reverse shoulder surgery: my progress after a few days

  • Shoulder surgery. While this isn’t a walk in the park, I’m hoping you’ll pickup a nugget or two of some helpful information! Huge thank you to my doctor and medical team at Steadman Clinic!

  1. Why I had to undergo this reverse shoulder surgery is pretty much explained in this post.
  2. And, I’ve got some advice for you young gals out there that might help you change up some habits!

In the meantime,  it’s mighty nice to be visiting with you virtually.  Stay healthy.  Be strong. Help your neighbors and friends.  We’re going through some trying times with this coronavirus.  xox ally


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  1. Ally, it’s so great to “see” and hear how well you’re recovering. Gentle hugs, my friend! I wanted to comment earlier, but we’ve had torrential rains and my internet signal has been in & out. However, I’ve been thinking of you and praying for your speedy recovery, xo. This is probably the best time for you to stay at home, given the situation in our country. Use it to rest, think up ideas, stay safe, and take care of YOU. You’ll be back in your kitchen in no time, but in the meantime please know you’ve been missed. Love you!

    1. My dear Kimmy…I’m in great company since everyone is cocooning. You make my heart warm and smile. I’m doing more each day, but I tire faster. So, Iust listen to my body. You and Russ stay sequestered. We can always talk and ???text!

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