, money, and emotional/stress costs involved. But, I’m telling you so WORTH IT! Months after the finish, it was like opening a new chapter of life! Best of luck with yoir journey! xoxo ally

  3. Wow. This is a great transformation, very helpful! Your kitchen is gorgeous! I do enjoy seeing what’s happened in this gutting stage. After just painting my exterior, I am always so interested in all ideas for remodeling kitchen and bathroom. I think your kitchen is well designed to match the decor of other rooms. I would have contact a few of designers near providence ri for my kitchen soon next year. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi, Jenine! Thank you for those kind words. I spent a LOT of time analyzing in my head what would work and not work. While my old kitchen was nice, it was not adequate for my needs after nearly 18 years, so time to redo. Especially if you spend a LOT of time in your kitchen like I do. It was a long and messy process, ut so worth it in the end. I hope you read the other kitchen remodel progress posts, too! Thanks so very much for stopping by and keep coming in and hanging w/me! xoxx ~ally

  4. Good share. I love the before and after transformation.This post is very helpful! Your kitchen is gorgeous! I do enjoy seeing what’s happened in this gutting stage. After just painting my exterior, I am always so interested in all ideas for remodeling kitchen ri and bathroom. Anyway, thanks for this.

    1. Hi, Yonna! Thanks so very much. It was a huge gut/remodel, buy totally worth it and you can see the huge transformation. I love remodeling ideas, too, large or small! Thanks for visiting, and don’t be a stranger!

  5. You are an EXCELLENT writer. I enjoyed seeing each photo and reading each word. Your kitchen is beautiful. I love seeing before/after remodeling jobs. They inspire me creatively. GREAT job!

    1. You’re sooooo cool! Thank you for reading and for that nice compliment on writing…I, of course, am so hard on myself always second guessing what I’m writing. What’s important is that we’ve met, are now foodie sisters and we can inspire each other…pinto bean girls! xo ~ally

  6. Your kitchen looked so large in photos, but now that you show the overall room it doesn’t seem that big! Glad it is being put to good use as it was a gorgeous kitchen. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

    1. Abbe! Thank you. Yes, we’re knocking out that half wall w/bar (so late 1990s design) and opening up the kitchen. The island is going to be the centerpiece of activity. And, if you haven’t seen the ‘Gally Workstation’, Google it and check it out. I’m really excited about this part of the kitchen. Thanks for sharing in this huge adventure w/me!! xoxo

  7. Gwen Gobble says:

    Can’t wait to see the new kitchen. I loved the one you gave away but I’m sure the new one will be awesome.

    1. Gwen! I can’t wait for you to see it! Yes, Whit and Lee will LOVE and adore it. They are so excited!! xo

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