Preacher Cookies

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Preacher Cookies

Preacher Cookies are No-Bake Cookies that are easy to make and the same as delicious as baked cookies.

NoBake Cookies Easy

There are many easy recipes for No-Bake Cookies, and the cookie, which is made with special ingredients like effort, time, love, will be the best of all cookies you ever had. When you feel worse, buy a cookie with your purse. Is Cranberry coconut cookies gf for no bake cookies? Yes, they both combine well for any perfect party.

Preacher Cookies without Coconut

Preacher Cookies without Coconut will be just like the cookie made by our grandma because it will bring home to you with its divine taste. There are no words to say how good they taste. The gluten free ice cream scoop cookies and the preacher cookies is an all-time delicious cookie; whoever tastes it will have this food as their all-time favorite cookie.

Preacher Cookies Peanut Butter

All cookies are the best, but the quickie cookies will be in the top list because it is easy and quick to make and also it is very delicious. Peanut butter is very good for health, and a cookie made of it will be a perfect combo for healthy and tasty food. And also, don’t forget to try Preacher Cookies Peanut Butter with 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies because they go very well with each.

No Bake Preacher Cookies

You can’t compromise tasty cookies when you are on a diet; this special no-bake preacher cookie is for you. No-Bake Preacher Cookies is a quick method of the same recipe that will be the same or be way more delicious. The oatmeal coconut cookies with this no bake preacher cookies are exotic.

Preacher Cookies Recipe

A day without a tea unimaginable, and a tea without a cookie, No Not a chance! An evening on the weekend should be spent with the family and having a cup of tea with cookies, lots of fun and gossiping can be the best. And these preacher cookies are the best mind-blowing option for family time.
The aroma and flavor of cocoa and peanut butter provide you with more energy to have a long conversation. Almond cinnamon tea cookies will be a great partner for preacher cookies and you at the weekends with your family.

Chocolate Balls

Chocolate balls are delicious when combined with walnuts and also with a special Persian recipe. It is loaded with lots of goodies and divine taste. Persian walnut cookies (naan-e gerdooi) will be more delicious when these Chocolate Balls have their company.

Easy Fudge Recipes

Easy Fudge Recipes can help you make the day a whole lot better. The fudge can go very amazing with the almond lavender butter cookie, which is an extraordinary trio combination. Serve the Fudge with almond lavender butter cookies and pour some lavender essence because it has the best ingredients to bring peace to you even on a very tiring day.

Recipes No Bake Cookies

Do you love cookies? Have you tried one of the best recipes for No-bake cookies ever? If not, this is the chance because these eastern European honey walnut cookies will be your all-time favorite. It is the combination of goodness and deliciousness together. Honey with the walnut combination is just adding lots of icing to the cake.
All cookies are delicious and will be an all-time favorite. The best example is wild blueberry pistachio oatmeal cookies which are the perfect combination of blueberries, pistachio and oatmeal. Diet can stop making us have cookies, but this cookie will be an exception as it has oatmeal as it is one of the main ingredients. So forget all your worries with your favorite cookies.

Preacher Cookies

Preacher Cookies

Preacher Cookies

Yield: Makes: 3+ dozen 

Preacher Cookies are No-Bake Cookies that are easy to make and the same as delicious as baked cookies.


  • 1 ½ cups sugar
  • 4 heaping tbl cocoa
  • 1 stick (8 tbl) salted butter
  • ½ cup milk
  • 1 cup crunchy peanut butter
  • 1 tbl vanilla
  • 3 cups oatmeal (not quick cook type)
  • 1 cup chopped walnuts
  • Sea Salt Finishing Flakes


Combine the sugar, cocoa, butter and milk in a large heavy pot.   Bring to a boil for one minute.  Add the peanut butter, vanilla, oatmeal and chopped walnuts.

Spoon mixture on parchment paper by the heaping tablespoonsful.  Do a few at a time, then immediately sprinkle with some sea salt.  Continue until all the cookies are done.  Cookies will cool and harden.

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Preacher Cookies

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  1. These sound great. Can’t wait to try them.

    1. Carol! Sure hope you do. They were a staple growing up! xoxx ally

  2. Cant wait to try these!! What part of wVa? I grew up in south Charleston.

    1. Such a small world!! I’m from Logan County! Thanks for swinging by. Hey, we didn’t have drive over those mountains to meet!! Plese come back often, luv! ??

  3. Sue Taylor says:

    Alice, I used to make these cookies with my Kindergarten kids at South Man Grade…..minus the walnuts. I also used creamy peanut butter.
    Not sure who Cathy is, nor did I know about your mountain climbing! You never cease to amaze me!!! I love to read about your cooking adventures!
    Love you,

    1. Sue! I’m soooooooo glad you read this post…Cathy Browning…she lived up the street from us…here daddy, Hershey, made THE best preacher cookies…and, oh, yes, our mountain climbing was always a Saturday adventure…thank you, my long dear lifetime friend…love you too!!!

  4. Merry Graham says:

    Loved your story so much! I could picture the whole scene! Thank you. I had a version of this cookie served in the cafeteria at my elementary school. The no-bake chocolate oat cookie was one of my FAVEs! Walnuts were too expensive to toss out to the elementary kids but all of the rest of the ingredients were tucked in there.

    1. Merry Merry! Oh, we have so much in common even though we’re living on different coasts! Our food is our connecting DNA that made us fall in love…of course, I’d adore you even if you couldn’t boil water!! Walnuts came later when we were in ‘high cotton’! ha ha! xoxo

    1. Thank you, Krista! They can be addictive!! hugs!

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